Shura's Wrath

Chapter 112


Crimson Spirit (2)

[TLN: Silent Soul Ridge = Lonely Spirit Ridge]

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Editor: Mr. Voltaire

Another pet had appeared on the Pet Rankings. However, the owner of this pet was the same person as the only other pet on the rankings- Ling Tian

Grade—Heaven’s End.

<<Mystic Moon>> hadn’t started for long, but Ling Tian’s name had been spread throughout all of China, even reaching international players, surprising them and causing uproars all over the world.

If the events caused by Ling Chen before were “tremors”, then this time, Ling Chen had brought the first “earthquake” to <<Mystic Moon>>.

This was because he had brought the words “Heaven’s End” to the eyes of all the players.

Silver and Gold grade items were without a doubt incredibly rare items; Celestial items were rarer than rare. To be able to have a Celestial item, one would have strength far above the rest. But Heaven’s End… it was accepted that its very existence could break the balance of power! If a person had a Heaven’s End equip, item or pet, then, no player in the whole world could stand in his way. This early in the game, the appearance of this pet was simply against all logic! Heaven’s End items were supposed to appear in small quantities even in the late game, and only those with the highest strength or power will be able to get them. Every Heaven’s End equip would draw the attention of an entire area. Being able to get a Heaven’s End item, would be enough to be admired by countless players. It was an incredible honour.

But currently, Mystic Moon had only been around for less than 10 days!! The appearance of Celestial gear and pets was something that players could barely accept, but Heaven’s End… how can something of this level appear now!!

“Is that guy called Ling Tian a monster? Or has this game gotten out of control!! How can the words “Heaven’s End” appear at this time!!”

“Had Mystic Moon not been opened by the Cosmos Corporation, with dozens of powerful countries and banks supporting it, then I would believe that Ling Tian is the owner of the Cosmos Corporation, or the owner’s son… Heaven’s End pet, no way!”

“Ling Tian… Almost every day I hear this name; he alone has already stolen so much thunder from everyone else. This time… Heaven’s End pet… this can’t be true right?”

“Gahh!! Stop fussing! Quickly find this Ling Tian person! He’s carrying two Celestial equips, a Celestial pet, and a Heaven’s End pet!  Either force him to surrender his pets, or kill him and make him drop his equipment!”

“Are you crazy! If he’s able two Celestial equips, and two high grade pets do you think he’s some normal player? He’s probably on the level of the Sword Emperor or the Shinigami, or perhaps, he might even be a leader of the Yan Huang Alliance, you dare provoke him? Be careful that you don’t lose your life in the real world.”

“Humph! So what if he’s got a Heaven’s End pet! With my technique and skills, I can wreck that Ling Tian guy easily!!”

“Ohh! This big brother sounds really strong. Oh yeah, what level are you? Can you carry little brother?”

“I’m level 2.”


The new changes of the Pet Rankings created waves in the whole world. “Heaven’s End”, caused the whole world to look upon the name “Ling Tian”. The sky above the Forgotten Continent was filled with noise, the focus of their discussion, was all regarding the Heaven’s End pet “Crimson Spirit”.

Heaven’s End pet… many experienced players dare not even imagine it. “Crimson Spirit”, this name hung at the top of the rankings; seeing the words “Heaven’s End” on the board, countless player’s eyes almost burst out of their heads. They were all discussing and at the same time they are also envying and admiring.
Disregarding the other players, even Ling Chen himself who already had a Celestial pet was extremely excited. What is a Heaven’s End pet, Ling Chen already clearly knew… it was a very, very strong creature! But until that point, in the past virtual world there have only been three Heaven’s End pets, and they all only appeared in the late game, and all had very strong powers. But when he entered Mystic Moon for less than 10 days, he already got a big surprise which was the Celestial pet, Xiao Hui. Xiao Hui’s help for him had been immeasurable. But now, after the trip to the Lonely Spirit Ridge, he obtained a Heaven’s End pet!!!

At first he thought Xi Ling’s abilities and attributes were all reset when she was reborn… but it turned out, she just directly became Heaven’s End level!

When the red light dissipated, Xi Ling spread her wings and flew, the Xi Ling that was previously too weak to even stand before Ling Chen was now above his head happily crying out, its whole body was sparking magnificently. Ling Chen couldn’t wait to open the stats page to see what abilities and stats Xi Ling, a Heaven’s End pet, had.

Crimson Spirit: Category: pet, level: LV0, Grade: Heaven’s End, Master: Ling Tian, Live together, dies together, will never betray its master. Fire spirit beast with unknown origins, has a gorgeous appearance and the strongest fire attack power. It can control the power of the sun for its own use. Currently still an infant, its power still not completely mature.

Attributes: HP: 400…

The origins of the Crimson Spirit were very vague, and there was no mention that it was a Golden Crow.  Moreover, it only just said that “its origins are unknown”. The Golden Crow was the Forgotten Continent’s most famous Saint Destroyer Beast. If it was the Golden Crow, its history wouldn’t just have “its origins are unknown”. When looking at its stats, the first stat made Ling Chen stop.

Only… 400HP!?

Xiao Hui who is of a celestial grade at LV0, already had 2000HP!

The Crimson Spirit was Heaven’s End, higher than Xiao Hui by a whole grade! But at LV0 it only had 400HP, which was 5 times less than Xiao Hui!

Ling Chen even rubbed his eyes and stared in astonishment and confusion before realising that he was not mistaken.

It is a Heaven’s End pet! Why would its HP be so little!?

But then seeing its mana, Ling Chen almost had a heart attack.

Mana: 10,000.

There were 5 zeroes in the mana value! Xi Ling was at level 0, but had a whole 10,000 mana!!

It had excessively low HP, but a scarily high amount of mana… Ling Chen instantly understood, Xi Ling was an extreme Magic Attack pet.

Attributes: HP: 400, Mana: 10,000, Physical Attack:100, Magical Attack: 3000, Physical Defence: 5, Movement Speed: 180.

Compared to its LV0 mana stat that was 10,000, its LV0 Magic Attack made Ling Chen shudder and take in a breath. Her Magic Attack at LV0 was equivalent to the Physical Attack of all of his best equips including the 2 Celestial equips and common equipment multiplied by 4!!

If its level was similar to his, its Magic Attack, would be in excess of 10 times!!Even though Xi Ling was Heaven’s End grade, but this scary attack value was not normal at all. But Xi Ling was a very extreme pet; while its attacks while insanely strong, its HP and defensive capabilities were very weak, even lower than common pets.

Passive Abilities:

  1. Can fly up to 30m high, currently cannot carry anyone.
  2. Automatically recovers 1% mana per second.
  3. Can absorb any form of fire damage and freely convert it to Mana or HP, owner’s fire resistance increased by 50%

Ling Chen: “…”

His eyes stared at the third passive ability for 3 seconds, Ling Chen then quickly called out his own stats page, looking at his own fire resistance.

Fire resistance: 50%!!

Ling Chen had seen all of the current best equips, and they increased at best 5% of an elements’ resistance, but Xi Ling actually added a whole 50% fire resistance to him! What does it even mean to have 50% fire resistance? It means any type… regardless of whether it’s from a player, monster or trap’s fire damage, its damage to him is reduced by half!

You can imagine, a strong fire Mage who is completely confident in his powerful fire spell, will see that the resulting damage is only a measly, pitiful number. This would be enough to cause anyone to go mad.

50% elemental resistance, Ling Chen believed that reaching a resistance of this magnitude, would appear only on orbs that are Heaven’s End or above, but for Xi Ling, it was just a passive ability that added this resistance to his body. This is the power of Heaven’s End pets!


[Rootless Fire]: Current level: LV1, Highest level: LV5, increasing to LV2 requires pet to be LV10. Passive ability, manipulated power is created from its soul, and does not require natural flames to create extreme flames. Will ignore any creature’s resistance to flame, its power is stronger than regular flames. Effect: Disregard any fire resistance, use of any fire magic doesn’t require an incantation. (PS: Does not ignore elemental weaknesses to fire. Which is to say, if the monster weak against fire, the fire will still deal the appropriate extra amount of damage).

[Flame Attack]: Normal attack, cannot be upgraded. Burns all targets within a 5 metre range with rootless flame, deals the same damage as Magic Attack stat, costs 20 mana, no cooldown.

[Wild Flames]: current level: LV5, highest level: LV10, increasing to level 6 requires pet to be LV10. Burns all targets within 30m in front with rootless flame, deals 200% of the Magic Attack stat, 30% chance of dealing an addition 10 second burn, cost 300 mana, 5 second cooldown.

[Red Laser]: Current level: LV5, highest level: LV10, increasing to LV6 requires pet to be LV10. Using the rootless fire to gather the sun’s searing rays, creating a terrible high heat laser that attacks a single target from the sky, dealing 500% damage. Once locked on, the target cannot avoid it. Costs 600 mana, 10 second cooldown. 

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