Shura's Wrath

Chapter 107


Xi Ling (7)

[TLN: Silent Soul Ridge = Lonely Spirit Ridge]

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“In the ancient times, an incredibly horrifying clan appeared in the Forgotten Continent: the Demon Beast Clan. The demon beasts from the Demon Beast Clan all cultivated darkness energy and had peerless strength. Apart from the Moon God Clan, there were no clans that could put up a fight against the Demon Beast Clan. The Demon Emperor of the Demon Beast Clan’s power even exceeded the power of the Highest Moon God of the time. Due to the demon beasts of the Demon Beast Clan cultivating darkness energy, their personalities were extremely cruel and vicious and they unceasingly committed all kinds of evil. They even began to consume human bodies on a large scale, using human blood to greatly increase their own demonic power, resulting in humans viewing them with fear and hatred. In the end, the Moon God Clan was unable to continue watching the Demon Beast Clan continue do evil and so they decided to ally with the peaceful Faerie Clan against them, along with the Saint Destroyer level Golden Crow that the Demon Beast Clan feared the most. After a long and bloody battle, the Demon Beast Clan was finally destroyed. After a ferocious battle with the Golden Crow, the Demon Emperor’s body and spirit all sustained heavy injuries, and was slain by the Moon Gods.

In the end, the only surviving members of the Demon Beast Clan were the ten ancient beasts that the Demon Emperor used its own blood to raise –  Sky Demon Beast, Earth Demon Beast, Tyrant Demon Beast, Shadow Demon Beast, Flame Demon Beast, Rage Demon Beast, Wind Demon Beast, Ice Demon Beast, War Demon Beast and Light Demon Beast. Although the Demon Beast Clan had been exterminated, they had been extremely powerful and even the holy beast Golden Crow had disappeared after that battle and had never reappeared. After sustaining heavy injuries from the Demon Emperor, it probably had died. Even if it hadn’t, despite the fact that 10,000 years had passed, it still would not have made a full recovery. The Moon God Clan also suffered heavy casualties, as they had to simultaneously defend against the Night Demon Clan. The ten ancient demon beasts were incredibly powerful. If the Moon God Clan wanted to exterminate them as well, they would need to pay a heavy price. After promising to never step into human territory to do evil again, the Moon God Clan spared the ten ancient beasts, who had since gone into hiding.”

“From then onwards, the ten ancient demon beasts went into hiding in the Forgotten Continent’s unknown regions, and it has since been 10,000 years. In these 10,000 years they have kept their promise, not entering human territory and doing evil, or else the Moon God Clan would not have forgiven them. The demon beast in front of little master should be the War Demon Beast. It exterior appearance looks similar to that of a human’s, and is the most bloodthirsty and vicious demon beast of the ten ancient demon beasts. Not only does it have powerful darkness energy, but it can also use lightning energy. The ten ancient demon beasts… or rather, all demon beasts fear the divine beast Golden Crow, because the Golden Crow’s fire is a sourceless fire. It can burn and cleanse all evil and impurities; demons with an evil nature being burned by the Golden Crow’s flames will suffer from immense pain and suffering. Moreover, one of the War Demon Beast’s elemental attributes is lightning, which is weak against fire. Out of the ten ancient demon beasts, the War Demon Beast fears the Golden Crow the most. Its overall strength is within the top 5 of the ten ancient beasts.”

Inside Ling Chen’s head, Qi Yue rapidly transmitted information to him. His suspicions had been confirmed… The demon beast in front was him truly was one of the ten ancient demon beasts the 49554 Village Chief had told him about, the War Demon Beast!!

“What should I do?” Ling Chen shouted in his mind as his face twisted.

Qi Yue thought for a moment, then released a faint sigh, “I never imagined that this dark and ghastly place would become the place of the War Demon Beast’s residence. 10,000 years ago, the war Demon Beast was already at the Mysterious God level. You definitely won’t be able to escape from it. Little master, you really shouldn’t have come here.”

Qi Yue’s answer was very clear… accept your fate. Apart from that, Ling Chen had no other options. He was only a level 13 player. Facing a max level Mysterious God demon beast, apart from accepting his death, what else could he do?

“No, forget about it. Little human, you’re so weak and so pitiable. You’re so pitiable to the extent that I don’t even want to hear your screams. Wasting time on you would be an embarrassment to myself. I’ll just give you an immediate death by crushing you into nothing.”

While grinning and laughing, the War Demon Beast reached out with its right paw. The five ‘fingers’ were even sharper than a wolf’s claws and teeth. In the centre of its palm, a dark energy ball appeared. As it spun, it slowly became larger, until it reached the size of a ping pong ball. Although it was only a very small ball of energy, all of the surrounding energy seemed to be attracted to and absorbed by it. Even the originally still air began to make whooshing sounds as it was sucked towards the dark energy ball. Ling Chen stared at the energy ball with wide eyes. A heavy scent of death began to emanate from the energy ball.

The moment this dark energy ball was released, Ling Chen’s life would be over.

But how could he just die without putting up any resistance? Ling Chen gritted his teeth, and slowly raised his numb and stiff right hand.

“Don’t use Moon Shadow!” Qi Yue realised what Ling Chen was about to do, and immediately shouted to stop him, “the War Demon Beast has seen the Lunar Scourge in the past. If you use Moon Shadow, it’ll immediately recognise the Lunar Scourge and will do anything to take it away from you. Even if you die, it’ll keep looking for you after you revive, over and over again! You’ll never be able to experience peace again. Furthermore, if the Moon God Clan finds out that the Lunar Scourge still exists, the situation will become even worse.”

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen’s right hand froze in place. His last glimmer of hope, Lunar Scourge, was unusable. It looked like all he could do was wait to die. Ling Chen gave a silent sigh, and helplessly dropped his fists.

“Well then, little human, time to vanish from my sight. Coming here was the most stupid thing you’ve done in your whole life, but dying under my hands is an honour for you… Die!”


In a wave of darkness, the dark energy ball in the War Demon Beast’s slowly flew towards Ling Chen… This energy ball flew very slowly, but the energy it contained was incredibly monstrous. As the target of this dark energy ball, Ling Chen found that he could not even move a finger, let alone move his body to dodge. He tried… but could not resist at all. His pupils dilated as the pitch-black energy ball slowly drew nearer, metre by metre.

“Ahhhh!! Big brother!!”

Just as the dark energy ball was a few metres away, the sharp cry of a young girl rang out from the distance. Ling Chen immediately recognised the voice to be from the girl called Xi Ling. At the same time, a streak of red flame suddenly burst out in this dark, shadowy mountain ridge. Simultaneously, amidst waves of heat, a fist-sized fireball flew out from behind Ling Chen, and collided with the dark energy ball released by the War Demon Beast. Immediately, a hissing sound was released, and the dark energy ball was engulfed by the blazing fireball. The dark energy ball became smaller and smaller, until it had completely disappeared.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

“Wh… What!?” The War Demon Beast stopped laughing. Its eyes suddenly shone with a frightening red glow. Its voice revealed its dismay, “Who… Who is it!?”
When two incredibly strong powers collide, the result should be an explosion of energy. Though the War Demon Beast’s darkness energy was incredibly powerful, when it collided with the fireball, it had been completely devoured. This scene caused the War Demon Beast to stare in shock. According to his knowledge, there was only one type of power that could easily devour darkness energy. However, the owner of that power could not possibly be here…

A small ray of red light appeared in front of Ling Chen. The one who appeared was Xi Ling, who spread her arms out in front of Chen Ling. A pair of glowing red eyes coldly glared at the War Demon Beast.

“Xi Ling……” Seeing the little girl who appeared in front of him, Ling Chen called out in surprise. That fireball just then… was it released by this girl!? The War Demon Beast was at the Mysterious God level, but its attack had been completely nullified by this girl’s power…

This was an eleven or twelve year old looking girl!! Yet she had fully defended against the War Demon Beast’s power!!!

When they had first met, Ling Chen had already suspected that there was something special about this girl. However, he completely had not expected that she would be special to this degree.

What… What sort of deity was she!!

“This girl…” Qi Yue’s voice sounded out his Ling Chen’s head. Evidently, she was also in shock from this girl nullifying the War Demon Beast’s attack.

What made Ling Chen even more surprised was that when Xi Ling had appeared, the War Demon Beast’s red eyes had almost doubled in size out of shock, to the point that it looked quite ridiculous. It was as if it had seen something that was totally incomprehensible, completely unbelievable. It was almost as if… there was a look of fear in the War Demon Beast’s eyes. That’s right, Ling Chen could see fear in the War Demon Beast’s eyes, and it even began to slightly tremble.

“You…..You….. You….. Impossible…..”

Facing Xi Ling, this War Demon Beast, one of the ten ancient beasts at the Mysterious God level began to shake… even its voice began to tremble!! He was actually afraid! The sudden widening and contracting of his pupils showed that the fear was real. This sort of fear came from its heart and its soul… It was almost as if every cell of the War Demon Beast’s body was afraid… of this little girl called Xi Ling.


While trembling, the War Demon Beast actually took a step back. This overwhelming demon beast that had been so arrogant and condescending was shockingly retreating, as if it had seen some sort of terrifying creature. Its breathing became shallow and ragged.

Ling Chen was completely and utterly dumbfounded. The appearance of this girl had caused the War Demon Beast to act like it was a rat that had suddenly run into a ferocious tiger. This girl… what was she…

The young girl slowly looked up, then coldly said in a low voice, “You imprisoned me for so many years, now you want to hurt him… I… definitely won’t forgive you guys!!”

A bright red flame suddenly ignited, covering the young girl’s entire body. Bathed in fire, the girl’s hair and body began to flutter, yet were not burnt at all. The aura released from the bright red flames elicited a pitiful cry of fear from the War Demon Beast. It was like a frightened dog that was so terrified that it did not even have the ability to flee. The immense fear that it felt rendered it unable to even keep its balance. After fleeing for a few steps, it crashed to the ground.


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