Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 183

Chapter 183 A Fish Jumping into the Open Sea

The absolute peak of weapons were the ones called sacred weapons. In the entire Eastern Wastelands, there were only a few. Each came from sacred emperors from ancient times. 

How many Great Emperors had there been since ancient times? Within the ancient texts, they were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Therefore, their peak weapons were few and far between.

A gray earthen clay pot that appeared completely ordinary actually displayed incredible power under the control of the Green Flood Dragon King and Tu Tian. It seemed to engulf heaven and earth, as if nothing could not be swallowed by it.


An eight trigram furnace as large as a small mountain was blazing in the sky, blocking it. But that earthen pot could not be stopped, and cracks started to appear on the furnace.


The huge flaming furnace shattered, filling the sky with flames that caused devastation in all directions. But they only existed for a short time before they were all engulfed by the earthen pot.

This was already the ninth weapon of the Grand Elders that had been destroyed. In front of a peak weapon, they were unable to resist, and all their weapons could only shatter.

The earthen gray pottery pot looked normal, but it was the Sacred Weapon refined from an ancient Great Emperor’s flesh and blood. Its might was unfathomable. If it weren’t missing its cap, the other side would have long since been annihilated.

“Let’s see how long you can continue!” the Green Flood Dragon King shouted and once more urged the earthen pot forward with Tu Tian.

On the other side, an ancient cauldron floated. Dragon markings appeared on it, appearing simple and ancient, and condensing primal chaos.

This was the Flickering Light’s imitation Dragon Cauldron. It was controlled by an exceptionally powerful senior who was doing his best to resist the gray earthen jar.

But the imitation was, after all, an imitation. Although it had been refined for hundreds of years by a Grand Elder, it was unable to resist an ancient Great Emperor’s Sacred Weapon.

Even with everyone working together, they were only able to persevere for a short time before the imitation Dragon Cauldron began to tremble. The dragon marks on top of it fell and its light dimmed.


The imitation Dragon Cauldron was finally unable to endure and cracks appeared all over it. It was on the verge of shattering when it was sucked into the earthen jar.

“Old Tu, this Sacred Weapon of yours is really too powerful. I’ll pay any price to trade for it. You can take everything I have on me right now,” the Green Flood Dragon King sighed in admiration.

“In this lifetime, I can only rely on it. There’s no way I can trade it with anyone,” Tu Tian flatly declined.

At this time, the Flickering Light’s people were all pale. Their weapons had all shattered, and it would be difficult for them to continue.

The power of peak weapons caused people’s courage to run cold. Unfortunately, the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Dragon Cauldron was a true treasure and couldn’t be easily taken out. Otherwise they wouldn’t be oppressed to such an extent.

On the other side, the Peacock King was battling with the Flickering Light Sacred Master. He pierced through the 108 worlds, and they were locked in battle.

The sky and moon became dim, heaven and earth lost their color. The two sovereigns’ magical might overflowed the heavens. With just a single roar from them in the distance, stone mountains would shatter.

Ye Fan’s was dazzled. Peak weapons truly stunned people’s hearts. The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s people would actually have to pay a great price just because of the earthen jar.

He wasn’t in a hurry to flee right now. The Green Flood Dragon King and the others were currently winning. If they were able to defeat the old curios, and take them into their hands, it would spell disaster for the Flickering Light Sacred Land.

Right now he could perhaps take shelter with the Peacock King and the others. If he left with them, he wouldn’t have to flee for his life anymore.

“Talented brother, our profession’s people have to be loyal…” Tu Fei had also charged to the edge of the fighting, descending and landing next to Ye Fan.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady hadn’t chased him over. Right now anyone could tell that the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s powerful figures were in a terrible situation. They were being suppressed by an ancient Great Emperor’s Sacred Weapon, and they were in danger of being killed at any moment.

The Flickering Light Sacred Land might have profound reserves, but distant water was unable to resolve thirst. It was already too late for the Sacred Land to send anyone to traverse the void.


The distant sky trembled and roars rang out. Armored mounts stepped across the sky, rumbling over.

On the horizon, it was like a flood was rushing over. Killing intent soared, and a banner was fluttering at the center. On top of it was one character: JIANG!

The Ancient Desolation Noble Jiang Family was one of the northern region’s masters. Their power in this area was even greater than the Flickering Light Sacred Land.

“Friends of the Flickering Light Sacred Land, my Jiang Family has come to help!”

Hundreds of knights charged over, with several powerful figures interspersed between them. Battle desire soared, and an icy sinister air surged over like a rolling tide, causing everyone’s bones to turn cold.

“Damn, how unlucky!” cursed Tu Fei.

In the sky, the Peacock King, Green Flood Dragon King, Tu Tian and the rest all changed expressions. With the powerful Jiang Family arriving to help, they would definitely not fail at the last moment.

The Flickering Light’s cultivators, on the other hand, cheered. Many people had died by now, and they were just about to be destroyed. For such a huge force to come now, they were naturally joyful.

“Talented brother-” Tu Fei turned around and found that Ye Fan had already fled without a trace. He was stunned, shouting, “Talented brother, people like us can’t be so disloyal!”

Ye Fan didn’t dare to tarry. He knew what kind of power he had. With the Great Bandits fighting with the sacred lands, a power like his could only be annihilated.

These were true powerful experts. The people whose cultivation bases were even slightly weaker had already died in the previous chaotic battle. Bloody mist lingered over this bitter battlefield.


An intense vibration came from behind. The great battle had become even more intense. The Green Flood Dragon King and Tu Tian had gone crazy, not hesitating to pay any price to kill their opposing experts.

The Peacock King’s gaze had also turned solemn. Killing intent shook out in all directions as he turned into a five-colored peacock that tore apart heaven and earth.

Behind him, the world seemed to flare up. The sky and land seemed as if they were about to be destroyed.

Ye Fan was as fast a lightning as he fled. He used his mysterious footwork to its peak and in an instant his trace disappeared.

“I’ll be coming back later…” He disappeared across the boundless land.

He had to find a place to properly cultivate and increase his strength. It was inadvisable to be drawn into a battle.


The red brown land was endless. There were no plants, no water, only a vast empty stillness.

Seven or eight days had passed, and Ye Fan didn’t even know how many kilometers he had fled. Let alone an oasis, he was unable to find even a single tree leaf.

After distancing himself from that mining area, Ye Fan sighed in relief. He was now a fish that had leapt into the vast sea, a bird flying in the sky, free and unfettered. 

The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s foundation was in the southern region, and even though the Flickering Light Sacred Lady knew he was in the northern region, she would be unable to muster enough people to chase after him.

The Thirteen Great Bandits were their most powerful enemies. In order to protect their mining sites, they had to spend a large amount of energy, and it would be difficult to split their attention to him.

“I need to find the Dao Palace mystic realm’s cultivation technique…,” muttered Ye Fan.

This was the main reason why he had come to the northern region. He had already reached the Paramita realm. Time didn’t wait for man. He urgently needed the Jade Lake’s core technique. 

Thinking about this problem gave him a huge headache. This was definitely a difficult issue. Dreaming about it was fine, but to do it was extremely hard. It would be nearly impossible to obtain it.

“The most effective method would be capture a Dao Palace mystic realm Jade Lake fairy and demand her mystical arts.”

However, the results of this would be very grave. Just learning one supreme secret art of the Ji Family, and not actually cultivating the Empty Void Ancient Scripture, had already provoked a huge calamity for him.

In the past, it wasn’t that there was no one else who had cultivated those ancient scriptures from the sacred lands, but in the end they were all annihilated down to their clan members and sects, leaving no trace of them.

Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families treated their ancient scriptures as their most important possessions. If someone did learn them, no matter who that someone was, they would use all their strength to destroy them.

“I really gave myself a huge problem…” Ye Fan gently rubbed his temples. If he had a choice, he really wouldn’t want to make such a challenge.

“Jade Lake fairies can marry, but it’s said the requirements are very harsh…” he mumbled, remembered senior Wu Qingfeng’s words.

How could a high and aloof Jade Lake fairy possibly marry a small cultivator like him?

Time was pressing. He didn’t have time to slowly get intimate with a Jade Lake fairy. That kind of option was exceptionally hard.

“Do I really have to go be a great evil person and snatch a Jade Lake fairy?” Ye Fan truly felt this problem was difficult.

He didn’t want to become enemies with the Jade Lake Sacred Land, but he truly longed to obtain their core technique.

“What kind of requirements are needed to become a Jade Lake fairy’s husband…” Ye Fan let his imagination run wild.

“Maybe the time isn’t actually that pressing.” He remembered what senior Wu Qingfeng had said. In ancient times, there were quite a few sovereigns who only cultivated a single secret realm, and were still able to let their cultivation base reach the pinnacle.

“The Wheel and Sea definitely possesses many more secrets that I haven’t found. Maybe I can cultivate it through again, leaving me enough time to get close to a Jade Lake fairy.”

Ye Fan felt that the most important thing for him right now was to increase his strength, so he wanted to exhaust all his options. Until he had exhausted all other options, he didn’t want to become an evil devil.

He carefully pondered, feeling there were two preparations he could make. But in both cases, he had to have a devil’s strength and be capable of beating a Dao Palace mystic realm Jade Lake fairy.

Ye Fan didn’t want to cultivate in the region he currently was. It was still not far enough, so he continued fleeing into the distance. He would occasionally pause along the way, breaking open the land in search of Sources.

But his harvests were very minute. Over his journey, he was only able to find just a couple pieces and they weren’t as good as the ones he had found in the mining site.


Ten days later, Ye Fan finally noticed an oasis and saw signs of human civilization.

“I used a supreme secret art to flee the entire time. Although I did stop a couple times, I’m probably at least forty thousand kilometers away now. I had to travel this far before seeing other humans…”

Such a large land had already surpassed the Earth’s surface areaand he felt a burst of emotion.

“Countless years ago, this great land’s plant life was thriving, and all kinds of life thrived. Powerful humanoid lifeforms fought and split open the land. The land even had all kinds of divine temples. Just what happened for the northern region to become such a barren land?”

Ye Fan didn’t stop, continuing to flee. It was only on the twentieth day that he stopped and decided to find a place to hide and cultivate.

Along this way, he had seen several oases. Some he had seen were small, and only a couple kilometers in size. But some were thousands of kilometers wide, paradises within the barren brown land.

The northern region’s customs were very tough. He saw quite a few bloody fights over oases or Source mines.

Ye Fan didn’t enter any oases. He made himself a temporary residence within the barren land. He dug a cave within a stone mountain and started to cultivate within.

He took out the pure jade bottle and multicolored Sources tumbled onto the ground before him, dazzling and glorious, turning the cave exceptionally bright.

His initial estimation was that these Sources all together should be around thirty kilograms. It was a huge amount of wealth that could help his strength increase.

Ye Fan started to cultivate, preparing for a breakthrough.

The Paramita realm was a realm of transformations. According to legend, the ancient sovereigns who only cultivated the Wheel Sea mystic realm had nine life and death transformations.

In the end, they were like a butterfly breaking out a cocoon, reaching a circle of perfection. Once they arrived at the end, clouds would surge out in every direction and strange scenes would fill the sky.

Of course, this was something that happened over many years. Some people cultivated this realm for a lifetime, so it wasn’t something that happened in just a single step.

Those who only cultivated a single mystic realm not only required a powerful core technique, they also required a couple ancient secret arts to complement it. Ye Fan didn’t know these things, so the current him naturally couldn’t compare to ancient sovereigns.

Over the following week, his Sea’s Spiritual Qi became denser. All kinds of strange scenes appeared in Ye Fan’s Wheel and Sea. The green lotus trembled, his golden sea surged, and thunder and lightning interwove over the blue sky… his transformation had begun.

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