Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 182

Chapter 182 The Calamities incited by the Garments

“What random crap are you spouting, Tu Fei?” Although the Flickering Light Sacred Lady was busy killing enemies, she still appeared like an elegant immortal butterfly, wonderful and pure with a kind of spiritual beauty. 

“Yao Xi, haven’t you lost a piece of clothing? And a very precious item?” Tu Fei flew up into the air and spoke in a very serious tone.

“I don’t know what your drivel means.” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady activated a secret art to send two seniors flying, and then spit out an emerald green jade bell.

A beautiful bell sound rang through the heavens, and the surrounding attacking cultivators all painfully covered their ears as they screamed. 

“You definitely lost something. How did you lose it?” Tu Fei earnestly continued questioning her.

This damn guy! If Ye Fan turned around he would definitely be recognized. This guy dared say so much in such an unrestrained manner that even held a trace of teasing! 

“I can’t be bothered to deal with you!” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady no longer paid him any attention. The emerald green jade bell was constantly becoming larger, its ringing shaking the heavens. Although it sounded extremely melodious, its power was great. Within thirty meters, all the attacking weapons all began to shake and then clear cracking noises rang out. 

BOOM! Seven or eight weapons all shattered and fell from the sky. The sound waves were like knives, striking fear in people’s hearts.

“Yao Xi, think again…” The loud mouthed Tu Fei once more opened his mouth without any misgivings. “You lost something that was woven with divine silk. Fire and water are unable to damage it, blades are unable to slash through it, and it was refined by you into a precious treasure. Where is it now?”

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s expression immediately changed. Originally she thought he was just saying random crap, but now she immediately thought of that garment and she almost let out an enraged shriek right then and there.

Over the past month, she had used all her power to look for Ye Fan in the southern region, turning over the whole land relentlessly. But she was unable to find even the slightest trace of him.

Every time she thought back to what had happened back then, she would go mad. She longed to personally use her elegant jade hands to tear Ye Fan into pieces.

“Heavens, it blinded my eyes!” Tu Fei cried out filled with endless melancholy. “I wish what I saw wasn’t true. How could it have been taken by someone else first?”

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady really wanted to give him a slap, and she coldly said, “What drivel!”

“I saw your face turn pale just now. It’s definitely real. Our profession’s talented members really are amazing. Why couldn’t it have been me who did it?” Tu Fei was somewhat depressed as he asked, “Nothing happened between you guys, right? You are one of our targets, after all.”

“Go die!” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady ground her teeth in anger. The emerald green jade bell grew larger, now thirty meters tall, its ringing shaking the heavens.

It was possible to clearly see ray after ray of green light flow out like a rippling wave, spreading out in every direction and engulfing everything. The surrounding cultivators all miserably screamed as they were unable to block it at all. The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s face was covered in frost. Her clothes fluttered as she moved to kill Tu Fei. 

“You want to kill people?” Tu Fei shouted, before seeming to think of something and looking in every direction. “Talented brother, where are you? Hand me that clothing to borrow.”

Two black strands appeared over the Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s forehead as her killing intent overflowed. Her powerful divine sense swept out in every direction.

“Hey, talented brother, how could you be so immoral as to just leave? People like us are loyal. You just left me behind?” Tu Fei shouted out to the sky.

You big-mouthed idiot! Ye Fan had long since fled to the distance, yet he still heard that voice. Due to the huge battle raging all around, he would occasionally meet with attacks, so it was temporarily difficult for him to leave. 

“I’ll kill you!” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady was normally extremely enchanting and alluring. But it was like Ye Fan had a strange power, so every time she thought of him, she couldn’t hold back her rage. 

“Hey, the clothes weren’t stolen by me. They have nothing to do with me. It was my talented brother who did it. If you’re mad, go look for him. It has nothing to do with a useless man like myself!” Tu Fei shouted out in alarm. 

The ringing became louder. The emerald green jade bell was extremely marvelous. The overflowing sound waves were visible as green waves that spread out in every direction. At this time, the Flickering Light Sacred Lady appeared like an unmatched champion as she stood in atop the green jade bell, her body shining and filled with killing intent.

Tu Fei dodged, taking out an earthen jar, gray and bland and exceptionally plain, like it could have just have been pulled out of the dirt

However, this earthen jar’s power was exceptionally great. Its mouth was like a black hole with an exceptional sucking force. Even the surrounding space was twisted. It was like anything could be easily sucked in. The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s expression changed. “The Seventh Great Bandit Tu Tian actually handed that thing over to you?”

“Don’t worry. This is just an imitation. My grandpa said that if I could capture a Sacred Lady to take as a wife, he would grant that earthen jar to me.”

The earthen jar might appear extremely worn, but it wasn’t damaged. Its might was shocking as it sucked up the waves of green sound waves, blocking Yao Xi’s attack.

Her expression changed and she murmured to herself, “This is just an imitation, but it possesses such power! Then the real earthen jar must truly be a peak weapon. According to the legends, it was refined from a Great Emperor’s flesh and blood during a time before the Ancient Desolation...”

Peak weapons had already reached the absolute limit of weapons. They were as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn in the Eastern Wastelands. Throughout history, very few had ever appeared. Only people who could completely control an age, lords of the Eastern Wastelands, would have a chance of refining one. They needed to use all the Eastern Wastelands’ energy in order to refine it. Amongst the ancient Great Emperors that had appeared, such weapons were exceptionally limited.

The demon clan’s Great Emperor’s Sacred Weapon, the Ji Family’s Ancient Net Mirror, the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Dragon Cauldron, and Yu Tian’s randomly obtained earthen jar, they were all peak weapons.

Of course, there was one weapon that was excluded from this classification in the Eastern Wastelands. That would be the Desolate Pagoda. It was said that it wasn’t even refined by man.

Peak weapons were weapons refined from ancient Great Emperors and Sacred Emperors. Their might was beyond compare, and if one was able to draw out their true power, it would be a simply unimaginable scene.

The reason Yu Tian was able to stand amongst the ranks of the Thirteen Great Bandits was because he held a peak weapon. There was practically no one who could kill him. With a peak weapon by his side, he was invincible to attack.

As for the earthen jar, there was a recording that said a Great Emperor from before the Ancient Desolation had reached the end of his lifespan. Just before he died, he used a primordial spirit as the flame, his unrivaled physical body as the clay, supplemented by the Eastern Wastelands’ legendary endless divine materials, and burned his own body into the earthen jar, leaving his descendants a peak weapon. 

It could be said that if one were holding this weapon and had enough divine energy to support it, it would not be a problem to sweep through the Eastern Wastelands without finding an opponent.

Unfortunately, even the most brilliant families still had to decline eventually. Even with an enormous inheritance, a time would come when they died out. After that Great Emperor from before the Ancient Desolation finally left this world, his descendants became ordinary people with the passing of the years.

Three hundred years ago, Yu Tian found an ancient hole within a dried-up river, inadvertently finding the earthen jar half-covered by sand. Who knew just how many years it had been enveloped by dust.

Unfortunately, the earthen jar had lost its cap and was no longer complete. It was like it had lost half of itself, otherwise, Yu Tian would have been able to sweep through the Eastern Wastelands alone. This imitation of the earthen jar was also formidable. It was like a bottomless pit, and was currently almost sucking the emerald jade bell in.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady was extremely stunned. She knew that if it was the real earthen jar, she would definitely be destroyed without the slightest chance.

“Tu Fei, your divine energy is insufficient. Even if you were holding a Sacred Weapon from an ancient Great Emperor, you can’t do anything!”” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s forehead bloomed with light, a diamond imprint lighting up and emitting a ray of divine light that attacked him.

“What, your divine sense is so powerful…” Tu Fei was startled and couldn’t dodge.

However, the earthen jar in front of him saved him. Apparently there was nothing it couldn’t absorb, and even the divine sense could not pass through it. The divine light was immediately obliterated. 

“This…” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s expression changed. That Great Emperor had used primordial spirits as flames and used his own body to form the pot, so naturally it could even absorb divine sense.

“Haha…” Yu Fei laughed, and started to flee. His cultivation base was not on the same level as the Flickering Light Sacred Lady, so he was unable to continue fighting for long without suffering deficits. 

“Where do you think you’re going!” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady didn’t want to let him leave like that

“Talented brother, where are you? I can’t find you.” Tu Fei’s shout rang throughout the entire mining region.

Ye Fan cursed in his heart. This big mouthed guy truly was shameless. He was provoking a calamity for Ye Fan!

At this time, killing shouts were ringing out everywhere, and he was occasionally attacked by people and it was difficult for him to flee all in one go. If he were noticed by Yao Xi, his situation would definitely take a turn for the worse.

“Talented brother, what are you afraid of? You were even able to steal Yao Xi’s inner garment. With such shocking talent, you’re definitely an outstanding hero in my eyes. With you and me joining hands, we can capture this lady.” Tu Fei was like a loudspeaker as his shout filled the whole sky. After it rang out, the entire mining region became temporarily quiet. This news shocked everyone and they were unable to believe it. Ye Fan truly started to curse madly. This guy’s big mouth really should be sealed.

However after carefully thinking about it, it wasn’t as if his words were true. He thought he was an expert since his physique was special and others were unable to see through his cultivation base. 

“It couldn’t be true, right?” The pure Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s inner garments had been stolen? This didn’t seem too likely. Even the cultivators didn’t forget to talk about it.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s melodic laugh rang through the land. “Tu Fei, even if you have a smooth tongue, you aren’t able to change the results. Let me see just where you plan on running!” With her saying just these few words, the other cultivators were all relieved, feeling that there was no need to believe Tu Fei’s words.

“My words aren’t empty. There is a talented brother who really did steal Yao Xi’s inner garments. Brother, quickly come out!” Tu Fei fled while also shouting. “You have to be loyal as one of our profession!” 

“I think you’ve exceeded how many times you can speak such drivel!” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady was secretly grinding her teeth. She really wanted to seal his big mouth, and she even more wanted to find Ye Fan. Her divine sense swept out in all directions and carefully searched.

During this time, many bandits charged towards Yao Xi, and there were also quite a few Flickering Light cultivators charging towards Tu Fei. Their shouts within this bitter chaotic battle had naturally attracted people’s attention. “Talented brother, don’t force me to use my last move!” Tu Fei fought and retreated, in the end saying, “You’re only fourteen or fifteen years old. And your face is still tender and delicate…”

This bastard! Ye Fan couldn’t help but curse him. He pulled off some bloody clothing from a corpse and wrapped it around his head as if he had been injured. However, there were many people around and there were naturally some who had noticed him. 

“No way, there really is a youngster. I saw him just now.”

“He’s there!”

Ye Fan promptly used the old madman’s footwork to flee. 

With the Fourth Great Bandit, the Seventh Great Bandit, and the Peacock King fighting, even heaven and earth were shattering. Sharp sword rays flashed everywhere. People flew back and forth, and blood splattered.

“Talented brother, I finally see you again. Don’t run! The person with the bloody clothes hiding your head is you. You’re definitely one of us, and I’d never forget you. Even if you were wearing Yao Xi’s Sacred Lady’s battle clothes, I’d still recognize you.” Tu Fei was like a blaring trumpet as his words shook the sky. Many people turned to look at Ye Fan, and a couple Flickering Light disciples started to chase him.

There were also a couple of bandits near him who gave him a thumbs up and said, “Talented brother, it’s difficult for us to produce a person like you capable of stealing a Sacred Lady’s garments.”

“With such a talent appearing every few hundred years, our profession’s people will never decline!” A huge ruckus of gossip rang out.

“Just go away!” Ye Fan naturally knew these scoundrels were creating a disturbance to draw the Flickering Light people’s attention. Other than Tu Fei, there was probably no one who believed he had stolen Yao Xi’s inner garments.

At this time, the Flickering Light Sacred Lady quickly ground her teeth as she also noticed Ye Fan. Thinking back to the various things that had happened, she really wanted to scream.

A month ago, her body had been laid bare, and her beautiful body no longer held any secrets to Ye Fan. When she thought about this, her cheeks turned red and her whole body turned scalding hot.

Yao Xi wanted to charge over and kill Ye Fan, but she was afraid that this might cause people to think that Tu Fei’s empty drivel was true. Instead, she drove Tu Fei over to that side, getting closer and closer to Ye Fan and prepared to kill him when the time came.

“Tu Fei, you scoundrel, stop trying to set me up,” shouted Ye Fan. He had to use his words to block the Flickering Light Sacred Lady, otherwise his life would be in great danger. “Immortal Yao Xi, beautiful and pure, everyone knows of your beauty. How could I possibly blaspheme against you?

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady ground her teeth, truly wanting to fly over there. Ye Fan’s words truly were irritating to her. Back then, his evil hands had gone over every part of her body. Even thinking about it now caused goosebumps to rise. Right now, he used those words in order to prevent her from advancing, and they truly were extremely repulsive to her.

But she naturally wasn’t a normal person. Her reactions were quick as she coldly laughed and said, “Tu Fei dared slander me, and you are also helping. You two are just snakes of the same den. Today, I’ll kill both of you.”

By putting Tu Fei’s words on both their shoulders, one of them shouting and one of them trying to cover it up, her cold shout caused the responsibility to spread from Tu Fei to Ye Fan.

“Talented brother, you’ve seen now that Yao Xi also wants to kill you. Quickly come over. With us brothers working together, we can definitely capture her. At that time, it won’t be as simple as just a garment!” Tu Fei also started to shout.

Many other bearded bandits also came to heckle and add chaos.

Ye Fan cursed madly. These scoundrels truly were shameless. “Tu Fei, you bandit, don’t say random crap. Immortal Yao Xi, I’ve admired you for a long time and have never had a blasphemous heart to you. You are like a bright moon in my heart, the world’s most sacred and holy existence.”

Hearing this, the Flickering Light Sacred Lady really want to cut him, but on the outside she was still smiling. “I’m unable to accept such admiration-“

Ye Fan didn’t wait for her to say more, shouting, “You scoundrel Tu Fei, if you keep framing me, be afraid of me taking out a precious treasure to kill you.”

When he said ‘precious treasure,’ he explicitly looked at Yao Xi. This was his threat that if she continued to chase him, he would take out her inner garments and have a life and death struggle.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady was very quick and naturally knew what he was saying. She ground her teeth, wishing to pierce through Ye Fan, but she laughed brightly and said, “Since it’s like this, why don’t the two of us join hands and kill Tu Fei.”

“Ah, unfortunately my strength is too weak and I can’t help.” Ye Fan had now managed to flee to the edge of the mining region.

Of course, since he had been noticed, if it weren’t for the bearded bandits helping him, the Flickering Light cultivators would probably have already captured him.

“Talented brother, people in our profession must be loyal…” Seeing him only focused on fleeing and not helping, Tu Fei was very unreconciled. “Just take out that piece of clothing!”

Having fled this far and being about to leave this fight, Ye Fan didn’t say anything.

Just in front of him was the Peacock King and the Flickering Light Sacred Master’s fight. The sky split and the land cracked, and the sun and moon lost their light. Terrifying energy waves filled that place. 108 words appeared, filling the sky with light rings. The Flickering Light Sacred Master seemed as if he was about to turn into heavenly Dao.

The Peacock King was like a god that had pierced his way into this world. Although he looked like a tender youngster, his tyrannical air filled the land.

The Fourth Great Bandit and the Seventh Great Bandit had joined forces to take out an earthen jar to suck up a bunch of ancient curios from the Flickering Light Sacred Land. 

“The Peacock King, Green Flood Dragon King, and Tu Tian’s battle is about to get bigger!” Ye Fan’s heart shook. These people truly were daring to blatantly attack a powerful Sacred Land like this.

“Talented brother, as one of our…” Tu Fei’s loud shouting rang out once again.

Chapter Notes:

For some reason, this chapter doesn’t exist on Qidian’s pages of raws, so I had to get it on a pirated site. Therefore, there might have been typos in the Chinese that might not get caught by me when translating, and thus change the author’s original intended meaning. I actually thought the author had just misnumbered the raws since I translate from and I assumed it should have been accurate, but then when I was moving on from chapter 181 to 183, it was pretty obvious that something was missing. I have no idea why it doesn't exist on

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