Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Alive After 6000 Years

The old woman was wearing very simple clothes that were no different than an old grandma from a mountain village.

But it was such an ordinary old woman who had become the complete focus of everyone’s attention. The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s people seemed to be facing a powerful enemy and didn’t dare rashly attack.

As for the pyramid made of unknown metals, it flashed with faint green light and the sun, moon, and stars once more appeared on top of it. Clear light flowed out of them, surging towards the old woman like a wave of water.

But the light was unable to shake her in the slightest. She was completely unaffected as she muttered and circled around the pyramid.

The green pyramid shook and began to release a metallic ringing, and a light filled the sky as endless green light enveloped this red-brown land.

Everyone was shocked as the vast and empty land completely changed. Grass appeared everywhere and vitality throbbed in the air. Unbroken chains of huge ancient trees filled the land.

The aura of the primordial era exploded out, vast and ancient. Like the boundless universe and the borderless starry sky, endless numbers of creatures began to converge on the pyramid.

It was like an ancient world had once more appeared in front of them. An ear-splitting rumbling rang out as herds of huge creatures ran towards the watchers.

All kinds of strange creatures had appeared. The land turned green, and dense spiritual Qi filled the air. Powerful creatures ran wildly over the land.

“Is this the northern region from before the primordial era? It’s life force is overflowing, and all kinds of creatures are thriving. It’s completely different from how it is now!”

They could clearly see how Sources formed. The Yuan Qi of heaven and earth was so dense that it crystallized into Sources.

Many powerful creatures died, and would sometimes fall into Sources and be wrapped within, thus sealing them inside. Only now did people understand why creatures from so long ago would occasionally leave behind fingers or heads.


Just at this moment, everyone sucked in a cold breath. They saw powerful human-shaped lifeforms fighting barehanded and splitting the huge land.

There were many different kinds of the human-shaped lifeforms. Some were covered in scales and some were covered in fur. Some had grand and tough bodies, while some had finer and more delicate bodies. There were even some beautiful ones. But they were all tyrannical and powerful to the extreme.

Within the dense forest of ancient trees, several divine temples could occasionally be seen. They were tall and grand, striking fear into and intimidating people’s hearts.

In front of each ancient temple were all kinds of different human-shaped lifeforms guarding it with care and reverence.

The divine temples were different from one another. Some of them were like modern day Daoist temples, while some were like imperial watchtowers. There were even some that were like the pyramid.

“Somewhat interesting…” Just at this moment, the old crone’s voice rang out, and everyone could clearly hear what she said.

With a wave of her sleeves, the light that had filled the sky faded and the boundless vitality once more disappeared. The various powerful lifeforms ceased to exist, and the barren, deathly land reappeared. The green light flowed back into the pyramid.

The old crone walked up and directly into the pyramid. The light from the pyramid once more dimmed, becoming silent and calm.

The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s people were all completely stunned. This old woman was completely unfathomable. They were fundamentally unable to resist or block her.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady might be as beautiful as a blooming immortal lotus, but even her eyes were open wide with shock.

Many of the elders quickly surrounded the green pyramid and calmly waited for the old woman to come out.

Of the thousands of mortals, many of them were shocked witless. The strange scenes that had just appeared caused them to suspect they had entered a new world.

The pyramid shook and the old woman walked out very calmly. It was like she was just walking over a bridge or taking a flight of stairs. She received no resistance at all.

“It really is somewhat interesting…” The old woman said once more..

But when the others heard, they practically couldn’t believe their own ears.

Such an ancient vestige was definitely of an incalculable value to cultivators, but she just didn’t seem to care that much about it.

“Senior, you are…” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady first laughed like an immortal flower blooming, before quickly and charmingly asking about her origins.

“I’m just an ordinary old lady.” The old woman looked at Yao Xi and kindly smiled. “Your luck is pretty good.”

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s heart shook and she wanted to say something, but the old woman had already gently turned to look at the others, sweeping her gaze over each one of the elders.

“I’m taking it away to see what’s so special about it. Later I’ll give it back to your Flickering Light Sacred Land,” said the old woman.

“Senior, you can’t…” the elders all wanted to come up and block her. This was something the Grand Elder had explicitly them ordered to guard at all costs. They definitely had to stop her. They knew this was definitely an important matter.

However, they were simply fundamentally unable to stop her.

The old woman reached out her hand and a hazy light began to flow around that huge, hundred-meter tall pyramid. Its sun, moon, and stars lit up once more.

In just a split second, green light flashed and the grand pyramid shrunk down to the size of a baby’s fist, looking like a bright pearl as it fell into the old woman’s hand.

With just the raise of a hand, she was able to collect the pyramid. It caused all those elders to be speechless. They knew they were unable to block her.

Ye Fan had long since known the old woman was completely unfathomable, but even he was shocked. A worry began to grow in his heart because she had seemed to intentionally glance at him.

The old woman slowly walked away, but her figure quickly became indistinct and she completely disappeared in just a moment without leaving any tracks.

After she left, the fifteenth mining area became completely chaotic. The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s cultivators were all discussing it. They definitely had to report such a huge matter to their superiors.

“Leave, I have to leave this cursed land!” This was the sole pressing thought on Ye Fan’s mind right now.

He didn’t believe that there weren’t Sources in the other regions of the northern region. If he continued here, who knows what kind of cursed things might be excavated. At that time, he might have to leave his life behind.

Other than that, with Yao Xi here, as well as the Flickering Light Sacred Master who was about to arrive, if any of them saw him then this place would definitely became a death land for him.

Ye Fan had wanted to leave a bit earlier. Each day there were people leaving to procure things like food, and since the Flickering Light disciples didn’t care to interact with the people of the mundane world, they would always bring a couple miners with them.

Once he managed to escape from these people, he would be like a fish leaping into the ocean, a bird flying in the sky, free and unrestricted.

If it weren’t for the Dao Glyphs separating this place from the outside world, he would have fled long ago.

I’ll find somewhere to cultivate to the third or even fourth secret realm, and then I’ll come back and auction off the Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s inner garments…, Ye Fan thought of a wicked plan. But of course, this was just a little motivation.

It had been over a month after he had been exposed to the Immortal Sealing Powder. He started to feel traces of divine energy flowing again, and his Wheel and Sea were slowly recovering.

And in the previous few days, he had finally managed to excavate a couple walnut-sized Sources in the depths of the mining shaft that he had completely refined.

In the end, that green lotus within his Sea of Bitterness had trembled and his body released a muffled sound as his divine energy was completely restored.

Ye Fan didn’t know that he had avoided a complete calamity. If the amount of the Immortal Sealing Powder was sufficiently high, then even a sovereign’s divine energy would be completely sealed dry. If it weren’t for his physique being special, he would have turned into a completely ordinary mortal.

Now that the seal on his Wheel and Sea had been resolved and his cultivation base restored, Ye Fan prepared to leave this place.

Of course, before he left, he wish to prepare a couple Sources for future personal use. But this kind of spiritual item was too rare. One mine shaft might only have a couple kilograms. And Sources had strange stone skin wrapped around them that made even spiritual perception useless to probe or examine rocks for Sources.

I wish I could raid the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Source storehouse, Ye Fan could only dream. His strength was far from enough. Even if there was no one guarding it, he still might not be able to force his way into that place.


Two days later, Ye Fan was prepared to leave. He had intermingled with the miners prepared to go out to get supplies. It was on this day that news spread that the Flickering Light Sacred Master was about to arrive and that no one was allowed to leave.

Damn, why does this crap always happen to me? Nothing can go wrong at all costs! He was alarmed at this news.

An hour later, an immense echoing noise came from outside the mining region as the void broke open.

Just as the Flickering Light Sacred Master was about to arrive and the void began to crack open, there were peak experts joining hands to kill him, causing space to shatter.


Killing shouts filled the sky as light soared outside the mining region. Magical weapons danced through the air, people shouted, and beasts roared. There were several indistinct figures attacking.

“Peacock King!” The Flickering Light Sacred Master’s voice was icy cold as 108 rings of light enveloped him. Each halo of light was like a world that enveloped him, making him appear like a divine king descending the world.

“Flickering Light Sacred Master!” On the other side, the Peacock King was just like he was before, a delicate youngster. But his gaze was severe and his roar shook the land.

There was also quite a few elders behind the Flickering Light Sacred Master and one of them shouted out, “You evil thing, you actually dare appear again. Today we’ll kill you!” 

“There will definitely be someone killed today. But the one to die will be you!” The Green Flood Dragon King appeared and stood side by side with the Peacock King.


Heaven and earth shook as an intense battle exploded into action. The Dao Glyphs that surrounded the mining area were all broken and many cultivators killed their way inside.

“The Fourth Great Bandit and the Seventh Great Bandit!” The Flickering Light’s cultivators were all in a mess.

The entire mining region became completely chaotic.

If he still couldn’t gain some underhanded benefits now, Ye Fan felt it would really be too unforgivable.

He didn’t go to the Source warehouse since he knew he probably would not be able to open it. There were also two Great Bandits who had it as their goal. He went to one of the fifteen mining site’s stone towers. The Sources the miners brought in were temporarily stored inside.

Killing shouts shook the sky. There was no longer anyone attending to this place since compared to the Source storehouse, this place was completely insignificant.

The stone tower was less than ten meters tall, but it was extremely sturdy. Ye Fan was unable to push open the stone door at all.

“This place also has restrictions….” He then directly swung his fist into it.


The stone tower shook, and after the fifth punch, the stone door finally broke. Luckily the restriction wasn’t very profound.

A bright light shone inside, and Ye Fan was temporarily blinded by it. Piece after piece of Sources were displayed on a jade shelf. Light flowed through all of them, and altogether there were dozens of kilograms.

The mining results from several days were here and hadn’t been sent off yet. It was extremely dazzling and bright.

“This many… this is the sum of over twenty Source mines!” Ye Fan was filled with excitement. Such a large amount of Sources meant he could increase his power again. They were definitely precious treasures to him.

He took out the pure jade bottle and sucked them all in.

“Who are you, brother? You really were fast to arrive even before me.” A voice came from outside the stone tower as a twenty-year old young man watched him in surprise.

“I just managed to take advantage of the crisis outside. The pros are still outside fighting a huge battle with the Flickering Light’s people,” Ye Fan said smoothly.

“I’m one of those pros. I didn’t expect to have you actually take action quicker than me. You really are efficient.”

Ye Fan was silent for a while. This young man was of an average stature, and couldn’t be said to be that handsome. But his gaze was especially bright.

“I heard that the fifteenth mining region was attacked, and that there might have been some exceptional Sources excavated, so I came here special instead of attacking the Source storehouse.” This young man’s gaze became even brighter, as luminous as a flame as he said, “According to our rules, since I ended up running into you, you have to give me a quarter of it.”

It’s not like I’m one of you. I’m not one of your so called ‘pros.’ Ye Fan had such a thought, but having the feeling that this man wasn’t ordinary and not wanting to fight with him, he said, “There were no special Sources. If you don’t believe me you can look for yourself.” He took out the pure jade bottle and the Sources appeared on the ground.

“Ugh, since there’s none, then whatever.” The young man was very disappointed and he waved his hand.

The two of them left the stone tower and Ye Fan was preparing to leave when the young man suddenly pulled him and said, “Wait, your body has something else. Why do I sense a familiar scent?”

“I’m not a pro, and there’s no special things on my body.”

“No, this is… the scent of the Flickering Light Sacred Lady!” The young man’s eyes lit up like bright pearls as he stared at Ye Fan. “Younger brother, you really aren’t simple. You’re even more skilled than me. You actually managed to steal the Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s things.”

“I… I’m really not a pro.” Ye Fan shook off his hand and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I was once very close to the Flickering Light Sacred Lady. Being a pro, I naturally wouldn’t forget her fragrance.” This young man didn’t have any hostility towards Ye Fan, instead becoming even more friendly and said, “Take it out and let me see it with my own eyes.”

Ye Fan guessed that he must have sensed the Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s garments so he took them out of the pure jade bottle.

“Heavens, my eyes!” This young man saw them very clearly and immediately gasped. “Brother, you really are amazing. When did a talent like you appear in our line of work? I admire you to death. You’ve done what I’ve dreamed of doing.”

“I really am not in the same line of work as you. I just got it accidentally.” Ye Fan felt that staying with this guy was truly too dangerous. On the off-chance that Yao Xi was attracted here, that would truly be big trouble, and so he planned on breaking off from the man.

“I admire you too much. In our line of work, such an accomplishment is definitely worthy of a master.” The young man’s face was filled with admiration.

“Even this is considered the work of a master?!” Ye Fan truly was speechless now.

“Such a difficult line of work is something ordinary people are unable to do.” The young man sighed and said, “My grandfather was a peak hero of this world, but he still had regrets.”

“You are you? Who’s your grandfather? What regrets?” Ye Fan felt this guy’s status would definitely not be ordinary.

“My grandfather is the Seventh Great Bandit Tu Tian. He swept through the northern region, able to steal whatever he wanted. His greatest regret in life was that he was unable to steal a Sacred Lady to marry into the family.”

Ye Fan was shocked. The grandson of the Seventh Great Bandit? His origin truly was great.

“I’m Tu Fei. To fulfill my grandfather’s greatest hope, I’m determined to steal a Sacred Lady’s hand in marriage.”

Ye Fan really didn’t know what to say now. To steal a huge Sacred Land’s Sacred Lady to marry… it was a completely crazy thought.

“Where is the Flickering Light Sacred Lady? Quick, go and find out. Find the best time to take action and grab her.” Tu Fei’s eyes emitted two bright rays as he looked towards the horizon.

At this time, killing shouts rang through the heavens as the huge battle was raging all over.

At the very front was Yao Xi’s beautiful figure. Like the moon veiled by thin clouds and the bright pearls caressed by the blue sea, she was at the absolute pinnacle of beauty. A long skirt fluttered and danced in the wind of the sky as she fought against many bandits.

Ye Fan threw off his hand and felt this guy really was as difficult to get rid of as a persistent infection. With the huge battle going on everywhere, it was the best time for him to run.

Ti Fei soared up and shouted, “Yao Xi, did you lose something that landed in the hands of one of our talented geniuses?”

Ye Fan stumbled, almost tripping to the ground. This shameless guy really was daring. Wasn’t this causing a huge calamity to descend on him?

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