Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Shaken

Traversing the void was very dangerous. Once an accident occurred, one could easily be torn apart.

If Ye Fan had not been prepared, the instant the void shattered, he would probably have died. However, by hiding within his cauldron, he managed to narrowly escape this time.

That kind of annihilating power was like the autumn wind that blew away the fallen leaves, the ice and snow that buried the flowers. It was a kind of great power that was impossible to resist.

With space being destroyed, the physical body would be unable to defend itself and be wrecked along with it. The destruction was capable of exterminating all life, something that could push the world back to its original primitive state.

Origin Qi flowed around as the cauldron didn’t move at all. Inside this mad power of annihilation, the cauldron was a boat of life for Ye Fan. It seemed to knock into a wall and stop.

When the smoke and dust dispersed and the world once more became clear, Ye Fan exited his cauldron, a completely empty mountain region appearing before him. It was a completely scorched and barren land with no life at all. 

“How vicious of them. They actually destroyed their own Domain Gate to try exterminating me within the void…”

Ye Fan raised his head to the sky and laughed. He had finally made a clean escape from the past half year’s struggles.

He had been chased to the ends of the earth, forced into the depths of Flame Region, and made incapable of revealing himself outside. Now, all his stress was released.

Even he felt it was somewhat unbelievable for him to have burned a powerful figure to death. Adding in killing over a dozen elders, it truly felt like a dream.

“Even if the Ji Family finds me, it’ll be difficult for them to kill me. I won’t die! I must think of a way to leave this place.” Ye Fan calmed himself down.

He didn’t dare delay. In a flash, his figure disappeared as he traveled quickly. What had occurred back there was too great and would inevitably attract the attention of others. Leaving as fast as possible was the best option.

Leaving the southern region truly was troublesome for Ye Fan. Right now he didn’t have any method to traverse the void to the northern region. He had actually considered doing the opposite and travelling to the southernmost area. 

The southern region was vast, with countless nations. The area the Ji Family, the Taixuan Sect, the Flickering Light Sacred Land, and the Unfettered Sect occupied was just one corner of it.

Further south were said to be two Sacred Lands. Although they were within the same southern region, the distance between them was so great that it would require half a year of flying to reach them.

This showed just how vast the southern region was, let alone the entire Eastern Wastelands.

If it weren’t for Domain Gates transmitting news and being possible to traverse the void, the cultivators and powers of the southern region would not be able to stay connected, making it difficult for any intersections to occur.

Ye Fan quickly learned that he was thirty thousand kilometers from the Unfettered Sect. After just an instant of traversing the void he had already traveled such a large distance.

However, the most unexpected thing was that he was now just over five hundred kilometers away from the Flickering Light Sacred Land. 

“Maybe I can hide here instead of going somewhere else.” Ye Fan was considering his options.

With Ji Changkong dying, this area would be completely shaken.

In less than a year, the Ji Family had lost three Grand Elders. Their anger would cause a wild tempest!

This wasn’t the dark ages of ancient history, and so there was no terrifying huge upheaval. But for the Ji Family’s powerful figures to be continuously killed truly was too shocking.

The Peacock King and Daoist Crow were one thing. They made their names over a thousand years ago, and each of their steps could cause a commotion within the southern region.

But youngster like Ye Fan? He had no background. For him to also do accomplish such a heaven-shaking matter as killing a Ji Family Grand Elder… it was simply inconceivable!

Every cultivator within this region was stunned. This was a huge matter that would cause the Ji Family’s fury to ignite all over the land!


“The one who burned Ji Changkong to death was just a youngster who has only cultivated to the Wheel and Sea realm.”

“A Ji Family Grand Elder had his soul and body completely annihilated by just a fourteen or fifteen year-old little cultivator.”

“It’s just unbelievable. Ji Changkong has been in the southern region for so long! But he was actually burned to ashes by some youngster named Ye Fan.”

“This is practically just a fantasy. A powerful figure of the Ji Family whose fame spread throughout has actually returned to the dust.”


Everyone was discussing this news as it passed through this area. Each person felt it was inconceivable and shocking.

The Five Element True Flame could ignite everything. As long as a body touched it, no power could block it. Each cultivator felt cold at the thought of it.

For Ji Changkong to run into that kind of five-colored mistflame could only be said to be unlucky for him. Even powerful figures found it difficult to resist such flames, and would turn into five element ashes.

Ye Fan’s possession of a special physique was no longer a secret. Once this news was transmitted out, it would definitely cause him more trouble. Now it would no longer just be the Ji Family looking for him.. even the other Sacred Lands would be looking for him!

Of course, this wasn’t the worse thing. The worst was the reveal of his Origin Qi foundation. This was a sacred material that all cultivators coveted.

And right now he was just at the Paramita realm. He couldn’t be like the Peacock King and invincibly sweep through the land. For him to possess such a cauldron was also a kind of calamity for him.

Although he had killed a Ji Family Grand Elder and shaken the southern region, everyone knew that this wasn’t his true strength and was just the power of the Five Element True Flames.

Naturally, Ye Fan having so many sacred treasures, while his cultivation base wasn’t very high, would cause people to be envious. Many people were preparing to take action and look for him.



This was the order sent down by the Ji Family. For one little cultivator, they mustered a huge force. This was something that hadn’t occurred in thousands of years.

The others powers who wanted to search for Ye Fan could only do so secretly. At such a time, who would dare provoke the Ji Family? At such a critical time, if they were to only touch themthey might just have a tragic end.

Upheaval and waves filled this region.

Ye Fan didn’t travel south. Instead, he hid himself within a mountain range just over five hundred kilometers away from the Flickering Light Sacred Land.

He felt that the Ji Family definitely wouldn’t come looking for him here. After all, this was the door to the Flickering Light Sacred Land, and they could not easily trespass.

The Ji family was definitely unfathomable. In terms of Domain Gates, carving Dao Glyphs, and traversing the void, they definitely had profound knowledge that normal people couldn’t possibly possess.

They could act according to the platform’s used up Sources and the time that the gate was opened, as well as many other factors, to estimate how far Ye Fan had traveled.

Within the same day, the void was opened and over a hundred cultivators came out of a Domain Gate leading to the same barren land as him. Amongst them were around twenty seniors, with the rest being elites of the younger generation.

Some of them were as calm as deep pools, as imposing as huge mountains, and completely unfathomable. Some of them showed off their abilities, seeming like exceptionally sharp swords filled with dense killing intent.

These hundred cultivators were all experts. In addition to those elders, even those young cultivators all had powerful backgrounds. Half of the Ji Family’s top ten members of the younger generation had come. 

“This barren land was definitely caused by the void shattering. That little thief didn’t die…” One of the elders gave out the orders. Everyone scattered to look for him. If there were any clues, they were to immediately summon him.

And this was just the first group. Behind them were many other cultivators hurrying over here. If it weren’t Daoist Crow provoking the Ji Family before, even the top figures of the Ji Family might have personally come to kill Ye Fan.

The Ji Family had great power and summoned enough people to lock down this land, trapping Ye Fan within it.


Ye Fan hadn’t thought that on that very day, he would notice the Ji Family’s people late at night flying towards the mountain range he had entered.

“How did they find this place?” He naturally didn’t know what kind of calculations the Ji Family had made about the broken Domain Gate.

Feeling that his situation had taken a turn for the worse, he fled for several days, but he was startled to find that the Ji Family had completely sealed down this area. There were a huge amount of cultivators looking for him.

Two days later, Ye Fan’s whereabouts were finally exposed to the Ji Family.

“An Ancient Desolation Noble Family truly cannot be measured. They were even able to calculate where the void had shattered,” Ye Fan sighed.

He wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the huge existence of the Flickering Light Sacred Land was startled into coming over, his situation would become even worse.

If it weren’t for his supreme footwork, he would have already been caught when he was finally found. But even so, he was only barely able to escape from them.


Five days later, he fled in the opposite direction from before, entering a large grassland five thousand kilometers from the Flickering Light Sacred Land. 

The Ji Family had sealed off his escape paths and made it so if he was unable to break away from them.

The sixth day, he finally ended up running into a young disciple of the Ji Family. After a bloody battle, he used the cauldron to kill him.


On the eighth day, deep within the grasslands, a tall man blocked his path. He was only in his twenties, his hair was black, and his eyes resembled sharp knives. He had a slightly bronze tan and his physique was very sturdy and powerful.

“Who are you?” Having run into someone trying to kill him, Ye Fan didn’t dare hold him lightly.

“Ji Haiyue!” This tall man’s voice was loud and forceful like a bell.

“Never heard of you.”

“Then that’s because you’re ignorant.” Over ten more people appeared from behind the man.

“In my generation of the Ji Family, there are three people who have cultivated to the third secret realm. Fifth brother Haiyue is one of them.”

Ye Fan became apprehensive. Even elders had only cultivated three secret realms. For a younger generation member to reach a similar level meant he was definitely an elite among the elite. Such people were very few within the southern region.

According to what he knew, there were only ten or so people like that. There were three from the Ji Family, while the Flickering Light Sacred Land also had around three people. Other than them, there was also Hua Yunfei and Li Youyou.

“Your Five Element True Flame has already been used up. You have nothing to rely on anymore. Let me see just how you plan on escaping!” Ji Haiyue completely blocked his path with his large stature and sharp eyes.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Fan’s mouth as he soared straight up into the sky. Instead of fighting head on, he wouldn’t let himself be surrounded and attacked from all sides.

However, the instant he soared up, Ye Fan felt a darkness descend. A nameless power trapped him, forcing him back to the ground.

Now he knew he was in a bad situation. Dao Glyphs had already been carved around him, condensing power from the earth’s veins and sealing this area.

Ji Haiyue sneered, “Don’t waste your energy. The instant you stepped into this place, your fate was already sealed.”

He took another step forward, but he didn’t continue approaching. Having learned a lesson from the demise of a Ji Family Grand Elder, everyone was somewhat restrained.

A large banner rushed out of Ji Haiyue’s body. It was pitch-black and mist flowed out of it, making it appear devilish and capable of capturing people’s minds.

A heavenly laughter rang in Ye Fan’s ears, and someone secretly transmitted to him, “Little brother Ye, do you need my help?”

Ye Fan immediately frowned. This was the voice of the Flickering Light Sacred Lady. They had ended up attracting the huge existence that was the Flickering Light Sacred Land.

“If you want to help me, then get rid of Ji Haiyue!” responded Ye Fan.

“You make it sound easy. He’s only second to Ji Haoyue and Ji Biyue. Before Ji Ziyue matured, he was ranked third amongst his generation.” The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s voice was very sweet. He had no idea where her body was. “If I were to kill him, the Ji Family would definitely take revenge. However, I have other methods to bring you away. Didn’t you want to go to the northern region? I also have such an intention. We can go together.”

“Fine, that’s great!” 

In such a situation, he naturally wouldn’t turn down aid. Although he knew the Flickering Light Sacred Lady couldn’t be provoked, right now he had to survive through this situation.

The Flickering Light Sacred Lady’s laughter was like a silver bell, letting people feel like a spring wind was blowing past their bodies. She softly said, “I have to make some preparations. You’ll have to block Ji Haiyue on your own for a moment…”

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