Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Yan Ruyu, A Face Like Jade

The mountain range was covered in rich vegetation. Green clouds curled around them, and bright lights flowed within them. Mists surged, and hid a faint immortal charm.

This mysterious woman had become even more gracefully beyond the mortal world over these last three years. She truly had an immortal elegance that made her appear above others, appearing as if at any moment she might ascend the wind to the Ninth Heaven’s Palace.

Standing within the pavilion, her white clothes and black hair danced in the wind. Her eyes were deep and filled with fist that made people feel they were in a dream or fantasy. Looking down, a strange expression appeared on her face when she saw Ye Fan.

“It’s you…”

Qin Yao and the other alluring women all had smiles that could bedevil men as they bowed to the woman on top of the pavilion.

Ye Fan couldn’t help but to admit that this woman truly was beautiful without compare. He was unable to find even a single flaw on her perfection. Amongst all the women he knew, only the Celestial Jade Sacred Lady he had seen within the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land was a match for her.

“Yes, it’s me. We meet again.”

Qin Yao and the others were all startled that the two of them knew each other. They not only took a second glance at Ye Fan, they also stared at the mysterious woman on top of the pavilion.

“Your majesty, Daoist Duan sent over this youth. His body is a precious treasure just like he said, and can be considered a sacred item,” reported Qin Yao to that perfect woman.

Ye Fan was amazed that this perfect woman was actually the Demon Emperor’s descendant. But he was also somewhat sensitive and foreboding to being called a sacred item. “You…what do you mean?”

Qin Yao smiled, saying, “Don’t worry, if you’re selected then you’ll gain a huge benefit.”

The faultless woman on top the pavilion spoke in a heavenly voice, “How could it be him…”

“I also did not expect to meet under such circumstances. Please fairy, tell me where and how Pang Bo is. Please let me see him.”

The demon women below the pavilion all had strange expressions, not knowing how Ye Fan knew Pang Bo or why he would ask to see him.

“I can’t fulfill your request.” The perfect woman’s voice was very soft.


“He is in seclusion. No one will be able to see him for two more years.”

Ye Fan was extremely worried. “What I’m most worried about is his safety. Please tell me, is he still the same Pang Bo?”

This woman who was like a heavenly fairy, whose beauty surpassed the rest of the world, did not say anything. With a very flat expression, she nodded her head once and then shook her head once.

“What do you mean?” 

Qin Yao said, “You don’t need to worry. Some things her majesty cannot directly answer. But be at ease, demons are also reasonable. We won’t needlessly harm people. You’ll be able to meet your friend again in the future.”

“My intuition tells me what you’re not being completely truthful…” Ye Fan focused on Qin Yao and said, “Please tell me how Pang Bo is.”

“We don’t know right now. We’ll only find out after he leaves seclusion.” Qin Yao looked up at the perfect woman with worship, saying, “Your majesty, this body is extremely powerful and can be considered a treasure body. It’s very suitable to be used as the sacred item.” 

On top of the pavilion, sparkling petals fluttered through the air with bursts of fragrance. The perfect woman was immersed within the shining petals, slightly frowning and saying, “Why is it him…”

“Is he not suitable?” Qin Yao didn’t understand.

“His Qi and Blood are very vigorous, and his vitality is quite powerful. He definitely could temporarily be used as the sacred item, but if he who is in seclusion were to sense him, his mind would be disturbed and some accident might occur.”

To be used as a sacred item, what does this mean? Ye Fan was very doubtful.

The perfect woman upon the pavilion looked at Ye Fan and said, “Bring him down for now.”

Several alluring women that could shake a man’s heart smiled and walked over, bringing him outside the valley. Qin Yao didn’t leave with them, asking, “Your majesty, aren’t you thinking this over too much?”

“Some things you don’t know. If a problem were to occur, the consequences would be extremely severe.”

“If not considering other facts, what would your majesty think of this body?” 

“It’s naturally powerful enough to be chosen. The one in seclusion once said this youth Ye Fan, as well as Pang Bo, had consumed the sacred medicine. If a Demon King were to take their physical body, they might well become Emperors in the future.”

Ye Fan’s heart shook from far away. Although he was very far, with his incomparably powerful divine sense, he managed to hear these words.

“Those two are…” A startled expression appeared on Qin Yao’s face. “No wonder that enigmatic Daoist Duan said that this child’s body was extremely tyrannical to an unimaginable level, and he was very gifted. It was actually due to this.” A cheerful expression then appeared. “But isn’t this perfect? The one in seclusion has picked one of the bodies, and now this body can be used as the sacred item.”

Having already walked out of the valley, Ye Fan now felt that Pang Bo’s situation was very worrying. Only after he left seclusion could more information be obtained.

The perfect woman shook her head, saying, “Even that figure who is in seclusion isn’t sure whether he’ll be able to continue living. In the future, who knows who will control who.”


“As for Ye Fan, his body might be extraordinary, but if he were to be used as the sacred item, it’s hard to predict what might happen. The one in seclusion once said that it’s apparently from before the Ancient Desolation…”

These were the last words that Ye Fan was capable of hearing. He was brought into a mountain valley filled with a peach tree forest. Many of the trees were already thousands of years old. A dark green pool was within the center of the forest with several thatched cottages built around it that harmoniously melded with their surroundings. This was Ye Fan’s new temporary residence.

The perfect woman only appeared five days later. Her real name was Yan Ruyu, a name at the peak of beauty[1]. If other people were to have this name, Ye Fan might feel that it didn’t fit, but this woman, with her eyes like autumn waters and divine jade body, seemed as if she had come from a poem or painting, so much so that she didn’t even appear real. She definitely was deserving of such a name.

Qin Yao followed beside her, along with two other women. Gently floating over to the dark green lake, they carefully examined Ye Fan’s body, and both of the elders revealed strange expressions.

“He can be used as the sacred item,” said one of the old women.

Three of them left, leaving only Qin Yao. Pink flowers were in bloom all over, but she was even more lovable than them. Swaying gently in the wind, she gently smiled, saying, “You must have many questions. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you. Actually, this is a great opportunity for you.”

Ye Fan asked, “What are you guys going to do?”

“You’ve seen the Demon Emperor’s heart. What did you think of it?”

“It was very frightening and formidable.” This was the truth. Even experts surpassing the Paramita realm had not been able to bear the pulsing from that heart. Blood had been spat from their mouths when it pulsed, so it was imaginable just how much frightening divine energy was contained within it. 

“As long as you know.” Qin Yao cast a charming glance at him. Laughing and pinching his cheek, she said, “A great opportunity has fallen upon you. If you succeed, don’t forget about me.”

“What’s going on?”

“Using your body as the sacred item, you will gently support the Great Emperor’s heart to maintain its life energy. At the same time it will nourish your physical body. Don’t you think this is a great opportunity?”

“This…” Ye Fan was completely shocked, never having thought that they would use his body as a tool to raise the Demon Emperor’s heart.

“You don’t need to be that worried. The Great Emperor’s sacred heart has already been sealed. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to bear it. Now it should be very useful to your body and shouldn’t cause any damage,” Qin Yao sighed and laughed sweetly. “If you can truly nurture the sacred heart, her majesty will definitely devote herself completely to you in the future. You should know that this is the dream of countless men within the Eastern Wastelands.”

“I don’t want to be this so-called sacred item!” Ye Fan didn’t want to have to accept any unknown arrangements for him.

“Countless people dream of this chance, but you…” Qin Yao gently placed her finger on his forehead, saying, “The sacred heart is capable of having you shed your mortal body again. If people with physiques as powerful as yours were not so difficult to find, do you think this opportunity would land in your hands? In the future, her majesty will use the sacred heart to cultivate a supreme demon technique and will devote herself to you as your wife. With such a peerless beauty at your side, what else would you want for?”

If he were to nurture the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart, that peerless beauty would become his wife? Ye Fan felt as if he were dreaming.

“To have a peerless beauty by my side is definitely something I want, but as for that heart, please excuse me saying no. You should find someone else.”

“You really dare say a lot of words. Who do you think her majesty is? There’s no way she would stay by your side without reason.” Qin Yao blinked and pinched his cheek again with his slender jade-like hands, saying, “Fortune arrivesyet you decline it. You really don’t know what is good.”

No matter whether Ye Fan refused or accepted, there was no way to change reality. Three days later, the perfect Yan Ruyu, Qin Yao, and a dozen old women once more appeared within the peach forest, confining him in front one of the cottages.

A thick piece of divine iron with bestial images carved onto it, and overflowing with antiquity rose from within the dark green pool. Flickering with light, it inserted itself into the peach forest and Ye Fan was bound on top of it.

Yan Ruyu appeared to be about eighteen, her peerless and faultless body making her appear like the heaven’s greatest masterpiece. 

“Yan Ruyu, my future wife, can you please…” Ye Fan found he was unable to say anymore. His mouth had been personally sealed by Yan Ruyu.

Waves billowed from that dark green pool as nine golden carps that were several meters long pulled out a crystal coffin from the water, spilling out a boundless and vigorous vitality. 

The crystal coffin was two meters long and one meter wide. Seven-colored divine light circulated from it under the sunlight. Within it was a fist-sized scarlet heart, shining brighter than divine jade essence. The incomparably powerful vitality was coming from it.

The Demon Emperor’s sacred heart!

It had been sealed here, red mist and light lingering around it. It caused their hearts to beat wildly, turning the crystal coffin completely scarlet and extremely piercing to the eyes.

Ye Fan wanted to roar, but was unable to make a sound. He wanted to move, but was unable to move at all. He had been bound upon the divine iron, unable to prevent anything. 

[1] Yan Ruyu颜如玉 means a face like jade, jade of course signifying great beauty. 

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