Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Gentle and Soft Village

“What does you not being able to obtain the green copper have to do with me? It just means you’re too weak and that others got to it first. Daoist, you don’t even thank me, but instead treat me like this.”

“Little kid, you really won’t admit your mistakes. I was the first to charge into the Demon Emperor’s Yin Grave. I didn’t even see a trace of anyone else, how could it others have gotten to it first? Even now you’re trying to trick me, grandpa Daoist really wants to slap you to death.” A strange expression then came across him. “To reach the Divine Bridge realm in such a short time is really inconceivable. It’s almost as fast as grandpa Daoist back in the day.” The fat Daoist suspiciously looked him up and down. “Could it be because of the green copper?”

“Are you unable to even sense that my body has no green copper on it?” Ye Fan said steadily and coolly.

“Little brat, you really are too shameful! You actually threw away the jade pendant this grandpa Daoist gave to you within some old mountains. This grandpa Daoist had to spend so much time before finally noticing you today. Where is that lump of green copper?”

Ye Fan immediately thought of the broken jade pendant. Not only was a corner of it broken, it was covered in cracks and looked no different from a rock. So the shameless Daoist had actually been thinking of using it to track him! It appeared he had made the right decision by throwing it away.

“Daoist, the fact that we could meet again must mean we have karma between us. I have nothing to hide and I’ve told you nothing but the truth.” Ye Fan appeared extremely serious. “Back then that green copper really was thrown away by me, but it wasn’t thrown into the deep pool.”

“I naturally know it isn’t within the deep pool!”

“I later wanted to go investigate and look for it again, but the result was that this deranged old man came and picked the green copper up. He was crying and laughing at the same time, and appeared extremely crazy. But there was no way for me to chase after him…” Ye Fan straightforwardly described the old madman.

The fat Daoist immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, muttering, “A year ago there were people in Yan who saw such an old man. The legends might really be true…” He stopped without saying anymore. He then stared at Ye Fan, saying, “Little kid, you really aren’t honest. Trying to trick this grandpa Daoist when I’m putting my complete trust in you.”

“Try to have a conscience when you speak. Back then you stole three of my spiritual treasures, so just who isn’t an honest man?”

The shameless Daoist’s eyes were stuck on Ye Fan and they suddenly become empty like bottomless pits, black holes without the slightest light. He quietly said, “Was it really stolen by a crazy old man? What did he look like?”

Ye Fan became drowsy. The shameless Daoist wanted to forcefully break into his mind, but Ye Fan wasn’t too scared. His current divine sense had already formed a small golden lake and wasn’t inferior to anyone’s. He didn’t strike back, but instead put the image of the old madman within his mind and replied, “Right, it was taken by an old madman and I couldn’t catch up to him.”

When the shameless Daoist managed to probe the old madman’s form, his whole body shook and his eyes immediately returned to normal. Feeling that it was unimaginable, he said, “It really was him…”

The woman with the enchanting red mole on her forehead lightly laughed, “Just who was it to cause Daoist Duan to be frightened this badly?”

“Did your demon race not hear about what happened a year ago? A person who shouldn’t even exist in this world appeared within Yan for a moment.”

“We heard a bit about it. I don’t believe that it could be true. This many years have passed already, who could even recognize him anymore?”

Duan De shook his head, saying, “That’s false. That person was a peerless supreme expert back in the day. There are many pictures of him still existing and I’ve also had the fortune to see one.”

The woman sucked in a breath of cold air. “Back then he was a peerless expert. Now that six thousand years have passed and he’s still alive, do you think he has become an Immortal?”

“I don’t think so. People saw him act deranged and delirious. With his mental problems, there’s no way he could have become an Immortal.”

“There are really Immortals in this world?” Ye Fan asked from the side.

“No one can say whether Immortals truly exist. But for peerless experts to survive several thousand years is no problem,” the demon woman charmingly laughed, before pinching his cheek and saying, “If you work hardyou might also be able to reach that stage.”

“You guys…aren’t going to hurt me?”

This demonic woman whose appearance confused men gave an alluring smile. “Don’t worry, your life won’t be in danger.”

The shameless Daoist eyes once more become empty holes, still unwilling to give up and continuing to stare within Ye Fan’s eyes, he asked, “How did he find the green copper?”

Ye Fan used his great mental prowess to form the image of the old madman picking up the green copper before then floating away into the distance, still crying and laughing at the same time.

Seeing such an image, the shameless Daoist became disappointed, looking up into the sky and sighing. “The precious treasure that shook the Central States landed within my hands, but was still abandoned by me as useless. I didn’t recognize it and let this opportunity slip, it really is infuriating!”

Ye Fan took this chance to cruelly say, “Next time you’ll know to be more careful.”

The shameless Daoist was extremely unresigned. “Now that it has landed in that old madman’s hands, there’s no way for me to retrieve it. I can’t believe he’s still alive.”

“Is the Demon Emperor’s essence blood prepared?” He raised his head and looked at the extremely alluring demonic woman.

“Please don’t worry, Daoist. Since we said we’d give you a drop of the Demon Emperor’s essence blood, we’ll definitely follow through.” She laughed, sexily and charmingly clapped her lily-white hands, and a beautiful woman with bare arms wearing a multi-colored muslin walked out from the depths of the peach blossom forest carrying a jade plate with an embroidered sheet covering it.

The woman with the red birthmark on her forehead gracefully received it and gently unwrapped it, immediately revealing a sparkling bright fist-sized crystal glowing upon the jade plate. 

At the center of the crystal was a drop of scarlet blood that sparkled with golden luster. Despite being sealed inside, an incomparably vigorous vitality and a boundless Life Qi could vaguely be sensed form it.

The depressed Daoist immediately roused himself. “The Demon Emperor’s essence blood!”

“Right, this is the Demon Emperor’s sacred blood that you needed. Although you didn’t bring that forbidden item you said you would, bringing me this youngster who has such a precious physique to exchange for it is still just barely enough.”

The drop of blood within the crystal seemed to have condensed a boundless energy. When the shameless Daoist Duan De grabbed onto it, it actually bloomed with bright bloody light that turned his hand scarlet with traces of golden rays.

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, unable to compose himself. This drop of essence blood probably came from the Demon Emperor’s heart. He immediately thought of Pang Bo. 

That heart that had flown out of the Demon Emperor’s tomb was capable of making cultivators that had surpassed the Paramita realm unable to support themselves just by its pulsing. Back then, the Spirit Ruins Paradise’s Sect Leader and Grand Elders were unable to even approach it. They could only watch as it flew into the sky, in the end landing in the hands of the demon race.

Could this mean that these women have the Demon Emperor’s heart? Maybe they have some relation with the perfect woman I saw outside the Demon Emperor’s tomb, which might mean that Pang Bo is nearby. Ye Fan’s heart was extremely agitated. 

“Do your best, little brat.” The shameless Daoist Duan De patted his shoulders, acting as if he was sincerely wishing him well.

“Damn fatty, you sold me off here?”

Duan De had a faint smile as he said, “Don’t curse at me. Maybe in the future you might be drowned in pleasure and want to thank me.”

“What do you mean?”

Duan De spoke with a hidden deeper meaning, “This is a good fortune others seek, but fail to obtain. Little brat, be happy. If grandpa Daoist could be young again, you might not have this chance.”

The woman with the red mole timely laughed, a light circulating within her eyes as she glanced at Duan De and said, “If Daoist wishes to stay behind, we will definitely entertain you well.”

“Excuse me, my old arms and legs aren’t able to support myself. We’ll meet again.” Duan De left without looking back.

Ye Fan shouted at his back, “I know where the old madman is…”

But Duan De didn’t pay him the slightest attention, quickly disappearing from this place.

“Daoist No-Morals, just wait for me…”

“This maiden’s name is Qin Yao. Little brother doesn’t need to be afraid of us hurting you.” The woman with the red birthmark gently pinched his cheek, laughing and said, “There’s no need to be worried.”

Qin Yao? Could it be a bird that transformed into a demonic lady?, Ye Fan grumbled secretly.

“I want to ask, is the heart that flew out of the Demon Emperor’s tomb within your hands?”

Qin Yao’s skin was like warm jade, the light muslin gently floating over her body such that her curves were faintly discernible. Her smile was very sweet as she said, “You know quite a few things. You’re right, we have the Great Emperor’s heart.”

Ye Fan’s heart immediately shook. “Then does that mean there’s a very beautiful, practically perfect woman overseeing this place?”

Qin Yao revealed her surprise, saying, “You actually know even about this. She is a descendent of the Great Emperor. Her status is extremely high, how could you learn about her?”

“Then is there also a young man who is close to my age also here?”

Qin Yao was somewhat shocked now. Her scattered black hair made her lily-white skin appear even more fair and exquisite. The rain of flowers fluttering in the air sparkled and gave off a wonderful fragrance, but she was even more lovable than the flowers. “You really do know a lot.” She didn’t explain in detail.

“I want to see that youngster whose age is close to mine!”

“Sorry, he’s in seclusion. There’s no way for him to meet you.” Qin Yao might appear sexy and charming, smiling the whole time, but she still refused without the slightest room for negotiation.

“I want to see the Demon Emperor’s descendant.” Since he couldn’t see Pang Bo, Ye Fan settled for the next best thing, wanting to see that perfect woman.

Qin Yao’s voice had a very magnetic and pleasant feeling to it. “Of course you can see her. I was originally going to send you to her.”

“You were originally going to send me to her? Why is that?” Ye Fan felt as if something was wrong.

“To you this should be a good thing. If you are picked you’ll be given a high status. A little man like you truly has good fortune.”

The surrounding women all started to laugh lightly. Their innate natures caused them to be alluring and attractive. Their faces were like flowers, their skin lily-white, their necks slender, their arms like jade, their legs like snow, a picture of beauty that the thin muslin they were wearing could not hide. Their voluptuous curves shook as their laughter rang out amongst the flowers.

Ye Fan was brought deep within the peach blossom forest. This was the Mysterious Yuan sect’s rear mountains, so it was especially tranquil and quiet. Bursts of holy air filled this place. In front of him were a couple of beautiful woman holding hands.

After walking past the canyon, they arrived at an emerald green mountain range. Specks of sacred light rippled across all the vegetation, and multicolored lights shone, causing this place to stand out.

The mountain range that was flowing with light was enshrouded by mist. A pavilion floated above it. Within the pavilion was a flawless woman. She stood up, her eyes deep like water and filled with mist as she walked over. 

Her body didn’t have the slightest blemish, like a perfect masterpiece of heaven. Her clothes were whiter than snow, while her black hair gently fluttered, appearing the very image of a cold fairy overlooking the mortal world. 

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