Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Bewitchingly Moving

“Before heaven and earth separated, when Yuan Qi was the sole existence, at the very beginning was the Taiji.

“Followers of the Dao, ones who understand heaven and earth, also understand the so-called Taiji.

These were all recordings of ancient texts. The Taiji was an evolution of the Dao. The beginning of heaven and earth, creation from nothingness, all living things, they were all due to the Taiji.

Ancient China’s most mysterious scripture, the Book of Changes, elaborated on the Taiji. “With the Taiji is the start of two sides, Yin and Yang…”

Within the mountainous regions outside of the capital of Wei was a sapphire-like small lake. In movement and stillness, in stillness and movement, at one moment Ye Fan was like a solid pine tree, the next moment seeming like the supple flowing water. He slowly stretched out his body, using his physical shell to embody an incorporeal Dao charm.

Ye Fan wasn’t a god, so it was impossible for him to refine a body art in such a short time. All he could was slowly fumble about. When he needed to be strong and ferocious, he turned his body into charging thunderwhen he needed to ease and relax, he turned his body into a light breeze. Movement and stillness together created a natural charm.


Half a month passed. Ye Fan found that it was becoming very difficult. Sometimes just thinking of what he needed to do wasn’t enough. What was important was whether or not he succeeded.

At the present stage, his refining of his physical body could only be a small assistance to him as a Divine Bridge realm cultivator. There was no way he could create an earth-shattering body art so quickly. All he could do was slowly test things out.

Right now, the most important thing was still to cultivate the secret realms, like the Wheel and Sea, as well as the Dao Palace. These were tried and true cultivation methods that had been passed through countless years. They were part of the perfect cultivation system of a Grand Dao.

“Inside, I cultivate the secrets realms like the Wheel and Sea and the Dao Palace, while outside I will cultivate a tyrannical body art. With the two complimenting each other, I will have both divine abilities and a primal battle energy.”

Ye Fan was looking forward to the day when he would become so strong.

“I trust that the crystallization of wisdom from the time before ancient China is definitely capable of matching up with this world’s supreme Grand Daos. Together the two will definitely be brilliant.”

Ye Fan had already been in Wei for almost two months now. Other than cultivating, he was also pondering how he could cross the void, but he couldn’t think of any methods.

He had not broken past the Wheel and Sea secret realm, so his understanding of Dao Glyphs was still shallow. There was no way for him to condense Heavenly Power and open a Domain Gate to cross the void on his own. No matter how he thought about it, the only way was for him to rely on those powerful existences.


Within the capital of Wei was an endless stream of bustling activity. Ye Fan inadvertently saw a familiar figure amongst this stream. He was wearing Daoist robes and a violet-gold crown, but he didn’t have any of the likeness of a monk. With his huge belly and red light across his whole face, who else could it be but the shameless Daoist Duan De?

“That damn fatty really won’t die. The Demon Emperor’s tomb created mountains of skeletons and rivers of blood, and he was even dragged into the Yin Grave by those five elite figures, yet he still hasn’t died…”

Ye Fan felt that the fat Daoist was not so simple. His stubborn character was far from what his good-hearted appearance seemed. Back then, he didn’t dare approach him.

But now, his divine sense had become incomparably powerful and his spiritual energy had condensed into a small golden lake, taking a solid form between his eyebrows. As long as he followed far behind him, there shouldn’t be any worries of being discovered.

The shameless Daoist entered a restaurant, beginning to gulp down meat and wine, not abstaining even the slightest bit or acting like a monk.

An hour later he left the capital, his whole body was drenched in the smell of alcohol. He walked towards the great mountains, swaying and tottering.

“This damn fatty goes directly deep into the mountains after eating and drinking his fill? What is he doing?” Ye Fan was suspicious as he followed after him, but at the same time he was quite apprehensive, as even with his condensed divine sense he was still unable to see through Duan De.

The shameless Daoist was extremely quick as he passed over the mountains, not much slower than flying. Not long after he arrived at a mountain gate. Ye Fan already knew that this was a small sect within Wei that was not even as powerful as the Spirit Ruins Paradise. 

Duan De was tottering and unstable as he entered deep inside. Ye Fan didn’t dare enter as well, so he quietly waited outside. Half an hour later, the fat Daoist sneaked out and once more began staggering away.

Not long after, bursts of yells and a great clamor came from inside this sect. Ye Fan vaguely heard that the sect had lost some precious treasure of theirs. 

“This damn fatty really is shameless.” Ye Fan hurriedly flew away. Cultivators were flying out of this sect in every direction. If they were to block him, it would be difficult for him to explain himself.

“Where are you going!” Unexpectedly, an old man noticed him.

“Damn fatty, could it be you made me the scapegoat on purpose?” Ye Fan was extremely bewildered, disappearing deep within the mountains in the blink of an eye.

An hour later, he once more caught up to the shameless Daoist’s tracks. He had some suspicions that Duan De might have already sensed that someone was following behind him, but the shameless Daoist never turned back to look and seemed completely unaware. While hiccupping, he muttered, “Wei’s prestigious gathering is worth checking out. I wonder if I might be able to see some rare treasures.”

So this damn fatty was thinking of going to participate in some prestigious gathering.


Duan De flew over five hundred kilometers before descending down within the great mountains. Clouds and mist surged within the green mountain valleys in front of him. Quite a few cultivators were riding rainbows into the valley.

This was a sect’s main gate. There was a bluestone in front that said “Mysterious Yuan.” Anyone was allowed to enter, and there were quite a few cultivators rushing over from all directions.

Inside was a very beautiful and peaceful holy land, with many cultivators about.

Ye Fan had been tailing behind Duan De and found that this guy was walking a special path, staggering over to the rear mountains of the sect.

Peach blossoms bloomed. Covering the mountains and plains were peach blossom trees in full flower that made the land appear to be covered in a pink gauze. The fragrance assaulted their noses.

Duan Du halted ahead, staggering towards a thousand-year-old peach tree, his saliva started to overflow as if he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Ye Fan saw this revolting activity from the distance and secretly felt disdain, not knowing whether this damn fatty had found some sort of precious treasure.

“Who is it?” Just at this moment, a lovable woman’s shout rang out.

Ye Fan once more looked and found that Duan De had suddenly disappeared, his tracks completely disappearing. Sensing the situation was bad, he tried to flee immediately. However the surrounding peach blossom trees suddenly spun, and pink flower petals filled the sky. He was unable to find his retreat path through this rain of falling petals.

Ye Fan charged right and left, unable to escape. In the end he entered even deeper, arriving at where Duan De had been.

Only at this time did he see what Duan De had seen from this position. Between the falling flower petals he could see a clear little lake between the peach blossom trees. The thousand-year-old peach trees on the shore all held brightly-colored female clothes.

Peach blossoms were floating everywhere, covering the lake in a sparkling pink with bursts of fragrance coming off it. Enshrouded by the pretty petals, this looked like a beautiful fairyland to him.

But that was not the most important thing. The most startling thing was that there were more than ten beautiful maidens that were currently bathing within the lake. Their black hair waterfalled down their backs, their snow-white arms sparkling, their jade-like bodies shining with a light that could enrapture man. With the rain of flowers, they appeared even more eye-attracting.

“Damn fatty, I got baited by you!” Ye Fan inwardly grumbled. Now he was sure that the shameless Daoist had noticed him and drew him here to be the scapegoat. He couldn’t even run this time. The falling beautiful flowers flickered with light. This place had obviously had Dao Glyphs carved over it, condensing this land’s fantastic energy to create its own world, cutting off all retreat paths.

A silver bell-like laugh came from within the peach blossom forest. Several maidens gracefully walked out, a light cloth drapped over their bodies, appearing like beautiful lotus flowers peeking out of the water. Their jade-like arms were bare, their legs slender, the light cloth unable to hide their incomparably moving bodies. The raining flower petals accented their bodies that glowed with an enticing charm.

Ye Fan was unable to retreat. Originally he thought these women had come to kill him, but he found that they had no killing intent. They walked over gracefully and leisurely. Ordinary men would find their blood vessels burst if they were to see this seen.

But Ye Fan felt cold. These were definitely not normal women. Otherwise how could they be so brazen to reveal their backs and shoulders without care, their beautiful laughter ringing.

“Duan De, you broken-moraled Daoist, get out here!” Ye Fan shouted at the top of his lungs.

Bursts of laughter came, and a couple women confidently walked next to him. Their skin was like jade and glistened with a couple water droplets. Their clothes didn’t hide their beauty as they advanced.

“Little brother truly is brave. You enter deep into my sect’s important land and peek at us bathing…” A slender and elegant woman gracefully combed the water out of her hair, carrying a faint smile as she looked at Ye Fan.

“This is just a misunderstanding. I’m being framed by a damn fatty. He set me up as the scapegoat. Just now it was clearly him who was peeking. It doesn’t have anything to do with me.” That damn shameless fatty really had no morals, to be such a pervert.  

All of the women within that clear little lake walked to the shore, all putting on a white-colored light muslin cloth. Their alluring curves were faintly visible, unable to hide their enticing looks.

With their plump bodies and spotlessly white pure skin, these brazen women were definitely not ordinary people.

The head of these beautiful woman was twenty years old, her red lips framing her white teeth. Her smile was extremely charming, and with her black hair scattered over her chest skin, she spoke in a very magnetic and sweet voice, “Whether you are being framed isn’t important. Since you’ve already come here, this can also be considered destiny.”

“I don’t need destiny! Fairies, please let me go. It really has nothing to do with me…”

The head woman had a red mole on the center of her forehead, giving her a special kind of feeling. She reached a slender jade-like finger towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan wanted to evade it, but he found that her movement was actually faster than him and it was impossible for him to avoid it. He was overwhelmed with shock; this was definitely an expert! These charming and alluring women had to have a frightening origin.

That slender jade finger felt his check. “I can sense this body is extraordinary. His blood and Qi surges like a huge torrential river. This is no ordinary body…”

Ye Fan’s heart shivered, but he smiled and said, “Fairies, this ordinary man’s blood is surging due to a bestial passion, it’s not that my physique is special. If you could please back up a bit, otherwise my lifespan might shorten.”

This woman’s body emitted a burst of fragrance. She laughed, “Don’t be afraid. We won’t kill you.” 

“Are all you fairies satisfied with this body?” Just at this moment, the shameless Daoist walked out of the peach blossom forest.

“You wicked Daoist, you framed me!” Ye Fan glared at Duan De. 

“Little kid, you still have face to say I framed you?” Duan De was not at all troubled. He emotionally said, “Three years ago in front of the Demon Emperor’s grave you set me up and grandpa Daoist narrowly escaped. Little bastard, it was all because of you.”

“Fuck you, three years ago you snatched three of my spiritual weapons and now you say I set you up? Go be struck be divine lightning as punishment!”

“Those three spiritual weapons were nothing. Where is that lump of useless copper? Grandpa Daoist almost lost his life within that Yin Grave, but not even a trace of the green copper could be found. Brat, you almost got me killed…” The more he spoke the more emotional he became, looking as if he might want to skin him alive.

“Daoist Duan, I am very satisfied with this body.” Just at this moment, that twenty-year-old woman lightly laughed. Her laugh was extremely charming and moving, releasing an irresistible charm.

“Since you’re satisfied, then please give me a drop of the Demon Emperor’s leftover essence blood.” The fat Daoist’s eyes flashed with a strange color. “I trust that your demon race will keep their word and not renege on it.”

Ye Fan started. This group was actually of demonic women. Moreover when he heard of the Demon Emperor’s essence blood, he thought back to the Demon Emperor’s heart. He powerlessly groaned, glaring at the fat Daoist. “You damn fatty, you dare to trick me?”

The shameless Daoist glanced at him, angrily saying, “Little brat, don’t say I tricked you. Three years ago you tricked me and almost lost me my life. Today I only tricked you into losing your body.”

Ye Fan really wanted to leave his footprint on that fat face. 

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