Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Easily Crushed

“You actually think you can kill me? What nerve!” Han Yishui’s forehead’s veins were jumping out. To completely exterminate his ten senior disciples and still dare to come back and say he’d kill him as well! 

“You sent out ten senior disciples to get rid of me. Naturally I can’t just silently endure such a thing. I specifically came back to kill you!” Ye Fan became enshrouded by golden light, appearing to be a grand, golden-armored war god.

“You think that if you could kill me, you could still escape alive from the Spirit Ruins Paradise?” Han Yishui darkly asked.

“Killing you isn’t difficult. It won’t cause any ripples.” Ye Fan was very calm.

Han Yishui was both furious and alarmed. This person not only seemed very confident, but he even seemed to disdain him! He coldly said, “So formidable even when so young. If I were to let you properly mature, you might be able to subdue all of Yan. Today I’ll get rid of this threat before it manages to grow up!

Ye Fan smiled, saying, “You want to kill me? Stop dreaming. I know what you’re thinking. You want to stall for time so that you can escape. It’s a pity you won’t have such a chance.”

Han Yishui’s expression abruptly changed. For this person to come here so calmly and decisively to kill him, it caused his courage to falter. He didn’t wish to fight anymore, instead hurriedly retreating.

“Han Yishui, you really disappoint me…” Ye Fan turned into a green ray that blocked his path.

Han Yishui never thought that a fourteen year old whose face still contained a youth’s tenderness could be this frightening. The boy was much faster than him!

“The Grand Elders will definitely arrive soon, you won’t have any chance!” A killing intent arose from him, attempting to mentally pressure Ye Fan and give him a chance to escape.

Ye Fan revealed a youth’s tender bright smile. “Han Yishui, first you tried to stall, then you tried to yell loudly to attract attention. Do you think I’m unaware of what you’re doing?”

“So what if you know?”

“Since I dare come to kill you, I naturally wouldn’t be so careless. After entering this valley I’ve already carved many Dao Glyphs. From the outside, this place appears completely serene, as if nothing is happening. You don’t need to think of ways to attract people here.”

“How could a brat like you understand how to arrange Dao Glyphs! I won’t believe it.” Han Yishui’s expression became extremely gloomy.

“That’s right, I have to thank that merciless younger brother of yours. Not only did he spend half his lifetime working to pluck spiritual medicines for me, he even left behind two animal hide ancient books, one of which pertained to Dao Glyphs. Although I couldn’t completely understand it, I can still copy what was written.”

“My younger brother disappeared three years ago…he was killed by you?” Han Yishui immediately furrowed his brow, his eyes emitting two terrifying rays of light.

“He wanted to refine me into medicine, but the result was truly unfortunate. He ended up throwing himself in. Today, you two brothers can reunite.”

“You brat, you think you can infuriate me this easily? You won’t have such a chance!”

Ye Fan’s smile vanished. “I’ll send you on your way.” His fist smashed forward, causing space to tremble, and Yuan Qi around them to vanish. His golden fist seemed like a huge mountain pressing forward.


Han Yishui took out a silver ferule that quickly enlarged. It filled heaven and earth with pure white rays. It appeared like a silver dragon as it charged towards Ye Fan’s forehead.


Ye Fan’s golden fist smashed onto the silver ferule, and with a cracking sound, the silver light scattered and the silver ferule’s light darkened before completely shattering apart in the sky.

Han Yishui’s pupils shrunk, not believing his own eyes. Ye Fan had bare-handedly smashed apart a powerful spiritual treasure with a fist. Could that even be considered a fist anymore? It was practically a divine soldier’s blade!

Ye Fan speed triggered a gale as he rushed forward, golden blazing flames sweeping before him. His golden fist became more and more huge, containing an incomparably wild and tyrannical power, making even space tremble and shake.

Han Yishui’s expression greatly changed. He had never expected a cultivator would use their physical body to attack and directly smash apart spiritual treasures. Especially shocking was this youth, who possessed such a formidable and shocking strength.

Green light flashed in front of him and a jadeite shield appeared, quickly magnifying to four or five meters tall. It shome with a metallic luster, appearing incomparably thick as he hid behind it.


The jadeite shield might be a spiritual treasure, but it was still unable to block Ye Fan. His golden fist seemed to possess devilish strength, containing a power beyond man. With just one blow, the precious shield shattered into pieces. 

The powerful force could not be stopped, and the huge torrent of golden energy overturned Han Yishui, a trace of blood now appearing on his mouth. He was completely shocked. This had just been the wind from the fist! If the true attack had actually landed, he didn’t dare imagine the consequences.

Han Yishui flew back, light blooming from his body. As an expert in refining items, the thing he lacked the least was weapons. Nine black bone spears rushed out. Mist surged as they charged towards Ye Fan, looking like nine talons of a devil.

Ye Fan was still standing in his original position. Brandishing his golden fist, a powerful battle energy caused space to warp as it collided with the nine black bone spears. 

The black mist had filled the entire sky, but at this moment, it completely scattered apart from the golden fist. The bright world once more appeared behind the mist, and the nine bone spears shattered into small pieces which blew away with the wind.

“This…” Han Yishui was speechless. This wasn’t something an ordinary cultivator was capable of. Such a tyrannical physical body was completely unique within Yan. It was practically its own spiritual treasure, surpassing any weapons.

“If you have any other treasures just take them out. I want to see just how powerful my physique is.”

“You…” Han Yishui was startled and angered. This brat didn’t even take him seriously, treating him as something just to test himself with! Violet let flashed and a large net appeared, quickly charging forward. A faint eight trigram diagram could be seen within the purple net.

This caused Ye Fan to frown. He felt a powerful divine energy aura, so he didn’t dare to be careless. Tsunami waves incessantly flowed from his body, and divine energy rushed forth.


Ye Fan punched out with his two fists. Golden divine flames ignited outside his body, and his divine energy was like an ocean, many times stronger than before. His golden fist was completely unstoppable, and the large net was immediately crushed, turning into a misty light that disappeared in the sky.

Han Yishui’s complexion was pale. This was a huge shock to him. He had no way to believe that a person’s physical body could reach such a tyrannical level that was so far beyond common sense.

“Little brat, you really do surpass my expectations…” At this moment, a shiny silver calabash appeared in his hand. Removing the cap, he said, “It’s time to finish this!”

The silver calabash flew out, quickly enlarging to become the size of a small hill. Its mouth had a misty air around it as it faced Ye Fan, while its body bloomed with light. 

Ye Fan felt a powerful force tearing him apart. His feet immediately left the ground as he was sucked flying towards the mouth of the silver calabash. All of the Spiritual Qi in the surroundings started to be swallowed by it. 

“I spent most of my life refining this weapon! I don’t believe that your physical body could possibly handle it. I’ll suck you into it and turn you into paste to avenge my disciples!”

“Just try it!” Ye Fan suddenly sped up, his body turning into a rainbow as he charged towards the calabash’s mouth. His fist rose up, bright light soared, and the golden fist smashed forwards, completely shattering the calabash. 


Ye Fan’s physical body shone like perfectly refined divine iron. His unstoppable golden fist exploded out with divine flames, causing the calabash to explode. 

“You…impossible!” “Han Yishui’s face was deathly pale, unable to accept the reality in front of him.

“I don’t have time to be tangled with you. Han Yishui, I send you on your way!”

“I’m a Spirit Ruins Paradise Elder! If you kill me, you’ll definitely be chased down and won’t be able to escape death!”

Ye Fan lightly smiled. Copying Han Yishui’s tone, he said “I’m a mortal. You sent to ten senior disciples to kill me, so now that I’ve come here, you won’t be able to escape death.”

“You…” Han YIshui’s expression changed. He knew that this youngster was too decisive to let him off after daring to come here alone to kill him

“Since you want to kill me, how could I let you off? Try to be a better person in your next life.” Ye Fan charged forward. Han Yishui hastily took out seven or eight precious treasures, but he was unable to block Ye Fan’s body. The golden fist became larger and larger in his eyes.


Han Yishui’s corpse exploded, blood splattering everywhere. He fell from the sky, his life ended.

Ye Fan descended onto the ground, his powerful aura gradually fading and his body slowly returning to its normal brightness. He searched around the valley, but was unable to find anything of value.

A short time later he walked out of the valley. An easy and harmless expression on his face, he calmly walked over to the main gate. 


Not long after leaving the Spirit Ruins Paradise, Ye Fan felt a terrifying energy wave surging from behind him. This was definitely a cultivator that had surpassed the Divine Bridge realm.

He was not so egotistical as to fight the Grand Elders who had reached Paramita, or maybe even surpassed it. Different great realms had huge power disparities between them that he was unable to make up for. He didn’t turn back as he walked further into the distance.

Ye Fan had a unique golden Sea of Bitterness. At this moment, tsunami waves soared from his body and lightning flashed about. He was completely covered with a golden sea and thunder, completely disappearing into the horizon in just a flash.


Half a month later, Ye Fan once more appeared, now in the nation of Wei, no less than eight thousand kilometers away from Yan. No one had chased after him.

Wei was twenty-five hundred kilometers north to south and three thousand kilometers east to west. Its territory was quite a bit greater than Yan, but within the Eastern Wastelands, it was still just a drop in the ocean.

When he asked around and finally found out how far the Jade Lake Sacred Land was, Ye Fan felt a huge headache. The distance was far beyond his imagination. A mortal might spend several lifetimes and still never be able to reach that area. Cultivators using rainbows to fly would require several years.

He helplessly moaned, rubbing his temples and muttering, “Is this even a planet? How could it be possible for it to contain such a huge piece of land? It’s insane.”

If he were to use a rainbow to travel, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate. To squander several years worth of time was too wasteful and unbearable, so he immediately rejected this option.

After discreetly asking some more, he found that there was another way. By carving the most abstruse Dao Glyphs, he could condense Heavenly Power and seize heaven and earth’s abilities to open a Domain Gate to cross through the void. Many large sects could do this.

But if he wished to cross half the Eastern Wastelands with one jump, only two existences around him were capable of that. They were the Ji Family that was twenty thousand kilometers to the west, and the Flickering Light Sacred Land that was thirty thousand kilometers to the east. They had inheritances from long ago and deep knowledge, so they definitely could accomplish this.

But to open a Domain Gate and cross the void, one would require a greater amount of energy the greater the distance. Those two would definitely not do such a thing for a little Divine Bridge realm cultivator like him. This gave him a huge headache.

The only good thing was that he still had some time. He didn’t immediately require the Dao Palace secret realm’s cultivation method. Ye Fan decided to stay within Wei for a while and think of some method to cross the void.

Wei was a flourishing nation. The streets were filled with a never-ending stream of people coming and going. Staying outside the cities, Ye Fan would continuously cultivate. Although he was now muddling in the mortal world, he still stayed outside the cities, mostly within the deep mountains. 

When he would cultivate each day, Ye Fan always thought of how he could get stronger.

His bones were spotlessly white, as firm as divine iron. His organs were without any flaw. His flesh was bright and resplendent, incomparably hard. This was his greatest advantage. 

Ye Fan had always been pondering how he could increase this advantage. During the battle in the Spirit Ruins Paradise, the pure strength within his body caused him to feel a wild and primal battle energy. If he could combine this with weapons and divine abilities, his strength would definitely increase again.

“After taking the divine medicines, I’ve shed my mortal body twice and my physical body is extremely tyrannical. If I could continue improving upon it…” Thinking back to the kinds of Chinese boxing back in his homeland that he had once practiced, he wanted to use them to refine his physical abilities, but he kept feeling that such close-combat skills were unable to contend against cultivators.

Wei was bustling with mortal activities, while deep in the mountains it was completely quiet, a strong contrast. Even a month later, he hadn’t thought of any way he could pass through the void, but he did think of the Taiji.

“Taichi touches on Yang, forming a stillness that gives birth to Yin. Stillness and movement as a basis, equivalent to Yang and Yin, combining to form all living things…”

“Right, I’ll cultivate Taiji!” He didn’t wish to train in Taichi, but wanted to use ancient references from texts to understand the ancients’ understandings of Taiji. By understanding how Taiji could be applied to the body, he could further refine his physical body. 

“The art of Taiji is the evolution of the Dao. If I could train such an art, it wouldn’t be something as simple as wrestling. It would have many profound ways it could be used to contend against cultivators.”

Although he had read many ancient texts about the Taiji and had a deep understanding of it, to solidify it into a type of physical art would definitely be an extremely long and challenging process. 

“If I could succeed, it might not be inferior to mysterious ancient scriptures. After all, this is the crystallization of ancient China’s wisdom…”

Ye Fan didn’t want to give up on this world’s cultivation methods. He continued to diligently cultivate, as it was a successful and tried cultivation system. Refining his physical body was just to increase his battle power. He needed to slowly grope around, and it was bound to take an extremely long time. 

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