Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Ten Senior Disciples

“Han Yishui, what do you mean?” Elder Wu Qingfeng’s expression darkened.

“I think I’ve already explained myself more than clear enough.” Han Yishui’s hair was white, and even his complexion was pale. His eyes were thin, and his lips were small, appearing very malicious. He sipped a cup of tea, saying, “Elder Wu, there’s no need for you to be like this.”

Elder Wu Qingfeng pressed forward a couple steps, coldly saying, “Don’t go too far, Han Yishui!”

“Was there something wrong with what I said? He’s just a small mortal, but he still dares to come to my Spirit Ruins Paradise demanding spiritual items. Those belong to one of my sect’s disciple’s, Pang Bo. They don’t have anything to do with him.” Han Yishui had been completely unperturbed this whole time. He coldly glanced at Ye Fan, saying, “Hurry up and get out of here. This isn’t a place you can stay.”


Elder Wu Qingfeng was no longer able to endure, smashing the stone table into pieces with a palm. “Han Yishui, you bully people too far! Since you won’t listen to reason, we’ll settle this with strength!”

One of the two Elders sitting beside Han Yishui hastily tried to reconcile the situation. “Elder Han, just let it be. Aren’t they just some broken bronze relics? There’s nothing to study there. Just give them back to the child.”

The other Elder was on the other side, standing by Han Yishui. “That’s not completely accurate. Those bronze relics might be broken, but they clearly once contained a god’s frightening power. Although broken, if he continues studying them, he might be able to gain something.”

Han Yishui’s face was extremely gloomy. Looking at Ye Fan, he said, “Do you really want those things?”

“They are my own things. Why can’t I want them?” Ye Fan was without fear. He was also a Divine Bridge realm cultivator, so he wasn’t afraid of Han Yishui’s frightening expression.

“Haha…” Han Yishui suddenly began to laugh. “Good, you have guts. You remind me of me when I was younger. Ok, I won’t make it hard for you. Boy, go bring all those things over, and also grab some precious pearls to give him.”

That boy assented and quickly disappeared deeper within the valley.

At this time, Han Yishui was smiling and he cupped his hands to Wu Qingfeng, apologizing, “You should know my character. When I see spiritual treasures, I always want to study them thoroughly. But since it’s so difficult for me to learn anything from them, I’ll give them to you. We’ve been friends for over ten years, so it’s not worth it for me to anger you keep them.”

Elder Wu Qingfeng’s expression softened, and sitting down beside him, a boy brought over a stone table and once more arranged tea. The previous dark air was swept away.

Not long after, a boy brought the Great Thunderchant copper plaque, the ancient bronze lamp, the sarira prayer beads, and the vajra scepter over, as well as some extra precious pearls as a gift.

“Many thanks, Elder Han.” Ye Fan cupped his hands.

“I’ll take my leave now. I’ll come again to disturb you some other day.” Elder Wu Qingfeng stood up and brought Ye Fan out of the valley. The other two Elders also stood up and said their goodbyes.

A young man around twenty-seven years old walked into the pavilion, saying, “Master, didn’t you say those broken bronze relics were very important and had an extraordinary origin? Why did you return them to that mortal?”

“You want me to go all out against Wu Qingfeng?” Elder Han looked at him, once more raising his teacup and indifferently saying, “You’ve already said it. It was taken by an ordinary mortal.”

“Master’s meaning is…” The young man’s eyes immediately lit up. “I understand. I’ll hand this matter over to Li Yun and Li Lin to handle. I won’t leave any traces; Elder Wu Qingfeng definitely won’t be able to find out.”

Han Yishui didn’t say anything, his expression completely indifferent as he continued to drink tea.

The young man respectfully bowed before turning and leaving. But not long after he quickly returned with Li Yun and Li Lin.

“Master, there’s something strange with that mortal.”

Han Yishui saw the swelling on Li Yun’s face and Li Lin’s deathly pale face, immediately realizing something. “You already fought with him?”

Li Lin and Li Yun’s ashamed faces were both red. They gave a simple description of what had just happened.

Han Yishui immediately jumped up after he finished hearing this, grinding his teeth in anger. “It was him who killed my grandson!”

“What?” The other three were both startled.

“I’ve already learned what happened to him, but the one thing I didn’t understand is that Fei-er as well as several Spring of Life realm cultivators were together, yet still couldn’t kill a mortal.” Han Yishui slammed the stone table, shattering it in his anger. “I understand now. It was definitely him!”

The young man declared, “I will go avenge Feiyu!”

Li Yun and Li Lin were both startled, never having imagined that it had been Ye Fan who had killed Han Feiyu, as well as four other Spring of Life realm cultivators, a year ago.

“Kill him! You must kill him!” Han Yishui’s expression was extremely sinister.

“This brat really did hide his strength deeply.” Li Yun felt his back go cold, and Li Lin started trembling, her face completely pale. 

Han Yishui started pacing, before stopping and telling the young man, “Go get your senior brother and some other people. You don’t need to have any worries, as long as that brat leaves the Spirit Ruins Paradise, immediately kill him for me!”

“Do I really need my senior disciple to kill him? Just me bringing some other people should be enough.”

Elder Han coldly looked at him. “This brat could kill Spring of Life realm cultivators even a year ago. You haven’t broken through the Divine Bridge realm. Without your senior brother overseeing this, it might be too risky.”

“Is he that formidable?”

“I also hope that he’s just a mortal. But the truth is that he is not so simple. If his age wasn’t so young, I might even suspect he has reached the Divine Bridge realm.”

Hearing this, the three people immediately gasped.

Han Yishui’s expression fluctuated, in the end raising his head and saying, “Get your second senior sister to come too. Call her out of seclusion.”

“What?!” The young man was extremely startled, saying, “My eldest brother and second sister are both Divine Bridge realm experts. Just one of them is enough!”

“Get them both to go. Only when two Divine Bridge realm experts are there will I be at ease. Actually, bring all ten of your fellow disciples! Han Yishui’s face was covered in dark clouds, incomparably frightening. “You absolutely can’t underestimate him. Even when a tiger hunts a rabbit, it uses its full strength. We can’t let him have any chance of escaping!”

“Us ten senior disciples are all going?” The young man was truly shocked.

Han Yishui glanced at him and the young man hastily bowed and left, asking his fellow disciples to come with him.

“You two also go with them to gain experience.” Han Yishui indifferently glanced at Li Yun and Li Lin.

The two of them quickly assented.

Not long after, a fifty-year old man and forty-year old woman brought eight thirty-year old cultivators outside the pavilion. Bowing to Han Yishui, they all chorused, “Greetings master!”

“You know what to do. I don’t want him to be alive after this!” Elder Han released a dense killing intent.

Back at Elder Wu Qingfeng’s residence, the old man advised him, “Child, don’t leave right now. After a couple days I will personally send you off. I don’t think you should leave on your own.”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

“I also hope nothing happens, but…” Elder Wu Qingfeng shook his head, wanting to say something, but in the end not opening his mouth.

Ye Fan left the old man a couple sealed letters before swiftly leaving.


Ye Fan walked out of the mountain range, only turning back for one final look. He had decided to leave Yan far behind him.

“Jade Lake Scared Land, Great Primordial Mine, Jiang Family…” Ye Fan’s mind was already on those distant great lands.

Suddenly, twelve divine rainbows charged outforward, quickly arriving and blocking his path.

“Li Lin, Li Yun, you two have found helpers now to help you handle me?” Ye Fan calmly looked at the people in the air.

“Those two still don’t have such a great reputation.” The central middle-aged man was currently staring at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan seemed to suddenly think of something. “So it was Han Yishui who sent you!”

“Looks like you aren’t stupid,” the forty year old woman coldly laughed. “Any last words before we send you off?”

“For just a few bronze relics he sent out people to kill me. How vicious.” Ye Fan’s expression turned icy cold.

“It’s not just about those bronze relics. Your killing of Han Feiyu also has to be avenged.”

“I originally wanted to just quietly leave Yan. But now it looks like I was destined to cause a disturbance.”

“Hahaha…” Many of the people in the sky started to laugh. “Who do you think you are? Even when you’re about to die, you can sleep-talk like this?”

“I really don’t know why master got us all to come. Ten experts to kill a little brat, it really is…”

“Eldest brother or second senior sister could kill him with just a finger. What was the point of getting this many people? Master really is making a fuss over nothing.”

“Two experts of the Divine Bridge realm, plus eight Spring of Life realm cultivators have to kill me, it really is flattering.” 

Ye Fan turned his gaze to Li Yun and Li Lin. “Oh wait, there’s also you two.”

“Don’t say any more, just kill him already. Who wants to take his life?”

Amongst Han Yishui’s ten senior disciples, most of them treated Ye Fan disdainfully, full of contempt. None of them felt like lowering themselves to do it personally. 

“Sixth junior brother and below, you guys go kill him so we can hurry up and get back.”

“Li Lin, Li Yun, you two also go help.”

The Divine Bridge realm cultivators couldn’t be bothered to personally handle it, so they ordered the others to go.

Just at this moment, Ye Fan said, “How about you two come too.” Saying this, he slowly rose into the air.

“As expected. Master was right, everyone should be more careful,” warned someone in the group.

The two Divine Bridge realm cultivators still didn’t care. They ordered the others to advance, still not personally attacking.

Ye Fan swept his gaze over everyone, sighing, “I really didn’t want to kill people…”

“Arrogant brat!”

“Even with your death at hand you still don’t seem to get it!”

Ye Fan indifferently smiled and shook his head. “You guys should go back and tell Han Yishui that if he wants to kill me, he should personally come. There’s no need to send his ten senior disciples over to die.”

“You…” Even the two Divine Bridge realm cultivators were angered now. Powerful energy fluctuations came from them as they now advanced, just about to take out their weapons and personally kill Ye Fan.

“Looks like you won’t retreat no matter what I say. Since it’s like this, I’ll just handle all of you.” Ye Fan’s smile didn’t diminish, but the aura around him seemed to greatly change.

“Kill him together!” The two Divine Bridge realm cultivators sensed something was wrong, loudly ordering everyone to attack.

“Too late. None of you will escape!” Just at this moment, divine energy surged out of Ye Fan’s body, and blazing golden divine flames ignited over his whole body, turning him into a golden sun. Bursts of thunder and the sound of crashing waves exploded from him.

Ye Fan was like a golden-armored god, his black hair wildly fluttering, lightning lingering around him, completely submerged in divine splendor.


A powerful energy wave exploded from his body. He didn’t take out any weapons. With his bare hands, he charged towards the two Divine Bridge realm cultivators. His powerful might immediately caused everyone to turn pale with fright as they went all out to attack.

The two Bridge of Realm cultivators were overwhelmed with shock. The man took out a blood-colored devilish blade, its scarlet body slashing through the sky and releasing an endless bloody river of light as it hacked out.

Ye Fan charged forward barehanded. His whole body was shining with radiance, his flesh was like divine iron, and his speed completely inconceivable. With one hand, he caught the blood-colored devilish blade, and then with two hands he pulled at it.


The bloody light in the sky scattered. He had snapped a Divine Bridge realm cultivator’s refined weapon apart. Golden light filled the sky, and in a split second he charged forward, the sky now filled with a surging golden sea.


His speed was too fast, and his body’s strength had reached an inconceivable level. His golden fist smashed apart the Divine Bridge realm man, his blood exploding out.

“Eldest brother!” All of them cried out in alarm, feel ice-cold shock all over their bodies.

This all happened in just a flash, and no one had been able to block him. Ye Fan’s powerful physique blossomed with divine light. His golden fist was unstoppable, and he possessed an incomparable speed and power.


The female Divine Bridge realm cultivator took out her Silver Dragon Scissors. They were like two silver Flood Dragons together that cut at him.

At this moment, Ye Fan was completely submerged within a golden sea. His eyes glowed golden and his divine energy surged. He didn’t need to evade, directly welcoming the attack with a golden fist.


A huge golden river followed his fist, surging forward and completely smashing apart the Silver Dragon Scissors. They shattered into over a dozen pieces, falling from the sky.


At the same time, Ye Fan turned into a golden ray that charged forward. His smashed that woman apart, and blood exploded out from her, splattering everywhere.

This unshakable battle power made him seem like a war god. Using his bare hands, he had killed two Divine Bridge realm cultivators.

Everything happened in just a moment, before any of the others could react. Only at this time did they finally manage to take out their weapons, but by then Ye Fan was already in another part of the sky, a blazing golden flame completely enshrouding his body.

He had taken two divine medicines and experienced the shedding on his mortal body twice. His physical body was completely tyrannical, far beyond them. This time he was just trying to test out how powerful his body was. The result was even more sturdy than a spiritual treasure, completely satisfying him.

All of them were shocked still. Two Divine Bridge realm cultivators were killed by Ye Fan’s bare hands. Their battle intent scattered and they were scared witless, all immediately flying away trying to escape him. 

Ye Fan took out the purple copper mirror. Purple mist filled it, and in an instant the mirror lit up with a light brighter than the very sun. Purple divine light shot out in all directions.

Chi, chi, chi…

Strands of white smoke appeared as corpse after corpse fell from the sky.


Miserable screams rang out, but not one person was able to escape. The Spring of Life and Divine Bridge realms were separated by a huge gap, a strength as different as heaven and earth. Two Divine Bridge realm experts were already completely crushed by Ye Fan’s golden fist, so as for the rest of them, they were unable to block the purple copper mirror’s attack at all.

Including Li Lin and Li Yun, not one of the twelve cultivators were able to escape. They were completely exterminated.

“The purple copper eight trigram mirror refined from an expert who has surpassed the Paramita realm is truly extraordinary…” Ye Fan muttered to himself. Recollecting the purple copper mirror, the golden divine flames on his body quickly scattered. His golden fist and bright skin both returned to their normal color, his powerful aura once more becoming reserved.

He once more became just a delicate youngster like any other boy, completely harmless.

“Han Yishui, you sent out ten senior disciples who couldn’t be said to be weak. If it was any other person, they definitely would have died. It’s a shame that they were after me. Since you want to kill me, then there’s no need for me to hold back.”

Ye Fan didn’t tarry, quickly rushing back to the Spirit Ruins Paradise, quickly arriving at the main gate. He directly entered since the disciples guarding the gate recognized him and didn’t block his path.

“Me not wanting to cause trouble doesn’t mean I’m afraid of trouble. I originally wanted to just quietly leave, but since you, Han Yishui, so desire my death, I’ll help you along your way.”

At this moment, Han Yishui was very ill at ease. He felt as if something had happened. Even after waiting such a long time, his disciples still hadn’t returned. Just at this time when he felt as if something was wrong, another special aura entered the valley. He raised his head and quickly advanced forward.

All he saw in front of the pavilion was a fourteen-year-old youngster smiling brightly at him.

“You…” Han Yishui staggered back a couple steps. The youngster in front of him was definitely even stronger than he had imagined.

“Where are they?” Han Yishui unwillingly asked.

“Are you talking about your ten great disciples? I sent them on their way.”

“You…” Blue veins popped out on Han Yishui’s forehead. 

Ye Fan revealed a bright smile, saying, “I’ll send you off too. Go have a reunion with them.”

At this moment, Ye Fan’s aura once more changed, a golden sea enveloped his body, countless lightning bolts and divine rays filled the air, and a powerful energy wave exploded out.         

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