Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Talents Are Meant to be Trampled

Ye Fan’s divine sense had now reached a peak level, and the small golden lake between his eyebrows made a simple unconscious sweep and sensed that Elder Wu Qingfeng’s cultivation base was within the Divine Bridge realm.

“Senior, I have something to give you,” he profoundly and quietly said, “You have to keep it well. Don’t let anyone else find out about it, or it might bring trouble. “

Elder Wu Qingfeng was somewhat flabbergasted, not knowing why he would say something like this.

“Please go find a cleansed jade bottle.”

When Ye Fan took out the pure jade bottle and poured out a drop of the divine spring’s water. A dense Life Qi filled the air and shocked Wu Qingfeng.

“This is…such a powerful life energy!”

“This divine spring water might not be able to bring back the dead, but it’s enough to heal wounds and save one’s life,” Ye Fan said seriously. The old man had previously taken great care of him, and as someone who understood how to thank kindness, he had to repay some of this before he left Yan. After all, he didn’t know when or if he would ever return.

“This kind of water is too precious. I can’t take it. Keep it for yourself.” Wu Qingfeng shook his head in refusal.

“No need to say so much. I really am sincere, please take it…”

In the end, Ye Fan filled a jade bottle full of the divine spring water and pushed it into the old man’s hand, once more warning him, “You can’t let anyone know about this.

Elder Wu Qingfeng attentively examined the divine water and sensing the endless Life aura, he knew that its origins must be too great, and suspiciously asked Ye Fan, “This is…?”

“Don’t ask.”

The old man would never be able to guess that this water was from one of the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land’s sacred mountains’ divine springs. If he were to find out, he would immediately become petrified.

“This matter ends here. I’m about to leave Yan, so take care of yourself, senior.” Ye Fan bowed.

“Child, where are you going? Are you really placing your sights on the Jade Lake Sacred Land?” Elder Wu Qingfeng looked at him, and honestly said, “The Jade Lake Sacred Land is separated from Yan by thousands of mountains and rivers. The road is incredibly long and mortals would never be able to reach there in their whole lifetime. Even if you take the risk and manage to reach there, I’m afraid that you…”

“Don’t worry, I have my own calculations. Even if I don’t go there, I still want to see the lands under the heavens. The Eastern Wastelands is so large. If I don’t get to see it all, it would be such a waste of my years.”

Ye Fan then asked the old man if those relics he had left behind within the Spirit Ruins Paradise were still here. He wanted to bring them away.

“I have to send someone to ask around. When you and Pang Bo went missing, the sect bestowed that mountain to others. The things you left behind were probably collected, I just don’t know whether they were kept or not.”

“Ok, then I’ll go look around outside for a bit.” Since he was about to leave, Ye Fan wanted to check the primeval ruins again.


The ruins were right next to the Spirit Ruins Paradise after all; the two were originally a whole. Looking out to it from a distance, the crumbling mountain peaks and withered plants made it bleak and dull. The green mountains and valleys had been turned to scorched earth, and the plants had since lost their ability to live. This place had become a barren land, a completely different world from the previous thriving land.

The ancient trees reaching for the heavens and the prosperous plantlife was all destroyed. Nothing of them remained. All that was present was a dead air and a grim coldness.

“The Eastern Wastelands countless cultivators all came to this place. In order to open the Demon Emperor’s Yin Tomb, blood flowed and deaths continued for three years. This place has been completely ruined.” Ye Fan was somewhat regretful. 

He inwardly rejoiced how he had fled so quickly back then, otherwise he would probably no longer be part of this world. In the distance, those great mountains were all fractured, possessing obvious scars of what had happened here. The kind of might that had ruptured this land and destroyed all the life made his heart cold.

“Pang Bo went missing here. I wonder where he is now?” Ye Fan arrived at the five finger mountain from back then, but was unable to find anything. The traces of that perfect woman and the other powerful experts of the demon race had long since vanished.

He then arrived in front of the Demon Emperor’s Yin Grave. A sinister black deep pool with a powerful gloomy Yin air caused even the blazing sun to seem cold. 

Only the mountain range of the deep pool still survived. The other surrounding great mountains were all crushed. The land was a dark red, having been dyed in the blood of countless cultivators. The mountains of corpses had been cleared up, but the dried-up blood had left this land a dark red and showed the cruelty that had once occurred here.

“Pang Bo…wait for me to gain power. I will find you and rescue you.” Ye Fan left, returning to the Spirit Ruins Paradise.

In front of him was a beautiful silver waterfall crashing down from the immortal mountains. 

A couple young men and women were standing not far from the waterfall, and amongst them was a beautiful woman around twenty years old. She was wearing yellow clothes with a jade belt that made her waist even tighter, giving her an extremely slender appearance. On the corner of her mouth was a beauty mark that gave people a puzzling feeling.

When Ye Fan passed by the waterfall, this woman looked at him uncertainly before thinking of something, her expression changing slightly before coldly sneering, “So it was you!”

Ye Fan naturally recognized this woman in front of him, an immortal sprout of the Spirit Ruins Paradise, Li Lin. Her relation with Han Feiyu was very good, and three years ago she had once fought Pang Bo in the ruins for Han Feiyu.

There were quite a few other people near the waterfall, and a twenty-year-old young man turned his head and seeing Ye Fan, he first appeared startled before a killing intent arose from him. H said sinisterly, “I didn’t expect it to be you. Back in the day you luckily escaped, but you actually dare come to my Spirit Ruins Paradise.”

This man was also familiar. It was Li Yun, whose talent was not at all inferior to immortal sprouts, and who always followed Li Lin.

Ye Fan laughed, pretending not to recognize them. “Who are you guys? Why are you blocking my path?”

“Do you think playing the fool is enough to trick us?” Li Lin’s charming face was icy-cold and her large eyes were flashing coldly. “These last three years, there was never a time I didn’t want to run into you again, but you actually dare to return here!

“Do I have such charisma for you to miss me so much? I must be more naturally charming than that guy beside you.”

Li Yun’s expression turned gloomy. He looked at Ye Fan coldly and said, “You trash that cannot even cultivate, even when death is near you can still talk glibly? Other than this, what else can you do?”

“I say, do you two have such a deep enmity with me?” asked a smiling Ye Fan.

“Even if not discussing your grievance against junior brother Han, just what you did in the ruins by bringing out the Jade Horn Serpent to attack us is unforgivable. I’ve already vowed to myself that if I were to once more run into you, I’d definitely kill you!” Thinking back to what had happened, Li Yun turned even colder. 

Li Lin was also raging. The things of the past once more resurfaced in her mind, causing her to become furious. If it hadn’t been for Elder Han suddenly appearing and killing the Jade Horned Serpent, she and Li Yun would have been eaten by the old serpent within the ruins. At that time, she had vowed to destroy Ye Fan. Now that he had unexpectedly appeared, she was trembling in excitement, saying coldly, “I hadn’t expected there to be a day I could run into you again! Back then you repeatedly blocked us, narrowly almost killing us. You trash that can’t cultivate, I’ll definitely kill you today!”

Li Yun’s expression turned malevolent. “No need to say so much nonsense to trash. I’ll personally torture him.” Saying this, he advanced forward.

Beside him, the other young disciples all just watched from the sidelines. 

“I remember him. Back then he used to hang out with an immortal sprout named Pang Bo, but in the end, the two of them disappeared.”

“Right, I also remember now. They beat up Han Feiyu and threw a bunch of people into the pond.”

Li Lin and Li Yun advanced at the same time with cold smiles on their face. Their knowledge of Ye Fan’s abilities was stalled at the him from several years ago, so they couldn’t know that he was already a Divine Bridge realm cultivator.

“I want to see you kneeling on the ground begging for forgiveness...” Li Lin felt that simply killing Ye Fan wasn’t enough as vengeance. Only by completely humiliating him could he feel satisfied.

“You still haven’t knelt?!” Li Lin coldly shouted, coming next to Ye Fan and looking down on him.

“In this world there is no one worthy of me kneeling for them. As for you two…” Ye Fan indifferently glanced at them.

Li Lin was an immortal sprout and Li Yun was endowed with great talent. Over these last three years, the two of them had long ago reached the Spring of Life realm. Very few people dared offend them. They were used to the people around them praising them as geniuses, so their expressions naturally turned green when they were mocked by someone who was trash in their eyes.

“If I want you to kneel then you have no choice, but to kneel!” Li Yun sent a kick towards Ye Fan’s knees. As a Spring of Life realm cultivator, his power was very formidable. If this kick were to land on a mortal’s knee, their bones would definitely shatter.

“A hundred weak nothings like you could come, and it still wouldn’t be enough,” Ye Fan agilely retreated a couple steps in an extremely graceful manner. Having arrived at the Divine Bridge realm, he paid no mind to people at this level, so he didn’t wish to lower himself.

“A trash like you dares to call me nothing?!” Li Yun’s voice was icy cold. He was always treated as a genius. But now he was treated with contempt by an ordinary mortal? His face became incomparably ugly. Sweeping out with his right leg, he threw a heavy kick towards Ye Fan’s chin.

After reaching his current cultivation realm, Ye Fan might not lower himself to such a level, but that didn’t mean he had to silently endure this. Grabbing Li Yun’s ankle, he lifted him up and smashed him into the ground.

This was completed in an extremely smooth and easy fashion. The others saw Ye Fan beat Li Yun like a dead dog. He was lying on the ground, pained moans coming from his mouth and without the ability to even crawl up.

Li Lin felt that something was wrong and didn’t continue forward. She was about to take out her weapon and slash off Ye Fan’s head.

However, now that they had made Ye Fan take action, there was no way he would give her an opportunity to attack. Leaving behind an afterimage in his original location, he immediately appeared before her. A blade slashed at her neck, causing her to lose consciousness. Picking her up, he threw her into the waterfall’s pool.

Being half unconscious and half awake, Li Lin ended up drinking a large amount of the pool water, her body quickly bloating.

“This trash…” Li Yun painfully moaned. He struggled up, his killing intent exploding as his Sea of Bitterness flashed.


But Ye Fan didn’t even give him a chance to take out his weapon. One foot stomped down, completely scattering the light, while the other foot pinned him to the ground.

This all seemed so simply done. Two Spring of Life realm cultivators seemed like two people who didn’t even know how to cultivate, being completely defeated by Ye Fan in just two or three moves. The surrounding people all felt that had to be luck.

“Trash…” Li Lin was furious, feeling this was also just luck by Ye Fan. He didn’t know that Ye Fan had already returned back to a state of truth and simplicity. Those simple moves of his contained an endless profundity. 

“Are geniuses so amazing? Even if you really are a genius, you’re meant to be trampled on.” Ye Fan acted true to his word, lowering his foot onto Li Yun’s face and stomping down, repeatedly pressing down to leave behind a foot imprint.

“YOU…I’ll kill you!” Li Yun’s face was swelling now, and his eyes shot out angry flames.


Ye Fan kicked him into the waterfall pool, not turning back and treating the two of them completely indifferently.

The people around the waterfall were completely flabbergasted. Seeing Ye Fan easily walk away and the two people in the pool that had lost consciousness, none of them could believe their eyes.


Ye Fan arrived back at Elder Wu Qingfeng’s residence and waited for a short time before the old man returned.

“Senior, are the items I felt behind still here?”

Elder Wu Qingfeng knit his brows. “They are, but…”


“I went to look for them for you, but…” Elder Wu Qingfeng was somewhat embarrassed, his mouth opening and closing but no words coming out.

“Could it be that someone took for them for their own and won’t return them to me?” asked Ye Fan.

That ended up being the truth. As an Elder of the Spirit Ruins Paradise, Wu Qingfeng naturally felt embarrassed and pulling Ye Fan’s hand, he said, “Come with me and I’ll help you get them back.”

“Who would take the things I left behind? Aren’t those bronze items already ruined and worthless?”

“It’s Elder Han Yishui. He has an interest in refining items. He’s already studied the bronze lamp, the vajra scepter, the Great Thunderchant Temple copper plaque, and the rest for a long time.”

“An Elder with the last name Han…” Ye Fan was startled and immediately asked in detail. His guess was naturally correct; Han Yishui was Han Feiyu’s grandfather. 

The Elder Han who had specialized in refining medicine was Han Feiyu’s great uncle. Ye Fan had already heard that he also had a grandfather who was another Elder of the Spirit Ruins Paradise. 


The area that Han Yishui lived in was very serene and spiritual. Beautiful lush trees and strange stones spread out. Small bridges crossed over flowing waters, giving the pavilion a picturesque charm. 

This pavilion had three old men sitting inside drinking tea. Seeing Elder Wu Qingfeng bringing Ye Fan over, one of them who was very dried up and thin with a white complexion immediately scowled. 

“Elder Han, I brought this child over. You should return those copper items.”

The white complexioned Han Yishui sized up Ye Fan and then looked at Wu Qingfeng, indifferently saying, “Didn’t those bronze artifacts belong to my sect’s Pang Bo? They don’t have anything to do with him.”

“You…” Elder Wu Qingfeng’s expression immediately changed.

Ye Fan also felt uncomfortable, saying, “Elder Han Yishui, how can you explain it like that? Of those broken bronze relics, some are mine and some are Pang Bo’s. Now that Pang Bo has gone missing and since I am his best friend, I’ve came to recollect our things. How could you say they have nothing to do with me?”

Han Yishui’s expression immediately became gloomy. He coldly said, “Who are you supposed to be? This place is full of Spirit Ruins Paradise Elders; their cultivation bases all in the Divine Bridge realm. Each of them is discussing mysterious cultivation methods. How could a little mortal like you step foot here? Hurry up and get out of here!”

Elder Wu Qingfeng could no longer hold back, saying, “Han Yishui, what are you trying to say?”

Ye Fan was now angered, not expecting that Han Yishui would take such a stance. Acting high and aloof, pretending he was correct to keep the relics for himself and still bullying him in this way. 

Han Yishui calmly faced Wu Qingfeng and faintly smiled. “What I’m saying is that this is an important place, and a mortal who doesn’t work here does not have the qualifications to be here.”

“I’m only here to get my stuff.” Ye Fan’s expression was also very calm. He gazed at Han Yishui, saying, “Can Elder Han please give me back my bronze relics.”

“What do those bronze relics have to do with you?” Han Yishui indifferently looked at him. “I’ve already clearly stated that those are from one of my sect’s disciples, Pang Bo. Since he’s now missing, those items were naturally given to my Spirit Ruins Paradise. What is an outsider like you doing? You never joined my sect. You have no right, no qualifications to speak. Quickly leave.” His expression became even gloomier. “To enter my sect’s important land, if you don’t immediately leave, then prepare to be killed!”

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