Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Secret Realms

There were several shining items inside his immortal cave. The purple copper eight trigram mirror was truly worthy of being a Vessel refined by a cultivator who had surpassed the Paramita realm. Just by being placed in an isolated room by Ye Fan, it once more became enveloped by purple misty clouds and shining with light. 

That pure jade bottle was now a gentle white and completely covered in Dao Glyphs, having completely recovered its mystical abilities. But Ye Fan still didn’t know whether it could now hold a large mountain or not yet. 

The sacred tree’s branches had been soaking within the divine spring water, so their life energy still hadn’t declined. As for the Sky Gathering Parasol, despite being pierced through by the Celestial Jade sacred lady, that had not been an overly serious injury, so hazy light once more began to flow around it.

“For them to be created by cultivators beyond the Paramita realm, these weapons should be very powerful…” Ye Fan repeatedly refined them in order to erase the marks on them, preventing others from sensing them. He then placed these weapons within his Sea of Bitterness. When he did this, he was stunned to find that no matter whether it was the purple copper eight trigram mirror, the white pure jade bottle, or the Sky Gathering Parasol, none of them would enter his Sea of Bitterness. They were unable to soak within the Spring of Life, only capable of floating above his Sea of Bitterness just below the Divine Meridian. 

“This green copper takes up the best position, yet I’m unable to use it at all. It even forces back the other weapons so they don’t dare to approach it.” Ye Fan was speechless, immediately figuring out the reason.

The green copper was soaking within the spring mouth at the bottom of the sea, monopolizing the best place and even forcing the golden tome to the very edge. As for the likes of the purple copper eight trigram mirror, the pure jade bottle, and the Sky Gathering Parasol, they were not even allowed within the same sea as it.

“So this golden page with the Dao Scripture on it is actually much more powerful than the purple copper eight trigram mirror or the pure jade bottle. I don’t whether it’s extraordinary or whether the others are just too worthless.”

But the weapons refined by cultivators surpassing the Paramita realm could not possibly be ordinary, and so the prowess of the golden tome was without question.

This place was around two hundred kilometers away from the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. It was surrounded by endless great mountains. Ferocious beasts and strange birds would occasionally appear, making it the very picture of a primeval land.

Ye Fan didn’t fly out. He instead walked out by practicing the old man’s footwork. Ye Fan very much envied such a divine art that could contract the land between steps. It was even faster than flying! But his realm was too low and he was unable to comprehend those Dao Glyphs he had memorized. As a result, he was unable to bring out the power of this mysterious art.


Two days later, Ye Fan appeared in a small town, finally arriving in a place with human civilization.

Over a year has passed. The Jiang Family, the Ji Family, and the Flickering Light Sacred Land should have long since retreated… He wanted to find someone he could ask about the current situation.

The greatest gain Ye Fan had obtained over this year was not raising his cultivation base to the Divine Bridge realm, but instead how his divine sense had reached an extremely frightening level and was incomparably condensed. The divine light that could shoot out of the golden lake between his eyebrows could become as sharp and hard as a sword, yet also as soft as a gentle breeze, immediately able to perceive everything.

“That restaurant has some cultivators within…” Not long after entering the small town, Ye Fan’s divine sense had already found the aura of cultivators.

He entered the small restaurant, but he wasn’t able to hear anything about the Jiang Family, the Ji Family, or the Flickering Light Sacred Land. But he did hear important information about another great matter.

“In the end, the Demon Emperor’s tomb still sank into the earth. The resentment that piled up within those ruins was enormous. Mountains of skeletons formed and rivers of blood flowed, but in the end, no one was able to capture it. My Eastern Wasteland’s most precious treasure, the Desolate Pagoda, is now forever gone.”

“It’s impossible for it to disappear forever. The Desolate Pagoda will always exist along with the world. It will appear again sooner or later.”

“You’re probably right. It can even suppress Immortals, so it shouldn’t be able to be completely wiped out. Maybe after a couple thousand years or ten thousand years, it will once more appear in the world and will choose a fated person it has an affinity with.”

“I don’t think it’ll take that long. The Desolate Pagoda has already been gone for ten thousand years. I feel like it should be time for it to once more appear in the world, and maybe in the not so far future it will once more charge out of the land of the Eastern Wastelands.”

Ye Fan was amazed. The disturbance of the Demon Emperor’s tomb had actually continued for three years and only now had it truly settled. Every single sect of the Eastern Wastelands had sent people there, and even the Central States had sent some mysterious great figures over, but they were still unable to block it at the critical moment. It dove into the land and completely disappeared below the ground of the Eastern Wastelands.

Over the next half a month, Ye Fan walked between many states and cities, occasionally seeking areas with many people, but always acting very low-key. In the end, he finally slowly came to know what he was seeking

A year ago, the Jiang Family, the Ji Family, and the Flickering Light Sacred Land had intruded deep into the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, but the result was that they were completely exterminated without one person surviving. This caused a huge controversy that shook all of the sects, and no one else dared to barge into this area forbidden to life.

“Liu Yiyi, Zhang Ziling, Lin Jia, Li Xiaoman, and the others have actually disappeared…” This piece of news was not very good to him, and Ye Fan frowned.

“If I was them I would also not return to my sects. Otherwise, I would be interrogated by the Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families. At that time, it would be extremely difficult to escape death. The Eastern Wastelands are incredibly large, and nations like Yan are countless. Escaping out of this land is the best choice.”

Ye Fan expected that the six of them had most likely survived. Seeing that the situation was far from good, they should have left this land.

“I’ll probably be able to see them again one day.”

Ye Fan also felt that there was no need for him to stay in Yan anymore. There were no powerful sects here, let alone existences like the ancient noble families. All there was were six Blessed Paradises which were completely worthless in the eyes of those great sects. This place lacked opportunity. He needed to exceed the Wheel and Sea realm’s secret boundary and reach the other secret boundaries, so he had to leave this place.

“I should try to sneak into a Sacred Land or an Ancient Desolation Noble Family to find the method to cultivate to those secret realms. The golden tome only records methods on the Wheel and Sea secret boundary, so it’s far from enough.”

Ye Fan had never believed that he could gather the entire Dao Scripture. That was far too unrealistic. It had been broken up by people tens of thousands of years ago. Now, no one could clearly say where those golden pages had fallen. Those Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families had mysterious ancient scriptures that were not weaker than the Dao Scripture. He wanted to go after the ancient scriptures of those Sacred Lands that could cultivate past the Wheel and Sea realm. The question was whether he could.

“I still have time. Right now, I still don’t need to be that worried about the later methods of cultivation.”

After reaching the Divine Bridge realm, there was still the Paramita realm before him. He had no idea when he would be able to surpass that level to search the body for other secret realms. Only by first reaching Paramita could he continue. The peak of the Wheel and Sea secret realm was Paramita. It was the beginning that would lead to other secret realms in the body.

“The Eastern Wastelands are endless and nations are countless within it. There are seven great areas forbidden to life. Right now, all I’ve seen is just the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. I really can’t imagine what the other forbidden areas are like, or where they are.”

Ye Fan felt that he would not be able to enter deep within the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land for at least a short time again, as it was too dangerous. With his current strength, there was no way he could manage to pluck a third sacred medicine. It would be impossible for him to succeed again by luck. His conjecture was that the other areas forbidden to life were also extremely mysterious places. There might also be great opportunities there.

“The Sacred Lands and the Ancient Desolation Noble Families all have mysterious ancient scriptures. And these seven great areas forbidden to life…all these places are worthy of me exploring within this huge land of the Eastern Wastelands.”

But he still had had to go back to the Spirit Ruins Paradise to pick up his lost relics. Since back in the day his strength hadn’t been enough and he had had to flee as fast as possible, he hadn’t had time to retrieve them. Now that he was in the Divine Bridge realm, his confidence naturally grew.

These three years, the Spirit Ruins Paradise was very agitated, due to the ruins Demon Emperor’s tomb drawing the Eastern Wastelands’ countless sects. Blood dyed this demonic land and countless corpses filled the cold pools. Resentment and grief soared.

Once everything ended, a peerless figure used a mysterious and incomprehensible great divine art to purify these ruins. Otherwise, the Spirit Ruins Paradise would have had no choice but to relocate the sect.


Arriving at the Spirit Ruins Paradise’s main gate, Ye Fan was somewhat regretful and emotional. At the beginning, he was considered to have a crippled physique, and no one had wanted to take him. The only reason he been able to come here was because of Pang Bo.

“Pang Bo…wait for me to get strong enough. I will definitely save you!” he swore once again.

Within the Spirit Ruins Paradise, clouds and mist floated around, enshrouding the immortal mountains. The main gate’s old trees and strange stones stood strongly, and waterfalls and springs gave this place an immortal land’s air.

“Who are you? Why have you come to my Spirit Ruins Paradise?” asked one of the disciples in charge of guarding the gate

“Senior brother, I came here to pay respects to Elder Wu Qingfeng.” Ye Fan’s current appearance made him appear around fourteen years old. With an open smile, it was very easy to give other people a likable impression. 

The disciple didn’t make it hard for him. “Follow me in.”

Walking into the Spirit Ruins Paradise, Ye Fan was startled when they stepped foot onto the hundred bluestone steps. He asked, “Why have these bluestone steps cracked? They weren’t like this before.”

Back when he had first entered the Spirit Ruins Paradise, the ancient scripture within his heart had automatically rung out inside him when he first set foot onto these bluestone steps, leaving a deep impression on him. He felt that they might not be as ordinary as they appeared, maybe containing some extraordinary item below them.

“How do you know what they were like before?” The disciple suspiciously looked at him.

“I once lived here for a while, so I naturally know about it. Please, senior brother, what happened? Why have these bluestone steps all cracked?” Ye Fan urgently wanted to know. The ancient scripture in his heart didn’t ring out at all this time, so whatever had been below them had now disappeared.

The disciple looked around and seeing that no one was present, he quietly whispered, “It really is frightening. There was a Yin vein here that connected to the Demon Emperor’s Yin Tomb. It actually fled through this place when it sank under the ground of the Eastern Wastelands. “

Ye Fan was shocked, never expecting such a result. He immediately thought of the Desolate Pagoda that could suppress Immortals and was said to co-exist with the very world.

Back when I first came here, did the ancient scripture automatically resonate due to the Desolate Pagoda? Ye Fan didn’t understand at all. The ancient scripture came from the other end of the starry sky, from the ancient coffin. Why would it react to an item from this world?

Within the Spirit Ruins Paradise, green mountains and valleys formed a beautiful scene. Temple and palace halls could be seen through the mist, giving the land a spiritual feeling. 

Once more seeing Elder Wu Qingfeng, Ye Fan felt extremely close to him and bowed deeply. This old man had looked after him back in the day so well that he deserved respect as a senior.

“Child, it’s actually you…” Elder Wu Qingfeng appeared emotional. He hadn’t changed greatly these years. His hair was still white and he was rather tall, possessing a quality that was above mortality. 

Seeing Ye Fan, he naturally thought of Pang Bo, and couldn’t help but sigh. Pang Bo had been taken in as his disciple, but he was taken away by the demon race, disappearing within the primeval ruins.

This was a serene valley with a clear lake not far away that seemed to shine like a sapphire. A thatched building with four or five rooms inside it was built within a very secluded and peaceful bamboo forest.

Sitting upon a stone seat within the bamboo forest, Ye Fan lifted the teacup that was on a stone table and lightly drank as he started talking with the old man.

When he heard that Ye Fan was wondering about the body’s other secret realms, Elder Wu Qinfeng looked at him in astonishment and said, “Child, don’t aim too high. Do you still remember what I said before? If a person is able to train just one secret realm within their body to the limit, that would be extraordinary. Being able to cultivate the Wheel of Life and Sea of Bitterness to their peak is enough to make you become a peak level, very powerful person.”

“Then why do those Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families cultivate the other secret realms?” 

“You can’t try comparing to those existences. They have ancient scriptures that are immortal canons, an innate advantage,” Wu Qingfeng sighed, shaking his head and saying, “Actually, just cultivating one secret realm is enough. It’s said that of the mighty figures from the ancient past, many of them only cultivated one secret realm.”

Ye Fan lowered his head and contemplated this. but in the end, he still raised his head and arrived at decisive choice. He wouldn’t cultivate just one secret realm. Since there were other realms, there must be a reason there were ways to cultivate them. 

Elder Wu Qingfeng didn’t understand why Ye Fan was even asking this, as he still thought Ye Fan couldn’t even properly cultivate with the Ancient Desolation Sacred Body. But the old man was still very good-natured and still answered his questions.

Ye Fan finally learned the next secret realm’s name – the Dao Palace. After the Wheel and Sea secret realm, only by crossing the Sea of Bitterness and reaching the other side could one slowly sense it.

It was said that the Dao Palace had five “Gods”. Cultivating this secret realm would bring about mysterious and inconceivable events. 

Ye Fan only had the method to cultivate the Wheel and Sea secret realm. The golden tome only had one page of the Dao Scripture, so there was no way for it to have the Dao Palace secret realm cultivation method.

Ye Fan thought to himself, Looks like the only way of obtaining the most profound method is to go to those Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families. I have to obtain the mysterious ancient scriptures in their hands…

“Senior, amongst those Scared Lands and Ancient Desolation Forbidden Lands, which one of them has the most profound ancient scripture?” asked Ye Fan.

Elder Wu Qingfeng shook his head. “Those Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families are too mysterious and powerful. They’re not existences people like me can understand. I wouldn’t know what kind of mysterious ancient scriptures they have.”

Ye Fan truly wished to know which ancient scripture was the strongest, so he said, “They probably all have their own benefits.”

“Right.” Elder Wu Qingfeng seemed to think of something and said, “According to legends, the Wheel and Sea secret realm is cultivated best by the Dao Scripture, while the Dao Palace secret realm should be cultivated best by the Jade Lake Sacred Land’s mysterious ancient scripture. Each ancient scripture has different secret realms they focus on.”

Ye Fan immediately made the decision that he had to go to the Jade Lake Sacred Land and study their cultivation method of the Dao Palace secret realm.

“Does the Jade Lake Sacred Land accept male disciples?”

“They never have.” Elder Wu Qingfeng suspiciously looked at him. “Are you thinking of…”

“What about the husbands of the Jade Lake Sacred Land’s female disciples?” Ye Fan asked, without his face even turning red or his heart pounding.

Elder Wu Qingfeng immediately laughed. “You can try marrying in, but the requirements are very harsh. I don’t think you’ll be able to get a wife like that.”

Ye Fan didn’t feel the slightest bit embarrassed, laughing and then asking a couple more questions. Although Elder Wu Qingfeng had some suspicions, he didn’t ask questions and patiently answered all Ye Fan’s inquiries.

The Jade Lake Sacred Land was quite far from Yan. It was the most low-key and mysterious of all the Sacred Lands and Ancient Desolation Noble Families. 

At the same time, Ye Fan accidentally learned that one of the Eastern Wastelands’ seven areas forbidden to life, the Great Primordial Mine, was also located near the Jade Lake Sacred Land. 

Of course, this proximity was only when compared to the vast Eastern Wastelands. The two areas were actually separated by at least five thousand kilometers.

The Jiang Family was also in the same area, around twenty thousand kilometers away. The two were only considered in the same area due to how vast the Eastern Wastelands were.

“Great Primordial Mine…”

This was the first time Ye Fan heard of this name. To be one of the Eastern Wastelands’ seven areas forbidden to life, it definitely had an extraordinary history.

“There are many Sources in that area. That is one of the reasons the Jiang Family and the Jade Lake Sacred Land both decided to set up in that region.”

Now Ye Fan was even more sure he should go there. He was in desperate need of Sources. Without any more divine medicines, searching for Sources was also good.

“The Great Primordial Mine is…?” 

“It is the most ancient, said to exist since the very beginning of the world. It’s impossible to estimate how many years it has existed. It’s said that countless years ago, the Great Primordial Mine was the Eastern Wastelands’ most famous Source mine. Later, after excavating all kinds of ominous things, it ended up becoming one of the seven great areas forbidden to life.”

Ye Fan was deeply amazed and curious, asking, “What did they excavate?”

“They found some exceptional Divine Sources. A powerful lifeform had been sealed within the Source, and in the end it actually resurrected, killing everyone.”

“What?!” Ye Fan was completely shocked.

“According to legends, some Divine Sources contain sealed people.”

Ye Fan was stunned speechless. It appeared as if the place he had to go was extremely mysterious. Jade Lake Sacred Land, Jiang Family, Great Primordial Mine; these were all important existences to him. 

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