Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Slapping the Face of a Divine Bridge Cultivator

Six thousand years ago, one of the immortal sect Sacred Lands reached its golden age and used its full strength to gather tens of thousands of powerful cultivators, wanting to force their way into the Ancient Desolation Abyss. The result was that they were almost completely wiped out, giving this place its unparalleled and ominous name.

“Those skeletons have no life fluctuations. Why would they be climbing out of the abyss?” Everyone was horrified, but at the same time also didn't understand.

Nine sacred mountains, lofty and majestic, surrounding an abyss which countless white skeletons were struggling to climb out of. The area the skeletons were the most packed had over a thousand of them, practically becoming a small mountain of skeletons. 

The huge bronze coffin!

Ye Fan eyes emitted two dazzling rays of light. He saw a corner of the bronze coffin that hadn’t been covered up by those thousands of white skeletons, causing him to feel an emotion he couldn’t quite say. All of this was because of the nine dragons pulling the coffin.

At this moment, the Jiang Family’s Elder Jiang Hanchong also saw the ancient bronze coffin, his expression immediately hardening. “These strange things occurring within the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, these thousands of white skeletons struggling to climb out, is it all because of that bronze coffin? If it had such an origin, why would it appear here?”

The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s senior knight also frowned, muttering to himself, “According to legend, there is some item buried under the endless abyss. The reason those peak experts from the immortal sect Sacred Land came here was all because of this item of legend. Could it be that it was this bronze coffin?”

“The Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land is one of the Eastern Wastelands seven areas forbidden to life. Since ancient times, no one has been able to break this rule and enter its abyss. That thing buried within its abyss must have some enormous origin.” The Jiang Family’s Elder Jiang Yunfeng eyes narrowed, carefully sizing up the huge bronze coffin.

“Let’s think for a bit, and think of a way to gather the divine medicine.” The senior knights moved their mounts together and began to talk it over.

Ye Fan waited for when those people started to ignore him. For the moment, no one was paying attention to him.

“Ye Fan…” Liu Yiyi was the first to run over. Having not met for three years, she still appeared the same delicate self she was before. Now her eyes were filled with extreme shock, quietly asking, “Why have you also come? This place is extremely dangerous.”

Zhang Ziling also quickly came over here, grabbing Ye Fan by the shoulder and excitedly shaking him back and forth. “Where have you been these past two years? I once went with a sect master to the Spirit Ruins Paradise to visit you and Pang Bo, but both of you had gone missing.”

“It’s a long story…” Ye Fan had experienced many things and he didn’t have any way to explain them, otherwise there would definitely be trouble.

Lin Jia was extremely beautiful, and although her natural red phoenix eyes had difficulty smiling under such a life or death situation, she still was charming due to her innate personality. She had seen Ye Fan not long ago, but she didn’t point it out. She reached out her slender jade-like hand and rubbed Ye Fan’s head, saying, “Looks like you’ve finally grown a bit taller.”

Wang Ziwen also quickly joined them, saying, “I would never have thought we’d meet again in such a place. I don’t know whether we should be celebrating over it or depressed.”

Zhou Yi also frowned, quietly saying, “Things do not bode well for us today. We have to think of a way to save ourselves. These people don’t care whether we live or die.”

Li Xiaoman was wearing white clothes, she nodded to Ye Fan with a flat expression, not saying anything.

Just at this moment, the people at the front finished their talk, now looking over at them. Jiang Hanchong directly pointed at Wang Ziwen and said, “Come here.”

“I don’t know just what are senior’s wishes?” It seemed Wang Ziwen was still the same refined and scholarly person he was before.

“Immediately climb up the mountain and do everything you can to pluck the sacred medicine. If you succeed, I will accept you as a disciple, which would mean you would become an official member of one of the Ancient Desolation Noble Families.”

Hearing the Jiang Family’s Elder Jiang Hanchong say such a thing, Wang Ziwen’s expression immediately changed. This was obviously just treating him as cannon fodder to probe out what might happen.

“I…my skill is too low, and I probably won’t be able to reach the mountaintop before being drowned by those white skeletons.” Wang Ziwen seemed refined and polite, but he wasn’t a coward. He directly faced the Jiang Family’s Elder with bright eyes, saying, “Please grant me this favor, senior.”

“He asked you to go, so go! Stop with the crap!” one of the knights shouted in irritation.

“Then you guys should just directly kill me, because I won’t yield even in death!” Wang Ziwen was very straightforward. 

“Then I’ll just kill you!” One of the knights drew his sword.  It flickered with cold light.

Although these cultivators’ divine energy source-springs had been dried up, their physiques were still far beyond ordinary people. Suddenly, Wang Ziwen leapt up and landed on his mount, pulling out a dagger and stabbing it, causing it to raise its hooves and gallop away.

At almost the same time, Zhou Yi, Li Xiaoman, and Lin Jia also made similar movements, quickly jumping onto their mounts and slapping them to quickly race away. 

Beside him, Liu Yiyi and Zhang Ziling grabbed Ye Fan’s arms and wanted to run away with him, but it was already too and they were blocked by knights holding lances in their hands.

“Did you really think you could run from us? Although it was clever, you can’t escape from my hands.” Jiang Hanchong didn’t pay attention to the three of them, instead blowing a whistle, which caused the beasts which had run away in all directions to immediately return.

Wang Ziwen, Zhou Yi, Lin Jia, and Li Xiaoman were all very decisive and immediately jumped off their mounts, beginning to run away, but their four mounts quickly pursued them and blocked their paths.

“These ferocious beasts have long since Awakened. They were just temporarily allowing themselves to be used by you. Did you really think you could control them?”

In the end, Zhou Yi, Li Xiaoman, Wang Ziwen, and Lin Jia were all captured by the knights. 

“You want me to just go throw my life way? Let me make it clear – that’s impossible! I would rather just die like this.” Wang Ziwen didn’t beg for forgiveness.

Lin Jia also coldly said, “Although I know this is a world where the weak are preyed upon by the strong, I never thought that those reputable Sacred Lands and unparalleled ancient noble families would also do such despicable acts.”

Jiang Hanchong shook his head, saying, “There is no true black and white within this world. To help the majority of the world, it is acceptable to occasionally have to sacrifice a couple insignificant people.”

“Then just kill us!”

One of the knights shook his head, looking at Lin Jia and Li Xiaoman. “You are also outstanding beauties. On an ordinary day, no one would have the heart to attack. But today, if you don’t start listening to orders, then don’t blame us for killing the flowers.”

Ye Fan looked at Jiang Hanchong and said, “Acting like this is too merciless. You could use these vicious beasts to explore. There’s no need to send people to their deaths.”

Jang Hanchong indifferently shook his head. “In this area forbidden to life, these ferocious beasts are too important to us and cannot be lost.”

“So in your eyes, we are not as good as your mounts?” Ye Fan asked coldly.

One of the knights that had chased after Ye Fan for two years, Jiang Feng, walked up and mocked him. “Not everything needs to be understood by you.” He patted Ye Fan’s shoulders, saying, “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely live longer than them. All of us would like you to help us ascend the sacred mountains and gather the divine medicines.”

Ye Fan looked at the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s senior knight Xu Daoling and then at the Ji Family’s Elder Ji Yunfeng and said, “Do you two also have similar attitudes?”

These two didn’t reply, their expressions apathetic.

Jiang Feng laughed, contemptuously looking at Ye Fan and patting his shoulders, mocking him by saying, “People should try to understand themselves. Can you actually speak like that to us? Even if Yan’s six Sect Leaders personally came they wouldn’t have such an ability. These three adult Elders won’t speak to a child like you.”

“You really are too arrogant!” A cold light flashed within Ye Fan’s eyes. “An arrogant person like you, just what kind of realm have you reached?” he asked.

“The Divine Bridge realm,” Jiang Feng disdainfully smiled down on him. “Your level is too low and you’ll forever be unable to understand. If we didn’t have use for you, would you still dare to speak like this? You would have long since been killed.”

Ye Fan truly was startled that Jiang Feng had actually reached the Divine Bridge realm. This was a whole realm over him and under normal circumstances, if the two of them were to meet, than Ye Fan’s death would be an absolute certainty. 

Seeing Ye Fan’s shock, Jiang Feng sneered. “How could a frog at the bottom of the well understand how great the world is? Your Yan nation cultivators can just barely be limited to the Wheel and Sea realm. And moreover, you’re only a mortal who doesn’t even understand cultivation, so there’s no point in me explaining it to you.”

Ye Fan turned and looked at Xu Daoling, Ji Yunfeng, and Jiang Hanchong, saying, “If you want me to help you gather the divine medicines, you have to satisfy my heart.” Saying this, he pointed at Jiang Feng and said, “This person must die!”

The Jiang Family’s Elder Jiang Hanchong shook his head. “You think of yourself too highly. A mortal does not have the requirements to threaten us. If we want you to listen to orders, there are many ways.” Saying this, he pointed to Zhang Ziling and coldly ordered a knight to come forward. “Kill him.”

The Jiang Family’s Elder was very calm. Killing a person to him was nothing. That knight drew his sword and advanced towards Zhang Ziling.

“If killing one isn’t enough, we can kill the others.” The Jiang Family’s Elder was extremely cold.

“You actually force me this much…” A cold light flashed in Ye Fan’s eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Feng advanced and glanced at him, saying, “People should know their own status. A trash who can’t cultivate actually wishes to create difficulties for us and wants my life?! Impudent!”

“There are other ways to control you. If it comes to it, we can just control your mind!” Jiang Feng reached out his hand and gently patted Ye Fan’s face to humiliate him. “To us, you’re just someone we can use. Once this is over, leaving you with an intact corpse would already be pretty good for you.”

Ye Fan grabbed his hand, not letting him go and saying, “From start to finish you’ve acted arrogant, feeling as if you’re superior. Are Divine Bridge realm cultivators that amazing?”


Suddenly, Ye Fan swung his arm heavily, slapping Jiang Feng’s face and sending him flying several meters away. He coldly smiled, saying, “As a mortal, slapping a Divine Bridge realm cultivator’s face is really refreshing!”

Li Xiaoman, Zhou Yi, Lin Jia, and the others were all dumbstruck. As for the surrounding knights, they were even more stunned. 

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