Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Huge Bronze Coffin Reappears

Bloody mist drifted and the forest was filled with an acrid fishy smell. Within the thistles and thorns, below the branches of the ancient trees, between the stone rubble and forest, one dead corpse after another lay, the bodies pierced through or torn apart, but all dying aggrieved. 

The huge mountain forest was completely silent. A deathly silence. The old madman’s prophecy had come true. As far as the eye could see, bones of the dead littered the ground and blood dyed the ground red.

“Died…they all died…it comes again…” The old madman’s eyes had no expression as he looked up into the sky and muttered to himself.

“You’re wrong. At least the two of us are still alive.” Ye Fan still had some lingering fear from seeing the dozen or so ferocious beasts slaughter the cultivators. It was completely one-sided without any humans being able to resist.

At that moment, Ye Fan had thought he would also die. Those terrifying beasts that could kill the powerful Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s Elders could crush him with just one blow. But he hadn’t expected that the old man would immediately leave the mountains in a daze, continuously giggling foolishly. For some reason, all the of the beasts stayed far away from him.

The old madman started to loudly cry, his eyes filled with tears as he started to madly tear out his own messy white hair.

“Senior, please try to accept what happened. Six thousand years have passed, you have to get over it…”

The old madman faced upwards and cried in grief, beating his chest and stamping his feet. He then began acting like a spectre, wandering around the forest. From the very start, he hadn’t even looked at Ye Fan. He was in his own world.

Ye Fan tightly followed beside him, afraid those beasts would arrive in front of him. The old madman was dazed as he finally climbed over a stone mountain and looked out in the direction of the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. It was like he was daydreaming, not budging at all for most of the day, acting like a fossil. 

In the end, he unexpectedly stood there for a whole night, his watery eyes not blinking once. Only when the first rays of sunlight reflected on the red clouds did he recover himself.

“When the song ends, the band separates…they’ve left, they’ve left, I’ll come see you guys later…” the old madman cried before giggling and starting to walk down the madman.

When the deranged old man took a step, Ye Fan was shocked to see that each step he took was several kilometers, as they seemed to compress the land into shorter distances. If Ye Fan had not been holding onto his arm this whole time, he would have long since been left behind in the dust.

“Dao Glyphs!” At this moment, Ye Fan was shocked to see that each one of the old man’s footprints was extraordinary, covered with mysterious lines possessing a heavenly Dao charm. 

Inside, he was shocked to the extreme. This old man must have reached a stage that was hard to imagine. With each one of his movements, he condensed Dao charm and could just randomly leave behind Dao Glyphs. There was no way for him to possibly estimate this elder’s realm.

“According to legend, Dao Glyphs are formed when almighty existences from the past became enlightened to heaven and earth. After gaining enlightenment, they would leave behind a copy of what their mind and spirit had felt, passing it on to future generations. But this old madman can just create Dao Glyphs as he pleases, it’s simply terrifying! He’s definitely comparable to those almighty figures from the legends. No wonder those ferocious beasts that could easily kill the Sacred Land’s Elders would avoid him,” Ye Fan muttered to himself. He was incomparably shocked. Concentrating his entire consciousness, he began to memorize the lines upon the ground.

He was hanging on to the old madman’s body, focusing his entire mind on the footprints he left behind. Those Dao Glyphs would all flash before automatically disappearing. But these lines were all the same. Each of the imprints was the exact same for each foot, and so by the time they had reached far away from that mountain forest full of skeletons, Ye Fan had completely memorized it.

Outside the mountains were quite a few cultivators who were gazing in at the primal forest, but none of them dared to actually enter and explore. These people were comparatively more cautious, having sensed that something terrifying was happening within the depths of the forest.

They hadn’t followed yesterday, instead deciding to stay within the outer regions, managing to escape a calamity. Otherwise, the amount of skeletons within the forest would have been even greater. 

Ye Fan looked behind him. He felt as if everything was a lifetime ago. Only he and the old madman had managed to walk out of there alive. Anyone would have trouble remaining undisturbed.

The old madman waved his ragged clothes, immediately flinging Ye Fan several meters away. He obviously wanted to leave now.

“Senior, please stay. This junior generation wishes to follow at your side and listen to your teachings,” Ye Fan hastily chased after him.

The old madman seemed to have regained some clarity. Focusing his gaze, he asked, “Who are you?”


“I shouldn’t even exist in this world. Could it be that you wish to follow me and become nothing more than yellow soil?” The old man waved his sleeves, completely disappearing without a trace.

Ye Fan walked around the primeval land for a while before making a detour and leaving this mountain range.


After returning, Ye Fan saw Zhou Yi, Lin Jia, Li Xiaoman, and Wang Ziwen. They were standing with each of their respective seniors, not having entered the mountains.

Not long later, the news passed out. All of the Eastern Wastelands were shocked.

“There are many supreme members of the demon race right outside the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land that rarely appear. No one can enter there without their permission. It’s even more frightening than the Demon Emperor’s tomb. It’s the scene of Asuras harvesting lives…”

This information quickly spread throughout the whole land, causing the human cultivators of the Eastern Wastelands to feel worried. Some people directly pointed out that the heart that had flown out of the Demon Emperor’s tomb two years ago had most likely been inherited by some supreme member of the demon race and that a new Demon Emperor was on the eve of appearing. 

Half a month later, the Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family dispatched another group of powerful cultivators to this land. It was said that one of the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Grand Elders and one of the Jiang Family Head’s younger brothers had jointly arrived. These were truly powerful people that caused the small town to once more become a restless land of opportunity.

Ye Fan didn’t leave. He had continued staying just outside the great mountains, unwilling to give up. He was waiting for the situation to calm down before thinking of another way he could enter.


Over the next ten days, a couple powerful cultivators would go exploring into the great mountains each day, but none of them ever returned. Only when the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Grand Elder and the Jiang Family’s great person personally took action did people believe the truth would come to light.

Another day and night passed. The two powerful figures once more appeared, this time fleeing with pale faces. This was an even more stunning piece of news that spread throughout the Eastern Wastelands. The two of them had forcefully opened their immortal eyes, gazing several hundred kilometers into the distance to see an absolutely astonishing scene. A huge bronze coffin had appeared above the abyss of the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land.

Those powerful beasts seemed to want to enter the forbidden land and take out the ancient bronze coffin, so they temporarily blocked that area from the outside.

When Ye Fan heard this news, his heart shook. Others didn’t know what this huge bronze coffin was, but he knew.

“Didn’t it fall into the abyss? How could it appear again…?”


Another month later, another piece of news transmitted out. Those powerful beasts had finally made their move, but they suffered a miserable defeat. Seven beasts entered, but not one walked out alive.

In the end, those powerful beasts no longer continued to surround the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, each going their own way. The Eastern Wastelands became chaotic. The ancient bronze coffin within the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land drew all the great figures’ attention. But not a single Sacred Land or Ancient Desolation Noble Family rushed in. They were now more much cautious since those terrifying supreme members of the demon race had suffered defeat and retreated.


A whole month later, the Flickering Light Sacred Land, the Jiang Family, and the Ji Family, three supreme powers, all joined hands and once more entered the depths of the area forbidden to life.

Many cultivators still came this time, but most of them were just there to see the action. Very few people truly entered the depths. The various sects were all watching.


“Ye Fan!” Outside the great mountains, an extremely beautiful woman revealed a surprised expression. Her jade-like slender body filled with abundant curves along with her elegance gave her a devilish seduction, and her face was like a fairy. Her red phoenix eyes curved slightly upwards, possessing a fascinating allure. 

“Lin Jia!” Ye Fan was also started, not expecting to be noticed by Lin Jia. He had actually long since known that Lin Jia, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, and Li Xiaoman were all within that small town. This time, when the three powers had joined hands, they had once more asked them to come, most likely in order to ask some questions.

Not far, a couple powerful knights heard them and urged their mounts to come over here.

“He’s my friend, don’t misunderstand,” Lin Jia hastily spoke out. Those knights immediately stopped in the distance.

“They are…?” asked Ye Fan.

“They’re from the Flickering Light Sacred Land. Whenever Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, Li Xiaoman, or I want to come out, we always have to have people guarding us…” Lin Jia shook her head. “This is all just matters of the cultivation world, so you won’t understand. The current Eastern Wastelands’ cultivation world is a complete mess.” She glanced at Ye Fan, saying, “Why are you here? How have you been these past three years?”

Ye Fan laughed, saying, “I’m very well. Everything has gone smoothly.”

“If you have any problems, you can tell them to me. I might be able to help you resolve them.”

“Right now I’m fine. I should congratulate old granny Jia on recovering her youth and once more becoming as beautiful as a flower.”

“Do you want a beating?” Lin Jia rolled her eyes and laughed charmingly, saying, “Looks like you’ve done well yourself these past three years. Completely different from how I imagined it.” Saying this, she sighed and said, “Time truly passes quickly. Three years passed in the blink of an eye. It really makes you reminisce.”

“Maybe one day we’ll be able to return.”

“That hope is almost zero…” Lin Jia seemed to think of something, whispering, “If you have troubles in the future, you can come find me in the Hazy Light Paradise. Right now you should quickly leave.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m being forced to once more enter the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land. If those people were to learn that you had consumed the sacred fruit…you will also have troubles, so you should quickly leave.”

Ye Fan didn’t say any extra words here. He nodded, saying, “Take care!”

However, trouble still came in the end. Just fifteen minutes passed before Ye Fan was silently surrounded by a dozen knights. The head knight gave Ye Fan a fearsome impression, so he didn’t try to break out. He sensed a vast and terrifying fluctuation from the old man. If he were to act rashly, this opponent might immediately erupt with power.

“I know why you’ve come. I’ll follow you.” Ye Fan was very calm.

In the end, Ye Fan was brought to the small town, but he didn’t see Lin Jia, Zhou Yi, Li Xiaoman, or Wang Ziwen. The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s people had learned he had consumed the sacred fruit, and disguised him as a knight. At the critical moment, they wanted to use him to pluck the sacred medicine.

“With your physique, you should definitely be able to resist the curse’s power. If you truly can pluck the sacred medicine, the Sacred Land won’t treat you unfairly…” that old knight warned him with a cold and severe light flashing in his eyes.

“I understand.” Ye Fan nodded, but he was actually laughing coldly in his heart. Once they entered the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, who knew who would be using who.


Five days later, the Flicking Light Sacred Land, the Jiang Family, and the Ji Family once more started into the depths. Ye Fan saw Lin Jia, Li Xiaoman, Wang Ziwen, Zhou Yi, Zhang Ziling, and Liu Yiyi in the distance. They had unexpectedly all been brought along. 

But right now Ye Fan was mounted upon a beast and dressed in armor, so they were unable to recognize him.

This time, they didn’t meet any resistance from any formidable beasts. The three groups of troops smoothly reached the boundary tablet of the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land.

A couple carriages with divine clouds flickering around them rose into the air, not advancing any further. The few great figures were preparing to stay outside to support them, not daring to place themselves in danger. The Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land’s influence was the greatest on extremely powerful members, capable of reducing them to nothing more than mortals.

Once more entering the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, Ye Fan felt some excitement. This might be an incomparable opportunity for him. At the same time, he also thought of the huge bronze coffin, not knowing how it managed to escape the abyss and once more appear on top the sacred mountain.

“The sacred medicine must be obtained!” The few great figures in the sky passed on their orders, their carriages flickering with divine light. 

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