Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Prophecy Comes True

The white-haired old madman cried and made a ruckus. His clothes were ragged and archaic, not appearing at all like clothing from this era. 

Not far, Ye Fan felt this was completely inconceivable. Was this really someone from six thousand years ago? That was an absolutely shocking thing, and wild waves formed in his heart.

Ye Fan had once lived within the Spirit Ruins Paradise for a short time and so he had some understanding of the sect. The oldest member of the sect was a Grand Elder who was only several hundred years old, which could already be considered an extremely long time.

If this old madman in front of him really was really someone from six thousand years ago, that would simply be too shocking! Just what sort of concept was such a long life? Having survived through years of history, living through dark times and bright times, he was practically a living history book. Such a concept was truly hard to imagine.

On the other side, that old woman was also very shocking to others. To be able to recognize this old madman, she must have also come from the same era. She appeared like an ordinary old lady from the countryside, but such an age was enough to strike people stupid and dizzy. This was a shocking and monstrous feeling.

The dazed Ye Fan was suddenly struck dumb. That old woman had silently disappeared without him noticing anything. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air, as if she had never been here at all.

“Died, they all died…” That old madman gradually ran further away.

Just at this moment, many people started rushing out of the small town outside the great mountains, all striving to be the first. Ye Fan didn’t understand, so he followed behind these people, wanting to know what was going on.

“The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family have finally begun to enter the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land!”

Ye Fan learned from the various chats going on that the Jiang Family and Flickering Light Sacred Land were about to enter the mountains. Right now they were gathering people. If they wished to join, they could obtain a spiritual medicine that could help block the curse.

A huge amount of cultivators had gathered outside that small town, all waiting for the two supreme powers to distribute the spiritual medicines. Over an hour passed before a loud rumbling came from the small town, a rumbling like a huge army galloping.

Hundreds of knights upon all kinds of various divine ferocious beasts charged out of the small town, their killing intent soaring and their battle intent held high. All the beasts flashed with divine splendor, their scales thick and dense, each not touching the ground, floating three feet above the ground as the galloped across the air, like a brightly colored wave engulfing the land.

A boundless power pressed down and shook in every direction. The hundreds of knights were all completely covered in divine armor. Only their two eyes could be seen. Urging the ferocious beasts to step through the air, they gradually soared higher and higher into the sky. The sky and the earth were both trembling, and a harsh air enveloped this small town as well as its surroundings.


Behind those hundreds of powerful knights appeared fifty copper war chariots. They were covered with dark blood and battle scars on top of their glorious appearances. An ancient and grim air surrounded them.

These fifty bronze ancient war chariots rolled over the sky, emitting a deafening rumble. The vast war chariots’ cultivators had an even more fierce frightening presence then the previous knights. Even the sky seemed as if it was about to be crushed by their wheels as they soared into the sky.

Behind the ancient war chariots were dozens of cultivators soaring upon divine rainbows. These people’s cultivation bases were clearly even higher than the ones before them. These few people were guarding two particular imperial carriages.

A phoenix cry came from the horizon, and nine birds whose feathers were extremely gorgeous and bright appeared. Their bodies were five-colored, over ten meters long, appearing just like the divine bird in the legends called the Phoenix. They were pulling a five-colored divine chariot through the sky.

“Those nine birds definitely have divine phoenix blood within them. They should be descended from it.”

“It’s the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage. It’s said that only absolute supreme Elders are allowed onto it.”

“Such an Elder would most likely be enough to exterminate all of Yan’s six Blessed Paradises.”

The many cultivators outside the town were all animatedly discussing it, all startled to see such a formidable line-up.

Suddenly, the vicious beasts’ roaring shook the sky, making people’s ears buzz and their souls tremble. Nine Tiger Dragon-headed golden divine beasts pulled a flickering divine jade carriage soaring upon a cloud, emitting thunderclaps as it flew into the sky. 

“This is the Jiang Family’s Divine Tiger Dragon Carriage. Only the powerful members of the Jiang Family can sit in it. This is definitely an extremely powerful person!”

The crowd was unable to hold back its amazement. The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family had clearly put up the capital. They absolutely had to obtain the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land’s sacred medicine.

Just at this moment, an old man stopped his rainbow and arrived in front of the crowd. Flying overhead and looking down, he said, “We have limited amounts of spiritual medicine so we can’t distribute it to everyone. If you want to receive it, you have to listen to our orders when the time comes.”

A clamor immediately rose. Such a condition was a bit too severe. Many of them were worried about being treated as cannon fodder, and immediately withdrew.

“That’s too excessive, I won’t take it. When the time comes, I might not even know how I die.”

“Leave it for them to use. A spiritual medicine like this will burn your hand in the end. I don’t dare to take it.”

A portion of cultivators had stayed. They all planned on taking advantage to find some gains. They didn’t listen to the others, all taking the spiritual medicine. The old man in the sky continued, his voice shaking the sky, “We won’t treat anyone as cannon fodder as long as you enter and retreat with us.”

Many of them didn’t believe it and raised their doubts. That old man patiently explained and quelled those fears, and in the end, quite a few people stayed. But the absolute majority of people decided to just be spectators and not participate. 

An hour later, the Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s troops all set out towards the great mountains. A great many cultivators followed them. Those cultivators were not after the sacred medicines, but looking for any spiritual medicines they might find on the way. In reality, not many of them wanted to enter the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land at all. Most of them just wanted to search around in the outer regions, as there wouldn’t be anyone who would be willing to gamble their lives on just obtaining spiritual medicines.

The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s troops might have made a great show of their power outside the small town, but after entering, all of them restrained their powerful air. They had to be more low profile here, and the previous act was just to awe the other cultivators.

“The Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land is surrounded by many powerful beasts. Even the Sacred Land’s powerful members might not be able to beat them all. We will be dividing into seven groups, entering the area forbidden to life from different directions.”

None of them had thought that the Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family would come to such a decision. The various cultivators all looked at each other in dismay, not knowing which group to go with was better.

A lively cultivator laughed, saying, “Do we still have to think about it? The Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage and that divine emperor carriage are definitely the best to follow.”

However, all the people who made such a conclusion were disappointed. The Nine Phoenix Yang Carriage and the divinely glowing emperor chariot both disappeared into thin air.

“The Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land is mysterious and unfathomable. A powerful cultivator might be reduced to just a mortal once they enter. Those two Elders won’t enter into the depths, they’ll just support us from the outer regions and help us get rid of the powerful beasts’ threat around here.”

Hearing such an explanation, everyone was very disappointed.

“Entering the area forbidden to life makes it likely for us to lose our lives. We should stay back at a distance and not move close to there.”

Quite a few cultivators started to stop, not wanting to continue forward. The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family quickly split their grand armies into seven groups, which flew into the distance to enter from different directions. 

Ye Fan looked around and decided to follow the most central group. He didn’t fly into the air, instead just following the mountain forest. Although many people had shrunk back, there were still many cultivators continuing to follow them. Ye Fan’s walking was quite slow, and he only caught up with them quite a distance away.

“Endless withered bones, mountains of corpses and seas of blood. It…comes again…” Just at this moment, the white-haired old madman suddenly appeared not far from Ye Fan. He unexpectedly had also chased after this group.

“Please senior, is what you’re saying reliable?”

“Everyone will die…” he muttered to himself dementedly.

Why did the deranged old man say this kind of thing? It really did cause people’s hair to stand on edge. But thinking about his impaired mental status, Ye Fan managed to relax a bit. He couldn’t possibly cower just because of a few words like that. He had to harvest the sacred medicine. It was important to his future.

Ye Fan continued forward, leaving the old madman far behind him.

The cultivators in front of him were all flying, and so they were quite fast. In just two hours, they were only a hundred kilometers from the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land’s mountain range. This primal land had many ferocious beasts, but with this many cultivators, they all decided to retreat and formed a path for them.

“This was pretty smooth. The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s people are probably less than fifty kilometers away from the area forbidden to life, but there’s still no danger.”

“Maybe they’ll actually be able to harvest the sacred medicine. You think we should also go to the edge of the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land and take a look around?”

Many cultivators were now animatedly discussing what was happening. Having been following the Jiang Family and Flickering Light Sacred Land’s people but still not meeting any danger, their hearts inevitably loosened slightly.


Suddenly, a terrifying bestial roar came from deep within the primeval mountain range. Many cultivators were now running back.

“Quick, the Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s troops are all finished!”

Many cultivators were fleeing on divine rainbows, their faces terrified. They quickly ran out of the great mountains, not wanting to stay here even a second longer.

“What happened?” the cultivators at the back asked in confusion.

“A powerful beast appeared at the front. It swallowed over half of the Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s people in just one gulp! With one hand, it crushed seven of the bronze ancient war chariots into dust. It then roared nine times, and everyone within half a kilometer was jolted to death!”

“That’s crazy!”

“The Jiang Family and the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s troops progressing down the central path all died without a single survivor!”

Hearing the people running away with such words, many people’s hearts turned cold. Just a single beast was simply too frightening! It managed to kill every single one of them?!

Ye Fan felt that something was wrong. According to what people had said, the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land’s exterior might possess many powerful beasts, but they wouldn’t aim for cultivators in such a way.

Suddenly, bursts of frightening energy fluctuations came from far ahead, and not long after the miserable screams of many cultivators followed. Many cultivators were now fleeing in fear. 

“What happened?”

“A peerless unique beast appeared, completely tearing apart the people at the front. None of the Flickering Light Sacred Land or the Jiang Family’s people lived to escape.”

The cultivators were now completely terrified. Another group of troops had been completely exterminated. It was far beyond their expectations. 

Ye Fan started to feel more and more worried. They still hadn’t actually entered the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, but two groups of troops had already completely perished. This was not a good omen. He couldn’t help but think back to the old madman’s ravings.

Suddenly, phoenix calls rang out from the horizon. Nine birds with extremely dazzling feathers that made it seem like they were covered with raging divine flames appeared, pulling a five-colored divine carriage. 

“The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder is finally going to take action. Now we don’t need to run anymore. He’ll definitely exterminate all the beasts in front.” Everyone believed this. 

However, just at this moment, everyone’s expressions changed, since the Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage was actually fleeing!

“Heavens, that’s the Roc of legends!”

On the horizon, a huge bird appeared. It spread out its pair of hundreds of meters long wings, completely covering the sky. It whole body shone with dazzling divine light, and its body seemed to be made of real gold, making it appear like a golden cloud as it quickly charged ahead, chasing after the Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fan didn’t have any more doubts. He quickly fled. The depths of the mountain range definitely held abnormally powerful beasts. Even the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder could only flee. 

“Could the old madman’s words be about to come true?” Ye Fan’s hair stood of edge as he quickly rode a divine rainbow out the mountain forests. He didn’t soar into the sky, as he was afraid of being noticed by the beasts.


Suddenly, bursts of frightened screams rose ahead of him and a large group of cultivators began running out from the depths of the mountains.

“There’s a beast blocking the path in front, hurry and flee!”

“It’s too terrible! Hundreds of people were pulverized into bloody mist in just the blink of an eye…”

Ye Fan immediately felt a headache. Even the return route had been cut off by the beasts. The only good thing was that he hadn’t flown out into the sky just now, otherwise he might have also met danger. 

This primal mountain range was in great chaos right now. Their path out had been cut off by many formidable beasts. The many cultivators started to fly left and right, trying to find a region to break out.

Suddenly, sorrowful cries rang out. The Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage was cut off a seventh time, and the huge Roc coldly appeared before it, its whole body blossoming with golden splendor that filled the sky. It had already torn apart two of the phoenix birds.

An angry snort came from within, and an old man rushed out from the Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage. A huge scarlet red-blood seal flew out from his body, quickly enlarging to the size of a huge mountain as it came down on the Roc. 

Dazzling golden light soared as a piercing radiance erupted from the Roc’s body. Its wings opened up and slashed forward, and a huge DONG sound immediately rang out as the huge blood-colored seal was split in half.

At the same time, a golden vortex appeared on the Roc’s body, like a huge sinkhole, and quickly swallowed the Nine Phoenix Sun Carriage as well as the old man within it.

The huge golden vortex caused even the huge mountain below to shake, as if they were about to be uprooted. It seemed as if everything below would be engulfed by it.

A sorrowful cry came out, and the nine phoenix birds were completely engulfed by the golden vortex. Their five-colored bodies could clearly be seen as they were smashed into bloody mists, completely annihilated. As for that five-colored divine carriage, it was almost immediately crushed into dust.

The old man released countless rays of light. These were all spiritual treasures that attacked the golden wings of the Roc.

But that Roc was too powerful. The millions of golden feathers on its body all blossomed with divine light, shooting out golden rays that were like sharp blades, blocking all of the spiritual treasures that had filled the sky, even managing to crush quite a few of them into pieces.




These three words rang out like heavenly thunder, causing the entire primeval mountain range to rumble. The old man had shouted out these three words that seemed to possess a magical might, causing even the Roc to tremble.

A vertical eye appeared on his forehead, emitting three rays of purple light that matched up with the three words he had shouted out. The three rays at once pierced three bloody holes into the Roc’s body. 

A bird’s cry split the heavens. The golden Roc spread out its wings and soared into the sky, sprinkling golden blood, but in just a moment, its wounds were completely stopped up and it quickly dove back down.

The old man’s body quickly enlarged, turning into a giant larger than a huge mountain. He reached out his hands towards the Roc, wanting to rip it apart. 

The huge scarlet-red seal that had been previously knocked away also flew back, descending upon it. At the same time, his vertical eye suddenly turned into a huge violet sword that slashed forward.

The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder displayed all kinds of great divine abilities in his attempt to suppress the Roc. However, just at this moment he completely despaired. The golden-feathered Roc turned into a golden sun, fiercely igniting and turning into a bottomless golden light that drowned out heaven and earth.

The huge violet sword silently shattered, the scarlet seal quickly dissolved, and the Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder immediately turned into a bloody light, in the end turning into nothing more than ashes, completely disappearing from heaven and earth.

The many cultivators within the primeval mountain all felt their courage turn ashen. The Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder’s body and soul were both completely extinguished, completely shocking everyone. 

“Even the grand Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elder was completely annihilated, this Roc is too frightening…” Ye Fan muttered to himself.

“The Roc is like an Immortal, not within the mortal world. This is its descendant…”

Hearing this, Ye Fan hastily looked back and found that it was the deranged old man. He didn’t know when he had appeared.


Miserable screams continued to rise and fall. The cultivators who had run left and right also retreated back here now. Each side had been completely blocked off by formidable beasts, and an unknown amount of cultivators had died.

“The Jiang Family’s Divine Tiger Dragon Carriage…” Some people shouted out in alarm.

The nine Tiger Dragon-headed beasts whose whole bodies were covered with scales appeared on the horizon. Divine light shined from them as they pulled an emperor carriage behind them. The jade emperor carriage sparkled with countless auspicious clouds, appearing extremely extraordinary. 

“Even the Jiang Family’s Elder is fleeing!”

“What’s going on? How can this be happening?”

All of them were in a daze. The nine golden divine Tiger Dragon beats were like stray dogs as they fled, pulling the carriage behind them, rumbling as it rolled forward. An old man stood on top the jade carriage, his whole body covered in blood, doing all he could to fight off the ferocious beasts chasing after him from behind.

But all of it was futile. An enormous beast claw like a small mountain swatted forth, smashing apart the carriage and turning the nine golden divine Tiger Dragon beasts into bloody mist, and tearing apart the old man.

This shocking scene caused everything to suck in a cold breath of air. This was too crazy. An Ancient Desolation Noble Family’s Elder was unable to block a single blow from that ferocious beast. Just how powerful was it?!

A deafening roar came from the beast, causing people’s spirits to tremble. Black mist surged forth, and that frightening beast’s body revealed itself, appearing incomparably sinister as it stood within the sky, releasing a bitter, bloody, and baleful air that caused everyone’s bodies to run cold. 

It was as large as a huge mountain, its body possessing an extremely frightening suppressive feeling. Black mist surrounded its huge body, but a faint qilin figure could be made out within. However, it had nine huge snake heads, appearing exceptionally malevolent.

At the same time, dozens of tyrannical peak beasts of the world appeared from every direction, each different from the others, each incomparably frightening. Some of them breathed and exhaled devilish clouds, covering the sky. Their huge bodies were as large as mountains. Some of them had bodies that released dazzling divine light, seeming brighter than even the blazing sun in the sky, each appearing matchlessly divine. 

They surrounded the people from every direction. The Flickering Light Sacred Land and the Jiang Family’s seven groups of troops were all exterminated!

Behind those groups, the many cultivators who had been wanting to take advantage were now all surrounded, not one person being able to escape.

Ye Fan’s heart immediately turned cold. The old madman’s prophecy seemed as it was about to be fulfilled!

The oppressive pressuring atmosphere immediately exploded, and countless evil demonic lights charged from the sky, and terrifying fluctuations caused even the mountains to tremble. The many beasts had all joined hands to attack together and kill all the cultivators. 

Miserable screams immediately rang out from the mountain forest. Lives were unceasingly lost, blood stained the ground red, and countless corpses collapsed onto the ground.

The dozen of ferocious beasts there could each kill one of the Jiang Family or Flickering Light Sacred Land’s Elders. To exterminate the remaining cultivators was extremely easy. 

Just a short time later, the mountain forest became a bloody world, the scene of Asura. The miserable screams gradually became fewer as the forest was dyed red by bloody mists.

Seeing that the deranged old man was still not far and hadn’t left, Ye Fan quickly rushed over and grabbed his arm, saying, “You really are a living ancestor!”

He didn’t know whether he could survive or not, but he tightly held onto the old madman’s arm without letting go. Perhaps only this old man was capable of bringing him out of there alive.

The old madman’s prophecy had come true!

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