Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Terrifying Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword (II)

Despite the significant use of spiritual energy, Long Haochen could still bear up thanks to the Heart of Eternity’s help in regenerating his spiritual energy. Also, the Divine Unicorn’s armor transformation supplemented him with about two hundred thousand backup spiritual energy, enough to maintain his battle state.

Seeing his essence of wind broken so easily by Long Haochen, Li Zhengzhi’s face became incomparably tense. He began to realize this battle would perhaps be unlike what he had foreseen. Not only did it turn out challenging, victory was furthermore getting further and further from his grasp.

But as the head of the Mage Temple, a vastly ambitious powerhouse, there’s no way he would give up so easily. Li Zhengzhi knew that the greater one’s ability, the greater would be its cost of use: Long Haochen’s divine sword was certainly not simply waved around. And thus, when the longblade in his hand struck once again, several bursts of Freedom, Essence of Wind flew at Long Haochen, forming a full powerful assault against him.

Long Haochen strode steadily towards the opponent. Right now, his Light God Domain was compressed two-fold, making it easier for him to economize his spiritual energy. With the terrifying power of the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword, the Wind God Domain was no longer any threat for him.

Nine lines of purplish-gold patterns lit up on Long Haochen’s forehead; even his eyes turned a purplish-gold color.

Although the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword continuously transferred its will for destruction and havoc, as the wielder of a Light God Physique, Long Haochen’s heart was, just like the Heart of Eternity, not so easily contaminated.

In front of the divine sword, Li Zhengzhi’s Freedom, Essence of Wind was not of any use. The wind was shattered in the air as the distance between Long Haochen and Li Zhengzhi kept diminishing.

After Long Haochen stepped into the Wind God Domain, he occasionally slashed his Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword in front of him, causing the domain to recoil from its path. Right now he constantly scattered and smashed it, and when he had completely destroyed the Wind God Domain, Li Zhengzhi would naturally not be able to sustain his domain technique anymore.

On the lounge of the Knight Temple, Yang Haoyu was seated beside Chen Zidian, a look of shock on his face. Murmuring his thoughts aloud, he muttered: “Originally I was thinking that I had let this youngster win. I really didn’t expect that he was the one to go easy on me. His magical beast is actually strong to such an extent… No wonder even demon god pillars get destroyed.”

Chen Zidian let out a laugh, “The new generation will always replace the old and let it rest peacefully. What a mysterious thing. In those years, when your cultivation surpassed mine, I was in the same situation as you are right now. However, compared to Haochen’s nature, his magical beast seems overly tyrannical.”

Yang Haoyu let out a laugh, “There is no need to worry about this point. This magical beast may be extraordinary, but they are linked by blood contract.”

Chen Zidian nodded, “This young guy is really perseverant! He’s only taken out all his cards in this last battle. From the looks of it, this magical beast’s divine sword transformation could be called ‘domain killer’. Li Zhengzhi’s Wind God Domain can not only utilize two domain techniques, but moreover, it has undergone an evolution. However, a domain of this level cannot stop in the slightest this purplish-gold sword. I’m afraid that no domain could possibly stop it: as long as Haochen’s cultivation grows enough, challenging the Demon God Emperor in the future is not impossible to him.”

Yang Haoyu’s look became especially brilliant, “If he manages to obtain the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation in addition to this divine sword, humanity’s chance will truly have come. His Bright Glimmer of Hope truly deserves this name.”

The outcome of the ongoing battle was already gradually getting obvious. Long Haochen’s Light God Domain was already fully compressed, and Li Zhengzhi’s Wind God Domain was in an unstable situation, and could crumble at any time now.

Li Zhengzhi’s True Essence of Wind’s power was lessening by the second, while the divine sword in Long Haochen’s hands was only getting more and more imposing.

The Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword’s consumption of Haochen's energy was truly massive. Even his Heart of Eternity’s massive regenerating speed was unable to keep up with this consumption.

That didn’t even account for the previous battle that his spiritual energy had yet to recover from.

Li Zhengzhi suddenly let out an upward shrill, as the Wind God Domain full of cracks abruptly crumbled. Lifting high the blade in his hand, all the green light was absorbed in its midst. Immediately, the scenery in midair was replaced with a bolt of green lightning, flashing green to reach out in front of Long Haochen.

This blade strike came without warning, but its great power surpassed all the previous attacks by far. Only Li Zhengzhi truly knew that this, his incomplete third domain technique, was close to a self-incarnated domain, although it had not quite reached that level yet.

All of a sudden, Long Haochen could only defend. He truly deserved to be called a genius: even in such a difficult situation, he still managed to perform Divine Obstruction.

The green light and purplish-gold sword tip collided; and for the first time the green side held the advantage. That clear green lightning had countless designs on it, electric light curling all around, and pressured Long Haochen and his Divine Obstruction into drawing back. The gigantic sword in his hand drew back.

Right at this time, a terrifying roar sounded out from Long Haochen’s heavy sword. That was an unwilling roar, full of majestic offense. The Divine Unicorn armor on Long Haochen abruptly turned purplish-gold, and then Haoyue’s figure appeared on Long Haochen’s back.

The outer two bulges on the figure slowly split, revealing two purplish-gold heads. Then, the eight large heads abruptly roared to the sky.

Long Haochen felt an immense surge of power from his body and heavy sword bursting out, as his divine sword split forward as he shouted.

The green lightning finally shattered and was completely engulfed by that purplish gold colored sword. The purplish-gold sword ray flashed through the sky, aiming directly at Li Zhengzhi.

That previous blow was Li Zhengzhi’s last offense. Seeing that purplish-gold sword, now several-fold stronger than before, aimed at himself, Li Zhengzhi gasped secretly. He unexpectedly did not even attempt to defend, staring at that purplish-gold sword striking his own body. That’s because he knew that even if he put all his strength into defending, there would still be no way for him to block this strike.


The Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword was waved to the sky, with both Long Haochen’s arms feeling an intense shaking. The purplish-golden sword that looked close to arriving in front of Li Zhengzhi turned and rushed in an oblique arc, reducing the defensive barriers of the Alliance’s Great Stadium into mud and piercing through its defenses completely. Everywhere it passed, everything in its way turned into nothingness, disappearing from sight.

With an undulating halo, the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword turned into a streak of purplish-gold light that disappeared in Long Haochen’s hand, and the Divine Unicorn Armor on him reverted to being the Divine Unicorn.

Star King supported Long Haochen with his body as Long Haochen slumped beside him.

Long Haochen’s face was as pale as a piece of paper. As Haochen let out a large spit of blood, Star King stopped him from falling.

Wind God’s Descent gradually dispersed, leaving behind Li Zhengzhi, who was standing there with a sluggish look on his face.

Looking at Long Haochen leaning against Star King, he had a complicated look in his eyes. Long Haochen won not only this battle, but also the respect of all the present onwatchers.

That last sword strike was deflected to Long Haochen’s utmost for the sake of sparing Li Zhengzhi’s life. Otherwise, given the Purplish-Gold Haoyue’s Sword’s destructive power, Li Zhengzhi would be dead without a doubt.

Although Long Haochen was down, the spectators on the terraces all stood, enthusiastically applauding.

Li Zhengzhi had the look of a dead fish for a whole minute before gradually coming back to his senses, with a mix of disappointment and relaxation on his face he approached Long Haochen slowly and held him up.

Long Haochen’s physique was doughty; with the existence of the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy was regenerating at all times. Every pulse of the Heart of Eternity helped recover a large amount of spiritual energy. So, although his insides felt like it was all burnt, he still did not collapse.

“You have won.” Li Zhengzhi nodded to Long Haochen.

“You are now already qualified to challenge the Demon God Emperor. The future of the Alliance shall be left to you. I believe that you will be able to lead the Alliance to thoroughly change this era of darkness.”

Saying so, Li Zhengzhi patted Long Haochen’s shoulder before turning around to exit the field.

Although this was only the first of the four stages of the competition, losing to Long Haochen finally caused earth-shattering changes to appear in Li Zhengzhi’s attitude. He understood very clearly that, after the end of this stage, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s position would go up much higher.

Under Star King’s support, Long Haochen slowly walked out from the field. Cai’er and his other companions were waiting for him there, and the instant Long Haochen was out from the field, Cai’er immediately welcomed him, giving him a tight hug.

After putting forth so much effort, Long Haochen’s plan was finally nearing completion.

The first match of the sixth round, Long Haochen had won it.

The second match opposed Cai’er to the only remaining knight.

Given that this Holy Knight’s previous consumption was too large, he finally chose to retire from the competition, so Cai’er achieved victory without a fight.

Third match of the sixth round, was Wang Yuanyuan versus Lin Xin.

Although has-drugs-bro was absolutely unwilling, he finally conceded under Wang Yuanyuan’s threatening gaze.

Now that the matches were all over for the sixth round of individual competition, and Bright Glimmer of Hope had terrifyingly managed to grab the whole top three for themselves.

Every winner of the sixth round earned thirty-two points.

So far the ranking for the individual competition was as follows: Bright Glimmer of Hope 256 points, Mage Temple 105 points, Knight Temple 98 points, Spiritual Temple 58 points, Assassin Temple 38 points, Warrior Temple 24 points.

However, the competition was not yet over.

After the sixth round of the competition was over, Long Haochen, Cai’er, and Wang Yuanyuan stood in the middle of the field according to Chen Zidian’s instructions.

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