Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 712

Chapter 712: Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword (II)

“Sixth round, start.” Chen Zidian’s voice was still full of grandeur, as the final ranking’s round for the individual competition started.

Long Haochen immediately returned to the lounge upon the end of his match. What he wanted the least was to be in the first match. As long as he would not be the first, he would have some time to recover, due to the Heart of Eternity’s formidable recovery, which filled him with confidence on this aspect.

It is unknown whether the light of selection had its own will to make things like that, but its first light lit on Long Haochen, while the other one accurately illuminated Li Zhengzhi’s body.

When the two lights of selections had settled, the whole Alliance’s Great Stadium was visibly in total disorder.

The first match of the sixth round was unexpectedly opposing Long Haochen and Li Zhengzhi.

One could say that this was the most crucial battle out of the whole individual competition. If Li Zhengzhi managed to defeat Long Haochen, although the Mage Temple’s total points would still be behind Bright Glimmer of Hope, it wouldn’t be by much. And with Li Zhengzhi figuring in the top three, even if the other two spots were to belong to two members of Bright Glimmer of Hope, the number one powerhouse of the Alliance would surely be acknowledged by a lot to be him.

It wasn’t easy to say whether this battle was fair. Long Haochen’s consumption against the earth mage was certainly not as great as what Li Zhengzhi had exerted against Chen Ying’er, but Long Haochen had just finished his previous match, while on the other side Li Zhengzhi was the first one of the previous round to go on stage.

But, no matter what, since the light of selection had made its pick, it wouldn’t be changed now.

Long Haochen had a quite severe expression, while Li Zhengzhi looked quite happy, obviously pleased with the light of selection’s choice. Going up against Long Haochen was his most desirable outcome.

The two of them faced off each other. The instant they made it on stage, the whole audience went totally silent, devoid of the slightest whisper.

Long Haochen placed his right fist on the left of his chest, performing a standard knight salute in front of Li Zhengzhi.

“Greetings, Temple Head Li.”

Li ZhenGzhi revealed a humble smile, deeply moved he declared , “I really didn’t expect you to be my final opponent in this Temple’s Great Gathering. Do you remember what I told you a few years back? That the next Temples’ Great Gathering would be the time for you to challenge me. But you have shifted this time ten years ahead.”

“The future is a world for you youngsters, but what I have said doesn’t change. If you want to take my place in challenging the Demon God Emperor, you must defeat me. Come, show me whether you are able to achieve this.”

Long Haochen nodded lightly and moved his right fist horizontally for another salute before his six wings that had vanished just a bit earlier reappeared, bringing him aloft.

Li Zhengzhi started a rapid chant, shifting his gaze to be locked onto Long Haochen. A dense green light spread as his chant carried a fantastic rhythm to the ears of everyone present.

Long Haochen did not opt for an offensive approach in the same way as the previous Lightspeed Flash. The Heart of Eternity pulsed intensely on his chest to recover his spiritual energy, and in the meantime, his right hand was pointed in front of him, summoning the Divine Unicorn Star King back to his side.

“Star King, lend me your strength.” Long Haochen groped his head.

Star King nodded lightly, extending his wings, as a dazzling starlight of seven colors shone on its horn.

The next instant, the seven colors spread again, covering Long Haochen and his mount in their scope.

Long Haochen rode Star King, the multicolored starlight falling and going back up, to form a multicolored pillar of light, going all the way to the top of the barrier.

Although Star King had already become a Divine Unicorn, its foundations were still the same, a Starlight Unicorn king’s.

This was its Star Domain.

Originally, for the sake of assisting Long Haochen, he had once forcefully used this skill. But now that it reached the ninth step of cultivation, utilizing Star Domain couldn’t be more easy. Although it was still not a genuine domain, it was very close to that.

A light essence of incomparable intensity gathered inside Long Haochen’s body in the midst of the Heart of Eternity’s intense pulse: his spiritual energy was replenished at a frightening speed.

Star King’s eyes lit up, and with a long hiss, the horn atop its head lit up, wrapping Long Haochen and itself in light, so that their silhouettes were hidden from the outside world.

Everyone had their own trump cards: just like Li Zhengzhi had yet to use his most powerful ability, Long Haochen also had yet to reveal his most powerful mode.

When facing Yang Haoyu, he did not have the opportunity to unleash it, as he had to utilize his domain nonstop and resist the opponent. But right now, when facing Li Zhengzhi, and as this was most likely his last match, why would Long Haochen show any more reservations?

The multicolored radiance vanished, and when Long Haochen reappeared to everyone’s sight, the audience couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of him.

Right now, his whole body was shining under the illumination of his multicolor armor, flowing with multicolored light rippling out. From the looksof it, he appeared to have a demeanor very close to Divine Knights.

The multicolored light was a sign of divine tools: the Divine Unicorn transformed into a multicolored armor was equivalent to a divine-tool-level armor! And, he benefited from the extreme boost from Star Domain, which had replenished Long Haochen’s used up spiritual energy, making eighty percent of it available to him right now.

As a supreme-level transformed mount, the Divine Unicorn which seemed to be just a supportive character, and furthermore not up to much, was visibly underestimated by a lot. As it turned out, although Star King had just evolved recently, and had yet to acquire a lot of a Divine Unicorn’s abilities, he was still a genuine Divine Unicorn!

The Divine Armor put on him, Long Haochen’s eyes leaked a dazzling glow. Adding to that his six-winged appearance and extremely handsome face, it drew the gazes of all the females present to him.

“Haoyue!” Long Haochen shouted loudly at once.

In a dazzle of purple gold, Haoyue reappeared by his side, this time turned into a purplish-golden radiance rushing forth toward Long Haochen.

The spectators had all witnessed Haoyue’s armor transformation. That’s also what happened in the match between Long Haochen and Yang Haoyue, which combined with his domain’s evolution enabled him to achieve victory.

Could he be planning to equip double armors? thought most.

However, they rapidly realized their mistake.

Haoyue did not transform into his armor form, but into a gigantic sword, appearing in Long Haochen’s hands.

The Divine Unicorn Armor and Haoyue transformed into a purplishgold Haoyue Sword. That’s Long Haochen’s strongest mode, even in a situation without the use of any equipment from him!

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