Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 711

Chapter 711: Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword (II)

Finally, the earth mage’s incarnation was completed. If he had given all he had in defense, the Divine Light Waltz may have taken longer to pierce its way through, but just to maintain his domain technique’s offense, Long Haochen’s expenditure of spiritual energy was astronomic. He had to last as long as possible, so that even if Long Haochen finally achieved victory, he wouldn’t have much spiritual energy left anyway.

But this earth mage was just unwilling! After having made it so far, who would give up a chance of achieving victory? So he chose to launch his strongest attack, finally ready.

A mini person made of sparkling earth essence appeared, drilling into the ground immediately. At the time it resurfaced, it had become a gigantic form of earth essence over ten meters tall.

Shockingly, its body joined with the Starry Diamond Barrier, as if becoming made of diamond.

Springing up and joining his fists, he sent it smashing at Long Haochen. Upon its appearance, the earth essence within the internal barrier of the stadium had risen up dramatically. Like that, he nimbly landed, shifting just enough to evade the horizontal cut from Divine Light Waltz.

The corners of Long Haochen’s mouth traced a thin smile. This was the chance he was waiting for! If the opponent had only persisted with using his domain’s barrier, there would be nothing else to be done than breaking it slowly. But things were not the same with the opponent using this powerful forbidden spell.

Perhaps the defensive power of this Diamond Earth Elemental alone was no match for Diamond Starry Barrier. But don’t forget, it had yet to benefit from the domain’s boost, and was after all a magic that had achieved independence from its master.

A purplish-golden radiance flashed through Long Haochen’s eyes, and the next instant, a massive figure took shape right above him. Its tail was swung like a hammer, violently whipping the Diamond Earth Elemental. In the meantime, a six-colored halo flared up.

Six Element Essence of Disorder!

The Diamond Earth Elemental could be categorized as an existence reaching the forbidden spell level, yet it was sent flying by that heavy blow. More terrifyingly, when that six-colored halation was diffused, changes occurred on both the Diamond Earth Elemental and the mage’s Starry Diamond Barrier.

All the earth essence pulsed chaotically throughout Essence of Disorder, although the Diamond Earth Elemental was better off, being a supreme earth elemental summon. Although Essence of Disorder caused several cracks to appear on its massive body, that did not end up being enough to shatter it thoroughly.

Even so, the earth mage on the other side was forced back.

Originally, when reduced into a state of passive defense by Long Haochen’s Divine Light Waltz, he was hoping to rely on the Diamond Earth Elemental to reverse the situation. But who could expect that not only was the situation not reversed, but furthermore, he now had to suffer the attack from the six-elemental Essence of Disorder.

Divine Light Waltz was also somewhat affected, but that domain technique was of a higher level, and furthermore used Long Haochen’s supremely pure light, hence it was less affected than his opponent’s.

Crack. The Starry Diamond Barrier smashed to pieces, Divine Light Waltz now looked about to cut through that earth elemental mage.

This earth mage kept performing outstandingly. In a flash of white light, the Diamond Earth Elemental shifted its position, arriving in front of him, and blocked Divine Light Waltz midway.

However, the earth mage’s domain was ripped apart alongside the Earth Diamond Barrier. How could it recover instantly?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Diamond Elemental had a massive wound, earth element having gotten splattered across in front of Divine Light Waltz’s terrifying cutting force. A body which was originally already full of cracks was almost split in two on the torso level.

After Divine Light Waltz vanished, Long Haochen swung his sword in the air once again. This time, his body was surrounded by an intense purplish golden gloss. Sword Intent and Sword Soul were wielded harmoniously, with Haoyue’s bloodline force added to that.

A purplish-gold sword light transpired through the sky, making way into that massive wound of the Diamond Earth Elemental.

In a flash of yellow light, the earth mage’s body flashed across to avoid getting taken down alongside his summon.

The Diamond Earth Elemental was extremely powerful offensively, but although it wielded great defense, in the end it was not able to compare with the Starry Diamond Barrier which benefitted from a domain’s support.

Pop. The massive body crumbled, smashing to the ground.

Haoyue appeared in front of it once again, sweeping his tail to instantly crush the Diamond Earth Elemental in two, sending fragments flying. At the same time, the six huge heads roared, unrestrainedly launching six breaths at the earth mage.

The earth mage was already quite panicked. The Starry Diamond Barrier couldn’t recover in such a short time; as he was having to face Haoyue’s attacks, he was only able to launch series of low-level earth barriers.

The battle having reached this point, the outcome was already without suspense. Long Haochen’s figure flashed, and he appeared behind the mage as Elemental Obliterating Halo was liberated.

The Starry Diamond Barrier could block the Elemental Obliterating Halo. This low-level barrier couldn’t withstand it so easily however. Adding Haoyue’s attacks from the other side, it took only one minute for this earth mage to choose to concede.

Fourth qualification from the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope.

At this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope had the complete upperhand in this individual competition. They basically only had one round left: although another knight had made it to the top six, he did not have much strength left, and so the final matter was to see whether Li Zhengzhi would make it to the top three.

In the fifth round, every winner could gain sixteen points, thus causing great variations in the total points.

Bright Glimmer of Hope had four members qualified from the fifth round, bringing them sixty-four points in total. Adding that to their previous ninety-six points, they had in total one hundred sixty points. The Knight Temple and Mage Temple’s qualified member brought them respectively to one hundred five and ninety-eight total points, ranked second and third. The other three Temples’ total points remained the same, fifty-eight for the Spiritual Temple, thirty-four for the Assassin Temple and twenty-four for the Warrior Temple.

At this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope already led by a wide margin, leaving no suspense for who would become champion of the individual competition.

Before this gathering, no one could expect the individual competition to end up with such results. There had never been a single Temple showing such impressive results in all the past Temples’ Great Gatherings.

For sure, luck had its role for these results, in addition to the secret help from the Knight Temple they benefited from. But without sufficient strength, there’s no way they would have made it so far! Amongst the four, three had domains of their own, and one had eliminated a domain-wielding opponent. Be it in technique, strategy or strength, Bright Glimmer of Hope fully deserved to call themselves a Titled Demon Hunt Squad.

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