Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Flourishing Lotus Flower’s Soul Purification (III)

In order to achieve this plan, a little fraud was no issue as the final result was the most important thing. Long Haochen believed that their individual performance had already convinced the overwhelming majority of the Alliance’s higher-ups. The further they could go in the Temples’ Great Gathering, and the higher their result, the more weight they would gain in the meetings after it ended, and the more backing they would receive.

The match was continuing fiercely, the Spiritual Temple and Knight Temple both having only one last person left. This match would determine whether or not they would enter the top six, which is why the contest was especially fierce. The clashes between these two powerhouses frequently caused cracks to appear on the defensive barrier, which was reinforced continuously by the numerous referees.

No one knew that those three from Bright Glimmer of Hope were all recovering their spiritual energy at an astonishing speed.

The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing’s continuous recovery was of extremely great use. It was not even only about accelerating their recovery as Han Yu could even transfer his own spiritual energy through it, transferring an elemental power of extreme purity. This was a matter he had comprehended thanks to absorbing the pure spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity.

With the rise of his cultivation, Han Yu was growing more and more inclined to the supportive type. Even a pure supporter at the ninth step was a considerably powerful existence. And Han Yu had his own goal, which was to become a Divine Knight.

The match went for a whole quarter of an hour, before the match was finally ended both sides suffered through a very close match, but in the end that domain wielding knight was a step ahead and finally managed to achieve victory. But it was a very close victory, with a massive consumption of his spiritual energy, and even his domain had reached its limits. It would visibly take quite a moment for him to recover entirely.

Finally, Long Haochen went on stage without need for the light of selection, entering the field alongside that mage.

With their results, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s performance in the individual stage already reached an unswayable stage. That final knight, being really close to his limits, had nearly fainted directly after exiting the stage. With Bright Glimmer of Hope having three qualified members, they would very possibly draw him, which would pretty much guarantee them one seat on the top three.

Although Li Zhengzhi was giving his all in recovering his spiritual energy, his previous consumption was considerable. Even if he did make it to the top three, Bright Glimmer of Hope would very possibly take the final seat, although this would mainly depend on this one match.

All knew that Long Haochen was their captain as well as strongest member. Putting aside his higher chances of victory, should he be eliminated in this match, this mage would definitely not have it easy either.

In case Bright Glimmer of Hope should take two of the top three seats, their two members could reject the final three person round-robin tournament, so that they could be considered the final champions of the individual competition.

Therefore at this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope was in a pretty safe position already.

Long Haochen calmly confronted the opposite mage, clad in a yellow gown. That was not a mage’s robe, but it clearly illustrated his elemental attribute, as that was an earth mage.

The two of them exchanged determined glances, before the final match between the top twelve started.

Long Haochen did not immediately utilize the Light God Domain this time. Striding forward, the six wings on his back flashed and flapped as his body shot forward like a streak of light. Lightning Flash.

A golden hexagram slowly extended from where he had been, the Divine Unicorn slowly appeared behind Long Haochen shaking its wings to elevate itself high in the air.

In the course of launching Lightning Flash, Long Haochen had already materialized a pair of heavy swords through Spiritual Highland, launching a cross strike at the opponent.

The earth mage was not panicked in the slightest, his hands forming a gesture in front of his chest. Immediately, Long Haochen felt his body sink down, his speed dropping tremendously. That was Gravity Technique.

In the meantime, the earth mage aimed a distant palm strike to welcome the distant Haochen, just like a warrior.

A terrifying scene arose, a hill over twenty meters tall suddenly appearing in midair on its way to collide with Long Haochen.

Crossed Swords Strike landed loudly on that hill, as Long Haochen’s body tensed up.

In all eyes, Long Haochen should have been able to dodge. Although it came suddenly, and was an instant cast, that hill was really towering and thick. A clash was no good solution. And, just getting out of the way seemed sufficient, as that large hill would not be of great use anyway.

But Haochen didn’t do so. His body flashed to strike against the hill.

Immediately, it stopped in midair.

The earth mage had a chill, knowing that the opponent had seen through his spell. He actually wanted Long Haochen to dodge, as this hill was just a support to launch a powerful Gravity Technique.

But by directly striking the hill, he had visibly cut off that following move. The earth mage chanted rapidly, that hill having only stalled for three seconds, and a deafening sound of an explosion followed.

Countless rocks splattered in all directions as a towering sword intent arose in midair. Relying on it, Long Haochen forcibly broke this hill, and the next instant, charged straight toward the mage.

His six wings provided him with a really enormous speed. Moreover, he had the aid of Lightning Flash, so the earth mage had no way to escape at all. In that case, he may as well not even try.

A transparent barrier surrounded his body, which, when struck by Long Haochen’s pair of swords materialized from Spiritual Highland, produced series of sonorous crackling sounds. But that barrier was still unmoving and didn’t have any visible trace of damage.

What a great defense!

If one paid attention, he would realize that the transparent barrier was not like an ordinary magic barrier. It seemed to have countless cuts on its surface, which produced a bright brilliance under sunlight’s illumination in the same way as a polished diamond.

Starry Diamond Barrier, one of the most powerful defensive spells of earth element.

Long Haochen was pushed back but not discouraged. The Divine Unicorn behind him had already caught up, and a divine light shot out from its horn, glinting on Long Haochen’s body and lit up his body in multicolored light.

A torrential sword intent once again burst out from Long Haochen, a severe expression on his face. His heavy swords united above his head, going down in a flash.

An earthly yellow halation came up this time from below the earth mage. This divine grade earth mage really had great accomplishments in defense: that yellow halo actually enlarged the scope of Starry Diamond Barrier.


Long Haochen was shooed away with his sword, and although a crack had appeared on the Starry Diamond Barrier, it very was rapidly restored by the yellow halation within.

What a great defense! Long Haochen was startled. In the defensive aspect, this earth knight was perhaps not inferior to that Supreme Shield of the Knight Temple.

The Heart of Eternity was pulsing violently. Hearing this earth mage still continuously chanting, Long Haochen remained calm, quietly releasing a golden halation. The Light God Domain finally appeared, and not only that, but right after appearing it started to display the phenomenon associated with the release of the domain technique Divine Light Waltz.

The look on the earth mage’s face changed, but his incantation remained unchanging, the yellow halation under his feet only growing even more intense.

His domain was named Solidification. A simple sounding name, but it actually reinforced any of his earth spells with an ultra great defense. When young, he was known with the title of Tortoiseshell, absolute number one in terms of defense out of the whole Mage Temple. Even Li Zhengzhi would need to expend a lot of magic power to defeat him, relying on the difference in cultivation to win the match.

Li Zhengzhi had given him direct instructions on how to deal with the situation before going on stage. For this earth mage to defeat Long Haochen with his attacks would be really difficult, so Li Zhengzhi suggested he tire out Long Haochen, who would surely try to achieve a rapid victory and thus use a lot of his domain’s power. Then he was to look for a chance in the midst of stalling. Even if he would end up defeated by Long Haochen, that way he will have certainly depleted a lot of his spiritual energy, thus raising Li Zhengzhi’s chances in the rest of the competition.

Although Li Zhengzhi knew that should Bright Glimmer of Hope acquire two spots on the top three, there would most likely be no final champion to designate, he still strove for victory with his utmost. In his eyes, although Cai’er’s domain was really bizarre, she was already too much depleted, thus only Long Haochen alone could really make up a threat to him.

Long Haochen’s Divine Light Waltz having already been launched twice, its volume was clearly smaller than the first time, proof that his spiritual energy was not yet fully replenished.

When the Divine Light Waltz and Starry Diamond Barrier collided first, it came immediately to a clash between the strongest attack and greatest defense.

An ear-piercing grinding sound came out immediately to everyone’s ears. That was really an unpleasant sound. Countless sparks arose from the clash between the two great techniques in the midst of magic and shaking. Divine Light Waltz slowly cut its way in, but it advanced very slowly. All could see that both sides had their spiritual energy depleted intensely.

The earth mage’s incantation became swifter and swifter. As one of the top powerhouses of the Mage Temple, he was unwilling to take a passive beating in front of such a youngster. That was someone whose position was quite higher than even  Lin Chen in the Mage Temple.

The intense yellow halo from the Starry Diamond Barrier gradually turned muddy, as terrible earth essence was in the midst of getting compressed and accumulated, about to possibly burst out at anytime.

But Long Haochen seemed to ignore that. With the boost of the Divine Unicorn, his Divine Light Waltz only grew more and more powerful. The Diamond Starry Barrier already had a small hole in its midst, and the Divine Light Waltz only kept pushing through. At this rate, it would take him at most perhaps two minutes to achieve victory against this earth mage.

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