Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Flourishing Lotus Flower’s Soul Purification (II)

The instant the two parties clashed, a bizarre chirping sound reverberated through the stadium. That very instant, all the onwatchers present felt their brains filled in a flash with the chirping sounds before blank scenes flashes through their minds, taking several seconds to recover.

That feeling seemed to be seeping out from their soul. It felt like after swaying forth outside for a bit,  it returned to their body.

This kind of experience was in no way appreciated. These powerhouses from the Six Great Temples that Cai’er had previously faced couldn’t help but feel full of shock. How could they have thought that Cai’er actually had such means at her disposal? This domain technique was just too terrifying. For the defensive barrier to show such a strong reaction, how terrible would it be if that was a direct attack?

The dragon summoner and water dragon reached their own conclusion. Inside the stadium a strange scene came to pass: the water dragon and dragon summoner both went stiff, as above their head a blurry figure appeared, shaped the same as them, only a lot smaller. Transparent, lifeless, stiff, and even full of shock.

This was without a doubt their souls’ states after Flourishing Lotus Flowers took effect.

The water dragon’s defensive barrier took effect to some extent, but it actually looked not too powerful. Their domain was being dispersed at an astonishing speed as well, along with the defensive barrier.

However, after utilizing Flourishing Lotus Flower, Cai’er also seemed out of strength. Her body swayed in the air, narrowly falling down, but a blue cane appeared in her hand, finally supporting her body. Although from the paleness of her face and her body’s lack of spirit, one could see that she already didn’t have much fighting strength left. However, she still had a firm look directed at the water dragon and dragon summoner in the air, as if waiting for something to happen.

The expelled spirits slowly returned, having in the end not suffered a total purification by Flourishing Lotus Flower. In the end, the water dragon and dragon summoner had joined their spirit force as one, adding that to the overall defensive effects of the domain, so although Cai’er’s blow had great effects on their souls, it was unlikely to go as far as to disperse them.

After a dozen seconds, the dragon summoner and water dragon’s souls came back to their senses, both out of breath. Even if the water dragon was very powerful, it was still instantaneously weakened to such an extent that it was unable to even maintain its spiritual wings. Falling from the sky and dropping to the ground, it caused a violent bang as the defenses surrounding his body and his domain shattered to pieces. Its soul was weakened such that it was totally unable to control these forces.

So who won and who lost?

The spectators in the Alliance’s Great Stadium were basically all powerhouses from the Six Great Temples. But this instant, almost no one could tell out the outcome of the match.

Cai’er’s domain technique benefitted in its great unexpectedness, forcibly breaking the water dragon and dragon summoner’s joint domain technique, and damaging their very souls. But from the looks of it, Cai’er did not have any energy left either! Also, the water dragon and dragon summoner should take a bit faster to recover than her.

Just as everyone was full of doubts, a white figure suddenly appeared behind the water dragon without any sound, and in a flash was atop the water dragon, a flash of sharp light aiming at the dragon summoner’s throat.

This timing was really ideal. The dragon summoner having just come back to his senses, and still under the shock from the water dragon’s fall, this was a time of thorough distraction. Only when the sharp white glow had reached his throat did he finally react, but that was clearly too late. If that white figure wanted to kill him, he would already be dead.

That white figure was clearly Cai’er, but an illusory Cai’er, whose Sickle of the God of Death was lightly pressed against the dragon summoner’s throat, before slowly dissipating.

Who could expect this? It was only when the victor was already determined that the dragon summoner had finally reacted.

This image was visibly a remnant left from before Cai’er had utilized her domain technique. In other words, she had kept stealthily a Doppelganger under the state of invisibility. But which other assassin could maintain an invisible Doppelganger?

No matter what the dragon summoner was thinking, this match was ultimately his loss.

He may not necessarily lose out in strength against the equipment-less Cai’er, but her victory lay in her bizarre Flourishing Lotus Flower and great planning.

She knew very clearly that her Flourishing Lotus Flower came with a massive consumption, stopping her from even continuing to battle. Her Doppleganger’s preparation was for this very moment.

In ordinary circumstances, her Doppleganger would by no means be able to injure the opponent, but, because of the shock from the lotus flowers’ attack, the water dragon’s domain was shattered, and thus the dragon summoner was at his weakest state. It was only in search of the best opportunity that Cai’er had been looking concentratedly at the dragon summoner so far.

One could only admit that Cai’er’s strength was really a great deal. Being the Saint Daughter of Samsara, a god’s chosen one, she had powerful abilities beyond the reach of ordinary assassins. For instance, maintaining her Doppleganger after using Invisibility, and with such great concealment. Even the water dragon’s domain did not probe its existence, thus making the summoner’s defeat no injustice.

Her blue cane tapping on the ground, Cai’er slowly walked out. The match had already been concluded, and of course, as one of the Six Great Temple’s powerhouses, the dragon summoner naturally could not act shamelessly, especially with Chen Zidian watching.

At this point of the competition, Bright Glimmer of Hope had ended as great victors of the individual competition. Four spots out of the six matches actually belonged to them.

Long Haochen stood at the great stadium’s entrance, calmly waiting for Cai’er’s return. Looking at her blue cane tapping on the ground, Long Haochen’s eyes were full of warmth, visibly recalling the scene of himself sending off Cai’er everyday back then.

Cai’er joined Long Haochen’s side, a smile on her face. Her hand pulled by Haochen’s, she was supported back to their seats.

This time, the light of selection kept going on as Long Haochen unconsciously raised his head.

Only the last two matches were left for this round; and Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain had yet to take part.

However, this light of selection did not target any of the Bright Glimmer of Hope squad, but two other competitors, one being a powerhouse from the Knight Temple, and the other one from the Spiritual Temple.

Therefore, the last match would naturally be between Long Haochen and the last person from the Mage Temple.

Seeing that this match was not his own, Long Haochen waved his hand at Han Yu.

Han Yu had long since received Long Haochen’s instructions. Because he had been eliminated beforehand, he was not inside the competitors’ booth, but in the more distant spectators’ lounge.

Having received Long Haochen’s signal, Han Yu lightly nodded, expressing his understanding, before slowly shutting his eyes.

No one noticed that among Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin had a golden dot of light on their backs. But by leaning against their seats, this light was thoroughly concealed.

Only Bright Glimmer of Hope’s people realized what was happening.

These were the effects of Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessings.

Along with his rise in cultivation, Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessings had evolved two times in total. The current Light’s Blessings was no longer just recovery in a set area. More importantly, Han Yu’s blessings could be transmitted to the others through the Soul Sharing Chains. In a certain range, through the chains he was able to assist his comrades from Bright Glimmer of Hope in recovering spiritual energy. And the fewer the targets, the faster the recovery assistance.

The reason why Long Haochen did not signal Han Yu before was naturally because his spiritual stove could still only be used once a day, so it had to be done in the most crucial instant. Now that the fifth match had already started, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er all had massive consumptions. And after that, he would have to have to take part in the sixth match as well, after which the sixth round would immediately start, without leaving them any time for recovery.

If Long Haochen had just been picked by the light of selection, to take part in the fifth match, maybe he could delay the use of the Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessings a bit as well to profit, but now was clearly the best timing in this situation. The reason why he shifted the activation in advance, was that, as he had  the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy’s recovery was far above the others.

No one could deny that Han Yu’s boost was a form of cheating. But Long Haochen was tolerant to that, as everything he was doing was for the sake of allowing the Temple Alliance to develop still further.

This state of dispersion of the Temple Alliance had already gone on for six thousand years, and with each of the Six Great Temples having its own authority, was a deep-rooted system. They had very complex relationships between each other, and to put that to an end would be a really challenging thing. The only way would be to make them all compromise, but even should it succeed, the qualitative changes would actually most likely not be too huge either.

So, Long Haochen had already come to the conclusion that what he had to do was to make Bright Glimmer of Hope really stand above the crowd in this Temples’ Great Gathering.

Although it had weak foundations, and could only rely on the few of them, they also had their unique advantages. Even after omitting the positions each of them held in their own Temple, they had naturally good dispositions.

After having experienced so many things, and coming to that point today, Long Haochen believed this to be his unshirkable responsibility. For the sake of his plan, a brand-new Alliance ought to be founded, where he, as the Scion of Light, had to become one of the leading figures. Through Bright Glimmer of Hope’s drive and strength, they would be the greatest contributors in the Alliance’s reorganization.

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