Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Flourishing Lotus Flower’s Soul Purification (I)

The golden light of selection surged out and landed once again, shrouding Cai’er another time. This time, her opponent was from the Spiritual Temple.

The fourth battle of the fifth individual round began.

This summoner Cai’er had to face was a tall elder. All those who made it to the fifth round were powerhouses of the current age. The displays of strength of this summoner in the previous battles were seen clearly by everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope. His strongest specialty was his contracted beast, a dragon, a genuine dragon. This summoner was the only dragon summoner out of the whole Spiritual Temple.

When facing this dragon summoner, the pressure on Cai’er as she was not allowed to use any sort of equipment was really great. Although this summoner had yet to enter the domain wielding realm, his summoned gigantic dragon was already a domain wielding powerhouse.

A shrill dragon cry came as a blue gigantic dragon appeared in the stadium. The dragon summoning elder was seated upright on its back; to vanquish him, one would first need to beat his summoned gigantic dragon.

The dragon summoner grabbed the dragon’s horn with a hand, shifting his sight toward  Cai’er, his opponent.

This blue gigantic dragon was of water attribute, and reached a length of a full fifty meters. Even as it stood within the entire field, that was still a huge monster.

Cai’er’s body flashed, all traces of her disappearing inside the field. She knew that this battle would be an extremely difficult one. Without a way to use the Sickle of the God of Death and Tower of Eternity, her strength would be excessively restricted.

Beating this domain-wielding gigantic dragon would really be quite a challenge. It would be another story if she could use the seven arts of the God of Death, but right now she could only beat the mount before the rider.

The summoner’s look became stagnant, connecting his thoughts with the water dragon. A dragon cry reverberated from the sky as an ice-blue ring spread out from the top of his head.

Generally speaking, ring-type abilities would cover a limited range, but this ice dragon’s ring seemed limitless, extending through the whole stadium’s barrier and encompassing the whole audience as well.

Cai’er’s Invisibility naturally left no traces under those circumstances. Her figure flashing, she appeared onto the field, but suddenly disappeared once again in mid-stride before the ring approached her, sweeping past it while leaving no traces.

Spatial shuttling? This was a powerful ability that assassins would gain starting from a certain level of cultivation.

The dragon summoner let out a faint smile. This was not his first time facing an assassin, and he naturally knew how to respond.

The wings on the water dragon’s back spread out, a terrifying blue water tide erupting from these wings. This was truly a perilous situation: a tidal surge of water essence attacked the whole stadium, reaching every corner in a flash. No matter where Cai’er would appear next, she would have to endure this water-waves attack. Furthermore, under the influence of such a massive water elemental attack, changes also started to affect the space. The closer one was to the core, the more intense these water waves would get.

In the empty space, a crack quietly appeared in front of the water dragon, and Cai’er strode out. Pure halations dispersed from her body, as the purifying force condensed into a Sickle of the God of Death which struck at the water dragon.

It wasn’t that she did not want to attack the dragon summoner, but in truth the water dragon’s released water essence was far too massive. A blue barrier had long-since enveloped his body, so if Cai’er chose to stubbornly attack him, the water dragon’s greatest attack would surely follow in response.

The water dragon’s eyes lit up, opening its large mouth to spit a breath attack. In the meantime, the surrounding water essence suddenly turned into a massive whirlpool, pulling Cai’er’s body toward its direction. A massive water pillar arose from beneath, attacking from two sides simultaneously.

An ice-cold glimmer flashed in Cai’er’s eyes and a white halo released from her body. That soft-looking white not only stopped the water dragon’s spit, but purified all the nearing water essence as well. That was Cai’er’s Domain of Purification.

The water dragon let out a howl, its massive figure shivering slightly, clearly feeling a great apprehension in front of Cai’er’s Domain of Purification, but it still launched its own domain in the meantime.

An azure color encompassed the whole stadium, the water essence pulsing excitedly as if alive. Drop after drop, the water condensed into little dragons, swiftly emerging from the domain. Looking at them, they appeared extremely real, all charging at Cai’er. But everything surrounding their bodies suddenly turned illusory, as if forming a water blockade separating the dragon from Cai’er.

This was a means used by the dragon summoner for self-defense, wielding a part of the domain’s power defensively. After all, Cai’er was the only remaining assassin in the Temples’ Great Gathering, and possessed a domain of her own. What if the domain’s force was suddenly sealed off? The dragon summoner’s force was this gigantic dragon. All his abilities were related to this gigantic dragon, the two of them complementing each other. His spirit united with the water dragon, commanding the latter in battle. Not only did it boost the water dragon’s technical aspects, but it also connected his spiritual energy with the latter’s, the result approaching the three hundred thousand.

Facing the assault of the mini water dragons, Cai’er’s eyes lit up. The light of purification was as if limitless, spreading through the Light of Purification swiftly. In the meantime, she raised her right hand, stretched forward. There seemed to be some stubbornness in her look, as well as great expectations.

The dispersed petals started to shrink, gathering onto her palm. In this process, the surroundings of Cai’er’s body were like a terrible whirlpool. The mini water dragons from that domain only managed to fly within a certain range of her body before smashing to pieces instantly, disappearing and turning back into water essence. However, the light of purification surrounding Cai’er did not spread further, leaving it unable to affect the water dragon’s domain.

The sight of those white petals gathering rapidly was pretty. Cai’er floated in midair, like an immortal. Her purification attribute had a very great characteristic: to remain unaffected by perturbation from other elements. This wouldn’t change even if the other party were to utilize domain force. Even if it were even denser, water essence was in the end water essence. In circumstances where that the light of purification had not launched any attacks, the water essence had no way to proceed beneath it.

The water dragon’s sight seemed slightly frenetic. It perceived an immense threat from Cai’er.

“Raah!” Going past the light of purification would require a direct clash. Elemental essence was of no use, but skills could be used.

All the mini-dragons in the domain roared, and immediately, everything in the water dragon domain lit up. The scope of the massive domain started to extend to the whole stadium, turning into a massive whirlpool. Every water dragon turned into a light flowing through the whirlpool, disappearing in the midst of this massive domain alongside the summoner and his water dragon.
This wide whirlpool had a terrifying pulling force. Every circulating light charged toward Cai’er’s domain of purification, producing a violent explosion, as well as some intense fluctuations in the white light on its surface. The spiral’s rotation speed grew faster and faster, the impact force coming stronger and stronger.

But this instant, that lotus flower in Cai’er’s hand bloomed.

Domain technique, Flourishing Lotus Flower.

On the last time when that lotus flower had made its appearance in the Tower of Eternity, it was not with its full power. But this time, Cai’er deployed it fully with no second thoughts.

This was Cai’er’s domain technique that she was not in full control of, as well as her strongest attack at her disposal without the Sickle of the God of Death and Tower of Eternity.

But would this domain technique be enough to defeat the Water Dragon?

After Flourishing Lotus Flower came out, a purifying force was released, then, it slowly arose above Cai’er’s head.

Immediately, Cai’er, who was originally sent flying upwards in the water dragon’s whirlpool, returned to normal in a flash, and the flourishing lotus flower kept blooming above Cai’er’s head.

A ring of extreme white suddenly extended, causing every spectator in the stadium to immediately feel bewildered. Even the defensive barrier’s protection seemed ineffectual.

Graaa. The water dragon’s cry was filled with great panic, because it realized, to its horror, that this ring of white light from Flourishing Lotus Flower only passed through its domain and kept expanding. Water essence was of no use in blocking it. Or perhaps no ability would be able to stop its advance. Even the dragon’s extremely powerful soul’s force seemed to be seeping out from its body.

No mistake, this was the purifying force’s most terrifying aspect. What was purified was not the body, but the soul. Cai’er’s Flourishing Lotus Flower stripped out soulforce, and had extreme boosting effects. No matter how strong you are, if your soul is wounded, that is some irreparable damage.

The water dragon did not dare attack Cai’er further, and contracted its massive domain, turning it into an immense sparkling barrier surrounding its body. In the meantime, its two dragon horns flashed in thunderous icy blue, protecting its own head.

At the very moment, all its focus was put on defending its own soul, as well as that of the dragon summoner on its head.

Once spiritual energy density reaches a certain level, there’s not much to do anymore. The ice dragon perceived that Cai’er’s domain of purification was actually not really suppressing its own water attribute, but its undead attribute. If it was an undead creature, even if it were twice as strong, those Flourishing Lotus Flowers would have scattered it to ashes in a flash. But as its water attribute soul did not have much of the dark aspects, it was not purified too violently. Damage to one’s soul is always a very dangerous thing. It had to defend against that at all cost.

Flourishing Lotus Flower’s white ring of light finally attacked the water dragon’s barrier.

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