Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Mythological Beasts God Fights Wind God (II)

Right after Li Zhengzhi was done speaking, Chen Ying’er suddenly opened her eyes and showed him a sweet smile, giving the reply, “Done.”

Saying that, Chen Ying’er lifted her hands and extended her fingertip, pointing her palms upwards, as if releasing something.

Immediately, roars from myriad beasts came gushing out from her body like a tsunami, but moreover, it was accompanied with the images of countless magical beast coming out behind Chen Ying’er’s back.

Is that a domain? But how could a domain need such a long chant? Li Zhengzhi recognized in a glance a powerful summoner domain. Could that be the same Beast Emperor Domain as her grandfather? Chen Ying’er had displayed the use of her domain in the previous matches, but only in the shape of single targeted amplifications of magical beasts, aimed at most at two targets, but seeing such a large area extended domain from her was really a first.

The next instant after Li Zhengzhi was filled with those questions, his look changed.

Light gates surfaced in an orderly manner behind Chen Ying’er’s back. Seeing these, the most shocked were no one else but those from her own Spiritual Temple.

Even the head of the Spiritual Temple Chen Hongyu was dumbstruck by this scene. He never thought his own granddaughter to be able to utilize such a magic.

He was also puzzled over why Chen Ying’er had been chanting for so long. Even after having been in control of the Spiritual Temple for so many years, he had no memories of such a long chant from their Spiritual Temple. Even summoning a magical beast of the ninth step wouldn’t need so long! Otherwise, in the battlefield, a summoner had the time to die a hundred times in the lapse of three minutes.

Right now, Chen Hongyu was really crushed by his own granddaughter, and the same went for every present summoners, who never expected a single summoner to be able to display a strength reaching such a peak. Just count these gates: one, two, three, four, five… Counting them in a glance was simply impossibel.

These gates formed an immense semi circular shape, as if surrounding and protecting Chen Ying’er. In the midst of those myriad beasts’ roars, all the light gates opened at the same time, letting magical beasts come out one after another from within.

There were a total of thirty-six light gates, from whence thirty-six magical beasts immediately came out right upon appearance.

Seeing these magical beasts, Li Zhengzhi’s look became slightly better: they only reached the eighth step and not the ninth. If Chen Ying’er was able to summon thirty-six magical beasts equivalent to powerhouses of the ninth step at once, that would really be overly terrifying.

But even so, Chen Ying’er summoning magic still shocked the whole audience. Thirty-six simultaneous magical beasts of the eighth step, what was that? That would be enough to turn the tides in a whole portion of the battlefield in just a few instants.

So Bright Glimmer of Hope’s most powerful member was this summoner?

The other members of Bright Glimmer of Hope had their own conclusion on whether Chen Ying’er was the most powerful, but one thing was certain: she was a god’s chosen one just like Long Haochen and Cai’er. Even if she may not have earned as much as Long Haochen and Cai’er in these years, she was in no way inferior.

This summon before her eyes had depleted all her spiritual energy, but what if she had her Saint Spiritual Robe? Would the chanting time even be so long? And the same goes for her spiritual energy.

Even Long Haochen hadn’t had a clear understanding of Chen Ying’er’s real strength; right now Bright Glimmer of Hope could already be said to have in some meaning three cores, one of them being Chen Ying’er.

In the previous match, Chen Ying’er had exercised great restraint, but finally came out with her full strength when facing Li Zhengzhi.

After returning the day before, the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope convened a simple meeting, as they were certain to run against Li Zhengzhi on today. But how should they counter him? They very rapidly reached a conclusion: no matter who encounters Li Zhengzhi, that person has, while making an all out effort in battle, to deplete to the greatest extent the opponent’s strength. After all, even though Li Zhengzhi’s strength was not at Yang Haoyu’s level, it should not differ too much. It was because the other side let him win that Long Haochen had managed to win against Yang Haoyu, but in a one versus one, Haochen was not confident in being able to surely defeat Li Zhengzhi.

But their Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was a whole, and a whole was bound to be even stronger than separate individuals. And since the individual competition would end today anyway, better focus on the team battles.

Zhang Fangfang had previously effectively depleted Li Zhengzhi, but since a lot of matches had gone on since then, his spiritual energy should have already gotten replenished. But in this match, Chen Ying’er had already resolved herself to at least make Li Zhengzhi use up the overwhelming majority of his fighting strength if she could not defeat him.

Chen Ying’er’s plan went on right off the bat, making plentiful use of Li Zhengzhi’s high esteem of his status to complete her summoning spell of largest scale.

Thirty-six magical beasts of the eighth step appearing in the stadium simultaneously had absolutely shaken the whole audience.

Although these magical beasts were of different races, they listened wholeheartedly to Chen Ying’er’s orders! Right off the bat, they madly charged at Li Zhengzhi.

Li Zhengzhi snorted coldly. Mere magical beasts reaching the eighth step were nothing in his eyes. Even if they were even more numerous, at his cultivation level, killing magical beasts of this level was just too simple.

As he waved his hands, the massive green figure on his back immediately drifted away, both hands raised to the sky releasing green moon-shaped blades. It appeared like an uncrossable barrier standing in front of Li Zhengzhi. But his look grew unsightly once again the next instant.

Chen Ying’er issued a shriek, and immediately, the myriad beasts’ images that had come out previously solidified, rushing at the magical beasts of the eighth step that had surged out, and attached themselves onto them, causing the beasts to start undergoing rapid changes.

A gigantic black bear bellowed loudly, swelling to twice its previous size growing twice as large, as its hairs astonishingly started to turn into a dark gold color. In the midst of roars, it let out terrifying seismic waves aimed at the wind god called out by Li Zhengzhi.


What Chen Ying’er had utilized was obviously not the same Myriad Beasts Domain as Chen Hongyu, but her Mythologic Beast Domain!

Being the Beast God’s Chosen One, a unique Saint Spiritual Daughter to have come in existence in the human world, her boosting ability on magical beasts fundamentally even exceeded Ye Xiaolei’s back in the Illusory Paradise.

Under the boost of the Beast Emperor Domain, these magical beasts of the eighth step all evolved to the ninth step, turning into thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step, releasing a terrible might which frantically pounced on Li Zhengzhi.

A miscalculation! Li Zhengzhi had immediately come to this judgment, causing him to have traces of regrets. He really should not have let Chen Ying’er complete her previous magic! Thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step and thirty-six magical beasts of the eighth step were two fundamentally different concepts.

After completion of these global boosts, Chen Ying’er sat down in a quite weakened state, but still had the energy to ferociously utter, “Everyone, get rid of him!”

Thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step pouncing on a single opponent was a really spectacular sight.

The pair of massive moon-shaped blades in the Wind God’s hands managed to stop the attack of three magical beasts of the ninth step, but then started to get somewhat unstable.

Ninth step would be the assessment based on human cultivation, but in terms of magical beast grade, these would be magical beasts of the tenth rank.

They may not be as strong as the four-headed Medusa or Divine Unicorn, but as magical beasts of tenth rank, they still reached the peak of magical beasts.

Simply said, right now it was as if Li Zhengzhi was assaulted by the whole Golden Foundation Knight Regiment. That lineup didn’t feel any easier to face.

Not daring to take things easy, Li Zhengzhi immediately unleashed the Wind God Domain, not daring to let these thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step unleash all their power. If it really went like that, himself aside, even the Demon God Emperor could find that situation troublesome.

Right now, Li Zhengzhi completely flared up.

A strong display of power immediately surged out, as a terrible hurricane immediately swept all the thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step. Immediately, the beasts’ attacks got twisted aside while slowing down under the hurricane’s effects.

This was not a simple domain. For constricting so many magical beasts of the ninth step, that could only be a domain technique!

For the sake of safety, and to make sure to achieve victory in this match, Li Zhengzhi had no other choice but to utilize his own domain technique.

That terrible hurricane was entirely colored dark green. Everywhere it passed, every magical beast it encountered was getting cut frantically. If these were magical beasts of the eighth step, their bodies would certainly get smashed to pieces under attacks of this level. But magical beasts of the ninth step were not the same: their defensive power was far stronger than at the eighth step, so there was no immediate danger for them.

Chen Ying’er ignored this situation, only silently sitting there to replenish her spiritual energy, the little pig McDull being held in her arms.

Li Zhengzhi having restricted these magical beasts thanks to his domain technique, his Wind God Summoning’s power started to emerge. With the boost from the Wind God Domain, Li Zhengzhi’s wind god incarnated body gained an explosive burst in speed and offensive power. In a flash of green light, that gigantic bear stood like nothing in its way, while in response his incarnation got repelled ten meters back in the blast of the bear’s palm attack. But in front of the Wind God Domain’s amplification, an attack of this level was nothing.

The look on Li Zhengzhi’s face did not improve just because of getting rid of one magical beast of the ninth step. Quite the opposite, it got even more strained. A domain technique’s spiritual energy consumption could only be described as terrifying: even with his internal spiritual energy having already broken through 400,000, he couldn’t keep utilizing it for too long. He had only one choice left now, which would be to take advantage of the situation to get rid of Chen Ying’er. This way these magical beasts would go out of control, causing a better turn for his situation.

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