Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Mythological Beasts God Fights Wind God (I)

There was no other choice but to concede! That terrifying Domain of Purification seemed to suppress the darkness attribute in a way no weaker than a light attribute domain. Not only was his spiritual energy purified, but moreover, his soul was the target. Even more terrifyingly, the purified spiritual energy was the core of his power. That is to say that under the effects of the Domain of Purification, his cultivation would continuously decrease. How could Mo Wu bear such a loss?

As for the escape of the Dark Sovereign, his only reason was that he was afraid, having gotten caught by a terrible sense of dread. Perhaps he was strong enough to put up a fight against Cai’er, but how about after that? If the Domain of Purification were to purify his soul, he would be gone forever. The Dark Sovereign was no idiot, and he had no deep bond with Mo Wu, only a special connection. How could he be willing to throw his life away for the sake of this connection? That was simply impossible.

Just go die by yourself if that’s what you want but don’t implicate me. After sensing the terror of the Domain of Purification, the Dark Sovereign instantly fled.

Cai’er slowly landed from the sky, retrieved the petals forming Domain of Purification, and flashed out of the match ground after shooting a glance at Mo Wu.

Actually, the most disadvantaged in this individual competition out of Bright Glimmer of Hope was Cai’er. Although she did have her Domain of Purification, her real fighting strength lay mostly in the Sickle of the God of Death she had been cultivating since young. Without the real weapon in her hands, she had no way to wield the seven arts of the God of Death. Furthermore, in times of battle, the Sickle of the God of Death would be struggling to get out, so not only could Cai’er  not use it, but had moreover to put some of her focus on suppressing it. So it would be already pretty good for Cai’er to wield a half of her strength in this individual competition, and her terrifying bursting force could by no means be displayed.

The fourth match in Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks was designated.

They had already occupied a third of the spots, and moreover had a person who had yet to take part.

When Chen Ying’er went on stage, she encountered the last leftover competitor of the Assassin Temple, and managed to achieve victory by the means of her powerful summoning magic.

The fourth match having ended, time had come for the fifth and more terrifying leader match.

The individual competition having reached this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s advance was already unstoppable. A group of ten, formed with two powerhouses reaching the peak of the eighth step and eight reaching the ninth step, with four domain wielding powerhouses among the lot. Their captain Long Haochen had displayed the use of the two ultimate weapons known as domain technique and domain evolution, managing to defeat two Temple Heads and the number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple. A lot of people sensed that this Temple’s Great Gathering would inevitably get recorded in the annals. And they were still so young; if they were given enough time to keep growing, destroying demonkind wouldn’t be impossible.

Although each of the Six Great Temples had its own way to do things, which caused the Temple Alliance to be relatively dispersed, their struggle for over six thousand years of dark era against demonkind had already lasted for far too long. Who knew how much blood of how many powerhouses of the six Temples had flown. Bright Glimmer of Hope were really showing them a glimmer of a new dawn and causing indescribable feelings to rise up in a lot of people’s minds. If there was one thing it brought to them, they would definitely declare that it’s hope!

Each victor of the fourth round could gain eight points, and after passing through this hurdle, the Knight Temple had only two people left, the Mage Temple had three, the Spiritual Temple had two, and Bright Glimmer of Hope had two! The Assassin Temple and Warrior Temple were already eliminated.

Thanks to this fourth round, five of them had already earned forty more points, giving them a proud lead score of ninety-six points after getting added to their previous fifty-six points. The Mage Temple was second with eighty-nine points, the Knight Temple, third with eighty-two points, the Spiritual Temple fourth with fifty-eight points, the Assassin Temple still had thirty-four points and the Warrior Temple remained at twenty-four points.

As it was already noon, if the Temple’s Great Gathering proceeded normally, the winner will come out today. Although the schedule was delayed with yesterday’s incident, the matches still had to go on. The Five Temples and Bright Glimmer of Hope had already gotten the news that no matter how late it ends, the individual matches need to be done with today.

The matches in the Temples’ Great Gathering did not last for long; these were definitely not matches of long time endurance, the main reason for that being the demon threat: what if demonkind took advantage of the return of a great amount of powerhouses from the Six Great Temples to the Holy City to launch a large scale raid. As a result, although the Temples’ Great Gathering was taking place once every ten years, the specific starting time would be fixed at the last moment to prevent the demon side from grasping their rhythm. So the time of the gathering was compressed as far as possible, to enable to powerhouses from all Temples to return as soon as possible when it’s all done.

This was especially the case this time, as a series of new policies and important matters pertaining to the whole Alliance needed to be discussed.

After the fourth rounds were over and the points were totalled, the fifth round of matches immediately took place.

It had a total of six matches, and although based on the prior patterns, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s five remaining members would get placed in five of the matches, running into each other was not impossible for them. But in short, Bright Glimmer of Hope would have to face at the same time the top of the Knight, Mage, and Spiritual Temples.

Every one of their remaining members had gotten over sixteen points, but although Bright Glimmer was currently in the lead, that lead was not yet stable and could change at anytime.

The first match was already a great clash of power. Chen Ying’er’s good luck seemed to be finally exhausted, the Light of Selection having landed on her and the head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi.

Long Haochen’s expression changed slightly, looking face to face at Chen Ying’er, before she nodded back to him, standing up and slowly advancing toward the stage.

In this match, Li Zhengzhi was especially calm. Although Bright Glimmer of Hope had gotten prideful results, he remained impassive, his feelings devoid of the slightest ripple. Who knew if he really did not care about them or had other kinds of thoughts.

Currently, the only leftover Temple leader was Li Zhengzhi, the other four having all gotten eliminated. Him facing Chen Ying’er right off the bat really rose the excitation of the spectators to the peak.

This Chen Ying’er was a domain wielder as well! Could Bright Glimmer of Hope keep bringing nice surprises to everyone here?

With a faint smile on her face, Chen Ying’er advanced to the field, performing a salute to Li Zhengzhi. After all, Li Zhengzhi was still a senior.

Li Zhengzhi nodded slightly, and performed an inviting gesture. With his status, there’s naturally no way he could rush to take the first move against someone of Chen Ying’er’s age.

Chen Ying’er directly sat cross-legged before starting a chant, without the slightest defensive measure taken beforehand.

Looking at her, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but smile in reaction. What a girl! She was clearly taking advantage of his unwillingness to take the first move.

But even if I don’t take the first move, do you really think I have no other means? Li Zhengzhi maintained a slight smile, but still kept standing still and started a chant. A fantastic calm filled the whole stadium.

Ever since the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering, this was the first time two mages were facing off each other without the slightest probing attack.

An insipid entity spread out from Li Zhengzhi’s body, very rapidly taking shape on his back, forming green light interwoven around him. Being shaped into into an enlarged version of Li Zhengzhi, its chubby looks actually gave off a silly feeling of cuteness.

Seated on the Knight Temple’s side, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel a chill of alarm.

Li Zhengzhi used a sort of wind god summoning magic, but which took less than twenty second to complete. The formidable power of this spell reached the forbidden spell level without a doubt. That was just crazy. Furthermore, that was accomplished without any equipment, and in the meantime, Li Zhengzhi had yet to even deploy his Wind God Domain.

Chen Ying’er seemed not to be perturbed by Li Zhengzhi’s magic at all, still continuing her chant, which continued in an even more obscure and redundant manner.

After that, some changes finally couldn’t help but occur to Li Zhengzhi’s face, because he couldn’t identity the spell corresponding to her incantation.

As a peak level mage, Li Zhengzhi may be unwilling to make the first move, but was even least willing to remain passive. So he immediately made preparations for a forbidden spell, this way no matter what kind of magical beast gets called out by Chen Ying’er, he could be confident in being able to destroy it with his magic. Even if Chen Ying’er would come with an especially strong magical beast, he could still make use of the Wind God Domain to boost his own magic.

It was not that Li Zhengzhi couldn’t cast multiple spell, but he didn’t see such a need. Moreover, maintaining a magic after cast without releasing it would come with a very large spiritual energy consumption. He really did not expect Chen Ying’er’s cast to take such a long time. For this girl being a powerhouse of the ninth step as well to need such a long time to achieve her chant, just what level could this summoning magic reach?

Although Li Zhengzhi had some ideas on the matter, he had still underestimated the chanting time Chen Ying’er would take. In a blink of an eye, three minutes had passed, yet Chen Ying’er was still going on, and her spell had yet to take effect. If it wasn’t because he already knew that Chen Ying’er had reached the ninth step, Li Zhengzhi would be thinking of her to be faking a chant. Just what chant could last so long?

“Girl, if you keep going on like that, this old man will make his move.” Li Zhengzhi’s dim voice reverberated in the whole stadium. Even for his face, he couldn’t waste his energy in this Temples’ Great Gathering. Maintaining this forbidden spell depleted his spiritual energy rapidly, and as other matches were coming next, an excessive consumption would very clearly be unfavorable to him.

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