Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Domain Technique, Divine Light Waltz (II)

This was a whole generation of talents, and moreover, these extremely outstanding talents were all gathered together.

Long Haochen immediately shut his eyes after returning, silently contemplating on his previous use of the Divine Light Waltz. This was his very first time using that ability after instantaneous comprehension, as well as his very first Domain Technique.

Only when he really put a Domain Technique into use, could that domain’s formidable strength come out to a truly great extent. Chen Hongyu fusing with his four-headed chimera was already nearing the peak of the third rank in strength, but was left without means in front of his domain technique, ultimately able only to concede.

Only, Long Haochen’s control over this Divine Light Waltz was still too weak. He was unable to even guarantee that he could utilize it another time. Since he had a flash of comprehension of it, he couldn’t let it slip. His powerful Light God physique once again showed a great level of decisiveness.

The competition still kept going, and once again, the greatest winner of these fourth rounds was still Bright Glimmer of Hope, having already achieved three victories by the time of the fifth match out of twelve. Moreover, they had some individuals who had yet to appear, these people being Cai’er, Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian.

Sima Xian’s displays finally came to an end. Facing one of the auxiliary heads of the Mage Temple, a domain wielding powerhouse, he may have at least put up a fight if he had the Gigantic Ball of Light at his disposal, but unfortunately, without his weapon in hand, though he may have inconvenienced the enemy with his thunder manipulating spiritual stove, he was still pushed out of the field in the end, thus eliminating one person among Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks.

In the eighth of the twelve matches of the fourth round, the light of selection finally illuminated Cai’er, her opponent being one mage from the Mage Temple.

Her figure flashing, Cai’er floated out immediately. The instant her footsteps pushed onto the ground, she had already shifted in the field.

Speaking of which, Cai’er’s luck was much better than Long Haochen in the first three individual rounds. She did not have any tough battles: even in the third round, she had run into a rather weak opponent, passing through this ordeal with no difficulty and without even using her domain.

Actually, even Sima Xian had a higher reputation in this gathering.

When Sima Xian had just lost his match, the spectators both in the stadium and outside let out series of regretful sighs. They really found his coarse and wild fighting style very attractive.

Of course, Cai’er was not really inconspicuous either. At least, since the previous day those powerhouses who had caught sight of the Tower of Eternity did not see her that way. However, the outsiders did not get to catch sight of that scene.

Cai’er’s opponent was a veteran mage, clad in a simple black gown and with clear silver hair. His eyes were really characteristic, devoid of the slightest blemish, they contrasted with the wrinkles on his aged face. But these purple eyes looked really similar to a lot of noble demons.

This old mage was named Mo Wu, and even within the Mage Temple, very few were familiar with him, to speak nothing of the external Temples. He had a title of elder from the Mage Temple, and hadn't shown any prominent display, achieving victories without any flashy moves. Up to this fourth round, Cai’er’s only impression on this mysterious Mo Wu was the darkness element he wielded.

No one would view the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope in contempt because of their young age anymore. Upon his entrance, Mo Wu’s downcast chant reverberated immediately.

Cai’er didn’t go invisible, spreading out the huge grey spiritual wings on her back, which turned white the next instant. In a split second, she arrived right in front of Mo Wu.

In terms of instant acceleration, even the six-winged Long Haochen was no match for Cai’er.

In the previous match, Cai’er’s matches were concluded with overwhelming speed.

This mage Mo Wu was visibly already prepared. Continuously chanting as a dark purple triangle arose, his body suddenly disappeared right when Cai’er came in front of him.

“Huh?” Cai’er was slightly alarmed, could this dark mage have used some instant shift? In fact, this match did not permit the use of any equipment.

The next instant, this mage Mo Wu already appeared in another direction, with a spinning dark purple triangle visible underneath him.

What technique is that? This was the first time for Cai’er to see such a thing. That was very clearly a self-created technique.

She obviously couldn’t let the opponent complete his magic. With a cold snort, her body flashed once again, but this time, with a lift of her right arm, a huge pure white sickle had appeared in her palm. The Sickle of the God of Death couldn’t be used, but could be imitated. After all, that was the weapon she held with the greatest mastery.

The Sickle of the God of Death swept at the air, immediately causing a spatial crack to appear. It was a small crack, but the instant it appeared, an essence of some unknown element immediately gathered, and that crack actually displayed a massive attractive power.

Not only that, but the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hand swept at six angles, where similar cracks appeared, stirring up all the elemental essence in the stadium and causing a state of spatial chaos.

She did not know what the opponent did, but a darkness element mage cannot possibly execute teleportations, which means that some spatial magic was surely mixed in. Stirring spatial chaos was obviously to prevent her counterpart from teleporting.

All of this happened very fast. Seeing the flickers of pure white colors originating from Cai’er, Mo Wu’s expression changed slightly.

The next instant, Cai’er reappeared in front of him, the Sickle of the God of Death flashing in her hand and slowly hacking at him. Its blade edge carried a sharp, highly invasive aura.

But to shockingly, Mo Wu did not draw back, but stepped up instead, pointing his right hand at the empty space, where a purplish black ray took shape. Just as if the air had become his drawing board, he drew a specific imprint with his hand.

What Cai’er sensed was completely different from the onlookers. With these gestures, Mo Wu’s body immediately looked illusory, and countless Mo Wu shapes arose in front of her, causing his opponent's murderous spirit which had locked on to him to become fainter.

In a white flash, that purplish black ray disappeared, and this instant, Mo Wu’s magic was completed. Purplish-black pillars appeared out of nowhere and surrounded Cai’er’s body in a flash, turning into a circular cage trapping her within.

Hell’s Cage, a powerful darkness attribute spell of the ninth step. 

Cai’er’s sickle was swept horizontally, but only passed through, as if there was no collision at all. But when she tried to rush out with her body, she immediately felt an acute sting spread all over her body as the massive darkness element directly penetrated inside her body.


Cai’er was startled, but had the same calm disposition as usual. She did not panic in front of this kind of situation, her Sickle of the God of Death disappearing, she placed her hands in front of her chest, her eyes even closing down. She seemed to be sensing something, looking for a hole in the Hell’s Cage.

Seeing his Hell’s Cage being so effective, Mo Wu couldn’t help but reveal a dim smile. As he kept up the incantation, some purplish-black halation spread underneath his feet, and very quickly, these halations took a solid form, ascending over his body to take a shape close to an altar.

Raising his right hand, a black staff appeared in Mo Wu’s hands. Although only formed with spiritual energy, it made him look extremely sumptuous and mighty right now.

Purplish black rays circulated around the top of the staff, turning into a magnificent mage gown covering him, and instantly causing his demeanor to gain greatly in might.

A terrifying pressure arose itself around his body, a large area of purplish-black clouds revolving around the altar he had created. As these purplish-black halations fluttered, some electric light could faintly be seen on it.

Since when did the Mage Temple have another powerhouse like that? This was clearly the power of a domain! Those from the other five Temples couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. This Mo Wu’s attainments and cultivation were far higher than they expected. Not only was Cai’er trapped by this mage, but he moreover displayed a domain, which was clearly purely a boosting domain. His next magic would surely gain an impressive deal of might.

Some purplish-black symbols started to drift around the altar as his downcast chant reverberated through the whole stadium. One could faintly see the ground turn unwittingly into that purplish-black color. The cracks left earlier by Cai’er also closed entirely.

“Destructor of darkness, ruler of darkness. Descend, Dark Sovereign!” As his chant went on, Mo Wu’s eyes shot up with purple electric light, and a purple hexagram appeared in front of his altar. There, a massive image started to take shape, drifting inside that hexagram.

It was a human figure measuring about five meters, clad in a dark purple armor, and with a pair of large curved horns extending from the back of its head. But as that individual was masked, his face was not visible.

In his right hand was a huge sword, gushing out with purplish-black light. Just as he appeared, he gave off an incorporeal pressure. Even the defensive barrier’s defense gave off a kind of stifling feeling.

“What a powerful dark mage!” Lin Xin couldn’t help but remark in alarm.

This was clearly a formidable dark mage, who had furthermore summoned a Dark Sovereign of terrifying strength, whose might could even compare with the post-fusion four-headed chimera of Chen Hongyu.

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