Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Haoyue, First Demon God in existence? (III)

The Temples’ Great Gathering did not allow one to wound or kill the enemy, but summoned beasts were exceptions! Seeing Long Haochen, his sword strike looked about to take the Ice Orangutan’s life.

Only when facing it for real could one truly realize the extent reached by his sword intent. Reaching the level of materializing the sword’s soul, the eruption of his sword intent reached a quite higher level of power than Qiu Yonghao. That Ice Orangutan had an indescribable sense of terror, and was instantly pressured to a great extent, and locked into an inescapable state. All it could do was to shout grudgingly, crossing its hands to block the attack. But everyone could tell that the sword strike overflowing with might that came down was really not something he could block.

All of this took place just too fast. In Chen Hongyu’s view, Long Haochen was in the end Chen Ying’er’s captain, and wouldn’t in the end go immediately for the kill. This Ice Orangutan he sent actually didn’t have much utility, except from hopefully delaying Haochen. But Long Haochen’s sudden burst of power not only showed him Haochen’s great strength, but moreover caused him to get panicky and hastily accelerate the completion of his spell, totally wrecking his rhythm.

But Chen Hongyu was indignant at Long Haochen’s really too fast burst of power, making him already too late for the rescue. This Ice Orangutan being one of his pacted magical beast, in case Long Haochen was to kill it, his strength would get seriously affected. Moreover, a summoner has great emotions towards his pacted magical beast. For a moment, Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but become greatly furious, great surges of emotions rising into him.

Split in two in a sword strike? Of course not, Long Haochen was the Scion of Light, not a Scion of Slaughter. And moreover, he was facing one of his allies from the Temple Alliance, not a demon. 

When that huge sword looked about to split the Ice Orangutan, the sword blade was suddenly reversed, the attack turning into using the flat part, beating the Ice Orangutan’s arms.

In yesterday’s battle against Yang Haoyu, Haochen was completely suppressed cultivation-wise, but the opposite happened today with this Ice Orangutan, whose spiritual energy was completely suppressed by its opponent. 

Bang. The Ice Orangutan’s body smashed the stiff ground, fragments of ice splattering on his chest, the defensive magic attached to him getting completely pierced through. Its head took a direct fall, and from the looks, it had completely lost its fighting strength.

And that was Long Haochen showing mercy! After breaking the Orangultan’s arms, his massive sword intent shot up above its head, causing it to lose consciousness. If he really wanted, he had at least ten means to kill this magical beast of the tenth rank without much effort.

With a wave of his hand, an intense bright light gushed out all around Long Haochen, shrouding the whole field in a flash. A sweet sounding echo came: the Light God Domain!

Right now, he gave off the feeling of going all out, not showing any reserves nor probing.

After that huge light sword defeated the Ice Orangutan, the amplification of the Light God Domain could be sensed, instantly gaining in substance. Long Haochen waved his right hand, and immediately shot a projectile directly at that light gate.

This aside, both Long Haochen’s hands were crossed in front of his body, and after the Heart of Eternity pulsed thrice, another white-colored blade flew up, chasing after that huge light sword and directly causing it to turn into an incandescent color. The terrible sword intent even caused cracks to appear on the defensive barrier opposite.

The Light God Domain was not only about domain domination and elemental domination! It caused all Long Haochen’s light attribute abilities to gain a terrifying boost.

This blow fused sword soul and sword intent in one. Looking at Long Haochen’s displayed move from the booths of the Warrior Temple, Qiu Yonghao finally understood that Long Haochen had been lenient on him that day. Being able to utilize Sword Soul was not as simple as only owning it. Of course, this was accomplished with the help of the Light God Domain.

After discussing with Yang Haoyu and Chen Zidian, Long Haochen had already returned to train in seclusion for the rest of the previous day and until the matches of today? In just a day, he had gained a whole new understanding of his domain’s capabilities. Naturally, his cultivation developed accordingly. His newest comprehension acquired through battle was naturally showing the greatest effects.

After his resurrection, Long Haochen’s greatest regret was Yating’s disappearance. As his heart was smashed into pieces, the spiritual stove fused with her disappeared then, and even the ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove left along with it.

In the process of thinking back about Yating, Long Haochen gained a deeper level of understanding toward sword intent, which is how he gained sword soul.

At the time he had first made use of sword soul, he faintly became aware that Yating was not dead for real. She seemed to still be existing in a part of his body, but just couldn’t be vividly sensed. He believed that as long as his sword soul could grow stronger, there would come a day that he would be able to awaken Yating from her slumbering area.

Sword soul, as the name implies, consists of bestowing a soul to one’s sword. A sword intent with no sword soul wouldn’t last for too long. As a result, an attack from sword intent would frequently be lacking in adaptability. But with a soul in the sword, sword intent gains myriads of variations, making it inevitably far more powerful.

In the past, when the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang had attained this realm, he had become the number one talent in the Warrior Temple. And now, Long Haochen clearly also attained it.

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Yang Haohan couldn’t help but nod secretly to Long Haochen. The match they had yesterday was mostly a contest of domains. If at that time, Long Haochen had used his sword intent fused wih sword soul along with the Light God Domain, that would be a great threat against him. Only, because the two of them were immersed in a clash of domains, Long Haochen just did not use it.


A thunderous roar rang out, and immediately, a four-colored luster came out from that light gate, colliding with Long Haochen’s huge sword.

Speaking of which, that four-colored radiance were really bizarre. Upon clashing with Long Haochen’s huge sword fused with sword intent and sword soul, it not only stopped the advance of the huge sword, but also condensed into four spherical projectiles of different colors.

Long Haochen urged out his sword intent, and abruptly, the Light God Domain shrank, gathering its amplifying effects. And that instant, those four projectiles blowed up.

A terrifying blasting force instantly caused massive pressure onto the defensive barrier outside, to the extent of forcing Chen Zidian to once again intervene personally.

Long Haochen’s immense light sword was smashed to thin pieces, as he was pushed a hundred meters away alongside the Divine Unicorn in a deep shock.

The light gate enlarging, a massive figure rushed out from within. That was nothing else but Chen Hongyu’s contracted beast, the four-headed chimera.

Seeing that four-headed chimera, Long Haochen almost had the unconscious urge of summoning Haoyue. In front of Haoyue’s blood suppression, this four-headed chimera should not be of any use.

But, very rapidly, Long Haochen dispelled these thoughts because he sensed that this four-headed chimera seemed to have grown to a whole different level from before.

The first change was relevent to Long Haochen’s previous attack, which already exerted all his strength. Even a powerhouse of the third or fourth rank of the ninth step would find it strenuous to respond. That was an attack mixing both sword intent and sword’s soul, but it was simply received like that by the four-headed chimera. It was far from being as powerful previously, and the difference was really very wide.

The other change was that in the eyes of this four-headed chimera, Long Haochen could see a great wrath and extremely fierce human nature.


Without leaving Long Haochen the time to ponder over the issue, the four-headed chimera launched a powerful attack, all four heads spitting breaths simulteously, not aimed directly at Long Haochen, but gathering in midair to turned into a four colored ball shot sharply at Long Haochen.

In the meantime, a four-colored radiance of blue, red, yellow, and green instantly spread out from the four-headed chimera. That was actually a four-elemental domain.

Chen Ying’er was in great alarm seeing this scene, murmuring, “Wow, Grandpa! To actually have achieved contracted fusion, he really has already broken through the third rank of the ninth step.”

Lin Xin asked curiously, “What is a contracted fusion?”

Chen Ying’er replied, “That’s the fusion between a summoner and his contracted beast. Grandpa’s current strength has made one with the four-headed chimera Xingxuan. But the downside is that he cannot utilize any more summoning magic that way. However, Xingxuan’s strength has been greatly upgraded, and is now fully under Grandpa’s control. Her abilities have risen to a next level, haven’t you seen the domain Xingxuan has just unleashed?”

“Puhu.” Lin Xin suddenly laughed.

Chen Ying’er asked in puzzlement, “What are you laughing about, has-drugs-bro?”

Lin Xin laughingly replied, “Oh, I suddenly realized that if you rise to the third rank of the ninth step, you will have this contracted fusion ability. Won’t that turn you into a pig? Wahaha, so funny!”

“You!” Chen Ying’er erupted in fury, fiercely pinching Lin Xin’s waist. The others already couldn’t help but burst out in laughter as well.

That’s actually exactly the case. McDull being just a little pig, if Chen Ying’er undergoes contracted fusion with it, that will really turn her into a pig! 

In the stadium, Long Haochen was able to sense abnormalities in the four-headed chimera, but hadn’t guessed that this was a contracted fusion between Chen Hongyu and Xingxuan.

Four elemental chaotic magic. Although that was just a simple spit, the authenticity of its might was already proved.

Long Haochen didn’t dare tarry. Raising his right hand, a bright white glow came out instantly in the empty space, bombarding that four-elemental cage.

Instant cast, Light of Trial.

At the time this Light of Trial burst out, it emitted a clear and all around-spreading sound. All around it, series of angels were faintly seen revolving.

In the midst of a loud explosion, the four-elemental cage ruptured, and although its massive blasting force engulfed the Light of Trial, it didn’t come flying toward Long Haochen’s side until the end.

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