Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 697

Chapter 697: Haoyue, First Demon God in existence? (II)

Chen Zidian’s dignified voice reverberated once again, “Fourth rounds of the individual competition, start.”

Two lights of selections came, producing swishing sounds. After travelling through the air, one of them directly fell on the lounge of the Knight Temple. This was the most probable, as, after all, the Knight Temple had five people left for this fourth round, while Bright Glimmer of Hope had seven of them, making for over half of the contestants left from the third round.

In a flicker of light, a knight from the Knight Temple was picked alongside a powerhouse from the Mage Temple.

The fourth stage of the competition started with intense clashes.

After that great battle opposing Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu yesterday, today’s Li Zhengzhi looked extremely calm, seated on the first row of the Mage Temple’s contestant booth. Like he ordinarily did, he carried a faint smile on his face, as if Bright Glimmer of Hope’s outstanding performance had nothing to do with him.

In the fourth rounds, the ones left seemed to be only powerhouses of the ninth steps, and only excellent figures at that. The competition thus became increasingly heated.

After one hour passed, a half of the twelve matches went by. Three of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks had appeared. Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin passed the ordeal, while Zhang Fangfang lost to Li Zhengzhi.

For the seventh match, when the light of selection illuminated Long Haochen’s body, the whole audience became quiet.

Long Haochen did not look any different from yesterday, still carrying a light smile on his face, and dispersing a gentle aura. But now, no one underestimated this captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope anymore.

Yang Haoyu was not very well-known before his match against Long Haochen, but after the clashes of domains, Yang Haoyu’s identity rapidly spread ear by ear. The number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple!

The ones that really came to this realization during this match were still after all very few, and all the great majority knew was that Long Haochen was the final victor of this match.

For such a young Titled Demon Hunt Squad Captain to defeat in succession the number one powerhouses from the Warrior Temple and Knight Temple, Long Haochen and Bright Glimmer of Hope had already became the main target of attention. The splendor of the Six Great Temples was already outshined by their strong performances.

For the fourth match, Long Haochen entered the stage once again. But, amazingly, it had to be wondered whether this could be called the Will of Heavens or really terrible luck, as he had this time to confront another domain wielder, as well as one of the most well-known powerhouses of the Temple Alliance, the head of the Spiritual Temple and wielder of the Beast Emperor Domain, Chen Hongyu.

Seeing that he had drawn Long Haochen as his opponent, Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but shiver lightly. The one he was the most unwilling to face off against was actually Long Haochen.

In the battle between Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu, he had already understood that there was quite a gap between Yang Haoyu’s cultivation and his own. Although Long Haochen could be said to have had a modest victory against Yang Haoyu, the fact he had managed to keep up in such a situation was more than ample to prove this youngster’s dominant power.

In less than five years since their last confrontation, he already became a domain wielding powerhouse. Losing against him would certainly be a great loss of face. But even winning against such a young person would be nothing glorious.

So when Chen Hongyu came out from the Spiritual Temple’s side, his complexion was quite unsightly. Long Haochen was no Chen Ying’er, so as the head of the Spiritual Temple, he naturally couldn’t just concede, much less just throw the game.

Long Haochen took the lead to walk into the stadium, paying his respects to Chen Hongyu, performing a standard knight salute in front of him, “Greetings, Temple Head Chen.”

“En.” Chen Hongyu only nodded, “Let’s start.” He was unwilling to speak more. This match could only be an all out effort; after all, Long Haochen couldn’t bring out offensive weapons such as in the previous match. Naturally, he was able to tell that if he hadn’t had the Sword of Life and Creation formed with those two divine swords, Long Haochen couldn’t possibly cause those two evolutions of his domain. Winning against Long Haochen was not impossible for him. Putting the rest aside, he’s a powerhouse reaching the third rank of the ninth step, and Long Haochen should not yet have attained the third rank.

However, Chen Hongyu really had a bad affinity with Long Haochen. Back then, his face off against Bright Glimmer of Hope should originally be a totally one-sided match for him, but who could imagine that the instant Long Haochen’s six-headed beast came out, his four-headed chimera immediately lost all fighting strength, and up to now, Chen Hongyu had yet to understand what kind of magical beast Long Haochen’s mount could be. Thinking about how his summoned beast would certainly be suppressed, he did not feel good at all.

However, in this match, after all, he didn’t have Chen Ying’er to suppress his domain, so his Beast Emperor Domain was able to display its full power. But whether it would hold water was heard to say: in the past years, Chen Hongyu’s cultivation also increased significantly, be it in his control over his domain or his control over his summoned beast and his quality of summons.

Lifting his hands, milky white radiances appeared in Chen Hongyu’s palms, turning in a blink of an eye into a milky-white ball of light floating in front of him. No equipment could be used, so one could only make an imitation made of spiritual energy.

A gate of light instantly took shape behind Chen Hongyu, and his figure flashed, directly disappearing after passing through the gate.

The Divine Unicorn reappeared in front of Long Haochen. It wasn’t that he found that sufficient, but Haoyue’s abilities were just overly overbearing and likely to cause injuries. As this was the Temples’ Great Gathering and not a battle against demons, he wouldn’t lightly let him come out unless absolutely necessary. With the rise of his cultivation, Haoyue’s tyrannical and destructive aspects rose at extreme speed, and Long Haochen sometimes had difficulty to control well his emotions.

The Divine Unicorn was not the same: Star King had followed Long Haochen since the time he was just a Starlight Unicorn, and couldn’t have evolved without him. Therefore, although there was no binding pact between Long Haochen and him, he had extremely deep feelings toward Haochen. And moreover, following a Light God Body owner such a Long Haochen was extremely beneficial for his cultivation. Unicorns were innately close to light, so who else than Long Haochen could get as intimate to him?

Still, Star King had his own issues. Having evolved into a Divine Unicorn recently, he was still in the midst of adapting, and unable to use a lot of a Divine Unicorn’s abilities. Otherwise, the boost he had provided in yesterday’s match to Long Haochen would in no way have been so simple. One of Long Haochen’s hopes was to stir up Star King’s potential through continuous battles, to genuinely make him a Divine Unicorn.

A terrifying roar shook up the whole stage as a huge figure came out from Chen Hongyu’s summoning gate.

This huge figure was a whole fifteen meters tall, standing as imposingly as a mountain, and its whole body covered with white hairs flickering in metallic lusters. Standing vertically, it pounded his pair of huge fists onto its own chest, issuing loud Dam Dam Dam sounds.

Long Haochen had never seen such a huge orangutan before. Amongst magical beasts, orangutan were all powerhouses, not only possessing unyielding capabilities, but, moreover, a much higher intelligence than ordinary magical beasts. His powerful physical capabilities, nimble speed, and very dangerous attacks made them one of the favorite targets of summoners.

When Long Haochen’s group faced off Chen Hongyu five years ago, he had not seen this magical beast, be it because Chen Hongyu intentionally did not call it out back then or did not have it yet. From the fluctuations it released, one could determine that it was certainly one of Chen Hongyu’s nine possible pacted magical beasts, and not an ordinary summon.

And, to Long Haochen’s shock, Chen Hongyu’s presence totally disappeared after he stepped into this light gate. None of his mental inspections actually managed to find traces of his presence. Just what summoner ability could that be?

That huge orangutan roared, and immediately rushed toward Long Haochen at frantic speed, accelerating all the way. In only two dashes and one leap, it was already in front of Long Haochen.

Abruptly raising its two hands, it immediately punched straight into Long Haochen’s face.

Before its palm arrived, a terrifying gale was already whizzing through, and more terrifyingly, a terrible cold air enveloped both Haochen and the Divine Unicorn at the time the orangutan punched out.

An ice-element magical beast of the tenth rank, equivalent to a human powerhouse of the ninth step. This punch alone was sufficient for Long Haochen to sense its great power. Against a summoner, the greatest priority was to stop the opponent from calling out all his summoned beasts.

The piercing chill was not only highly invasive, but moreover caused their speeds to drop down.

Long Haochen didn’t avoid such an attack, crossing his hands to form a parrying posture.

With a sound of bang, a lot of people unconsciously believed that Long Haochen would get pushed away by this punch, but the final result was the complete opposite.

Upon contact of that domineering fist with Long Haochen’s completely contrasting hands, the orangutan’s figure visibly froze, his body being ejected the next instant. 

It smashed all the way towards the light gate.

The Divine Unicorn flapped its wings and brought Long Haochen to chase all the way. A huge golden sword appeared in midair. Carrying some similarities with Qiu Yonghao’s Sword Intent Domain, that huge light-sword’s domineering sword intent instantly locked onto the orangutan, chopping down.

To say nothing about Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity, his internal spiritual energy reached 290,000, so even if his cultivation was a bit weaker, the Divine Unicorn he rode should not be forgotten!

The Divine Unicorn’s boost of his spiritual energy was at least of a hundred thousand, totalling over 150,000 if Sacred Light was to be added up. Otherwise, Long Haochen couldn’t be a match in yesterday’s domain clash.

This Ice Orangutan was a powerful magical beast of the tenth rank, but only equivalent to an initial stage powerhouse of the ninth step. In a direct clash, its ice attribute was no match for Long Haochen’s light and neither was its spiritual energy a match, naturally causing it to be ruthlessly sent flying.

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