Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Haoyue, First Demon God in existence? (I)

“When are you planning on taking the Divine Thrones’ trial?” Yang Haoyu asked solemnly.

Long Haochen replied, “The first thing I plan on doing after the Temples’ Great Gathering terminates is to return back to our Knight Temple to take on the trial of the Divine Thrones. But it’s not only me: Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang will also come along. As they have already broken through the ninth step, they should have this qualification.”

Yang Haoyu nodded, “You are indeed all qualified. I have called you over today in the hope that you can prepare yourself. If your objective is the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, you have to give it a deep consideration from today onwards.”

Long Haochen was shaken. He knew that Yang Haoyu should be the only living powerhouse of the Knight Temple to have formerly attempted to gain the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Although he had failed, that experience was certainly the most precious thing that came out.

Yang Haoyu asked, “Do you know why I have finally not become a Divine Knight?

Long Haochen tried to answer, “Is that because you have been wholeheartedly focused on obtaining the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?”

Yang Haoyu showed a bitter smile, “Speaking of which, this is a matter regarding Starry Sky. When I was young, after climbing over the Temples’ Great Gathering, I had not manage to find a magical beast fitting me. Therefore, just like you, I went to look for one through the summoning array. Your multiple-headed magical beast should be from there. Speaking of which, we were both really lucky. I also gained the approval of Starry Sky there.”

“The Starry Sky Mythological Beast’s true power is fusion. It doesn’t have any attached offensive and defensive abilities, but can draw out power from the starry sky to help me train and battle. Also, as my cultivation grows, its ability also grows gradually. This gave it the reputation of the number-one star-manipulating mythological beast.”

”In some ways, although the Divine Thrones are the signboard of our Knight Temple, the other five Divine Thrones alone will all bring me benefits far below Starry Sky. Starry Sky is not only a divine tool-like existence to me, but an exceptional companion helping me in cultivating. My talent is actually far below old Chen, but it is Starry Sky’s assistance that enabled my current attainments. But, Starry Sky didn’t give me the choice; it told me that it won’t attach itself to any divine tool of lower quality than itself, so I could only challenge the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, only to end up failing.”

Long Haochen came to a sudden realization. So, Yang Haoyu turned out to have such a story.

Yang Haoyue replied, “What amazed me today was not your cultivation, but the gap between Starry Sky and your multiple-headed magical beast. When you called out that multi-headed beast at the critical juncture, it caused Starry Sky to flee provisionally with just a roar. It’s the first time I have had such an encounter ever since concluding my contract with Starry Sky. Do you know what thoughts Starry Sky spread to me at that time?”

Long Haochen shook his head.

“Starry Sky was terribly afraid... as far as I remember, Starry Sky has always been proud, even when becoming my contracted companion. But that was the first time I saw such a cowardly side of it. After the match ended, I asked it just what happened. After becoming silent for a short while, it told me that, just like it's the number one Starry Sky, your multi-headed companion is the very first demon god that came to be. The two of them are existences of a whole different level, and Starry Sky did not agree to tell me more about it.”

“The first demon god that came to be?”

Seeing the look of shock on Long Haochen’s face, Yang Haoyu couldn’t help but show great astonishment, “Could it be that you don’t know the antecendents of this magical beast of yours either?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “At the time I summoned Haoyue in this world, he had just the looks of a lizard. At that time, he was covered in bruises...”

Then he went on to rescue Haoyue with his own blood at once, causing his second, light elemental, head to grow, after which Haoyue kept evolving, getting stronger and stronger, and he explained in a simple sentence that he even had the ability to destroy demon god pillars.

Hearing Long Haochen’s story, Chen Zidian and Yang Haoyu exchanged glances. These two legendary beings appeared filled with shock. They were originally under the belief that Long Haochen had relied on that pure light power as the Scion of Light to destroy demon god pillars. Only now did they realize that it was actually Haoyue’s ability.

“So it was actually to make use of the blood contract between Haoyue and you to kill Haoyue that the Demon God Emperor wanted to kill you. Just what could Haoyue be to even cause the Demon God Emperor to fear him...” Chen Zidian had a pondering look. Even with his over three hundred years of living, he had no clue on what kind of magical beast Haoyue could be.

Yang Haoyue heaved a smile, “No need to think on it too deeply, old Chen. Although we don’t understand Haoyue’s antecedents clearly, we can be sure that he will be of great use. Could it be that you don’t understand the binding of a blood contract? He’s simply akin to a part of Haochen’s body.”

Hearing this, Chen Zidian finally revealed a look of relief. Since that was the case, with the binding of the contract, there was no shortcomings in getting Haoyue as strong as possible.

Yang Haoyu told Long Haochen, “It looks that with those two huge bulges on the two sides of this magical beast’s neck, he has the possibility of growing even more heads. With six heads, he’s already at the peak of the eighth step, so once he evolves, wouldn’t his strength rise to an unimaginable measure? As long as his cultivation reaches roughly the third rank of the ninth step, he will be certain to possess a domain ability. And then, with him joining with you, I will completely be no opponent for you, making you the real number one powerhouse of the Alliance at that time. Haochen, try to hurry the matter and help him achieve his breakthrough.”

Long Haochen nodded. Actually, over this period of over four years, Haoyue had not only recovered from all his wounds, but moreover his strength made huge leaps: in those years, a part of the spiritual energy he absorbed from the Tower of Eternity was passed on to Haoyue, who had an incredible accumulation of power. Since his accumulation was sufficient, he could already make a breakthrough at anytime.

But, Haoyue told him by mental transmission that this breakthrough would very possibly draw out the strongest existences of his realm. Those powerhouses had long since taken the greatest measures, knowing that if they couldn’t stop Haoyue from evolving this time, they would never possibly restrict Haoyue.

So, Long Haochen needed to take absolutely safe precautions as this related greatly to Haoyue and his team’s life or death. After this Temples’ Great Gathering terminates, Long Haochen wanted to strive for acquiring a Divine Throne’s approval before helping Haoyue make his breakthrough to raise the certainty of managing to help Haoyue make his breakthrough.

Yang Haoyu declared, “Apart from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, all five of the other’s can only be called reproductions. Although they all reach the level of divine tool, they are on completely different levels compared to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. With your talent and cultivation, you are bound to gain the approval from these five Divine Thrones, making you directly able to become a Divine Throne. But to really become the owner of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, you must undergo its trial. Back then, I failed to pass it.”

“Trial?” Long Haochen asked curiously, “Grandpa Yang, what is the trial of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation about?”

Yang Haoyu replied, “This is what I wanted to tell you about, the primary reason for my failure of that time was...”

Long Haochen, Yang Haoyu and Chen Zidian had a private discussion for over one hour before exiting the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Pagoda. Yang Haoyu told him about a lot of miraculous aspects of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, while enlightening him a lot on the subject of domains, giving him plenty of benefits.

The chaos of Holy War gradually appeased, and thanks to the hard work of the powerhouses from the Six Great Tempels, the social state of Holy City returned to normal.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was in the midst of getting restored. At least a thousand artisans were involved, but by chance the defensive formation inside didn’t suffer any damage, so only outside repairs were needed. Under the joint efforts of so many artisans, it took a day to finish restoring it all.

Second day, morning.

When Long Haochen led Bright Glimmer of Hope to return to the Temples’ Great Gathering, they almost instantly became the focal point of all powerhouses from the Six Great Temples.

The last three matches were rapidly undertaken, and twenty-four contestants came out of the lot.

After the termination of the third round, every winning contestant had gained four total points. After these matches went on, the Knight Temple only had five contestants left, with six for the Mage Temple, three for the Spiritual Temple, two for the Assassin Temple, and only one left for the Warrior Temple. Bright Glimmer of Hope was the greatest black horse, with a total of seven people left.

After three rounds, some variations were seen in the total scores. The Knight Temple had sixty-six points, the Mage Temple sixty-five, Bright Glimmer of Hope, fifty-six, the Spiritual Temple, forty-two, the Assassin Temple, thirty-four, and the Warrior Temple had twenty-four.

With only ten contestants, Bright Glimmer of Hope had actually risen to the third place after three rounds, and, although a gap still separated them from the top two, catching up wasn’t feasible. Only a gap of one point remained between the Mage Temple and the Knight Temple as well.

The individual competition was already at its final climax. The fourth round was bound to change the final rankings the most greatly: these matches would enable every contestant to gain a worth of over eight points. Without a doubt, Bright Glimmer of Hope had already become the hottest topic in vogue: up to seven of the twelve matches would involve them.

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