Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 694

Chapter 694: Haoyue, possibility of eight heads (II) 

Right now, the Light God Domain was in an extraordinary state, but that was actually not a second evolution. Just like the armor materialized on Long Haochen’s body, that came from Haoyue’s power. That six-headed purple figure was no one else but Haoyue who had nearly died alongside Long Haochen, and had gone into hiding for over five years.

That deep purple halation was Haoyue’s bloodline power!

Just like Long Haochen’s cultivation rose to the second rank of the ninth step, Haoyue also made considerable progress, greatly gaining in volume to now be over thirty meters long. All his scales were like glistening amethysts, but actually, his cultivation only reached the peak of the eighth step. But, assessing Haoyue could naturally not be done with such simple factors alone.

Those two huge bulges seemed to possibly be about to form heads at anytime. The six-headed Haoyue already reaching the peak of the eighth step, if he were to grow two more heads to gain eight heads, just what level would he reach? Even Long Haochen himself did not dare imagine. Also, because Haoyue’s latent capabilities only kept growing stronger and stronger, Long Haochen’s curiosity regarding his origins only kept growing.

Assimilating Haoyue’s blood force, Long Haochen also felt a spurt of the power coming from Haoyue’s blood force into his own body too. The Light God Domain which was ordinarily gentle gained nobility and might. To life and creations were added ounces of devastation and destruction. These two extremes coming out from Haoyue’s powerful blood vessels integrated the whole perfectly.

Haoyue was certainly not as powerful as Long Haochen right now, but the level reached by his blood vessels’ power was not even bearable for the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, which separated itself from Yang Haoyu’s body, causing Yang Haoyu’s Star Domain to lose balance immediately.

In the midst of this disturbance, Long Haochen’s attack raised to its strongest degree of strength.

The Heart of Eternity pulsed vigorously, and the purplish-gold colored divine swords released an unprecedented luster, filled with domineering sword intent and also carrying a purplish-golden glint while elevated high. This instant, his sword’s soul and sword intent made one, and caused Long Haochen to instantly arise to his peak state.

However, Yang Haoyu did deserve his reputation after all. The Starry Sky Mythological Beast separated from him only for a split second before returning to cover his body. But the Star Domain was weakened slightly, while Long Haochen’s agile attack carried an earth shattering power. With a shout, the swords in his hand traced an abstruse arc, gathering myriad Starlights as one to clash with Long Haochen’s powerful strike.

This clash looked unimportant, but in the Knight Temple’s lounge, it caused great changes in the expression on Chen Zidian’s face. His figure flashed to reach the top of the defensive barrier, and he shouted loudly, “Full power to support the barrier everyone!”

Those two’s blows sprang up to the barrier. This clash contained the full power of the two of them, already exceeding the level of normal domains. They seemed to have actually forgotten that this was a match taking place in the Temples’ Great Gathering! A clash reaching their level was already beyond what the divine-tool-level defensive barrier could sustain. And, in case it shattered, perhaps the whole Holy City would get affected, especially the numerous crowd standing outside. A real blast-out would really turn this match into an unprecedented calamity.

Chen Zidian did not stop them all this time because he was very familiar with Yang Haoyu, hence fully aware of the height of his cultivation, knowing that he’s a really proper person. But who could guess that Long Haochen would suddenly summon another magical beast, before uniting with him and actually severing the link between Yang Haoyu and the Starry Sky Mythological Beast. This inflamed Yang Haoyu’s competitiveness, resulting in this clash of maximal power. If it were let to burst out, even among the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples, perhaps only a few of those inferior to the ninth step would remain.

Being the chief referee, how could he let such a situation take place? His first reaction was to immediately asking for help, as the defensive barrier was their only means to unite their strengths at once.

Hearing Chen Zidian’s large shout, the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples almost all set into action with no hesitation. Li Zhengzhi was the first one to react, pressing both his hands onto the barrier to pour his spiritual energy inside.

This barrier was extremely mystical. Aside from pouring spiritual energy inside through the magic array, it was also possible to pour it inside directly. However, it would just not have the same amplifying effects as through the array.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was a contest between the greatest powerhouses of the Temple Alliances, where all kinds of accidents had already occured. Such a defensive barrier strengthening had been formerly employed in earlier Temples’ Great Gathering. For instance, the Scion of Samsara of the past had narrowly caused it to get totally torn to shreds.

Although the defensive barrier of the Temple’s Great Stadium covered a very large area, the manpower to sustain it was also enormous. Right now, the collaboration of all powerhouses from the Six Great Temple instantly strengthened it to an enormous degree.

An earthquake like shaking immediately broke out. The area within was already filled with a myriad of flowing lights of every color. Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu’s figures were completely submerged in that magnificent light, and the massive shaking was already implicating the whole Holy City, just like a real earthquake.

The defensive barrier could sustain severe blows because the ones sustaining it had come flying from all the lounges, reaching at least the eighth step of cultivation. Yet they were sent flying one after another by the huge shock. The whole barrier flickered in multicolored light. Everyone could sense a terrifying might surging inside the barrier. Letting it burst out would cause devastating damage to spread.

The defensive barrier could resist the shocks from spiritual energy, but no one was able to cover the surface underneath it, so right now, it started to split from below, causing the whole Temple’s Great Stadium to sway violently, some cracks starting to form on its floor. 

Right this time, a multicolored golden light instantly came in midair. As that golden light gained in scale, it covered the whole floor of the Alliance’s Great Stadium before slowly spreading downwards to start to cover the whole great stadium.

The shaking of Holy City stopped at last, but because of the substantial damage caused by this light, the roof disappeared totally.

That was a pagoda, flickering in golden light spilling all over the air. On this pagoda were countless golden inscriptions, letting out lusters of various colors. That seven-floored pagoda seemed just large enough to cover the surface of the Alliance’s Great Stadium as well as the whole defensive barrier. The instant it landed onto the ground, the earthquake-like shocks were finally contained.

Everyone outside of the Alliance’s Great Stadium was already in a great panic. Every broadcasting magical crystal had been broken into pieces, and the masses were filled with shocking terror. Fortunately, that terrifying earth-shaking as if a mighty dragon rolled over disappeared after only continuing for a very short time.

Seeing the immense tower that had risen up in the midst of that split Alliance’s Great Stadium, gasped shouts arose immediately from the people.

Cai’er calmly remained afloat, stretching her right hand in front of her with her palm spread out.

This crushing presence in the midst of the stadium was with no doubt the Tower of Eternity.

The current Tower of Eternity was completely different from before. It seemed much less mystical, appearing closer to a genuine divine tool. Although it didn’t reach the level of a supra-divine tool, it had a space shuttling ability, and moreover, an exceeding defensive power. Before the Holy Necromancer Elux got purified, it had already acknowledged Cai’er as a master, acting right now as an attacker and defender with a spatial teleporting ability at Cai’er’s disposal.

The Tower of Eternity issued light chirping sounds which lasted for a long time before gradually calming down. A bright light flashed out from Cai’er’s chest, as her right hand was waved at the Tower of Eternity.

The Tower of Eternity flew twenty meters upwards before shrinking rapidly, landing back in Cai’er’s hands, to finally turn into an intricate golden jewel twenty-five centimeters long  returning to her palm.

Cai’er lifted her wrist, the Eternal Melody flashing on her waist, as the Tower of Eternity disappeared without traces into the shape of countless strands of light, and her gaze shifted impatiently back to the direction of the stadium.

Right now, the stadium had already recovered its calm. No damage was sustained by the barrier in the end, and the higher-ups from the Six Great Temple with the duty of maintaining the barrier gathered back one by one, with a lot of people looking at Cai’er. Without the previous suppression by the Tower of Eternity, although it wouldn’t have gone to the extent of Holy City getting really endangered, that situation like a dragon attack would certainly have caused a massive disorder to arise in Holy City.

The ground of the stadium seemed plowed: the whole ground was dug up with Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu standing on the only two intact pieces of land.

Long Haochen fell onto the ground, using his two heavy swords to support his body, looking quite pale and having traces of blood flow in the corner of his mouth. But one could clearly see a powerful bright light shining on his chest, indicator of the pulse of the Heart of Eternity recuperating a large amount of light essence.

Although Yang Haoyu was still floating, he looked quite wretched, his hair being in complete disorder and the Starry Sky Armor on him having already disappeared.

Chen Zidian was gasping for breath: for the sake of maintaining the defensive barrier, he had just expended too much. The two of them couldn’t help but gasp in silence when looking at the same direction.

“I have lost!” Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu looked at each other, declaring this stance almost simultaneously.

“Huh?” Chen Zidian had a questioning look.

Without leaving the time for Long Haochen to explain himself, Yang Haoyu declared, “I had a slight advantage in the previous clash, but your spiritual energy recovery speed is far greater than mine, and you can moreover summon the Divine Unicorn back to support you for the rest of the battle. The probabilities of you winning are far greater. No need to say more, I am conceding.”

After saying this, his figure flashed out as he took the leave to walk out through the defensive barrier.

Long Haochen looked full of appreciation. He knew that Yang Haoyu was acting on purpose. He was actually the losing side: his latent capabilities were completely squeezed out by Yang Haoyu. If Yang Haoyu had been attacking with all his power from the start, he would have lost long ago. Even the last clashes were actually at Yang Haoyu’s advantage. Even if he were to really attempt killing the opponent, Long Haochen would still only be at most able to inflict him some serious wounds.

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