Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Haoyue, possibility of eight heads (I)

Yang Haoyu’s eyes were filled with admiration. He understood that given enough time, this youngster would surely come to surpass him.

“What a power of life and creation! Then let me show you the last struggle of my domain!” Speaking so, Yang Haoyu slowly lifted his right arm, pointing it to the sky. For the first time, his Star Domain shrank, but kept dispersing stars in the whole process. Long Haochen’s Light God Domain consequently expanded immediately to a great extent. Because even mere dispersed stars were could still inflict massive damage to him, his only option was to slowly neutralize these stars’ power.

From the shrinking domains, a lot of stars gathered on Yang Haoyu. 

His golden armor was originally very gorgeous, but after the stars were inlaid on it one after another, it gained an incomparable brightness.

“Self Incarnating Domain!” Li Zhengzhi lost his voice in alarm, full of shock, followed by a decrepit look on his face. He knew that a hardly closeable gap still existed between Yang Haoyu and him. 

Li Zhengzhi put his greatest hopes on this Temples’ Great Gathering, because he had just broken through the fourth rank of the ninth step of cultivation, his internal spiritual energy exceeding 400,000. Not only that, but he had furthermore two powerful Domain Techniques.

But after seeing the ability Yang Haoyu displayed, he knew that the unsurpassable gap separating him from this legendary Starry Sky Holy Knight was still present.

Self Incarnating Domain, that was a characteristic ability of the fifth rank from the ninth step, representative of the upgrade to a high class powerhouse of the ninth step.

At this moment, the domain was Yang Haoyu himself, and Yang Haoyu was also his own domain, the domain and its wielder becoming a single entity. This was already a boundary of immortality.

Of course, this was not a real immortality, but upon reaching the realm of Self Incarnating Domain, a human powerhouse’s life expectancy would expand to over five hundred years! Chen Zidian didn’t manage to accomplish this feat, yet Yang Haoyu just did.

Long Haochen’s Light God Domain gradually covered Yang Haoyu in its scope, and Yang Haoyu displayed a thin smile on his face. His domain having completely merged with him, this had become a fight inside Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

Waving his swords, Yang Haoyu immediately took the path in front of him. Even the already evolved Light God Domain was split in front of his swords, which had gained transparency, flickered with Starlight just like his armor, embodying the endless night sky.

A bizarre Crossed Starlight Swords strike lacerated the way toward Long Haochen, totally unstoppable by the Light God Domain.

The Starlight Cross sword-strike travelled at very slow speed, but its huge pressure caused Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor to issue a series of crackling sounds, with countless cracks starting to show up on the Golden Foundation Armor. This armor of epic tier was actually completely unable to bear such a level of might.

The Divine Unicorn extended its wings, revealing a pained look. Under that huge pressure, its head was lowered forcefully, and the sacred light dispersed from its horn became far weaker.

This Divine Unicorn was, of course, Star King who evolved along with the rise of Long Haochen’s cultivation. It still did not have its own domain, and its uses had been minimized due to the Star Domain’s suppression.

Yang Haoyu’s strike already made use of most of his domain, compressed to be used in the shape of a technique. This crossed-swords strike could be said to accumulate the power of multitudinous Starry Sky Explosion Techniques. Even the Light God Domain evolved to the boundary of life and creation couldn’t possibly dispel such a highly concentrated domain’s power.

This was the gap in the two parties’ cultivation, already going beyond the gap in the two domains’ qualities.

Ding. With light tingling sounds, Long Haochen instantly chose to discard his own Golden Foundation Armor, turning it back into a Golden Foundation Box dropping down, otherwise it would sustain irreparable damage.

Without the armor’s protection, Long Haochen’s situation of crisis became even more pronounced. The huge might made him unable to even let go of the Sword of Life and Creation in his hands.

This was the true might of the Starry Sky Knight! One could say that the process of the previous course of the battle was simply Yang Haoyu giving direction to Long Haochen for the sake of increasing his experience of resisting powerhouses.

Yang Haoyu’s Starlight Crosstrike was faster than anything else, striking straight at Long Haochen, but the attack speed was voluntarily lowered rapidly, as the pressure was increased.

With the increase in pressure, the rebound would get just as much stronger. With Long Haochen’s cultivation, bearing such a pressure would hardly be possible. Yang Haoyu was trying to force out breakthroughs from Long Haochen with the most of his own strength. Such a practical experience would yield indescribable benefits for his future.

Long Haochen’s body was shivering slightly in the air in front of this devastating pressure, as the harmonious Sword of Life and Creation dispersed dragon-like chants that only kept getting more and more high-pitched

The Starlight Cross strike was getting nearer and nearer to Long Haochen, and he was still unable to come out with an effective response, much less any shift of movement.

Yang Haoyu sighed secretly, thinking to himself, Maybe I just held overly high expectations on this child. He is not even thirty, yet he already managed to evolve his domain once. What more is there to insist for him to display?

The huge pressure started to cause Long Haochen’s mouth and nose to splurt blood. If this kept going on, his life would soon get endangered!

Right as Yang Haoyu was thinking about terminating his attack, he suddenly caught sight of Long Haochen’s eyes.

These eyes were just as limpid, with the same peaceful look even under such desperate straits, with even a look of persistence coupled to this gentle expression.

He hasn’t given up! This was Yang Haoyu’s first reaction, and right at this time, he saw a purple glint in his eyes, as a purplish golden luster emanated from within his eyes, nine purple lines showed up noiselessly on his forehead.

Just like torrential waves, purplish golden halations gushed out from Long Haochen’s back, instantly turning the white Light God Domain a purplish golden color.

The aura of life and creation disappeared, to be replaced by an incomparable might and inexhaustible destructive intent.

That instant, Long Haochen’s aura metamorphosed, the only thing remaining the same being his soft and peaceful look.

A huge illusory figure appeared behind him. That was not the Goddess of Light, as after absorbing Elux’s special qualities as Scion of Light, he was not able to make use of God’s Descent any longer. That was because his spiritual energy reached the quality of a light god, an existence able to contend with the Goddess of Light.

This huge illusory image was purple colored, letting out resplendent purple, its six immense heads lifted high and with two huge bulges on the extreme sides of the six heads, already close to the shape of the other six heads.

The illusory look of that stature gradually gained in substance, its huge wings unfolding and causing the addition of an incomparable nobility and might to Long Haochen’s purplish god Light God Domain. 

Right, his blood vessels had called him out in front of the high pressure and life threatening crisis confronting Long Haochen.

Roa! An overwhelming roar resounded behind Long Haochen. 

The deep traces of purple intent flared up, turning into a purple halation blowing at Yang Haoyu. Astonishingly, everywhere the purple light passed, Long Haochen’s surrounding sturned purplish-gold in color, and that Starlight Cros strike came to a stop in midair. One could shockingly see that purplish light extend on the path taken by Yang Haoyu, annihilating an innumerable Starlight on its way.

Yang Haoyu’s swords changed stance, its Starlight interweaving into a magnificent star atlas. But all this Starlight seemed completely useless in front of that purplish golden halation when dispersed directly. When that purplish light made contact with Yang Haoyu, his body shivered violently, and an illusory golden cloud separated from him, fluttering toward the opposite direction.

The Sword of Life and Creation in Long Haochen’s hands finally landed, greatly reducing the might of the Starlight Sword Crosstrike, and in the midst of resonating clinging sounds, the crossed swords were split. Long Haochen took advantage of the great momentum to flash forward, the massive image on his back merging with him to turn into a magnificent purplish-golden armor.

But this purplish-gold color was far too overbearing.  At the time it stuck onto Long Haochen’s body, the Divine Unicorn was actually expelled far away.

How strange to see the Divine Unicorn not show the slightest resistance at such a time. The multicolored hexagram traced under its feet disappeared quietly, and if one paid careful attention, he would find out that at the time that massive purple figure appeared, even the top tier Divine Unicorn looked filled with terror. 

To the opposite of Long Haochen’s magnificent purplish-golden armor, Yang Haoyu’s Starry Sky Armor and dual swords actually both disappeared. That previous sound of roaring accompanied with the release of a purple halation actually forcefully cut his contact with the Starry Sky Mythological Beast.

Yang Haoyu was completely filled with shock right now. A second evolution… That was actually a second evolution that took place in his domain! This was impossible; even a powerhouse of the ninth step, fifth rank such as himself couldn’t accomplish this feat! Only at the sixth or even seventh rank could that possibly be done.

He also felt the sense of his companion. That purple halation unexpectedly aroused fear in the Starry Sky Mythological Beast known to be the number one mythological beast of the starry sky type. Ever since he made a pact with the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, it was a first for this to happen to Yang Haoyu.

From the start of this battle, Long Haochen was constantly under pressure. The pressure being abruptly lightened, he reflexively took advantage of the momentum to launch an attack.

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