Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Light God Domain vs Star Domain (II)

Spiritual pellet! That golden ball was really Chen Zidian’s Spiritual Pellet; he wouldn’t easily display the use of his domain for fear of affecting the other people in the stadium, so he could only make use of his spiritual pellet to stabilize the defense of the stadium.

Inside the stadium, Long Haochen and the Divine Unicorn immediately got expelled by the effects of that star’s explosion. Floating in midair, Long Haochen let out a splurt of blood, his Light God Domain narrowly shattered in a violent shaking.

This explosive force is really so terrifying. Is that the power of a Domain Technique?

Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy totalled 290,000, adding to that the amplification from his Golden Foundation Armor and the Divine Unicorn, his total available spiritual energy was already over 400,000. Although he hadn’t reached the fourth rank of ninth step, the spiritual energy he could bring into play was no less.

But, in front of these explosions, his seven apertures felt as if sealed, causing the terrible feeling of having his senses stripped. Not only his body but even his soul experienced the large shaking. Was Starry Sky Explosion such a terrible thing?

The current Long Haochen was full of deep shock. Never did he expect Yang Haoyu’s domain to actually reach such a terrible level of power.

Because he was unfamiliar with the opponent, and because Yang Hao was also a powerhouse of the Knight Temple, so far Long Haochen had maintained a probing attitude in this battle.

This was also why he chose to take the first blow of the Star Domain with the Divine Snail Shield instead of meeting it with his domain’s power. And, right now, he got a true view of the terrible level of strength a Domain Ability could reach.

The actual terror of a Domain Ability’s destructive power was far above a forbidden spell! If the barrier specially prepared for defending Alliance’s Great Stadium wasn’t there earlier, they could be afraid a calamity would have befallen the whole Holy City.

However, Long Haochen was not discouraged so simply. Quite the opposite, something seemed to awaken in his body in front of this massive pressure.

Taking a deep breath and stabilizing his body and staring at Yang Haoyu, Long Haochen did not wipe the blood on the corners of his mouth, and his look became even more calm than before.

The Light God Domain once again retracting to an area of ten meters diameter around him, Long Haochen took a deep breath, seemingly drawing all the light into his body.

The two swords in his hand were slowly brought together above his head, and when the two divine swords flowed into each other, a terrible flash of white light surged out from them. Immediately, that white light turned multicolored, before turning into an incandescent white.

The two swords’ harmonious bond drew in a power that had initially even caused the Demon God Emperor to sigh in admiration. But this harmonious use of the two swords seemed to be only aiming at controlling his Light God Domain.

A fantastic white luster surged out from the two swords that had been made one with the Light God Domain.

At that time, Yang Haoyu had a look of shock for the first time, seeing the bearing of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain change.

Every domain had its own bearing; for instance, Yang Haoyu’s Star Domain had a mysterious and inexhaustible bearing. But Long Haochen’s Light God Domain’s original bearing seemed boundless: a boundless light, purity, and gentleness.

But right now, a fantastic change occurred on the Light God Domain’s bearing. It turned white from a golden color, an incandescent color that returned to gentleness after an initial surge of brutal power, a vast aura of familiarity.

That was life, and creation.

Right, when Long Haochen relied on the two swords’ harmonious bond, it triggered a kind of evolution of his Light God Domain. The white domain was beaming with feelings of life and creation.

This was the powerful aura of life and creation coming from the fusion between light and water, raising the natural qualities of the Light Dod Domain by a hundredfold, and its bearing by a thousandfold at once.

Life and Creation, a new mystery behind Light God Domain. Long Haochen’s eyes similarly turned into an incandescent color, as he held the Sword of Life and Creation in his hand, the Light God Domain extending once again immediately. Where it passed, the Star Domain was unable to resist making a losing retreat little by little.

With a wave of Yang Haoyu’s right hand, this time two stars came flying at Long Haochen.

If these two stars were to detonate, the resulting might was bound to increase by severalfold.

White light circulated freely, as Long Haochen’s Light God Domain suddenly slowed its spiralling speed. Surges after surges of light extended, immediately forming two bands in front of the two concentrations of Starlight, slowly making way inside the two stas. Then Yang Haoyu immediately found out that he had lost control of his own domain.

The Starry Sky Explosion Technique would immediately blow up upon contact with an opposing force, blowing at the core spot of the opponent’s force. Triggering the explosion ahead of time was impossible, as at that time, the star was still located in its Star Domain, that would be akin to attacking himself. But when the star made contact with Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, he unexpectedly lost control, becoming unable to explode it, in other words, Long Haochen had neutralized his Starry Sky Explosion Technique.

This instant, Yang Haoyu’s eyes were full of shock. He did not expect at all that Long Haochen’s evolved domain would actually neutralize his Domain Technique like that.

Long Haochen had a different cultivating orientation than Cai’er. Her method was more inclined to developing her domain technique, because what she inherited was the power of purification of the death god, hence her Domain Technique would to a large extent increase her offensive strength.

After Long Haochen fused with Elux’s constitution as a Scion of Light, his whole being was turned into a part of the light element. The mysteries of light did not relate to slaughters and battle, but with the creation and life brought by light. Because of finding out its true essence, Long Haochen chose this path for himself, the path leading to his domain’s evolution. Right now, he was making use of the second form of the Light God Domain, its evolved form.

Life and creations were inevitable and incidental concepts involved in every thing. The fantastic changes and connection between these inevitable and incidental things caused the rise of a new ability exceeding the scope of light’.


The Starry Sky Explosion was certainly powerful and impossible for Long Haochen to block, but through his evolved Light God Domain, he had the ability to break off this power, and even cause the Star Domain to fall apart under the effects of the laws of life and creation.

Yang Haoyu knew that he had been underestimating this youngster. The latter’s understanding of his own domain was perhaps not deep enough yet, but that was still an earth-shattering talent, whose knowledge of light vastly surpassed his own. And right now, this knowledge integrated his domain thus causing it to complete an evolution.

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