Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 691

Chapter 691: Light God Domain VS Star Domain (I)

Right now, the spectating powerhouses were all in complete shock. Even Li Zhengzhi, whose elemental comprehension was exceedingly high, also had difficulty to understand just what happened in the previous clash of power between Haochen and Yang Haoyu. Perhaps only the legendary Chen Zidian had some clues of what happened, his face right now seeming full of appreciation.

Yang Haoyu did not keep launching attacks, but looked at Long Haochen with a questioning look, “Just how did you manage that? With your current cultivation and domain comprehension, there should be no way you could resist in front of my Star Domain.”

It looked as though the two of them kept making moves, but in reality, it was entirely a contest between their two domains. Yang Haoyu’s attack was through his domain, whereas Long Haochen’s first block used the Divine Snail Shield, while the second one used entirely the power of his domain, the same going as well for the small blade projection he had launched afterwards.

And in this clash of domains, it was Yang Haoyu who finally took the first step back. Although no winner emerged, Yang Haoyu had visibly suffered a slight loss.

Long Haochen had a slight smile, “Senior’s Star Domain really expanded this junior’s horizons. That’s really the most powerful domain I have ever encountered, indeed unaffected by the restrictions of the light god’s laws. But you forgot something: Starlight is light as well, and even if the star’s power accumulated inside was even more massive, its core contains a large amount of light. Just like your ability uses light as its core, my Light God Domain harmonizes very well with all light. So I just made use of the light inside your domain to transform my power into a state able to contend with your domain, to barely resist. In some sense, I have partly been making use of your own power to contend against you.”

Yang Haoyu displayed a look of surprise, slowly nodding, “What a strong Light God Domain. In terms of quality, it looks that your domain is really miles above my Star Domain. When the time comes and it gets strengthened enough, the Demon God Emperor’s Black Hell will have met quite a match. But this match is just getting started. Your domain should have materialized quite recently right? You will need to display far more to contend with my Star Domain.

“My Star Domain is not my power alone, but the power emerging from the fusion between my Starry Sky Mythological Beast and myself. Therefore, my domain is in essentially a mutated domain, equivalent to the fusion of two domains. My full power is close to the Starry Sky, but what you have been facing just before was merely the most fundamental power of the Star Domain. I am going to increase the pressure right now, take care!”

Yang Haoyu completely had the attitude of a senior giving guidance to a junior, and Long Haochen also had an increasingly deferential look on his face.

Indeed, his cultivation had already increased to a considerable level, but the day he reached the ninth step was still quite recent, so he had far from enough experience of the abilities of a powerhouse of the ninth step as well as practical experience. Of course, he could easily respond to an opponent of lower cultivation than him, but an opponent stronger than him would be somewhat hard to cope with.

If Yang Haoyu had used his strongest attack from the beginning, Long Haochen was afraid he’d be helpless in front of it. But him gradually increasing the level of pressure brought Long Haochen an extremely precious practical experience against domains, as well as extremely good benefits to his future cultivation due to the high level of pressure.

“Please guide me Senior.” Long Haochen knocked lightly the Aria of the Goddess of Light on his shoulder as a salute.

Yang Haoyu returned the salute, raising the heavy sword in his right hand and holding it up in the air, declaring in a deep voice, “I will start to display my own Domain Technique next, which I created using the abilities of my Starry Star Mythological Beast alongside my own, called Starry Sky Explosion. Take care, and show me how much light your Light God Domain can strip from mine under these circumstances.”

Saying that, Yang Haoyu pointed the heavy sword in his right hand at a star, and immediately, that star lit up fully, as the other Starlights darkened. The star in question even grew a dim golden tail, rushing straight and brazenly toward Long Haochen.

Starry Sky Explosion? This was the first time Long Haochen heard this name, but he knew about Domain Techniques! Yang Haoyu having already told him he was about to use a Domain Technique, how could Long Haochen respond without taking care?

If this ability was added to the contest between domains, his own domain would surely lose. Although Long Haochen’s domain was only obtained recently, he was absolutely unwilling to let his domain lose out, otherwise his future attitude in times of cultivation would surely get greatly affected. 

Drawing the Aria of the Goddess of Light ahead, countless halos gathered onto the Aria of the Goddess of Light as the multicolored gold light emitted by the Divine Unicorn glowed more and more intensely.

Through the Heart of Eternity, Long Haochen managed to control his domain to some extent, but the Light God Domain was really a supreme existence among all extant domains. To achieve control over a domain of such a level surely would require an astronomical spiritual energy. Long Haochen obligatorily required the amplification of the Divine Unicorn to achieve complete control of the domain. Of course, as his understanding of the Light God Domain would deepen, this situation would change to some extent, until he would manage, upon completely integrating the Light God Domain, to fuse it into a part of his body, while also becoming part of the Light God Domain itself. That point could be called to achieve perfect control of his own domain, just what Yang Haoyu managed to do with his own domain.

The gathered Domain Light revolved around the Aria of the Goddess of Light, as a halo lit Long Haochen’s body, and he pointed the Aria of the Goddess of Light forward. Distributing the previously condensed halo ahead, it enveloped the incoming star.

That star’s flying speed increased continuously, and when it looked about to enter the Light God Domain, the halo guided by the Aria of the Goddess of Light came to meet it, immediately stopping its advance.

An unimaginable situation occurred: that slowed down star suddenly froze, expelling all the light in it, but without leaving Long Haochen’s Light God Domain the slightest chance to absorb its light. That instant, that star suddenly blew up.


The violent explosion reverberated not only throughout the whole Alliance’s Great Stadium, but even shook the whole Holy City. The instant it was triggered, the barrier in the Alliance’s Great Stadium shook severely, and large expanses of cracks formed on every corner of the barrier, looking close to shattering at anytime.

Right at this time, a solemn sound rang, as a golden ball suddenly appeared on top of the barrier, following with countless brilliant lights shrouding the barrier in the seven colors of the rainbow then turned into eight colors. This finally stabilized its state and stopped the barrier from shattering.

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