Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 690

Chapter 690: Starry Sky Holy Knight (III)

Li Zhengzhi was certainly outstanding, and he had especially prepared his plans for this Temples’ Great Gathering for a long time, but he had already lost, outdone by the previous head of the Temple Alliance Yang Haoyu, the true victor in this battle of intrigue.

After Yang Haoyu gained Chen Zidian’s approval, he nodded to Long Haochen, “Alright, you can use your equipment now.”

“Thanks a lot, senior.” Long Haochen nodded to him and bowed forward, the Gold Foundation Armor appearing under his feat. That armor glistening in orange color instantly covered his upper body. When he leapt back on the Divine Unicorn’s back, he had a heavy sword in each of his hands.

The heavy sword on his left hand glistened in white, and the heavy sword in his right hand shone in gold red, carrying a multicolored brilliance. These were Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, as well as the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Looking at the fully equipped Long Haochen, Yang Haoyu unwittingly now had an appreciative look, admiring Long Haochen’s steadiness.

Another youngster of Long Haochen’s age with such accomplishments would surely have a proud mindset. Yang Haoyu giving him a special permission to use his equipment in this match was undoubtedly a form of contempt. But right after obtaining the chief referee Chen Zidian’s permission, he chose to take out his equipment with neither arrogance nor impatience. His look remained just as calm, with no changes in his emotional aspect. This steadiness was already far beyond other people of this age.

“Please, give me your guidance, senior.” Long Haochen lightly knocked the Aria of the Goddess of Light on his left shoulder, indicating his preparedness to Yang Haoyu.

Yang Haoyu nodded lightly, inclining the heavy swords in his hands, “Let’s start then.”

With this call, the bodies of the two glinted brilliantly.

A dense golden light extended all around Long Haochen’s body, accompanied with shrill sounds which flooded the whole stadium toward Qiu Yonghao’s direction.

But, Yang Haoyu’s body liberated a similar resplendent golden luster, though it seemed to emerge in the midst of a night sky unlike Long Haochen’s.

With Yang Haoyu’s body as center, a wide expense of surrounding air turned into stars, just as if he was standing in the midst of a starry sky. In this starry sky, countless golden dots of light brought fantastic fluctuations of spiritual energy, clashing against Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

The domains of the two parties stretched forward with power, as the distance between the two of them increased.

On one side was a vast and pure expense of gold, and on the other side was a mysterious and boundless starry sky. After the two great domains appeared, they contrasted each other on every point.

Yang Haoyu spoke insipidly, “Your Light God Domain is established on the basis of your affinity and comprehension of light as a god’s chosen one. My light originates from the starry sky, which is not from this world and is not subject to the control of this world’s god of light. So, you cannot strip my light. These are my stars, take the blow of my star power.”

Saying that, Yang Haoyu remained motionless, lifting the heavy sword in his right hand and pointing it toward Long Haochen. Immediately, myriads of starry lights shot out from his domain, gathering into a sharp projectile while turning into perfectly straight golden light, bombarding Long Haochen’s direction.

The use of the stars’ power was Yang Haoyu’s self-created stars law.

This Starlight looked very gentle, but after entering Long Haochen’s domain, it seemed not to be affected in the slightest as it instantly reached out in front of Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t respond to the attack with another attack. His huge wings spread out simultaneously as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his left hand disappeared, replaced with a compact multicolored shield, held in front of him.

Ding. The instant that Starlight landed onto the Divine Snail Shield, it immediately issued metallic kinds of sounds. 

Long Haochen was making use of Divine Obstruction, but felt right now as if a planet was ramming against his body.

Instantly, the multicolored golden light on the Divine Snail Shield enlarged, and in the meantime, a bright light pulsed on Long Haochen’s chest: the Heart of Eternity.

In the previous battle against Qiu Yonghao, Long Haochen had relied on the heart of Eternity to repel the enemy with a single fist. Every time the Heart of Eternity would pulse, his spiritual energy would get refilled at rapid speed, and the multicolored golden light on the Divine Snail Shield would grow in intensity.

The Light God Domain turned into circles of golden halos, binding around Long Haochen’s body, as the space in the stadium seemed to sink deeply.

On the lounge, the chief referee Chen Zidian was in a standstill. Under his lead, all the referees were pouring with all their energy spiritual energy into the barrier to maintain its stability.

When the Starlight gradually weakened, Long Haochen’s body was pressed up against the barrier.

What a powerful blow! To resist this starlight, Long Haochen had to put forth almost all his strength. He really did not expect Yang Haoyu’s strength to actually reach such a level. Perhaps he could still not compare with the Demon God Emperor, but his cultivation was definitely at the grade of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God.

Yang Haoyu had a faint smile, “Interesting, and you are not at full strength yet. Let me see where your limits lie!”

Myriads of Starlight rose up in his Star Domain, and his dual swords were lifted, tracing abstruse arcs in midair, to finally turn these myriads of Starlight into nine points which rotated in the air to gather as one, a perfect pure-white Starlight attack aimed against Long Haochen.

The instant this pure-white Starlight entered inside the Light God Domain, it immediately caused intense undulations in Long Haochen’s domain, as if ripping his Light God Domain apart.

This strike gathered the might of heaven and earth.

Long Haochen’s face was extremely stern, and the Divine Unicorn underneath him issued a shrill, causing a mystical multicolored light to gather onto its horn, spreading outwards. But Long Haochen did not keep using his shield like before, shutting his eyes as the Heart of Eternity on his chest clearly gained in intensity.

Having gained the boost from Divine Unicorn, Long Haochen’s whole body was permeated with the seven colors of the rainbow. A phenomenon suddenly affected the fluctuations of the Light God Domain and they suddenly intensified, its bright light dispersed, instantly being reduced to ten meters of range around his body, pulsing to the rhythm of the beating Heart of Eternity. It appeared just as though the whole Light God Domain had become an extension of the Heart of Eternity.

Meanwhile, the retractation of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain caused the scale of the Star Domain in the stadium to increase. From the looks of it, Long Haochen seemed oppressed to the extreme.

But upon contact with that retracting Domain of the Light God, that pure white Starlight unexpectedly came to a stop. Only a bit of it made it through, but stagnated alongside the pulse of the Light God Domain. At every pulse of the Light God Domain, that pure white holy light weakened gradually. The white stars gradually dispersed, turning golden and dulling with time, before finally turning into infinitely small starry dots. 

Long Haochen opened his eyes that instant, executing a hacking motion with the Aria of the Goddess of Light in the right hand.

“Please take my blow, Senior.”

The Aria of the Goddess of Light turned into a brilliant gold color, and the retracted Light God Domain gathered into a wheel of light, launched slowly forward alongside a golden light projection from Long Haochen’s blade.

The previous Starlight attack that Yang Haoyu launched was dispersed at once, and after that golden light projection routed the Starlight attack, kept flying forward changing colors in the process to gradually turn white. Even more mysteriously, that bright blade projection issued sweet sounds everywhere it passed, giving off an auspicious and peaceful feeling of calm. Behind that blade projection of light appeared two pure-white wings.

Yang Haoyu had a grave look for the first time. Lifting the heavy sword in his right arm, the Starlights inside the starry universe all lit up at once. 

That white blade projection entered the Star Domain right after exiting the Light God Domain, not obstructed in the slightest wherever it passed.

When the nearest stars landed onto the white blade projection, a bizarre scene took place: that white projection slowed down once again, but its volume became twice larger, shattering those stars.

This was the first time for Yang Haoyu to encounter such a situation. Lifting the heavy sword in his right hand, he swept it through the empty air, gathering myriads of Starlights into a huge blade projection aimed at Long Haochen’s projection looking as light and unhindered as a feather.

The two blade projections of entirely contrasting size clashed.

On the surface, Long Haochen’s blade looked like it should suffer an immediate loss, but this contact immediately caused a state of stickiness between the blades.

The two light blades stopped simultaneously in midair, and Starlight slowly went up to curl up on the immense blade formed, causing Long Haochen’s little blade projection to slowly get expelled under its suppression. But in the process of this expulsion, the little light blade enlarged gradually, while the large light blade gradually shrank. The smaller light blade was also repelled at gradually slower speed.

“Disperse, break!” Yang Haoyu shouted loudly, waving the sword in his hands simultaneously. With a large bang, the Star Domain shivered greatly, as the Starlight Blade he had launched smashed into pieces at once, transforming into countless stars shooting out, and finally destroying Long Haochen’s blade projection in an intense explosion, turning into countless surges of white light. But they didn’t disperse, quietly flying back instead, to merge back into Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

An intense heartbeat’s pulse reverberated through the whole stage, as, the instant this white light returned, the Light God Domain launched another counterattack against the Star Domain, forcing it back to the previous state of stalemate. Each party now took half of the sky as before.

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