Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Blood Domain and Domain of Extreme Cold (I)

The forbidden spell Green Hades’ Spring about to arrive in front of Wang Yuanyuan produced a massive attraction, and pulling Wang Yuanyuan to its direction.

Wang Yuanyuan seemed as though she didn’t even see that forbidden spell, still standing motionless, with her three fingers at the same position.

Tan Wan’s look changed, because she understood clearly the might of this forbidden spell. More importantly, it could only be released and not retrieved, as her cultivation was far from sufficient to achieve such control. In case Wang Yuanyuan really died in front of her forbidden spell, that would not only incur an unredeemable grudge between the Mage Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope, but also make her a criminal. After all, the Mage Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope were no more than competitors, with everyone having a mutual enemy in demonkind. She neither did she have any thoughts of killing someone from Bright Glimmer of Hope, but because their displays of power were too overbearing, she had to liberate her greatest magic right at the start.

But now that Dark Green Hades’ Well had already engulfed Wang Yuanyuan, it was already too late to have second thoughts.

Suddenly, an intense bloody red fog abruptly came off Wang Yuanyuan as its center and dispersed, instantly sweeping her body along, and spreading outwards at a frightening speed, clashing against the Dark Green Hades’ Spring.

Dark Green Hades’ Spring was dark green colored, and this bloody red bright fog was scarlet colored, forming two opposite forces.

A shocking scene occurred: that bloody red fog pushed it back, but that was still a perilous situation. An intense bloodreek filled the air instantly, as a red light forcibly enveloped the Dark Green Hades’ Spring. A terrible murderous spirit surged out and filled the air as a red glow suddenly bubbled forth. That dark red radiance was fully buried in the midst of the surges of blood, and one could only see the blood fog rush out and expand, filling the whole stadium with the color of blood in just a little while. 

Li Zhengzhi’s face froze. A domain, that was clearly the power of a domain. So, how many more other than Long Haochen actually wielded domains in this Bright Glimmer of Hope? If what Xue Zhisheng said before was for real, that Saint Daughter of Samsara was bound to wield a domain too. That already made a total of three domains.

Even the Temple’s had only three domain wielders each, no more. For the Demon Hunt Squad Bright to have such strength, they were already drawing near a legendary Demon Hunt Squad like the Demon God Slayers. And they were yet so young.

Right, this expanse of blood red was Wang Yuanyuan’s domain, that she named Blood Domain.

In terms of innate talent, Wang Yuanyuan was surely the least in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, but her willpower and determination matched even Long Haochen and Cai’er, and in some fields she was even more perseverant.

Precisely because of her lack of innate talent to match her comrades, Wang Yuanyuan invested even more effort. She was the one to invest herself the most of the team in the two years of Holy War, and also the one to slaughter the most. She forced her way through this road of slaughter to find her own style.

In the Tower of Eternity, when her seven spatial crystals summoned the true might of the Divine Soul Shield, the ebulition of her blood vessels caused that bloodreeking slaughter aura to integrate her body, fixing the basis of her understanding of the Blood Domain.

After four years of deep meditation, Wang Yuanyuan gained deep foundations, not only breaking through the ninth step, but also becoming the fourth domain wielder of the group after Long Haochen, Cai’er, and Chen Ying’er, surpassing Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s attainments to become the fourth strongest powerhouse of the team.

In front of Tan Wan, she had no need for her domain’s power at all, but Long Haochen told his team before the competition that this Temples’ Great Gathering was a time to display their strength. So, they absolutely had to show all higher-ups of the Temple Alliance their powerfulness, so that their plans could keep getting carried out. Therefore, Wang Yuanyuan chose to display the use of her domain right after seeing that the opponent was someone from the Mage Temple.

Dark Green Hell’s Spring was certainly powerful, but if Li Zhengzhi were to make use of it in combination with his domain, Wang Yuanyuan would surely not be able to block it by the sheer use of her domain, but, after all, Tan Wan reached only the eighth step, so her control over the forbidden spell was really insufficient. In the end, it disappeared, submerged in the midst of that domain of bloothirty slaughter, turning into nothingness.

As the blood light vanished, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t even glance at Tan Wan, and turned back to leave the field. Her domain having come out, the outcome was already fixed.

The Temples’ Great Gathering became once again submerged in silence by Bright Glimmer of Hope. Everyone there witnessed that the strength of all their members truly was befitting the strength of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad.

The second round continued without the half with the lower cultivation. In this second round, over three quarters of the contestants were powerhouses of the ninth step.

But even so, at the time the second round ended, Bright Glimmer of Hope achieved the proud result of nine victories, with only Duan Yi losing at Sheng Yue’s hands.

After the second round terminated, some changes happened in the proportions; the Knight Temple’s dominance was globally a bit fainter.

The Knight Temple had only eleven people left by the third round, having gotten thirteen of their members eliminated. The Mage Temple had ten, Bright Glimmer of Hope had nine, the Spiritual Temple had seven, the Assassin Temple had six, and the Warrior Temple only had five left.

Changes happened regarding the accumulations of points as well. After the victors of the second round all gained two points, added up to the first round’s total points, the Knight Temple was still number one with forty-six points, the Mage Temple being second with forty-one points, the Spiritual Temple was third with thirty points, Bright Glimmer of Hope fourth with twenty eight points, the Assassin Temple fifth with twenty-six and finally came the Warrior Temple with twenty points.

For the ten members of Bright Glimmer of Hope to achieve the fourth rank by the end of the second rounds proved their power plentifully. Moreover, the accomplishments in cultivation on the side of Long Haochen’s group would clearly make them shine even further on in the later stages, so the individual counts were still pretty hard to predict.

The second rounds were over by noon, but the third rounds would start immediately, without the slightest time allocated for rest.

The previous two rounds of individual battle were mostly competing for the Temples’ strength as a whole, but from the third round onwards, the individual capabilities of their powerhouses would be accounted.

Upon victory, everyone would get at least four points in total.

A total of twenty-four battles would be undergone in the third round, involving forty-eight people, and resulting in earth-shattering battles.

The first two lights of selections picked the leaders of the Mage Temple and Knight Temple, Li Zhengzhi and Long Tianying.

But to the great shock of the public, this battle only lasted for an extraordinarily short time, merely five minutes. Li Zhengzhi made use of his powerful Wind God Domain and formidable magic power to defeat Long Tianying, making a mighty display of power on the Mage Temple’s side.

Watching this battle, Long Haochen was also shocked, because, despite knowing that his grandfather would certainly be no match for Li Zhengzhi, he didn’t think he would lose so fast.

Li Zhengzhi’s control over light essence reached an abnormal level, and furthermore, Long Tianying was a Divine Knight without the boost from his Divine Throne, which reduced his strength by over half, otherwise, maybe he could have put up a fight.

The chief of the Knight Temple getting defeated by the third round was something that had not happened for the past several hundred years. Long Tianying showed a terribly unsightly face, but had no choice but to accept this as a matter of fact. Li Zhengzhi’s power was admirable since the first round.

To have made it through the third round, only true elites of the five Temples were left, so the competition turned to a white-hot level.

Although Yang Wenzhao had achieved victory on the second round, he had given all he had by relying on his Starlight Unicorn’s domain boost to barely defeat a warrior of the ninth step. But on the third round, his strength still being far from recovered, he became the second eliminated member of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

With Yang Wenzhao’s elimination a great display of individual power on the side of Bright Glimmer of Hope started.

In the fifth match, Chen Ying’er had as her opponent the auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, Lin Xin’s grandfather, Lin Chen.

On the previous day, Lin Xin had already gone to see Lin Chen, but they didn’t discuss for too long, before Lin Chen rushed back, not even telling Lin Xin much, apart from admonishing him to take good care of Li Xin.

When Lin Xin talked about that with Long Haochen, the latter understood that Lin Chen’s attitude was due to the sensitive position of the Mage Temple in this Temples’ Great Gathering. As an auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, he was not allowed to tell too much to his grandson who was part of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Right now, he didn’t expect to have to face Chen Ying’er in the competition.

Lin Chen obviously wouldn’t concede simply on account of her relationship with his grandson. With Li Zhengzhi and the powerhouses from the Mage Temple watching from behind, he had to give his all.

Grandpa Lin, no need to hold back against me.” Chen Ying’er saluted Lin Chen with a natural smile on her face.

Lin Chen only bowed slightly to her, and didn’t say much, immediately creating an orange fireball atop his head with a wave of his right hand.

Lin Chen being a fire mage, although he didn’t have the same exceptional Heart of Fire as his grandson, had the number one attainments in fire magic in the whole Mage Temple.

He had been unable to break through the ninth step for reasons of innate talent, but in terms of researches on fire magic, Lin Chen put efforts throughout his whole life, his son and daughter-in-law having even deceased in the midst of this path!

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