Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Forbidden Spell! Dark Green Hades Spring (III)

Today, a total of ninety-five people were assembled, gathered for random individual battles. After all, luck would always be a part of one’s strength. After that round of drawing, forty-eight contestants would pass through the third stage, resulting in a continuation of the knock-out competition, until a top three was established.

The top three will be offered two choices: either to end normally and just keep all their previous total points, or to keep undergoing battles, where the final winners would get rewarded with an extra ten total points. Out of a total of three battles, if someone manages to win against the other two and end up number one, this one would get an extra twenty points.

The competition restarted, and the first appearance of the light of selection picked a member of Bright Glimmer of Hope right off the bat.

Today, they had all removed their cloaks, and the one the light of selection had picked was actually Cai’er.

The other one to be selected was quite coincidentally from the nearby Assassin Temple, the elder chief of the Assassin Temple, wielder of the Twelve Spaces Domain, Xue Zhisheng.

Cai’er’s face of absolute beauty immediately got strange. A short time ago, she had just won a battle against this Xue Zhisheng, and although she didn’t achieve final victory, her domain ability Flourishing Lotus Flower caused Xue Zhisheng to concede. Who would have thought that she would once again have to face this elder chief of her Temple.

In a flash of her figure, she entered the stadium, but without giving Cai’er the time to prepare her moves, Xue Zhisheng on the other side did not even enter the stadium, his aged voice immediately heard reverberating through the whole stadium.

“I concede.”

These words raised an uproar among all spectators.

Xue Zhisheng was a veteran of the Assassin Temple, the current number one expert in their Temple. Although his seniority was not on the terrifying level of the legendary Chen Zidian, he was even a generation higher than the Temple Head Sheng Yue. What had just happened for him to cower without even giving a fight?

Li Zhengzhi finally couldn’t bear it anymore, “Chief referee, this is the Temples’ Great Gathering, not a child’s play. Auxiliary Temple Head Sanshui just conceded yesterday, and today it’s Xue Zhisheng from the Assassin Temple, all of whom are peak powerhouses of their own Temple. What’s the meaning of our Temples’ Great Gathering if such situations keep occuring in the rest of the competition?”

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Chen Zidian’s voice spread, “Please give your reasons, auxiliary heads. Sanshui, elder Xue, I need a reason for your choices of conceiding.”

Sanshui Popo, having a fearless character, let out a cold snort and declared to Li Zhengzhi, “Temple Head Li, you are too meddlesome. I had only one reason for conceding, and it’s that I’m no match for Chen Ying’er. She’s my grandson, so we have already had matches before. That’s all.”

Xue Zhisheng declared indifferently, “My situation is the same as Sanshui. Not long ago, I have sparred with Miss Cai’er, and lost. As I don’t want to get dishonored once again, I chose to concede. Chief referee, will such reasons do?“

For the powerhouses of the present age, face is frequently even more important than their lives. For Sanshui Popo and Xue Zhisheng to declare that they were not matches for Chen Ying’er and Cai’er immediately raised another uproar. The already highly valued the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope once again rose winds and waves. Sanshui Popo was one thing as, after all, she had only just recently broken through the ninth step, but Xue Zhisheng was the number one powerhouse in the Assassin Temple, wielder of the Twelve Spaces Domain! For him to declare being no match for a member of this Demon Hunt Squad immediately placed its position to an unprecedented level.

Li Zhengzhi’s face looked feverish, but he didn’t have anything good to respond to that, his unspoken grievance still unsettled.

Chen Zidian declared, “Since things are like that, let the competition follow its course. If there are some other acts of conceding in the following course of the battles, you must speak out the reasons immediately from now on, or some points will be deducted from your own Temple’s total.”

Shockingly, the light of selection once again lit a member of Bright Glimmer of Hope, being this time Wang Yuanyuan.

The other side selected by the light was Tan Wan, who had barely won yesterday.

Tan Wan was after all very young, so her cultivation was definitely among the last of the competitors from the Mage Temple. On the previous day, it was by relying on some extraordinary magic taught by Li Zhengzhi that she defeated her opponent with difficulty, making it to the second round.

Wang Yuanyuan was clad in white attire, her short hair flourishing with heroic spirit. Her slender figure and great beauty were immediately noticed as she entered the stadium. If one were to look carefully, they would discover that Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes were clearly different from before, her pupils now being purple colored.

Facing the clearly even younger Wang Yuanyuan, Tan Wan had a stubborn look. How can they all have such transcending abilities for their ages? I must defeat her at any cost.

Clad in a green gown, Tan Wan’s spiritual wings immediately spread out and flapped up, rising straight to the air, she made a turn in midair, causing countless tiny wind blades to get released.

Her sharp incantation resounded like a torrential storm, causing green light to shine upon half of the stadium.

Fantastic changes started to take place on the tiny green blades of light, revolving around Tan Wang’s body, and getting faster and faster, with even more green light coming off at lightning speed from Tan Wan’s body.

Wang Yuanyuan also moved; she did not release her spiritual wings, but went for Tan Wan in large strides. Her pink eyes gradually deepened to suddenly turn into a dark red color, giving off a strange and oppressive sight. Spurts of blood seemed to frequently come from her eyes.

The Alliance’s Great Stadium being so wide, Wang Yuanyuan would need at least half a minute to get to Tan Wan’s range. But she wasn’t hurried in the slightest, appearing to let Tan Wan display the best of her magic.

On the Mage Temple’s side, Li Zhengzhi’s look became even more unsightly. Although Wang Yuanyuan had yet to make a move, from her performance in the battle of the previous day, Li Zhengzhi knew that she was a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Wang Yuanyuan’s previous opponent was a knight, and the two parties crossed hands for not even two minutes before that knight got defeated by Wang Yuanyuan’s powerful spatial powers. And, at that time, Wang Yuanyuan had immediately launched an attack right from the start, totally unlike today. Her current doing was visibly to make a show for the Mage Temple to see.

What if you reach the ninth step? My personally created magic is something even someone at the ninth step may not necessarily win against, when launched at fullpower.

The look in Li Zhengzhi’s eyes flickered, unconsciously facing Long Haochen seated in the middle of the Knight Temple’s area.

Long Haochen was clearly very calm, sitting upright yet releasing a very warm manner, just like any other more normal young man. But Li Zhengzhi felt deeply that such a young man was affecting his plans to an enormous degree.

Tan Wan’s chant started to get more and more high pitched. These chanting patterns were quite rare, because, during magic incantation, no mistake in tone was allowed, thus limiting one’s chanting speed. So a rapid chant such as hers would very possibly result in failed magic. Her current chant also seemed quite different from ordinary spells.

This incantation was personally created by Li Zhengzhi. Being the most outstanding genius the Mage Temple had in a thousand years, Li Zhengzhi combined some ancient incantation with personal comprehension to create an extraordinary magic spell chant. Back in the days, the reason why he took Tan Wan as a disciple was that Tan Wan could comprehend this incantation.

Those small wind blades surrounding Tan Wan immediately turned green, entirely masking her body and making it look unclear. The wind blades stopped increasing after reaching a certain number, but became more and more brightly colored.

One could faintly see green electric light coil around those wind blades, as Tan Wan’s incantation accelerated to its peak.

“Ha--” Right when Wang Yuanyuan was at fifty meters from Tan Wan, she issued a reverberating shriek, and immediately, those green wind blades surrounding her in buzzing sounds immediately transformed into a whirlpool of three meters diameter and five meters length, rushing straight to Wang Yuanyuan’s location.

All could tell that they were in no way ordinary whirlpools. Each of the small wind blades forming them was infused with the might of Spiritual Highland! After chanting this incantation, Tan Wan dropped from the sky, looking pale, and, her body swelling, nearly fell to the ground. From this could be seen that this previous magic had just depleted nearly all her spiritual energy.

Tan Wan did not even expect herself to actually be able to complete this spell. The greatest feature of this spell was to combine both offense and defense: if the enemy were to attack in the midst of her chant, the first of the wind blades would protect her automatically by attacking the enemies, while her chant would keep going on as long as the enemy does not pass through the magic.

This spell already reached the forbidden spell grade. For Tan Wan to actually manage to use such a wind elemental forbidden spell without the boost of any attached equipment was more than prideful enough. Li Zhengzhi gave this magic a really domineering name, calling it Dark Green Hades’ Spring; it was full of destructive power against both single and multiple targets.

From Tan Wan’s spell came out Li Zhengzhi’s ferociousness. Mages of the same grade would hardly be able to utilize such terrifying magic.

Facing Dark Green Hades Spring, Wang Yuanyuan stopped her advance, making an incomprehensible move by raising her right hand and putting her forefinger, middle finger and ring finger in contact with the space between her eyebrows, as she shut both her eyes.

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