Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 683

Chapter 683: Forbidden Spell! Dark Green Hades’ Spring (II)

Li Xin had a start, looking far softer, but still disregarded Lin Xin and asked Long Haochen, “Just what happened?”

Long Tianying, “You can’t be planning to talk out here? Just go in.

As he said so, this Divine Knight stepped inside, leading the group into a conference room in the Knight Temple.

The others from Bright Glimmer of Hope were all already waiting inside, and had all taken off their cloaks.

Right now, Sima Xian had a really queer look. Still hugging Feng Ling’er yet far taller than her, he lifted her up above the ground all along their walk on the way there.

Entering the meeting room, everyone couldn’t help but reveal sniggering faces.

Feng Ling’er became bashful, “What are you waiting for to let go of me?”

Sima Xian resolutely replied, “I’m not letting you go. Isn’t it just the others sneering? What if you run off after I let go of you? I’ll have no more wife.”

Saying this, this guy took a chair and sat on it, placing Feng Ling’er on his knee, but not letting go of her no matter what she’d say. Given his cultivation, Feng Ling’er couldn’t possibly struggle out no matter how she tried.

Little imagined was that Feng Ling’er actually really liked that wild type the most. Although bashful, she didn’t resist, and buried her head on his thick shoulder, not daring to raise it.

Long Haochen invited Long Tianying to sit on the main seat, then sat right across from Long Tianying, “Sis, miss Weiyang, and miss Ling’er, on behalf of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, I would like to apologize about the matter of us having gone missing. Just as I said, everything is my own fault.”

Right now, Feng Ling’er and Li Xin were extremely stirred emotionally, so only Ye Weiyang was rather stable in the emotional aspect, looking at Long Haochen, “Captain Long, I would be very curious to listen about the encounters you wound up having in demon territory, for you to have not returned for such a long time, and furthermore not even sent the slightest news.”

Looking at Cai’er on his side, Long Haochen unconsciously grabbed her small hand from below the table. Even if a long time had already passed since then, right now he still felt a deep lingering fear, not a fear of death, but a fear of losing Cai’er! At that time, he was just a bit close to losing Cai’er forever.

“We got caught in a trap of the Demon God Emperor…” Thus did Long Haochen start speaking about how they saved Yang Wenzhao from the Dragon River Demon God Asmodeus, and how he got informed of the Demon God Emperor’s plan of surrounding them, as well as how the Demon God Emperor’s trap went step by step and in detail. 

At the time he mentioned his own heart being pierced by the Demon God Emperor’s attack, Li Xin and Ye Weiyang both couldn't help but cry out in alarm. Even Feng Ling’er raised her head in shock from Sima Xian’s embrace.

They were surprisingly caught by the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, and Star Demon God altogether. Although Long Haochen’s description was quite stern, the three girls having come across demons many times already, they could naturally imagine what kind of situation it was to be surrounded by the three greatest demon powerhouses in the midst of Modu Core City.

“Although I don’t know why the Demon God Emperor was willing to spare my comrades at the cost of my life, I knew at that time that my death was already settled. The Demon God Emperor abode by his promise, letting my comrades get away from Modu while carrying my corpse. The,n in those years, we found out some remnants with great inheritance from ancient times deep inside. If we could get this inheritance, the hope of resurrecting me may appear, so everyone came across countless dangers for the sake of resurrecting me. After experiencing countless near-death experiences, they finally gained that inheritance, enabling the reconstrucion oft my heart, which is why I am standing in front of you right now.”

“That power from ancient times left a massive power that we collectively went to absorb, as we trained in these remnants. But no one imagined that this seclusion would actually be a deep meditation of over four years. Us awaking was a matter of half a year ago.”

“During these four years of deep meditations, we obtained a lot, and actually, we didn’t really know how much time had passed since then, actually believing it to be just a few days. Everyone made immense qualitative progress in deep meditation, and made many advances in understanding. Never had we encountered such a crisis in this lifetime, so, in the following time, we kept training and raising our understanding and cultivation all along. This is why we managed to achieve such results in today’s Temples’ Great Gathering.”

“At the time we just came back, Lin Xin and Sima wanted to immediately look for you, but I was the one to stop them. You should also know that this Temples’ Great Gathering is special, and will very possibly be a turning point for the Alliance. There are some things we want from this gathering in the hopes of making the Alliance even more powerful in the future. So before it started, I made them endure patiently. The fault is mine, so I hope you could forgive them. Also, I want to thank you on behalf of our Demon Hunt Squad, Bright Glimmer of Hope, for having waited for them. It is surely the greatest bliss of their life for them to have found lovers such as you.”

Saying that, Long Haochen stood once again and respectfully bowed to the three girls.

Although Long Haochen’s story was counted as of nothing special, but three girls felt very exhausted just from listening, finding it to be quite thrilling. They were really very close to not having made it back!

By this time, given Feng Ling’er’s delicate character, she had already no more fury filling her. Holding Sima Xian’s hand, she had a very warm gaze, only thinking, The most important is that you’re back.

Li Xin’s face was also greatly eased, and Lin Xin immediately tried to take advantage of that and sat beside her.

Ye Weiyang stood up and nodded to Long Haochen, “I feel very lucky about having gotten to listen to the experience Captain Long and the others went through; you are heroes for the Alliance! It looks like Ling’er is not willing to follow me out, and you should have more matters to discuss, so, I am leaving first, goodbye.”

Long Haochen had a sudden thought and told Han Yu, “Please send off Miss Weiyang.”

“Yes.” Han Yu accepted and invited Ye Weiyang to the exit, showing the way for her to go.

Long Haochen asked Feng Ling’er, “Miss Ling’er, can you please answer a question for me?”

Feng Ling’er nodded. Right now, Sima Xian saw that she couldn’t run off anymore, which is why he placed her on the adjacent seat. Still, his hand was drawn toward her waist, though this bald priest didn’t have any more of his previous agressiveness, with just a happy smirk left on his face.

Long Haochen asked, “Does Miss Weiyang happen to have already a lover?”

Feng Ling’er was startled, “What’s that about? Don’t you already have her?” She pointed at Cai’er.

Cai’er laughed in response, “He’s not asking for his own sake, but for Han Yu, who just sent off Miss Weiyang back here.”

Speaking of which, the only single person left in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was Han Yu. Even Duan Yi who was temporarily added to their team had a childhood sweetheart as his wife. Before they went missing, Duan Yi was already married to her. Only, his wife was just a commoner and not a practitioner.

This time, Duan Yi specially went to visit his wife and report his well-being before they returned to the Holy City.

As the captain, Long Haochen was of course concerned with the members’ important issues. Han Yu had a steady character, be it in behavior and appearance or ability, all of which were top-notch. However, as a Demon Hunter, he never had the opportunity to discover those feelings. Now that they reached the ninth step of cultivation, their abilities of self preservation in the battlefield were greatly enhanced, so Long Haochen naturally became concerned with finding a close female friend for him. 

The group came into contact with Ye Weiyang several times already. This girl was not only beautiful, but also very capable. The Alliance’s Great Auction House was neatly managed in her hands, while Feng Ling’er only had some important decisions to handle. More importantly, Ye Weiyang was the successor of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang. All of this added up would naturally make it a very good thing if they could act as a matchmaker for Han Yu.

Hearing Cai’er say this much, Feng Ling’er’s eyes immediately lit, “Big sis Weiyang has a very great foresight, and remained unmarried for so long. I just don’t know whether that knight from your ranks will be able to move her heart.”

Long Haochen smiled at her, “Then please help us pull strings. I can see that Miss Weiyang and you are very close. If she also can become one of the family member for our Bright Glimmer of Hope, won’t the two of you become even more intimately related? Let me give you a little leak; after this Temples’ Great Gathering terminates, we will immeidately proceed for the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, where, given Han Yu’s strength, he will very possibly be able to obtain a Divine Throne’s approval. I think that a Divine Knight should be a good match for Miss Weiyang right?”

Feng Ling’er’s eyes flashed in understanding, “It surely is a good match! But Captain Long, are you maybe planning on invading our Alliance’s Great Auction House! Or do you have some other goals?”

Long Haochen replied with a faint smile, “I will let Sima explain everything to you secretly. Of course, we hope to obtain the backing of your Alliance’s Great Auction House, but I believe that this will only bring benefit to the future of the auction house.”

Although Long Tianying was seated on the main seat, he did not speak a word from beginning to end, only looking at his grandson. Returning after over four years, Long Haochen not only looked more calm and reserved than in the past, but had gained an indescribably great presence. Looking at his warmth, he gave off the feeling of being in the right when discussing. This was really a kind of extraordinary trait, a king’s bearing.

When dawn came once again, the second day of the Temples’ Great Gathering opened its curtains.

The contestants eliminated in the previous days were all sent to the spectator lounge. Only the contestants that made it to the second round remained in the competition area. For the sake of simplifying their entrance to the venue, the group of Bright Glimmer of Hope sat directly across the space allocated to the Knight Temple, but this action also caused the expression of the Mage Temple’s Head Li Zhengzhi to look very much unsightly.

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