Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Light God Domain (II) 

Bright Glimmer of Hope actually turned out to be his/her Demon Hunt Squad! All those unacquainted to Long Haochen but who knew the other members shared this thought. But the higher-ups truly aware of the meaning of Long Haochen’s existence all had different thoughts.

These youngsters were the ones to destroy a demon god pillar for the first time in History, and he was the one who caused the Holy War that lasted for two years between demonkind and humankind.

He was now back, and brought his Demon Hunt Squad along. Just what was heplanning by participating in this Temples’ Great Gathering? Why wouldn’t he take up arms for the Knight Temple, but rather choose to participate alongside his Demon Hunt Squad?

Looking at the young man before his eyes, Qiu Yonghao had a completely different impression. The first time he had met Long Haochen, it was for him to leave his sword intent for the Warrior Temple. And, because this sword intent was the one he had witnessed from the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang, it enabled him to make astonishing progress. After that, every one of Long Haochen’s moves produced some miraculous things.

After having gone missing for so long, he finally returned. At that very moment, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but reminisce about those words Wang Yuanyuan left when they met.

“It’s been a long time, Haochen.” Qiu Yonghao had a faint smile, staring at Long Haochen ardently.

Long Haochen revealed a similar smile, “Yes! Temple Head Qiu, our last encounter was close to five years ago. I didn’t expect us to be reunited in these circumstances.”

Qiu Yonghao declared, “Haochen, I won’t show you any mercy. Now let me see to which level you rose after these past five years.”

Long Haochen nodded to him, “Please guide me well.”

At the time Qiu Yonghao declared these words to Long Haochen, he had already come to his resolve. As the head of the Warrior Temple, he wanted first of all to see what influence already Long Haochen already had, as well as what he could bring to the future Alliance.

As a result, he noticed that at Long Haochen’s back were at least the Knight Temple and Assassin Temple, which were two of the Six Great Temples. Also, he clearly remembered the relationship between Chen Ying’er and Chen Hongbo. Didn’t he just see how fast Sanshui Popo conceded? This way, at least the Summoner Temple won’t oppose him, and would most likely remain neutral.

The Priest Temple never had a great influence over the Alliance, so Long Haochen very possibly had already obtained over a half of the Alliance’s backing. After all, he had a very special identity: the Scion of Light of the Knight Temple, and the next successor to their Temple. Since even Wang Yuanyuan had reached the ninth step, how far could his cultivation have already gone? If he could prove himself using strength, maybe his authority would ultimately have a very decisive role in the new Alliance.

So, Qiu Yonghao understood that the greatest factor determining whether Long Haochen would be able to change the whole Alliance was strength. Whether he had a first grade cultivation or not would determine the power of the backing he would obtain from the neutral party.

Qiu Yonghao resolved himself that if Long Haochen is able to achieve victory over him, no matter what follows from his participation in this Temples’ Great Gathering, the Warrior Temple would at least choose to remain neutral.

Long Haochen’s left feet strode forward. Advancing his right fist, he started heading toward the other party, but didn’t even summon his own mount in the process.

Qiu Yonghao didn’t believe a mountless Long Haochen to be not strong enough. The two of them were separated by close to two hundred meters, yet Long Haochen’s fist gave off the feeling of raising the temperatare in the whole stadium, causing a warm oppressive feeling to descend upon him.

Qiu Yonghao was an experienced powerhouse as well, and immediately felt the crisis. Although this warm pressure didn’t feel too oppressive, he could faintly sense that if he didn’t respond properly, it would be highly possible for him to lose the match.

Qiu Yonghao’s eyes turned into a golden color as his fist struck out as well. An immense golden heavy sword had appeared behind him, soaring high, and his dense sword intent immediately filled the whole stadium with a somber and desolate presence.

Long Haochen shot his fist, while Qiu Yonghao shot his sword intent.

The two parties’ spiritual energies were incorporeal, but when they clashed, the barriers protecting the stadium swayed violently, the multicolored golden light on it abruptly strengthening, obviously in order to bear the massive pressure.

This instant, everyone saw Long Haochen arrive in front of Qiu Yonghao, and aim another punch at this head of the Warrior Temple.

Qiu Yonghan’s face froze, not aware of who it was that had the advantage in the first clash. Facing Long Haochen’s fist, he braced his arms to block the attack.

The two parties clearly had top-notch levels of strength, holding most of their spiritual energyin reserve. This looked like simple physical clashes, but everyone knew that this kind of battle was actually the most dangerous, because a burst of spiritual energy could go as far as to cause landslide scale effects.

Bang. Qiu Yonghao blocked Long Haochen’s fist with his arms, and the two of them came to a standstill in midiar. Immediately, all the spectators saw a flash of golden light shine upon Long Haochen's chest.

That instant, everyone felt as if Long Haochen’s body had just inflated. The next instant, Qiu Yonghao who had just borne Long Haochen’s attack was unexpectedly pushed back, clashing violently against the barrier of the training field.

To send the head of the Warrior Temple flying with just a fist? Seeing this scene, even Li Zhengzhi abruptly stood up from his seat.

Li Zhengzhi and him were old friends, so he naturally understood Qiu Yonghao’s cultivation well. Over the past years, Qiu Yonghao had always been training and seeking after breakthroughs assiduously, his cultivation finally broke through the second rank of the ninth step, his internal spiritual energy already being above the two hundred sixty thousand. He was one of the top powerhouses in the whole Temple Alliance, as well as the number one in the Warrior Temple, as famous as the most powerful Wargod.

But in the previous exchange of blows, he was actually smashed away by Long Haochen’s fist. What did it mean? It meant that Long Haochen’s spiritual level was even higher. At the ninth step level, to smash the opponent away without use of any ability would require a gap of fifty thousand spiritual energy at least between the two.

But how could this happen? Four years before, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy reached at most thirty or forty thousand. Could he already have risen to the third rank of the ninth step in the short span of four years?

Li Zhengzhi felt for the first time a massive threat from Long Haochen. He was not only back, but also with a strength far exceeding his own. He was starting to be afraid that the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t only have the goal of training themselves in mind.

When Qiu Yonghao hit the barrier, his body was instantly repelled back, and that ten meter high sword behind his back also struck out, turning into a massive golden entity chopping at Long Haochen.

This was not a weapon, but a pure sword intent, Qiu Yonghao’s domain.

For the sake of chasing after the true essence of sword intent, Qiu Yonghao focused his domain comprehension onto sword intent. His Domain of Sword Intent could match a divine tool! One use of it could already split heaven and earth apart.

Facing this golden huge sword’s strike, Long Haochen stood firmly on his feet. Behind him, intense golden glints shone abruptly, and six massive golden wings spread out, and an overflowing power flowed out from him.

His right hand pointed to the sky, Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly turned an incandescent color, then an incandescent surge of light came out from his body, turning into a white light soaring from him.

This sword ray looked far smaller than Qiu Yong’s sword intent, as it had the size of an ordinary fencing sword. An incandescent halation spread out from within, but the instant it appeared, Qiu Yonghao making full use of his Domain of Sword Intent felt intense shivers.

Dang… In a melodious ringing, Long Haochen’s body swayed slightly and drew two steps back, but the golden light previously gushing out from his chest flashed as his pace became far steadier.

With crispy sounds, Qiu Yonghao’s Domain of Sword Intent already filled the atmosphere completely, only to stop in front of that white sword, 

The white sword was lightly buzzing, slowly removing the pressure from the immense sword, seemingly carrying an unbearable burden. All the spectators that could see so far would believe Qiu Yonghao to once again be in disadvantage. However, only he knew that Long Haochen’s sword intent was of a completely different nature compared to his.

His sword intent was purely formed with notions regarding the sword, combining his spirit’s will to the sword’s intention. But although Long Haochen’s sword intent wasn’t as powerful as his own Sword Intent Domain, that white sword intent had soul fluctuations of its own. In other words, Long Hoachen was able to pour some soul into this sword intent.

Qiu Yonghao remembered vividly that in those years, on the eve of the day Ye Wushang challenged the Demon God Emperor; he had told him that he finally understood some of the mysteries behind sword soul.

But wasn’t Long Haochen utilizing precisely this very sword soul? That technique went even beyond sword intent!

Long Haochen had a thin smile on his face as he looked at Qiu Yonghao, “Congratulations for your great progress in cultivation Temple Head Qiu. Your Domain of Sword Intent is really powerful and original. If one day you can understand the mysteries behind using one’s soul as sword, your attainments will have surpassed the senior Ye Wushang of those years. I would possibly even need to use my own domain to resist your attacks.”

After so many matches, Long Haochen was the only one to have spoken words in the midst of his match.

Qiu Yonghao not only did not became twitchy because of these words, but instead felt thin feelings of comprehension, ardently watching the sword soul close to Long Haochen’s head.

He could feel that Long Haochen’s sword soul was only at an embryonic state, but he still really attained that level! Sword soul, just how could one materialize a sword soul!?

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