Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 679

Chapter 679: Light God Domain (I)


Seeing these words, surges of tears began to flow on Li Xin’s cheeks, from the terrace. He has returned, and although he hasn’t come to look for me first thing, he still remembered me!

Immediately, Lin Xin raised his hands up, and used his terrifyingly powerful light rays to form a heart symbol surrounding the name Xin’er’.

“This bastard!” Lin Chen’s eye immediately reddened beyond his control, finding for the first time his grandson’s shows not so repulsive.

The muscles on the face of the opposite Guardian Knight twitched immediately, the opponent was actually making a love declaration in a match of the Temples’ Great Gathering. This simply caused him to bury his face in his palm! Finding the shame no longer bearable, the Guardian Knight turned his head and left. What use was there to even keep the match going further? He had visibly already lost anyway.

That Xin’er looked even more terrifying than even an ordinary forbidden fire spell.

Lin Xin faced upwards, looking at the blurry outline of his heart drawing, before a resonant phoenix cry suddenly rang out, the blue rays immediately gathering in his chest to disappear in the blink of an eye. Then he left the field, picking up his cloak as he returned to his comrades.

In this competition, watchers were in no way allowed to come into contact with the contestants. Sitting there, Li Xin was already crying bitterly. So he finally came back, and didn’t forget about me!

Looking at the previous scene, even the lead referee Chen Zidian had a monstrous look on his face, thinking to himself, Nowadays’ youngsters are really getting more and more daring. But Lin Xin’s act was in no way against the rules. He had already proved the power of his blue rays to the whole audience before writing out these two words. What a mystery! The most important for a powerhouse of the ninth step was to find a path to walk on his own, and Lin Xin undoubtedly had found this path. He broke away from traditional magic casting and found an alternative, creating his own route. Perhaps he may seem a bit inferior in terms of the scales of his attacks, but the power of his attacks was definitely amongst the top of the fire mages. And more importantly, his instant release of such magic made his survivability in the battlefield undoubtedly extremely great, and gave him no need for the assistance of other vocations.

Three of the ten people forming Bright Glimmer of Hope had set out, all of whom achieved victory, and all won in style, especially Sima Xian and Lin Xin who left extremely deep impressions.

The light of selection reappeared, but against all expectations, another of the light of selections once again illuminated someone amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, as well as someone else on the side of the Spiritual Temple.

Seeing that person illuminated on the side of the Spiritual Temple, a lot of people couldn’t help but gasp, because that was actually the auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple, Sanshui Popo.

The Holy War may have caused immense damage to the Alliance, but also gave rapid rise to powerhouses. Just like Lin Chen, Sanshui Popo managed through her great efforts to achieve a breakthrough and rise to the ninth step, raising her strength greatly. Moreover, being the wife of the head of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Zidian, she held a decisive role in the Spiritual Temple.

Bright Glimmer of Hope was unexpectedly running into such a powerhouse. This time no one was optimistic for them, since this was, after all, the first powerhouse of the ninth step they were meeting.

But at the time the contestant on the side of Bright Glimmer of Hope removed her cloak, a great commotion arose!

She was just too young! How could this Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope actually be formed with so many of these freaks? Could they have special techniques to change their appearance? How could each one of them just look so young?

Her long hairdrifting lightly in the breeze as she carried an eccentric smile on her face, Chen Ying’er entered the stadium.

Sanshui Popo had a helpless look when seeing her, and did not soar up in excitement when seeing her. Very clearly, Chen Ying’er had already met her grandfather and grandmother before the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

After Chen Ying’er entered the stadium, she did not immediately chant her incantation, but gave a miserable look to her own grandmother, as if telling her, Do as you see fit, but just don’t make it hurt too much please.

Sanshui Popo let out a light sigh. A loving look on her face, she helplessly shook her head, and spoke the words, “I concede.” After speaking these words, she immediately turned back to exit the field.

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue and exited the stadium vivaciously, with a smile on her face.

What? Sanshui Popo just conceded? The overwhelming majority felt as if they had heard wrong. How could the auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple just give up against such a young girl? In fact, that was a knock-out competition: just by losing one match, one wouldn’t have any more chance to participate in the rest of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

Li Zhengzhi furrowed his eyebrows, seemingly wanting to say something, but finally bearing it. With his understanding of the squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, she naturally knew about the relationship between Sanshui Popo and Chen Ying’er.

Situations of conceding in the Temples’ Great Gathering were very rare, but not absolutely absent. For instance, there had been once in the previous Temples’ Great Gathering two formerly separated Demon Hunters that encountered each other. Just after meeting, one of them took the initiative to concede. No matter what, no rules forbid conceding, so although Sanshui Popo’s move raised questions, no one stopped her from doing so. Mysteriously, the contestants on the side of the Spiritual Temple all had tranquil looks, and none of them even went to comment on Sanshui Popo’s act.

Seeing this scene, Li Zhengzhi suddenly had an uneasy feeling. The calm of the Spiritual Temple seemed to have another meaning. Although the Spiritual Temple and Mage Temples’ relationship was not as close as the Assassin Temple and Knight Temple, the Spiritual Temple could be considered a backer of the Mage Temple for a long time now. Only, their cooperation was achieved in more professional manners.

The competition kept going.

The matches of the Temples’ Great Gathering went for a short time, first because there was no struggle of life or death, and because the contestants being at the ninth step for some, and at the eighth step for others, gaps in strength would appear extremely easily, making most matches very short.

In the morning, over forty matches were concluded. Based on this speed, the first rounds of the first stage should terminate by the evening.

Out of the five participating great Temples and the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, the latter was the only one to only keep winning from beginning to now. Five of them had already set out: Yang Wenzhao, Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, as well as Duan Yi who also reached the peak of the eighth step, and won thanks to a perfect collaboration with his mammoth mount in that match.

Out of the five, only Duan Yi had a rather difficult time, having been confronted with a fierce battle against a mage for a quarter of a hour, achieving victory by relying on his great defense and personal skills. Achieving victory aside, the others all had a rather easy time. 

The Temples’ Great Gathering didn’t include any lunch pause. The participating powerhouses would have no trouble even spending ten days or half a month without eating, so the competition still kept going.

At the time of the fourty-eighth match, the sixth candidate of Bright Glimmer of Hope was the target of the light of selection, and was this time the one standing in the leftmost of their ranks.

At the time the light of selection came to a stop, the looks of all higher-ups of the Six Great Temple were concentrated on him, because all knew that the first position of a Demon Hunt Squad would always belong to their captain. And Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain was no one else than Long Haochen.

So after over four years passed, Long Haochen finally reappeared.

Long Haochen’s luck was very lacking, because the other one selected was astonishly the head of the Warrior Temple, Qiu Yonghao, number one powerhouse of the Warrior Temple.

Qiu Yonghao became blank upon seeing the light of selection reflect upon him. Long Haochen, am I actually going to cross hands with you in such a manner?

His figure flashing, Qiu Yonghao entered the filed, and on the other side, Long Haochen became, after removing his cloak, the target of all lines of sight.

Before even entering the field, he turned back to perform a knight salute in the direction of his grandfather Long Tianying before heading to the field.

Clad in a simple white martial attire, his long golden hair draped over his shoulder and his crystal clear eyes seemingly able to see through anything, in addition to a handsome to the peak appearance, he had a steady disposition like no one else.

But no matter how one would look, with his face he just looked to be in his twenties or so. Yet those other traits caused everyone to forget about his young age.

Looking to him would subconsciously give the feeling of a cleansing breeze. He dispersed no fluctuations of spiritual energy, but just by standing here, he immediately became the focal point. Even the head of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao was not such a target of attention.

Within the Knight Temple, all Golden Foundation Knights got up and returned Long Haochen’s salute. No matter for how long he was missing, that was still the Saint Knight Head of their Knight Temple until the Knight Temple would remove that announcement, as well as the commander of all Golden Foundation Knights and Mythril Foundation Knights.

Not only the Knight Temple recognized Long Haochen, but the Assassin Temple, Priest Temple, Warrior Temple, and Mage Temple all had a lot of people recognize him.

Although Long Haochen did not appear for a long time during the Holy War, he left a deep impression in the Assassin, Warrior, and Mage Temples. And in the bloody battles in the southern mountain pass, he was even the hero who saved the fort. History wouldn’t get forgotten so easily. No matter how long the time that passed would be, they still recognized the handsome features on Long Haochen’s face.

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