Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Coarse and Wild Baldie (III)

“Come back right now.” Ye Weiyang grabbed her, “You’re not reserved in the slightest? Weren’t you just cursing at that bastard just a bit before? Why are you just so infatuated with such a muscle-headed guy? He’s been gone for over four years, and did not give out the slightest news. If he doesn’t look for you, it will mean that you already don’t have any place in his heart. Even if he comes, you need to teach him a good lesson, or won’t you just keep being played by him over and over again? So you’d better obediently sit there. You are not allowed to even look at him, understood?”

Feng Ling’er sat back to her seat miserably, declaring in a low voice, “Don’t be like that, Sis Weiyang. See how strong he just became. He must have suffered quite a lot in the past years, don’t you find him outstanding? Reaching the ninth step at the age of thirty, don’t you see some potential in him?” 

“Don’t be so complacent. Hmpf, what if he doesn’t want you anymore?”

Feng Ling’er shook his head, “That’s impossible. He surely had planned to become an overnight celebrity in this Temples’ Great Gathering, which is why he didn’t come to see me, to avoid leaking their team’s strength.”

Seeing her confident look, Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but laugh to her, “What a girl you are! What a little white flower, you’re simply a little infatuated flower. I’m not regarding you anymore.”

Sima Xian’s victory gained the attention of all Six Great Temples, but the competition still had to go on. Very quickly, the spectators’ lines of sight were attracted back to the stage.

A short time after Sima Xian set out to fight, the head of the Mage Temple Li Zhengzhi was picked to join the battle against a warrior. He only needed to launch one spell to achieve complete victory. His performance was very low-key, but clearly his opponent was not strong enough and was unable to force out any of his other abilities.

Almost a half of the contestants from the Six Great Temple were powerhouses of the ninth step. After battles between powerhouses of the ninth step started to take place, the competition became more and more intense, and a domain wielder even appeared in one battle.

On the thirty-fifth battle, the light of selection landed for the third time onto someone from Bright Glimmer of Hope, this time landing on the fifth man of the group.

That was a tall built man, looking even younger than the previous two, and wore his deep green hair long.

His appearance instantly rose comments on the side of the Mage Temple because many mages had recognized him. And on the side of the Knight Temple, a pink haired girl almost instantly clenched her fist, looking extremely sluggish just like the previous Feng Ling’er. Biting her teeth, with great difficulty she resisted the urge to cry out loudly.

Li Zhengzhi looked at Lin Chen on his side, an inquiring look on his face.

Lin Chen had a lifeless look right now, trembling intensely out of excitement.

Li Zhengzhi shifted back his gaze, able to see from Lin Chen’s expression that he didn’t know at all about his grandson coming to Holy City. That great excitement couldn’t possibly be faked.

No mistake, this dark-green-haired and slender-built man looking handsome to the extent of being characterizable as a bit girly, was the only mage of Bright Glimmer of Hope, Lin Xin, nicknamed has-drugs-bro’ by everyone else.

Lin Xin’s opponent was a knight, so he walked into the stadium alongside this knight. Without leaving the knight the time to open her mouth, Lin Xin’s figure flashed and shifted a hundred meters away, as if teleporting, before closing the distance to this knight.

The powerhouses from all Six Great Temples only saw Lin Xin’s back flash in blue light before he accelerated to appear a hundred meters away.

When could a mage attain such speed? 

That knight had shivers as well, but as he came to take part in the competition, he naturally wouldn’t be frightened so easily. In a golden flash of light, a huge snow-white eagle with a golden horn appeared above him.

This gigantic eagle rose over ten meters, and right as it appeared, light essence kept surging in waves, pouring all the way inside the knight.

This knight was originally at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation, but the assistance of the gigantic eagle in the sky caused his imposing manner to rise sharply, rising to the realm of the ninth step in the blink of an eye.

Hias opponent Lin Xin did not chant but scratched the empty air in front of him with his right fist, immediately causing a one meter long thumb-shaped blue light-ray to come out, and be shot at that knight.

The blue ray did not emit the slightest sound, only advancing and tracing an arc.

What’s that? That knight who just got boosted by his holy golden eagle dashed at Lin Xin with a greatly increased cultivation. Seeing that inconspicuous blue ray shoot out, as he raised his left hand, a deep golden color condensed instantly, turning into a golden shield in front of him, and he launched Divine Obstruction while coming to a stop in his dash.

A blue ray? Could his opponent be a water element mage?

This being the Temples’ Great Gathering, even through the opponent’s attack looked inconspicious, he couldn’t afford to be careless. As a Guardian Knight, he had to attach the most importance to safety and put emphasis on consolidation. In a battle between a Guardian Knight and a mage, the Guardian Knight would frequently need the mage to exhaust his magic power to achieve victory. After all, Guardian Knights were not expert in speed and had rather weaker attack power, putting them in no good position against mages using their spiritual wings to achieve flight.


When the blue ray accurately landed onto the Guardian Knight’s shield, against all expectations, that soft looking blue ray with a presence far from comparable to the awe of a fireball suddenly exploded upon contact with the Guardian Knight’s shield.

The Guardian Knight was suddenly pushed close to ten meters away, and blue ashes were created on the shield. Immediately, his Spiritual Highlandized Holy Shield disappeared in the midst of the blue ray, as the air surrounding him became clearly distorted.

That was not water, but fire. But what kind of magic was that?

The Guardian Knight lost his shield under the state of Divine Obstruction, and that burning hot stream of air caused his spiritual energy to deplete at a massive speed. With great difficulty, he finally managed to counteract the massive remainder produced by the blue ray.

Although his cultivation was raised to the ninth step thanks to his mount, in the end he hadn’t reached the ninth step for real. Facing the instant blast of the opponent’s fire spell of the ninth step, he knew that his chances were pretty scarce.

This time, Lin Xin launched yet another attack. Behind his back, his dark hair fluttered slowly on the side of his left arm as his right hand was raised once again, and this time, two such blue rays were shot again.

The Guardian Knight’s complexion had become very unsightly. In a situation with no useable equipment, his shield could only be materialized by relying on his own spiritual energy, and adding that to Divine Obstruction made up his greatest defensive state. But the previous blue ray just pierced through his defense, and this time, two of them would certainly be even harder to defend against. 

In a large shout, the Guardian Knight strode forward and traced an arc in a movement. In the meantime, a holy light rose from his whole body, sending him into a sanctified mode. His hands crossed each other in midair, and a shield even thicker than the previous one appeared. Incandescent flames formed this heavy shield used to block the incoming attack.

That was still Divine Obstruction, and his only current hope was that this instant spell Lin Xin unleashed actually expended a great amount of magical power, so that the the mage opposing him would have a greater depletion of ressources than he did.

When the blue rays exploded in succession, the Guardian Knight realized once again his mistake. These two blue entities had blasted in succession, causing this shield using holification and Spiritual Highland as basis to actually get split once again, a scorching blue fire rising around the knight’s body. Some of it was already on him and caused vast expenditures of spiritual energy to keep gushing out, all of which was just caused by these terrifyingly scorching blue rays of light.

So a real powerhouse of the ninth step was actually such a terrifying thing?

This match looked far more relaxed than before, no flashy magic, no powerful ability, and none of the disdain and coarse wildness showed by Sima Xian.

But true powerhouses were able to discern a lot from this. That simple looking blue ray of light was not simple at all.

Li Zhengzhi looked at Lin Xin with a look full of shock, murmuring, “Such condensed spiritual highland already goes beyond the scale of magic. An easy looking yet extremely complicated control over spiritual energy!

Just what terrifyingly deep level does this child Lin Xin’s understanding of fire already reach?

Lin Chen’s shock went even beyond Li Zhengzhi’s. Was that still that same grandson of his? The previous attack was something he had no way at all to reproduce. Even though Lin Chen’s cultivation made a final breakthrough after so many years of bottleneck to finally reach the ninth step after the end of the Holy War, he still felt totally unable to reproduce that control over fire. Moreover, Lin Xin’s Heart of Fire gave him a control over fire far beyond any ordinary mage. After his grandson went missing for over four years only to return so powerful, how could he not get excited?

Right at this time, Lin Xin’s next display of skills shook the whole audience.

His left foot stepped forward a bit, as he wore an extremely focused look on his face, his eyes flickering in sincerity. Raising his left hand, this time he exerted control using only his forefinger.

Blue rays appeared brazenly in the air, looking even shorter than the previous two, but did not immediately go for the Guardian Knight, only staying condensed at Lin Xin’s side.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Xin flamboyantly gave rise to twelve of these blue rays of light, causing the opposite Guardian Knight to look totally blank.

Since two blue rays already exhausted him to such extent, how could so many of them even spare his life? By chance the Temples’ Great Gathering had set rules, that killing the opponent is in no way allowed, or else he was afraid he would already be fleeing in great panic.

Those twenty plus rays in the sky formed two large words, “Xin’er.”[1]

[1] The affectionate way of calling Li Xin’s name, Xin’er, is written with the Chinese characters “馨儿” which are drawn with 20 and 2 strokes respectively 

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