Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 677

Chapter 677: Coarse and Wild Baldie (II) 

Although he wanted to give his all to handle Sima Xian, he was still negligent, originally thinking that the Hellhounds would at least be able to stall Sima Xian for at least ten seconds. In reality, Sima Xian only took a second to dispose of them.

His incantation was close to completion and couldn’t be altered, but at Sima Xian’s current speed, he could totally dash in front of him before his incantation would be completed. Being able to instantly extinguish so many Hellhounds, could he possibly have no spiritual wings?

But to the whole audience’s shock, Sima Xian not only didn’t release his spiritual wings, but even stopped advancing at twenty meters from the Hellgate, only peacefully standing there, a great fighting will leaking out from his eyes.

What could he be doing? Waiting for the opponent to complete his spell? Isn’t that just too arrogant?

For a moment, the spectators all got uproarious, as they could tell Sima Xian’s goal.

Only Sima Xian understood his own feelings, he really needed to vent out. Originally having a wild personality, such a long period of silence now required a great battle for him to liberate his constrained feelings.

The dark summoner finally completed his spell. The Hell’s Gate dispersed an intense dark purple halation, and immediately, an immense figure drilled out from within.

No mistake, it was drilling out.

The Hell’s Gate was four meters long, and three meters wide, but this summon could be seen drilling out just by lowering its head.

Six meters tall, human shaped, robust with a spiral horn. A Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step.

Right, that was the trump card of this darkness summoner, he was able to summon a powerful Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step even though his cultivation was only at the peak of the eighth step. No matter what Sima Xian did, he still finally managed to complete this spell.

Raa. An overwhelming roar reverberated, but did not come from the Hell’s Demon King, but from Sima Xian twenty meters away.

Facing the Hell’s Demon King that just came out from Hell Gate, he suddenly spread out his arm and shouted loudly, rushing straight at the Hell’s Demon King at great speed.

Having just gotten summoned, the Hell’s Demon King still didn’t understand the situation. A human dispersing an intense bright light from his body was rushing to him, so he unconsciously aimed a punch straight at Sima Xian.

An intense dark purple halation came out from the demon king, the aura of a tyrannical powerhouse of the ninth step with no doubts.[a]

But the rushing Sima Xian didn’t show any intention of avoiding it, stamping heavily onto the ground to issue a boom sound, soaring high into the sky.

The golden light distributed from his body instantly turned incandescent, as from Sima Xian’s fist burst out such an incandescent radiance, fiercely clashing against the Hell’s Demon King’s fist.

To clash with a Hell’s Demon King in sheer physical power. What a sight!

This instant, Feng Ling’er was already not the only one whose breathing became perturbed, but the same went for an absolute majority of the spectators. Sima Xian’s overbearingly rude and unreasonable fighting manner caused their blood to boil.


Light and darkness would always clash violently. The defensive barrier in the stadium shook greatly, and with Sima Xian and the Hell’s Demon King as center, powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy was disperse, causing even the Hell’s Gate to be on the verge of collapse just from the repercussions of the clash.

To the whole audience’s shock, the one to suffer a loss was not Sima Xian who was not viewed optimistically, but the Hell’s Demon King.

In a large roar, the Hell’s Demon King was unexpectedly pushed away by Sima Xian’s fist, and upon this clash, the incandescent sacred fire had ignited and fiercely corroded his body.

Sima Xian tumbled back slightly, landing onto the ground, but at the same time his feet touched the ground, he once again rekeased his power, rushing just like an incandescent artillery shell at the Hell’s Demon King.

A lot of matches had been undertaken, but this was the first time two powerhouses of the ninth step clashed. When Sima Xian pushed back the Hell’s Demon King, everyone understood that this tyrannical and unreasonable priest was actually a powerhouse of the ninth step!

A priest of Saint level? But how could a priest contend with a Hell’s Demon King by his sheer fist?

Once again, Sima Xian’s fists went up as he jumped high to even cross over the Hell’s Demon King. In between his fists condensed a white sphere of a  half meter diameter, brazenly smashing the Hell’s Demon King.

The Hell’s Demon King only recovered his balance right now. Sima Xian’s previous light of life was just so domineering, eroding the power of darkness in him with considerable effect.

This Hell’s Demon had no understanding of the situation right after appearing here. Sima Xian’s rude and unreasonable acts caused him to strike out reflexively, his feet bursting with purple light which was shot at Sima Xian’s direction.

Sima Xian was just too brutal, not even making use of that purple light shooting out from his own chest, his fists just clashed with the Hell’s Demon King’s fist.

In loud rumbles, the Hell’s Demon King let out wretched cries. His six meters tall figure forcibly shrank, suddenly getting more than one meter shorter because of the pounding from Sima Xian’s fists. An intense holy fire instantly engulfed his whole body, which shivered violently very much.

But the demon’s horns glinting in purple light were prepared to land on Sima Xian’s chest, as Sima Xian’s figure stopped in midair, and a purple glint was shot out from his chest.

Pampam. A thunderous sound resounded in the whole stage, as that purple ray violently smashed the chest of the Hell’s Demon King, flickering in purple electricity over its whole body, directly pushed back out of the way.

Golden dual wings finally appeared on Sima Xian’s back, extending over ten meters. In a flash, he chased after the top of the Hell’s Demon King’s head, catching one of his horns with his vigorous hands.

“Get out of my way!”

Swish. In a grieved sound, the Hell’s Demon King’s shout finally stopped, as his massive body was split in two right above Sima Xian’s head.

Bang! Sima Xian’s feet landed onto the ground, finally starting to take large breaths of air, but the wild valiance in his eyes didn’t weaken in the slightest, ardently watching the Hell’s Gate becoming gradually more and more illusory.

The whole audience was in deathly stillness.

This was the first battle that shook the whole Holy City form the start of the individual competition.

The bald priest Sima Xian managed by relying on his physical power to split a Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step. This instant, he really had an intrepid look, actually causing the veteran powerhouses from those Six Great Temples to shrink in fear.

The dark summoner unconsciously drew back, narrowly collapsing. Seeing the wild and burly look in Sima Xian’s eyes, his face became pale. Even if a Hell’s Demon King was one of the weakest creatures of the ninth step, that was still a powerhouse of this level! And yet that bald priest didn’t even used any presentable technique to split it in two. He could not even think of anyone else more powerful.

The tall and big figure that lacerated the Hell’s Demon King was really exceptionally burly.

Ninth step, a powerhouse of the ninth step. But was that really a priest?

Although Yang Wenzhao achieved victory, that was a victory achieved by tricks, which did not cause a realization of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s strength. But at that very moment, Sima Xian’s wild rampaging raised the whole audiences attention onto the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope.

In the contestants’ quarters, the team leader Ling Xiao was already standing up, looking full of excitement.

Sime Xian was his own disciple! Although this guy was gone for a long time, that was still indeed his disciple. Other may not recognize him as a priest, but Ling Xiao understood very clearly that this bald and intrepid muddled man was part of the Priest Temple.

In all previous sessions of Temples’ Great Gathering, the Priest Temple was almost always participating in the capacity of an observer. Ling Xiao realized for the first time that an unusual priest could still bring honor to the Priest Temple. He made up his resolve to initiate a new order of Discipline Priests, so the Priest Temple could get a better ability of self-protection.

The fierce glint in Sima Xian’s eyes vanished gradually, folding his arms and bowing in priest etiquette to the dark summoner, before turning back to leave from the field. There was basically no need for the opponent to concede for everyone to come to the same conclusion. This dark summoner not only lost, but even suffered a terrible blow in his self-confidence.

Returning to the Knight Temple’s entrance, he put back on his large cloak and returned to his team, as if nothing had just happened.

When the light of selection landed once again, the spectators only awoke from their sluggish states. The competition resumed, but it was like the stadium caught in a terrible explosion, as comments only kept rising in succession.

The name of Bright Glimmer of Hope became the whole Holy City’s focal point.

The two who had successively joined in battles were both in their thirties, but showed tremendous ability, especially the intrepid Sima Xian, who left a very deep impression.

In the honored guests’ lounge, Feng Ling’er had her hand on her mouth, with some tears still falling from her face. Even a beauty like Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but feel tenderness just by looking at her.

“So handsome! How perfect!” Feng Ling’er muttered.

Ye Weiyang unhappily reacted, “I really wonder what you are thinking. How could a quiet little girl such as you be actually inclined toward doughty men. Look at how crude that guy is!”

Feng Ling’er shook her head vigorously, “He’s not crude, look at him, isn’t he so manly. I originally found him very valiant, but didn’t think that after being gone for so long, he’d actually come back so perfect. No good, I have to go look for him.” Saying that, she turned her head and rushed down from the lounge.

What a taste in men...


As is = the demon kings aura shows that he doesn't doubt himself

OR  'beyond doubt the aura...step.

= there is no doubt that the demon king is at the 9th step

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