Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 675

Chapter 675: Bright Glimmer of Hope Takes Part in the Competition (III)

Such a young knight at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation? Without a doubt, Yang Wenzhao’s appearance shocked the whole audience, especially those from the other Temples to whom he served as a great deterrent.

Who said the Knight Temple was getting senile? To nurture such a young Saint Knight, one may well imagine that before long, Yang Wenzhao would inevitably break through the ninth step, and maybe possibly become a Divine Knight of the younger generation.

Holy Mantle’s effects could be anticipated by any perspicacious person. It aimed at searching for traces of the assassin: after entering the state of invisibility, an assassin would immediately become visible after coming in contact with any trace of spiritual energy, and Yang Wenzhao’s Holy Mantle reached such a scale that in case the assassin wanted to come over, he would certainly have the time to respond. Not only that, but the red light in Wenzhao’s eyes was clearly a knight’s Lock ability.

In a way, a knight is the nemesis of an assassin. In case he is Locked by the knight, an assassin can then only choose to face him in a direct clash.

That assassin was steady and experienced enough to show patience, and kept himself hidden rather than going on the offense. After the six stadiums were merged as one, the whole field became extremely wide. Although Yang Wenzhao’s Holy Mantle reached a large scale, the ground extending in the stadium was really wide. So, in his view, as long as he would not take the initiative to attack the opponent, Yang Wenzhao would have no way to find him.

Compared to his current state of invisibility, the simultaneous release of Spiritual Highland, Holy Mantle and Lock would surely make Yang Wenzhao’s consumption of spiritual energy far higher. Maybe this battle would be prolonged, but the Assassin Emperor of the eighth step hidden in the darkness was certain to be able to achieve victory in this battle.

Right as the Assassin Emperor was done thinking about his countermeasure, Yang Wenzhao made a move, silently standing there as an intense golden fog rose above his body. Storing Power.

Back then, quite a few people had suffered losses against Long Haochen’s Storing Power ability at the time of the Demon Hunt Selection. Yang Wenzhao just mechanically copied his strategy.

But, perhaps only the others from Bright Glimmer of Hope understood his way of thinking. The other contestants did not understand why Yang Wenzhao would do such a thing. The Storing Power ability would certainly increase his offensive power to a great extent, but what’s the use if no target can be found? Won’t it only deplete his spiritual energy?

Seated on a higher seat of the Knight Temple’s area, the corners of Long Tianying’s mouth traced a thin smile, “This kid Wenzhao has really been missing for too long, so a lot of people have already forgotten about his abilities of specialization. It looks that he will really give everyone a pleasant surprise.”

That Assassin Emperor facing Yang Wenzhao was also full of questions. This young knight is using Storing Power. Could it be to draw me out? That’s just wishful thinking. Could it be that he doesn’t understand that it’s a battle of wits? How could such a mistake stand?

The Assassin Emperor coldly remained hidden, and didn’t even move an inch from his place of seclusion. He really wanted to see what Yang Wenzhao was planning to do after using this Storing Power.

From the start of the individual battles, that was the first time such an awkward situation was taking place. But a lot of people understood that, in such a situation, the outcome would be decided right when one of them would make the first move. If Yang Wenzhao managed to find his opponent, at his peak of the eighth step and under the effects of Storing Power, that assassin also reaching the eighth step would be unable to avoid defeat. But conversely, if Yang Wenzhao couldn’t make this move decisive, that would give the Assassin Emperor a chance to reduce his chances to naught.

Yang Wenzhao’s Storing Power didn’t last for too long a time, and at some point a deep green gloss had appeared on his chest, only remaining indistinct under the concealment of his intense light elemental spiritual energy. It could only be found out under careful watch.

After this green ray appeared, a bizarre green radiance was shot out from Yang Wenzhao’s chest, emerging in front of him to sweep forward. To one’s shock, this green light kept getting deeper and deeper even after reaching the defensive barrier of the Alliance’s Great Stadium, without clashing at all with that defensive barrier.

What’s this ability? Did it really disregard the barrier?

Very rapidly, everyone realized what this ability was. Long Haochen’s Storing Power ended, and his body made a slight turn as the green radiance that came out from his chest swept through the whole battlefield. That concealed assassin was immediately lit in green light upon being scanned, and a red glint landed upon his body. It was a knight’s Lock.

Flapping the wings on his back, Yang Wenzhao became like a golden lion, using Lightning Flash to hit head on.

When his powerful holy light illuminated that assassin, Yang Wenzhao’s swords under the effects of Spiritual Highland aimed at the assassin’s two sides, as he launched Holy Knock to knock the opponent ahead, clashing against the barrier before being knocked back. 

If the assassin had chosen to attack head on, maybe he would have a chance, but after letting Yang Wenzhao complete such a Storing Power, those dual sword strikes would inevitably have caused death if they had struck.

“I have lost.” Declaring these words with difficulty, this aged Assassin Emperor felt like pounding himself to death using tofu. Losing the battle was not shameful, but losing without even displaying any of his own strength was really a shameful thing.

He had visibly been deceived by Yang Wenzhao’s young age, and did not expect that Yang Wenzhao could maybe have a powerful spiritual stove with probing abilities.

This was the spiritual stove that he had acquired after Long Haochen renounced it. Although this was not a spiritual stove with any attached offensive or defensive abilities, it was an innate nemesis for assassins. Yang Wenzhao had been relying on this Spiritual Stove back then to obtain quite considerable results. But what a shame that he finally had to meet with the Dragon Rider Demon God. 

Since he was gone for such a long time, those remembering about such a spiritual stove under his possession were rarer and rarer. Even in the Knight Temple, just a few still knew about it, to say nothing about this previous assassin.

As the first competitor on Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side, Yang Wenzhao’s good beginning was appreciable.

Seeing him withdraw from the field to return to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, the corners of Li Zhengzhi traced a downward arc. He understood very clearly that this Bright Glimmer of Hope team had already two knights in itself. Of course, he also knew about Yang Wenzhao, Yang Haohan’s grandson. But in his eyes, this Wenzhao should be much more lacking than Long Haochen. If his strength already reached the peak level of the eighth step, then how about Long Haochen himself?

Thinking to this point, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but shift his gaze at that leftmost person from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Although he couldn’t see his face, he knew from the soft manners coming out from his body as well as Tan Wan’s report that this one should be Long Haochen.

His face trembling slightly, Li Zhengzhi narrowed his eyes, thinking secretly, Long Haochen, let me see how far you will end up getting in this Alliance’s Great Gathering. He didn’t believe that a Demon Hunt Squad could possibly contend with Temples in the Gathering.

Long Haochen didn’t choose to return to the Knight Temple. Could it be because he did not hope for his teammates to fight at their own Temple’s side?

Thinking to this point, Li Zhengzhi didn’t understand why Long Haochen would appear in such a manner in the Temples’ Great Gathering. But he understood clearly that now that Long Haochen was back after over four years, he would inevitably be his own greatest rival in the near future. Never did Li Zhengzhi underestimate Long Haochen due to his young age.

The contest kept going, and the various Temples’ strengths came on display. The most powerful ones were still the Knight Temple, Mage Temple and Spiritual Temple, while the Warrior Temple and Assassin Temple were clearly quite weaker.

Strangely, over a dozen consecutive match went on without any of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s people getting picked. That lasted until the twenty-fourth match, in which the light of selection fell upon one of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

This time, the light of selection landed on the tallest member of the team. Right at this time, a girl standing on the lounge of the Warrior Temple stood up suddenly, her hands shivering greatly out of excitement.

The white clad Feng Ling’er.

As early as when Chen Zidian called the name of Bright Glimmer of Hope, Feng Ling’er felt as if struck by a thunderbolt from her lounge. Bright Glimmer of Hope, wasn’t that their team? Having gone missing for over four years, this bastard finally decided to come back.

This sudden news caused her brain to feel empty, as her eyes kept staring fixedly at the tallest of these Demon Hunters, that tall and robust man. Her eyes wavered, and tears kept flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Ye Weiyang was seated beside Feng Ling’er. As they were the representatives of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, they were naturally qualified to join this honored guest lounge. The words Bright Glimmer of Hope shocked her no less than Feng Ling’er, and right now she felt at a loss as for how to to console Feng Ling’er, only tightly gripping her hand to console her warmly. 

Right now, that man lit by the light of selection had caused Feng Ling’er to shed countless tears over the past four years. She was unable to repress her inner feelings anymore, which is why she rose up.

Ye Weiyang hurriedly held her in her arms, “Ling’er, don’t let your emotions take control of you. If that’s really him, you will meet him sooner or later.”

“Bastard… Bastard...” Feng Ling’er’s red lips were shivering. If not for Ye Weiyang’s support, she was afraid she would have already collapsed. So he’s back, it’s him!

She wasn’t in control of her tears anymore, they were just like pears falling over her fair, beautiful face.

Under Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang’s attentive watch, that tall member of Bright Glimmer of Hope slowly strolled toward the entrance of the Knight Temple, removing the large cloak from himself and revealing a smooth and flashy large bald head.

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