Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 662

Chapter 662: The Throbbing Heart of Eternity (I)

Dudu… Dudu...

What a marvellous sound! Only by losing it once would one realize how precious this beating sound was. When his heartbeat resumed, Long Haochen’s soul was close to lifeless in the midst of that vigorous heartbeat. And right at that time, a surge of spiritual energy travelled from his heart to flow through his whole body.

His heart vigorously shrank, expanded, shrank back, expanded…. A powerful force instantly travelled through Long Haochen’s whole body, not only did it contain internal spiritual energy, but even external spiritual energy was mixed into his senses.

In fact, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was originally over fifty thousand. In other words, the Heart of Eternity was actually able to sustain at least fifty thousand internal spiritual energy on its own, and even so, it looked far from full at the present time.

How could this be? This heart held spiritual energy, and with an even greater capacity than spiritual cavities. Before this, Long Haochen would not dare imagine such a thing. But at that very moment, such an incredible feat was happening right inside him.

Dudu… Dudu...

As the heart shrank, spiritual energy was squeezed inside. The other spiritual cavities in his body were all empty, naturally needing to get refilled by the spiritual energy from the outside world. Suddenly, Long Haochen found out through introspection that his blood vessels, channels, and even his heart all got colored gold, under the influence of the pure spiritual energy pulsing vigorously all around his heart. His light attribute even went beyond pure; although it looked liquid, Long Haochen was able to feel its entirely solid state.

The fusion of two great physiques of Scions of Light caused Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy to raise the original limit. If there was some tool able to really assess his current innate spiritual energy, it would be found out with a terrifying shock that his innate internal spiritual energy now exceeded a hundred and twenty.

In other words, Long Haochen should not be called a wielder of a Scion of Light physique, but the wielder of a physique of pure light. His light essence was not much different from the power from a God’s Descent of the Goddess of Light. No one would possibly compare in purity with his light in this world.

As his heart pulsed, Long Haochen’s body felt like a huge black hole. Every time it pulsed, the massive spiritual energy surrounding his body would get drawn in, while the Heart of Eternity would keep squeezing large amounts of light essence to refill his body. At the moment, it was a wonder how his frantic speed of absorption of the light essence did not affect the cultivation of his comrades.

The Heart of Eternity contained all the light attribute at Elux’s disposal, which was only desposited there before his heart had reconstructed. But when Long Haochen finally completed the process of resurrection, this light of the highest grade started to show its greatest features.

In just a short while, Long Haochen found out with shock that his body’s changes broke through his known limits.

Just during the previous splurt of absorption, he found out that, astonishingly, the internal spiritual energy in his body actually managed to break through a hundred thousand. Right, that was the symbolic level of the ninth step. In other words, he should now be a powerhouse of the ninth step, although in actual fact, he did not experience the slightest feeling of breakthrough.

This boundary should still be around the eighth step.

This hundred thousand spiritual energy filled his Heart of Eternity alone, but the other spiritual cavities in his body were still empty.

What does it mean? Why didn’t I progress to the ninth step even though my spiritual energy has broken through a hundred thousand? Long Haochen was shocked by this abnormal phenomenon even before getting the chance to rejoice over the rise of his spiritual energy. This was already far past common sense. Even demons would get to the ninth step after reaching a hundred thousand spiritual energy. He clearly had already surpassed this amount, yet remained on the eighth step’s boundary.

With Long Haochen’s level of intelligence, he very rapidly came to understand that to make the breakthrough from the eighth to the ninth step, a tenth spiritual cavity following the ninth needed to be produced. Only after nine filled spiritual cavities make the final breakthrough can this ninth step be passed through. And, although his internal energy had already broken through ten thousand, which should mean that his spiritual cavities reached an amount of nine, in practice his spiritual cavities still hadn’t reached this amount, only his spiritual energy having broken through. This miracle was really due to the Heart of Eternity.

The Heart of Eternity replaced his initial chest part’s spiritual cavity, and had far greater effects than the original one. Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was still not reaching the required level, which is why he didn’t break through the ninth step yet. 

Chest, head, abdomen, arms, and thighs, totalling seven spiritual cavities. That’s Long Haochen’s current foundation, which is to say that his cultivation should ordinarily be limited to seventy thousand spiritual energy, and need to wait for the opening of a new spiritual cavity to advance further. But the appearance of the Heart of Eternity smashed this limit.

Although the Heart of Eternity replaced his original spiritual cavity, its storing power was not ten thousand, but a hundred thousand. In other words, Long Haochen’s tolerance to spiritual energy shot up from seventy thousand to a hundred sixty thousand. So although his spiritual energy progressed, his cultivation stage had not increased yet.

But one may well imagine how terrifying the concept of a powerhouse of the eight step with a cultivation of a hundred and sixty thousand spiritual energy was. And when Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity pulsed, his output of spiritual energy reached a full   hundred and sixty thousand, meaning his cultivation stage was still at the eighth step, but his level of strength thoroughly reach the ninth step, only lacking some extraordinary abilities appearing at the ninth step. His transfer of spiritual energy and burst power even surpassed powerhouses of the ninth step with the same amount of spiritual energy.

This reconstructed Heart of Eternity Elux gave him was really formidable. In the case where Long Haochen’s spiritual cavities would get filled up, his strength would increase to at least twice its previous amount, and that was if his cultivation level would not keep going up in the meantime. And with this Heart of Eternity, Long Haochen’s absorption of spiritual energy became far faster than ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step. As long as he would just keep opening his spiritual cavities, he would certainly not need a long time before breaking through the ninth step.

As his heart recovered, the amount of pure energies in the whole Tower of Eternity had visibly increased. And right now, the others had nearly all reached a bottleneck in their cultivation.

With these massive pure energies free to be absorbed, the others didn’t need long before encountering the limits of their spiritual cavities. The increase in spiritual energy could be shortcut thanks to these pure energies, but the establishment of the spiritual cavities had no shortcuts. It was only achievable by relying on one’s own spiritual energy and comprehension. So, their previous rocketing speed of cultivation started to slow down at this point, but no matter what one may say, their cultivation in this Tower of Eternity was much faster than in the outside world. And, they had only just absorbed a small portion of this energy yet.

Roaa. As Long Haochen’s heart reformed, another powerhouse’s heartbeat resumed.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.

In the midst of intense and powerful heartbeats, a purplish glow shone upon every single scale. The purple liquid on the ground had already fully disappeared, and the six pairs of eyes on these multiple heads all had purple ripples in their midst. A cold denseness filled this overwhelming roar, venting the rage in him.

Right, Haoyue had awoken, and in the midst of this process, his body started to emit intense fluctuations. A massive bloodline force operated at lightning-fast speed, as his six heads all had frantic looks, full of desire for destruction.

So far, the Demon God Emperor’s plan against Long Haochen was a complete failure.

Four years later.

Tombal Mountain Pass, Mage Temple.

“Idiot girl, stop waiting. After over four years without any news, I’m afraid that they are...” A richly clad mage in a fiery red gown tried to persuade the girl in full uniform in front of him.

This girl had pink hair, looking to be in her twenties. Beautiful, her look was far deeper than any ordinary person, and powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out indiscernibly from her.

Right now, her eyes were filled with determination and conviction, “Grandpa Lin, don’t try to convince me. I won’t leave the Mage Temple before getting certain news of their death. Or don’t you want me here anymore?”

The old mage’s eyes flashed down with tears, “Xin’er, you are really a good girl. It’s his greatest fortune for that bastard Lin Xin to have found a good girl such as you. But he did not even get to enjoy this great fortune! Four years ago, the Holy War ended, the demons have withdrawn, so, if they are still alive, there’s no reason that they wouldn’t have come back after so long. The demons’ withdrawal was so inexplicable too. Xin’er, I am also unwilling to believe about their death, but I cannot bear to watch you waste your lifetime.

“You are still young. To keep holding up your time further will affect your lifelong happiness. Your grandpa Lin is of course willing for you to accompany me in the Mage Temple, you are more fit for a granddaughter compared to that bastard. But your grandpa Lin cannot be so selfish! I cannot let myself affect your future happiness!”

Right, this old mage was Lin Xin’s grandfather, auxiliary head of the Mage Temple Lin Chen. And this girl was Li Xin, nicknamed the Hell Rose.

One should not have a hasty judgement of Li Xin for being a knight. She’s well reputed, loved and respected by all soldiers in the Tombal Mountain Pass, as she never drifted away from the battlefield, despite having gotten wounded many times in battle. After Lin Xin left, she stayed here all this time, fighting alongside her Demon Hunt Squad. 

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