Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 661

Chapter 661: Holding all lives, Plucking all stars, the world without someone like me (III)

The Heart of Eternity was really filled with extremely pure light essence, and used the blood vessels of the original Scion of Light, Elux. Long Haochen being a Scion of Light too, his blood vessels joined with the former Scion of Light’s, although a short time of rejection had occurred first.

In the contest of blood vessels power, Long Haochen was far more powerful, after all Elux had already deceased several thousand years ago. Perhaps his spiritual energy did not come loose, and was still as incredibly powerful, but his blood vessels had already long since decayed. He could only extract the best parts of the blood vessels, which was why after this short time of rejection and clashing, Long Haochen’s own blood vessels took complete control and were the ones to integrate this blood vessel power of great purity.

Under these circumstances, Elux’s great capability came to view. After the blood vessels’ integration was complete, a large amount of nerves started undulating in Long Haochen’s chest, as the brand new heart was in the midst of growing.

A numb feeling ran through Long Haochen’s whole body, waking him from a state of coma close to deep slumber

Long Haochen found out about the changes in his own body very fast. A numb feeling spread out from his chest, bringing an intense pain. He clenched his teeth tensely, knowing that this was the crucial instant. The reconstruction of a heart is something he had never heard about before. Even the greatest resurrection spell of the light attribute would need a full organism to possibly achieve resurrection. But Elux had managed such a feat, a miracle of which he had become the final proof. If he were to leave things unfinished at this point just because of the intolerable pain, even a collaboration of all the gods descending to his rescue would perhaps not be able to save him. For Cai’er’s sake, and for every one of their comrades, there’s no way Haochen could let such a thing happen.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, his body was soaked in sweat in just a few seconds but he remained motionless, and didn’t even let out the slightest sound. He could feel that Cai’er was right nearby, so he couldn’t let Cai’er be aware of his terrible pain. She had just paid far too much for his sake, and had far too much to bear. Long Haochen was really unwilling to let her worry even more.

The process of heart reconstruction was really complex, and in this whole process, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy kept rising from beginning to end.

Although his body had to bear an extreme pain, Long Haochen realized that great changes had clearly appeared during the reconstruction compared to before.


He was neither a doctor nor a priest, and naturally had no understanding of the human heart. But even an even greater ignorant would clearly feel that something changed if he were to inspect everything inside his body. The greatest and most direct change lay in the color.

A normal human heart should be red, and even when spiritual energy operates, the spiritual energy should guard around the heart; this is done through the spiritual cavity appearing first in powerhouses of any vocation, the one in the heart.

But Long Haochen’s heart was completely different from that in this process of reconstruction. He clearly felt his flesh growing, and the new flesh that came out was all golden colored, without the slightest red tint. In the process of growing his heart, spiritual energy was liberated freely, becoming one with his whole flesh.

That could be described as a heart of gold’. And, right now, this description was to be taken literally, his heart was really reconstructed with a golden color.

Although Long Haochen did not know what change this heart would cause, he had no other choice. Before he passed out, Elux had explained everything, and he knew that Elux was doing the best for him, afraid that this mental burden would affect his future progress.

Even a hateful person had pitiful parts. Long Haochen couldn’t, neither was he qualified to, forgive Elux on behalf of humankind. His sin was just too serious, though after he and Cai’er listened to Elux’s story together, he felt sympathy for Elux’s encounters. At least he was very grateful for the huge help Elux gave him by giving him a second life.

So, when Long Haochen came back to his senses, he unconsciously gave his words of thanks to Elux.

The pain from his heart’s reconstruction becoming more and more intense, Long Haochen’s willpower withstood a huge trial. Cai’er and him had walked different paths at first, but his tolerance to physical pain was still higher. Back then, Cai’er mainly had mental pain to sustain.

Long Haochen withstood this pain unyieldingly with only one thought, It’s for Cai’er’s sake.

In less than a day, every member of Bright Glimmer of Hope outside from Long Haochen entered a state of deep cultivation.

The The energies in the Tower of Eternity were really too pure, too massive, and could only be absorbed the most effectively by being in a state of deep cultivation, for a better general understanding. It gave off a really great feeling like an incredible opportunity.

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Long Haochen’s original clothes had been replaced with a black coating, his clothes having shattered continuously under the effects of that white energy spreading all around. Every shattered bit was caused by a purification by the pure energy, putting Long Haochen into an awkward state of exposure.

This black was originally the sweat from his body expelling impurities from his body. The dark corrosion left by the Demon God Emperor in his body was expelled in this process, and more importantly, although he had to suffer an immense pain, that lump of gold in his chest became more and more rich and powerful. At last, the reconstruction of his heart was finally completed.

After three full days of torment, Long Haochen really felt dizzy, but he kept gritting his teeth, for he had to stay awake during this whole time or else no one would know what happened during his coma. And, if he couldn’t personally witness the whole process of the reconstruction of his heart, Long Haochen’s future cultivation would surely greatly get impeded.


From the looks of it, it seemed that his heart was already back to a whole, that the veins in his body fulfilled their role as mediator properly. But Long Haochen knew that the most important step of the process of reconstruction was coming. Only when this reconstructed heart would start performing its normal work, would this process be finally over.

Haochen felt nervous in those circumstances; he didn’t fear death, but he was really unwilling to die. The reconstruction of a heart was absolutely never seen by any humans before, would it succeed? Long Haochen had no confidence that the Heart of Eternity would really manage to succeed in forming. That golden heart didn’t look much different from the other internal organs, and what remained to be seen was whether it would be able to distribute vital force just like the original real heart he used to have.

No one could reply to this question for Long Haochen, including the deceased Elux. If Elux was still there, he would surely feel more confident than him, but he didn’t have a hundred percent certainty.

When Long Haochen’s heart finished the process, the process of recovery restarted.

In another world, a dark world of black and red, a massive figure shook slightly.

Scales that had lost their gloss from long before were on a massive body creeping on the ground for a very long time. Dark purple blood surrounded its body, this blood having flown out from these six huge heads.

It preserved this posture for a long time, initially completely out of vital force. But right at this time, that body shook lightly, as traces of vital forces started to appear inside.

These vital fluctuations appeared first on the scales, which had originally lost all their gloss, and become pitch-black. But just before, a delicate piece of scale suddenly lit up in purple color, its splendor gradually coming to view. This was the original cause for the first shake of the figure.

Right, that was Haoyue, who had lost all his vital force following Long Haochen’s death.

But, just like Long Haochen managed to have his soul preserved thanks to Ye Xiaolei’s assistance, Haoyue also had a faint hope of revival.

In reality, even if Long Haochen’s soul had dispersed, Haoyue’s real death would first undergo a special process. Every one of his heads having gotten tenacious, he had in his six-headed state, the ability to preserve his body for thirty-six days without decaying, and with hope for revival. That was the superiority of his bloodline. Moreover, although Long Haochen’s body died due to the loss of a vital organ, his soul was not yet dispersed, so Haoyue retained faint traces of leftover breath. 

A scale lit up, and gained in intensity like a little fire in a forest. Gradually, another scale after another followed, becoming brilliant. Mysteriously, that deep purple blood onto the ground seemed to get embellished by that dark purple blood. Fluctuations of energy surfaced, and several purple dots of light surfaced from the dark purple liquid, floating through the air to land on Haoyue’s body.

Long Haochen’s body suddenly stiffened, the final veins about to get flowing. The determinant instant had come.

Pop. The blood and spiritual energy was quietly extracted, and Long Haochen’s body suddenly contorted violently. His focus was entirely locked on to his heart, and due to the nervousness, his body couldn’t help but have slight spasms.  

When the last vein operated, that gold-colored heart shrank intensely. The tight grip of gold color was also a grip at Long Haochen’s soul. A golden halation dispersed from the tightened heart, but this time it did not simply travel back and forth, but dispersed all around. 

Long Haochen felt his whole body get contaminated with gold, before that golden heart finally restarted its operation.

Dudu… Dudu...

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