Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Holding all lives, Plucking all sars, the world without someone like me (I)

“In the last moments of my life and existence, are you willing to call me teacher, Cai’er?” When Elux made this request to Cai’er, a tint of sadness unconsciously appeared on his face.

“Teacher, you...” Cai’er called him that way without a thought. How could Elux’s story not move Long Haochen and her? Long Haochen was better off, because although Elux was pitiful, his mistake really made him sin greatly against humankind. Although Long Haochen also sympathised with him, he would absolutely not forgive his sins against humanity.

But Cai’er was, after all, a girl who had also suffered painful experiences during her youth. Her sympathy was much greater than Long Haochen’s, and right now she only found this formerly unrivalled necromancer really pitiful, and had no other impression of him than this great sympathy.

“Great, great...” Hearing Cai’er call him teacher, Elux’s feelings were greatly stirred.

“Good kid. I didn’t act befittingly as your teacher, but hearing you call me that, my heart finally found some comfort. I, Elux, did a lot of bad deeds in this life. But in the end, I can feel honored to have a disciple such as you. Feel relieved, your teacher left you a great gift. After you return to the human world, no one will ever be able to bully you. So what if Long Haochen is the Scion of Light? The disciple of the great Elux is in no way inferior.”

At this point, the pride Elux had as the Holy Necromancer and Slumbering Calamity seemed to resurface at once. Lifting his right hand, he lifted it toward Cai’er, immediately absorbing the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. That was quite a strange thing, but that powerful Sickle of the God of Death which is the natural enemy of all undeads was wrapped in the gray-black force in Elux’s hand, making its purifying power lose all its effects.

Raising his head, Elux had a cold smile, “This Tower of Eternity can be called one of my greatest accomplishments. I didn’t expect it to actually evolve to such an extent after I was asleep for so long. Want to break out of my control? Don’t look down on me! Cai’er, I am going. Since you called me your teacher, I am leaving this Tower of Eternity to you. It has already evolved close to the standard of a supra-divine tool. Its intelligence is already manifesting. I will eliminate the excessive things in it. From today onwards, it will be both your weapon and shield. After its superfluous forces are purified by my hand, your comrades and you can absorb it to your liking. Don’t let it go to waste. After absorbing these superfluous forces, you can all leave from this place.”

In the midst of his speech, the Tower of Eternity suddenly trembled violently, massive fluctuations of spiritual energy bursting out from all directions, as if struggling to stay alive.

Elux said proudly, “Still struggling? You are indeed my very own creation. Don’t tell me you think that because you have an intelligence of your own, you can escape from my control? At the time of your creation, I had already considered all the future possibilities. To say nothing about your current state close to a supra-divine tool, even if you had really become a supra-divine tool, I could destroy you with no effort at all.”

His left hand pointed to the sky, a grayish-black ray was abruptly shot forth, aimed at the top of the Tower of Eternity. Immediately, the coffin underneath Elux’s body bubbled up with a dense grayish-black fog scattering to all directions. The power dispersing from that Tower of Eternity only kept getting more and more powerful, and the whole Tower of Eternity shook violently, countless specters letting out sharp shrills.

What Elux was doing was unknown, but the Tower of Eternity seemed to gradually get weaker and weaker as that gray-black airflow travelled, and big expanses of white light started to wander over the stripped space of the tower. Immediately, the all-present graying black airflow started to travel from all around to converge toward Elux, and make its way into his soul. In just a little while, Elux’s soul became pitch-black just like ink.

“Intelligence strip, power strip. Purification!” Elux’s incomparably mighty voice spread to every floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Countless specters dissolved in the midst of shrieks of terror. The purest soul force gathered alongside those stripped elemental fluctuations, and the terrible stripping force entirely deprived these elemental fluctuations of everything other than pure energy.

As the greyish black airflow became stronger and stronger, a greying black ring of light appeared all around Elux’s body, and the Tower of Eternity gradually changed into a pure white color untainted by even the slightest speck of dust, devoid of any flow.

The intense shaking gradually turned into a lighter shaking before all movements stopped, and everything seemed to return to tranquility. Large amounts of white points of light containing fluctuations of spiritual energy slowly moved rythmically in the air.

Cai’er clearly felt the Tower of Eternity change, calming down in purity. It seemed that all the negative things, including emotions, disappeared due to Elux’s stripping. Furthermore, a strange connection created itself in her heart, reinforcing the link between the Long Haochen portrait shaped Eternal Melody and the Tower of Eternity.

“After purification, the Tower of Eternity will be a divine tool combining attack and defense. Although I have stripped a lot of power and intelligence from it, it is still far more powerful than ordinary divine tools. Through its connection with the Eternal Melody, it will gradually fuse with your soul, becoming part of your body. This way, you will have as prolonged a life expectancy as the one Long Haochen will have thanks to my Heart of Eternity.”

Cai’er had a complex look. In fact, she didn’t have any dealings with Elux until the day Long Haochen was slain by the Demon God Emperor. Never did she expect herself to finally inherit the greatest part of Elux’s power. Although Elux’s necromancy was finally not imparted to her, the massive death energy stored in the Eternal Melody as well as the Tower of Eternity were both the best tools of Elux’s cultivation. Thinking back about the lonesome life he had, Cai’er’s eyes became moist as a natural reaction. Kneeling toward Elux, she called out once again, “Teacher!” 

Elux smiled in great joy. That was a sincere joy, as he brightly declared, “If there is a next life, I don’t want to be the Scion of Light again. I just want to be an all the more ordinary human, and find a girl I can love whole-heartedly, marry her, have children, and live a peaceful life together. I have had a glorious period, but also a corrupted period. From the next instant on, all of this will turn into nothingness. Good bye, child. Take good care of your beloved one, your teacher wishes you the best.”

Saying this, he suddenly flipped the Sickle of the God of Death in his hand, using the immense blade toward that terrible soul force forming myriads of white glows. This purifying force even exceeded the power of Cai’er’s seven arts of the God of Death. The blade slashed on a straight line, cutting into him and through the coffin underneath as well.


A terrible light of purification dispersed the dense soul force forming Elux’s body, and turned it into an unparallelled brilliant shine. Ear-piercing tinkling sounds occurred as something seemed to take place inside the Sickle of the God of Death.

Elux’s proud voice reverberated, “So what, God of Death? In the midst of getting purified, I have just broken your seal, now let’s see how you will inflict backlashes to my disciple? If I wanted it, I would already long since be a god.”

“Holding all… lives… Plucking all stars, the world… Without someone… like me… Hahahaha… Haha...”

All the darkness and filth gradually dissipated under that pure light of purification, and only the proud voice of Elux remained, reverberating through the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Holding all lives, Plucking all stars, the world without someone like me… What a proud, conceited, yet… sorrowful person.

The former Scion of Light and former calamity bringer for humankind, Holy Necromancer Elux, died. But in this eternal departure from this world, he had in the end someone to pay his last respects for him.

Cai’er stayed kneeling on the ground, already brimming with tears.

Women are more sentimental than men. The current Cai’er had totally forgotten that this disappearing man was the terrible necromancer lord who inflicted a fatal blow to humankind. All she knew was that he was already dead, a proud ancestor who did everything to rescue her man by reconstructing a heart for Long Haochen, for the two of them to be able to stay together. No matter what Elux had done in the past, right now Cai’er felt grieved over the scattering of his soul. Elux had a rough and unlucky life, but he was especially happy at the time of his return to his origin. In the end, he had a person to grieve over his death. This incredibly simple matter was really precious in his eyes.

The process of purification lasted for a whole half-hour, the whole space gradually settling down as the white colored dots formed of incomparably pure energy drifted away.

With a light Ding sound,the Sickle of the God of Death landed onto the ground quietly, awaking Cai’er from her emotions. Unconsciously, she strode forward and caught the weapon.

Not only Elux’s soul had disappeared, but also that pure-gold colored coffin from earlier, which didn’t even leave the slightest aura.

When Cai’er held the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand, a fantastic feeling travelled through her whole body. She felt as if she had gained something more in her life, this fabulous change being brought by the Sickle of the God of Death.

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