Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Heart of Eternity (III)


In a flash of light, this white pearl quietly flew in front of Cai’er, the golden skull, Eternal Melody, floating back in reaction. But in this process, the Eternal Melody changed gradually, moving rhythmically like a liquid. The Eternal Melody transformed in the process, to finally turn into the appearance of Long Haochen’s portrait, floating in front of Cai’er.

The white death energy integrated with the pearl, and immediately, the golden Eternal Melody flickered in white. Not only could none of the death energy inside be sensed, but conversely, it was full of a sacred smell. 

Hanging onto Cai’er’s neck, the new Eternal Melody stuck close to her chest, and just like before, embedded itself in her chest in a flash of white light.

Cai’er only felt a refreshing power spread from the Eternal Melody, entering her body and melding with her spiritual energy. Without need for her to do anything, her spiritual energy rose slowly.

Elux had his death energy stored inside the Eternal Melody, but didn’t directly give it for her to absorb out of fear about its excessive quantity, which Cai’er would immediately find unbearable.

Looking at Cai’er’s stunned expression, Elux had a faint smile on his face, “No need to thank me. This is the first gift I am offering you. As for the second gift, it will be given later. Be at ease, since I have offered this gift to you, I will naturally help you two lovers to be together. Otherwise, even the greatest gift wouldn’t be enough to please you without him by your side.”

Hearing his words, Long Haochen and Cai’er’s faces couldn't help but display an expression of joyful surprise.

Although Long Haochen really loathed Elux, he really hated to part. Even if all the other reasons were to be thrown aside, just for Cai’er’s sake, he was really unwilling to die like that.

Elux’s right hand once again pointed to the coffin in front of him, and this time, what came out from there was a bright light of an incomparable purity. When it bubbled up from the coffin, Elux immediately gained an illusory look, as if his soul was sustaining a great attack.

Compared to the previous gathered energy of death, the golden radiance that Elux liberated this time became much slower, his face looking a lot more grave than before, so much so that it was a bit strange.

Although that golden barrier was there, Long Haochen could clearly feel a light essence of great purity.

Was what was coming out the holy power he'd stored in himself for several thousand years? Long Haochen looked at Elux with shock, although he loathed Elux for his previous doings.

However, he couldn’t help but admire him greatly for his accomplishment in cultivation. Solely by relying on his soul force, he was actually able to draw out power from that body. This showed how great his perception of the power of light was! Asking himself, Long Haochen reached the conclusion that the gap separating himself from Elux was still incomparably wide.

Out of all the powerhouses he had ever met, the strongest ones were undoubtedly the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu and this Holy Necromancer Elux. The former may be stronger in total spiritual energy, but in view of the control over light Elux had in his soul form, Long Haochen determined that even Fengxiu was definitely not an opponent for Elux. 

The light was extracted for a whole hour, before ending gradually. Long Haochen and Cai’er understood that what Elux was now doing pertained greatly to Long Haochen’s resurrection. Only, they did not understand by which method the formerly most powerful necromancer was attempting to recover Long Haochen’s lost heart.

The coffin was not releasing bright light anymore, and Elux’s face became even more focused than before. His left hand was pressed lightly onto his forehead, and then, a light ray with a tail of light came out from the midst of his soul. His movement was slow, and the expression on his face started to twist, as he seemingly suffered a great pain. But, both his hands were extremely stable, maintaining the same movement.

Gradually, that dot of light was pulled out entirely from his soul. When he was done, his originally very corporeal soul body immediately became transparent, much weaker than before.

Elux’s hands both started the same movement. From his hands, dots of light gathered into a large ball, and his hands started to trace complicated symbols, each movement appearing very fast. These complicated symbols rapidly joined with the golden mass in front of him that fluctuated constantly in front of these complex symbols, and even trembled.

As one symbol after another was completed, Elux’s soul body became more and more transparent, and on the last one, he couldn’t help but open his mouth wide, breathing while looking down toward the coffin.

Immediately, a blackish-gray energy burst out from the coffin, making his soul body regain substance upon contact. Only, that blackish-gray color seemed full of evil and malevolence, incompatible with the golden color right in front.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… A fantastic scene followed. When Elux held his hands out, facing the lumpy golden object toward Long Haochen, it made sounds similar to heartbeats, and drifted slowly toward Haochen.

“This is the heart I have reconstructed for you. Your flesh will be able to regain its functions and assimilate its power. It will become your strongest spiritual cavity in the future, as well as the source of your whole power. I called it Heart of Eternity, and if I may say, that’s the greatest masterpiece of my whole life.”

At this point, Elux’s couldn’t help but gasp in self-admiration. Visibly, he was very proud of having made this Heart of Eternity.

“I know that you must loathe me, and loathe my power. Although you cannot reject this present of mine since you want to liveto be together with Cai’eryou feel some reluctance because you believe that your holy heart will inevitably be affected by this present, am I right?”

Long Haochen didn’t mutter a word, silently approving Elux’s declaration.

Indeed, for the sake of living, he could accept receiving everything before his eyes, even if it meant going against his holy beliefs without scruples. For Cai’er’s sake, he was willing to renounce all he had, but he knew that really accepting Elux’s power, even if it’s just the power extracted from his body, would surely impede Long Haochen’s future, and greatly affect his future cultivation.

Elux declared calmly, “Right, because of these issues, I must make some things clear to you before you receive the Heart of Eternity. You can loathe me and reject my everything, but you cannot reject light. You are the Scion of Light, to whom the power of light is more fitting than it would be to anyone else. You saw what I just did: I gave Cai’er the purest death energy I have been condensing over thousand years, which is a very small part of my original power. But it prevails in its purity, as it doesn’t contain any other superfluous existence, making it only advantageous to Cai’er, and won’t leave any brand which is specific to me.

“I did the same when condensing this Heart of Eternity for you. I extracted all the light essence to turn it into holy power of the purest kind. Do you know what I have stripped and peeled from my very soul? It is my brand as a former Scion of Light. In other words, I am not giving you my power, but the power of the previous Scion of Light. You may understand it as receiving holy light and flesh of the purest kind from before the time I have become corrupted.

“As you have seen, after these two powers were stripped from me, all I have left is the power of death, as well as all the negative energies. These are all classified as corruption, my corruption as well as light’s corruption. The guilt is all mine and not light’s. Go now, you are the most fitting host for my Heart of Eternity.”

While saying that, Elux’s eyes flashed in the light as that ball of light suddenly broke into the space in the middle of Haochen’s heart. He felt an incomparable surge of heat travelling into all his limbs and causing him to unconsciously sit crosslegged on the ground. His whole body turned golden, and he lost even the capability to think.

Placing his ardent gaze onto Long Haochen, Elux stared at him for a whole ten minutes before gradually loosening his breath. With a little smile on his face, he declared, “I am still the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. No one in this world is more knowledgeable than me regarding death and life. My Heart of Eternity was a success, and in some sense, the past me before corruption will continue to live inside Long Haochen. Maybe this was the best choice I could do. I will be a little part of all the future contributions he will make for humanity in the future. I hope this will serve as a little redemption for all my previous sins.

“Cai’er, are you satisfied with how I handled things?” Elux shifted his sight toward Cai’er after making sure that Long Haochen was correctly starting to integrate the Heart of Eternity.

Cai’er bowed to him, “Thank you very much for everything, Senior.” She was not the same as Long Haochen, as she didn’t have as pronounced of a disposition towards good. She only knew that this was previously a human sinner, who just saved her own lover. She only felt filled with gratefulness.

Elux smiled at her, “Although you cannot inherit my necromancy, in the end you obtained my death energy. I want to leave this world forever, and get purified by your hand. This is the best destination I could wish for. Since that time when blame and hatred deceived my sight, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be so very happy again. I feel like I have come back to the days I was the Scion of Light, when my life and soul were at their peak. Cai’er, are you willing to call me Teacher? ”

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