Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Seven arts of the God of Death and Multicolored Divine Light (III)

Cai’er gradually felt flashes of understanding filling her.

Right, all the tests they had to bear were so challenging, and they could only rely on their own power to pass through. The Eternal Melody didn’t give them any kind of help, and some of them were narrowly killed during the trials.

But this was in the end a trial, not a battle to death!

No matter what kind of a cruel person the Holy Necromancer Elux could be, he had left this place for the sake of choosing a successor to inherit his great strength, and not to cause destruction.

So, after everyone passed through this sixth trial, everything seemed to be over, which is why the Tower of Eternity caused this powerful six-elemental recovering light to descend, helping them to recover from their wounds and replenishing them in energy.

Elux wouldn’t want a completely bruised disciple, let alone one wounded beyond recovery.

The first ones to recover were Lin Xin, Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi who had left all their spiritual energy to Cai’er, and even had some damage in their channels due to that. But it took them under ten minutes to recover fully, with a capacity of spiritual energy even above their original peak.

This was due to the development of their capabilities through incessant battles.

The next one was Chen Ying’er, whose face gradually regained red tints. Managing to get up under Yang Wenzhao’s assistance, she felt her depleted strength coming back slowly, and half an hour later, she had the pleasant surprise to find out about her total recovery.

How bizarre: right after recovering entirely, that multicolored radiance started to avoid her and stop integrating.

This instant, the different degrees of the others’ wounds were visible.

Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, and Zhang Fangfang were already soaked in the light for no less than one hour, and it was about the same for the distant Cai’er.

And, that multicolored light was maintained as if it had no limits.

After another hour passed, Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan opened their eyes simultaneously, filled with great joy as their vital forces were already recovered fully.

It was not that Wang Yuanyuan’s injuries were not as severe as Sima Xian: in reality, she had already sacrificed her life at that time, and was originally supposed to be dead, but Zhang Fangfang was there to share that backlash of hers, as well as offering a half of his vital force to her

Sima Xian’s recovery took close to four hours to complete. As he groped his bald head while standing up, everyone couldn’t help but cheer for him.

That was the feeling of being done with the hard times. Their struggles and sacrifices were being paid back, and the more severe their wounds were, the more they gained from the Tower of Eternity’s trials.

For instance, Sima Xian’s internal spiritual had directly soared to the eighth rank of the seventh step, nearing closely the eighth step. The same went for Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang, but because they had originally higher levels of cultivation, their upgrade was not as great as Sima Xian. The others were also boosted more or less greatly.

Their cheers didn’t last for long before coming to normal, because that multicolored light did not disappear after their recovery.

The light was still there, seemingly gathered only on those two, Long Haochen and Cai’er.

What a strange thing to behold: Long Haochen was clearly already dead, yet that multicolored light kept rushing forth inside his body. And the same went for Cai’er: the two of them had become the cores of this multicolored halation.

“Will Boss resurrect like that?” Lin Xin raised the question with traces of hope.

Han Yu silently shook his head, “Not likely. After all, Boss is already dead. See, the wound on his chest doesn’t show any traces of recovery. The Demon God Emperor’s strength is just that terrifying, that injury is impossible to treat, to say nothing about resurrecting him. It looks like we will have to head for the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity.”

“But where is the seventh floor? Cai’er has already passed through the sixth floor, but how come there is no pathway for the seventh floor showing up?” Chen Ying’er asked in incomprehension.

Zhang Fangfang responded, “For now, we can only wait. Maybe it will come out by itself after this multicolored light terminates”

Wang Yuanyuan remarked with some worries, “Hopefully they can make it fast. Boss could only last for seven days, and that’s without including the time needed to resurrect him. We have already used up two days, so we have only five days left.”

Sima Xian remarked, “That’s already pretty good. We have five days left: they can’t possibly keep absorbing this light for such a long time.”


Time passed, minutes after minutes. Six hours, seven hours, eight hours, nine hours… Twelve hours.

When no less than twelve hours had passed, the group started to become get anxious. How much longer would this last?

Bur right because of this, they couldn’t help but secretly admire Cai’er. After each of them recovered fully, the assimilation of the multicolored light stopped immediately. The already deceased Long Haochen aside, Cai’er certainly made it back alive after this battle, yet this multicolored light soaked her for a whole twelve hours, which was not even enough for her to recover entirely. From this one could see the terror of the backlash from the seven arts of the God of Death.

As everyone started to grow more and more worried, the multicolored light in the sky suddenly dimmed down, vanishing slowly.

Cai’er opened both her eyes as this multicolored radiance disappeared from sight.

“Cai’er!” Everyone immediately rushed to her in excitement. Sima took Long Haochen’s corpse in his arms before running to join Cai’er’s side.


Chen Ying’er grabbed Cai’er’s arm, attentively watching her face, “How are you, Cai’er? So the backlash of your seven arts of the God of Death was...”

Cai’er showed a faint smile, “I didn’t expect my backlash to actually disappear. It seemed to get counteracted by the ability of this Tower of Eternity.”

“That’s great!” Chen Ying’er immediately shouted in joy. They all knew that upon reaching the sixth of the seven arts of the God of Death, Cai’er’s backlash would very possibly persist for several years, and some part of her may not ever recover again.

As everyone was soaked in joy, Cai’er’s chest suddenly lit up.

This phenomenon was not the same as the previous multicolored radiance: through Cai’er’s clothes, the skull shaped pendant started to make noises.

The necklace binding it disappeared in the midst of a brilliant light.

That golden skull slowly floated above Cai’er’s head, its small eyes suddenly lighting up. Two tiny but extremely brilliant golden flames pulsed up. Suddenly, the two lights inside its eyes shot like two needles toward the end of the sixth floor.

Everywhere the golden light passed, the originally hazy-looking sixth floor was lit up, and at its end, another sculpture of Elux came into view.

This sculpture was entirely gold colored, with only the heart’s spot colored black. From the point of view of the group, a black flame seemed to ascend above it.

A brilliant body, even with a dead heart soaked in darkness. Maybe this was the truest portrayal of the Slumbering Calamity Elux. Compared to the sculpture of the fifth floor, this one faintly gave out a much sadder feel.

The rays shot from the eyes of the golden skull coming from the Eternal Melody entered into the eyes of this sculpture of the Slumbering Calamity, and immediately, an intense golden flame ignited in result, as the whole sixth floor was set aflame.

From the outside, a pillar seem to form from these intense golden flames. The death energy that Cai’er had originally cleansed there abruptly became rich, and in the midst of the intense death energy appeared countless departed spirits filled with negative feelings. In such an environment, an incomparably rich light energy arose.

This instant, the concentration of light essence in this sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity even exceeded that of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon at the time they had found it in the Swamps of Gloom. Only, although the light essence was massive and rich, it was filled with bits of malevolence, completely unlike the peaceful feelings the Divine Snail Shield originally used to let out.

The pairs of massive pillars set to fire, the whole sixth floor became entirely illuminated. An intense golden halation spread out in the sky, and that light energy kept growing in intensity, giving off to Cai’er’s group the feeling of getting soaked in a lake of light essence.

Counting Sima Xian, a total of five light users were present. But they didn’t dare absorb the slightest bit of this rich light essence. This light essence permeated inside an extensive energy of death, giving them unawares strong feelings of rejection.

Only Cai’er preserved a natural expression. As the one chosen by the God of Death, any spectral and death energy around her body would only need a moment before dispersing.

An aged voice suddenly sounded out from all four directions. That was a kind of soul transmission, that Cai’er would be able to hear even after losing all her six senses. 

“Welcome to the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity. The fact you made it here proves that you are strong enough to succeed to me. Step on these last stairs: I will be waiting for you on the seventh floor. You only have to meet me face to face and I will make you my disciple. Otherwise, there will be no connection between the two of us.”

The aged voice did not carry any emotional vibes: if Long Haochen was still alive, he would definitely be able to tell everyone that this voice was exactly the same as the one he had heard the first time he stepped into the Tower of Eternity. The only difference was that it was not as cordial back then, and sounded extremely cold instead.

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