Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 638

Chapter 638: Sima Xian’s Ignition (II)


This time, Chen Ying’er naturally had no need to launch another Elemental Dispersion. Cai’er caught up soon after, her Sickle of the God of Death carrying a sparkling grey radiance as it ended the fire mage’s life.

The sixth and fifth holy guards both returned to the Tower of Eternity.

The members from Bright Glimmer of Hope all had foolish looks. The atmosphere around them was originally extremely heavy, with these two powerhouses of the ninth step in front of them.

From their point of view, passing through this hurdle would necessarily be extremely difficult, and hardly thinkable without paying a large cost.

But who would have imagined Chen Ying’er’s full power moves to be so terrifying? Turning the situation all around, she had thoroughly crushed these two great powerhouses of ice and fire elements.

Slowly falling to the ground, Chen Ying’er’s face looked as pale as paper, as she couldn’t help but spurt out blood. In a flash, she fell on Yang Wenzhao’s embrace, murmuring the words, “Leaving the rest to you guys...” before fainting

Although she was the Saint Spiritual Girl, and had the Spiritual Temple’s only divine tool on her, she was after all just a summoner of the seventh step! To get rid of another powerhouse of the ninth step and bind another one at this level was not just a display of higher-grade power anymore, but a total overdraft pushing her body past its limits.

In order to raise the chances of resurrecting Long Haochen, Chen Ying’er showed no reserve at all. Her captain having done so much for her, she would have no regrets in the slightest even if she had to lose her life here.

Elemental Cage was Chen Ying’er’s self-created magic, but it was actually outside the boundary of summoner magic. It was something she found inspiration for from Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder, but it would need to wait for her to reach the ninth step to gain true full control over it. At her current cultivation level, the limit should be only one Elemental Cage, and at a far weaker level than the previous one.

But Chen Ying’er’s previous forceful burst of Elemental Cage achieved through capacity overdraft was just too powerful, not only stopping the fire mage’s attack, but, moreover, getting rid of the ice warrior through the usage of Elemental Cage.

Elemental Dispersion was an ability extending Elemental Cage that Chen Ying’er would by no means be able to use without overdraft of her latent capabilities and use of her vital force.

Elemental Cage was actually not an irresistible technique, as it was only able to counter the six great elements of magic. It only had a great restricting ability, but no great offensive power. And this binding would only last for a very brief time.

In other words, if Chen Ying’er was unable to kill the ice warrior a short time after the Elemental Cage, in case he recovered, it would be without the slightest wound. And with the defensive power of the ice warrior of the ninth step, even if Cai’er was to go all out, she would not necessarily be able to kill the enemy in one blow. This was why Chen Ying’er forced herself past her limits to this extent to use Elemental Dispersion. The fire mage being a mage, his defensive power was naturally not comparable with the ice warrior, so Cai’er’s prompt response was sufficient to end it, making their move a smooth success in passing through the fourth floor’s trial

To achieve three instances of self-created abilities activating through the use of Spirit Bestowal, Chen Ying’er had needed to go through a massive use of the Saint Spiritual Robe’s supply. But this spiritual energy needed to be supplied in the scope bearable by her body. Exceeding this capacity would only end up with an explosion of spiritual energy and death.

Speaking of which, she felt really grateful for Lin Xin’s Forest Boa Training Pills which raised her external spiritual energy over ten thousand, greatly strengthening her physically. Otherwise, there would be absolutely no way she would survive from that previous burden. Even so, in such a heavily injured state, Chen Ying’er would be unable to recover for a short while. She was already no longer a possible addition to the following fights.

The six Earth Dragons were already back through their own gates of light, which subsequently disappeared. McDull hastily hopped around Chen Ying’er. Being her contracted beast, he could sense her current weak state.

Cai’er was already turned back. Looking Chen Ying’er, she watched her for a short time before commanding, “Yang Wenzhao, you stay to take care of Ying’er. The others, follow me onto the fifth floor.”

Yang Wenzhao was using light magic to treat Chen Ying’er, nodding at these words. Although feeling an extreme heartache, he was entirely able to understand the reasons for Chen Ying’er acting so. If he was the one who had such an ability, he would surely not show reservations.

The passage from the fourth floor to the fifth was straightforward. This test looked simple and its process was actually even faster than in the third floor, but actually, if not for Chen Ying’er’s burst of power, they wouldn’t easily win against the combination of the ice and fire holy guards. This wouldn’t be an issue if Long Haochen was present as he could fend off the enemy attacks, but now they were exactly in short of a strong guardian able to resist the enemy attacks.

So what would appear on the fifth floor?

Cai’er had already used up her daily use of the Seven Arts of the God of Death, but still didn’t show any intention to stop by and have a rest. Leading her comrades to the fifth floor, she walked into the transporting light.

Fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

In a flash of light, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang and Duan Yi appeared altogether in a whole new world.

Unlike the fourth floor, they perceived immediately upon arrival an overwhelming massive pressure inflicted upon them. In that pressure, they all had the reflex to release their spiritual energy at fullpower, making it a bit lighter.

Cai’er stood motionless, looking ahead with great determination.

The fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity did not look much different from the previous floors. Its breadth and the layout of the two stone pillars on the sides, extending all the way ahead was the same. The pathway extended fifty meters long, and beyond that, a hazy figure was visible.

Cai’er analysed coldly, “The fourth floor was combining ice and fire, like the first one, but the mage and warrior specializations were just swapped. This fifth floor will very possibly combine earth and wind. Take care everyone.”

After passing through the third and fourth floor, they had already lost the Saint Spiritual girl Chen Ying’er, and in the group, Lin Xin’s strength also plummeted greatly due to using Blue Fire Phoenix. After arriving there, they could only struggle as hard as they can.

But every floor of the Tower of Eternity would get much harder than the previous one. Just what would they encounter in there? The answer would only come out when the opponent appears.

“You all remain here. I will draw out the enemies from this floor.” Saying that, Cai’er slowly raised the Sickle of the God of Death upwards, still seeing that flashing grey figure after raising her head. 

The environment was much darker than the previous floor. Only the center of the floor was illuminated. Originally, she had planned to spend some time for rest and reorganization before proceeding, but if she did so, perhaps the Shadow of the God of Death would disappear. Its existence would only be maintained in the state of battle.

Cai’er did not walk fast, but every step she took gave off an illusory feeling. That was clearly a special stepping exclusive to assassins.

The pressure in the air seemed to keep increasing, and at the time Cai’er took her tenth step, a yellow pillar of light abruptly fell from the sky, in the midst of which appeared. a tall yellow figure

A huge yellow skeleton, over four meters tall and looking much sturdier than the black knight, held a hammer in each hand. He caused the air to suddenly become heavy upon arrival.

Earth warrior.

This time only one assessor came and no longer were there two holy guards at once. But Cai’er didn’t relax because of that, becoming even more tense.

The fifth floor’s trial was certainly more difficult than the fourth floor’s. But only one examiner had come out, and that was an earth warrior as she had expected. But would it really go so easily?

The next instant, this earth warrior told them the contents of this fifth floor’s trial.

The radiance surrounding the four meters tall earth warrior disappeared in a flash, its right feet stamping the ground loudly. Immediately, a terrifying shaking force rose, massively bursting into the group.

Under Cai’er’s lead, all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members soared without hesitation, spreading their spiritual wings to avoid the seismic waves.

But, they very rapidly saw the seismic waves take shape upon arriving under them. Yellow streams of air issued a massive pulling force created from the ground. Even Cai’er, whose cultivation was the highest, was instantly pulled back to the ground. The massive pulling force dragging them made them feel as if pulled in an ooze.

“Domain!” Han Yu cried out in alarm, identifying the kind of ability that the earth warrior was using right now.

Right, they had only one opponent to face in this floor, but that was a powerhouse of the ninth step strong enough to use a domain!

What’s a domain? That’s a trademark ability of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Only someone able to wield a real domain can be called a supreme powerhouse.

Generally, a domain ability would hardly be acquired at the first stages of the ninth step. Any domain inevitably has some unique characteristic. Even two powerhouses of the same element cannot possibly have an exactly identical domain.

In his own domain, a powerhouse of the ninth step can wield a several-folds higher power, while binding the opponent greatly. And generally, having a domain implies a spiritual energy above 200,000.

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