Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Sima Xian’s Ignition (I)

It took almost everyone’s power to resist an attack from this powerhouse of the ninth step. And in the meantime, that ice warrior rose to the air, and was now heading towards the group.

Without a doubt, in a case where he would make it to the midst of the group, no one would be able to stop his attacks.

This ice warrior may not necessarily be much stronger than the previous black knight, but never forget about the fire mage threatening the group with an overwhelming pressure far behind him.

When the ice warrior seemed to be rushing towards all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group, his body suddenly stilled in midiar. Immediately, he gave up on his offensive stance, making a sudden turn to his side in midair, while crossing his heavy swords in front of him. 

The grey spectral light coming from a slash came to view, violently attacking the space between the ice warrior’s crossed swords.

Ding. A chirping sound of collision reverberated in the fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity, rising gradually. That valiant ice warrior was pushed over forty meters away by this strike, striking against a stone pillar supporting this fourth floor. On his pair of ice colored swords appeared blatant cracks. Without the support from his powerful spiritual energy, without a doubt they would have crumbled.

Cai’er was still standing there, putting down her Sickle of the God of Death slowly, as her sparkling eyes flashed a cold look.

There was no sufficiently powerful Guardian Knight to stand in front of such a powerful enemy, so they could only rely on absolute force.

The first of the seven absolute arts of the god of death, Death in Childhood, finally descended.

This Death in Childhood was at least twice as strong as when used in her amnesic state. The ice skeleton was a holy guard with knowledge on battle techniques from ancient times, but didn’t have any escaping technique or cheap trick against this attack. He was sent flying by Cai’er and narrowly lost his weapon in the process. From this, one may well imagine how terrifying this formidable power was.

From their return to the Tower of Eternity to their arrival in here, Cai’er had yet to use her full strength. That’s because she understood thoroughly that the following trials would only get harder and harder. To obtain the full inheritance from the Slumbering Calamity Elux and have the possibility to resurrect Long Haochen, she had to be in her best condition, which is why she borrowed her comrades’ strength all this time, and unceasingly accumulated power all this time.

The recovery of her memories made her two selves merge as one, but her powers as a god’s chosen one were still a bit unstable. This powerful strength was being assimilated in the midst of battle.

Ordinary attacks were already insufficient to stop an ice warrior of the ninth step. In case he were allowed to break in, even if the group could try to defeat it as fast as possible, it only needed to interrupt Chen Ying’er to make Cai’er’s group end up failing this trial for certain.

At the same time this ice warrior was split away, the distant fire mage’s spell was completed almost simultaneously with Chen Ying’er’s spell.

One gate of light after another lit up at Chen Ying’er’s back. This total of six gates let out an intense radiance, each colored differently. They carried the six elemental colors: red, blue, yellow, green, gold and black.

In the midst of intense snarls, six immense Earth Dragon came out simultaneously from their gates, revolving around the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope. Chen Ying’er was right in the center of their formation.

Unfolding her spiritual wings, Chen Ying’er’s body instantly came to a standstill three meters away, floating in midair and facing her crystal ball toward the distant fire mage. The six hexagonal formations flashed and all the Demon Hunters in their midst could feel a huge rise of all the elemental fluctuations around them.

Right now, the whole Tower of Eternity had turned into a world of red.

A series of gold-red fireballs appeared around the fire mage, very rapidly taking every corner surrounding him, just like a fire wall, showing not the slightest crack.

“Be careful, this is a real Meteor Shower, possibly comparable to the rank of forbidden spell!” Lin Xin abruptly showed an affected face. If a fire elemental spell of this level was left on the battlefield, it would be enough to get rid of a whole legion. The space in the Tower of Eternity was wide enough, but such a multidirectional spell gave them no chance at all to avoid it.

Grooaa! Six roars rang out, as six breaths of different colors were released simultaneously from the Earth Dragons’ mouths.

These Earth Dragon were all magical beasts of the ninth rank, matching human powerhouses of the eighth step.

The crystal ball in Chen Ying’er’s hands joined the midst of these breaths, turning into a multicolored beam.

“Go,” Chen Ying’er ordered adorably, and the six-colored radiance was shot at the distant fire mage.

The fire mage’s staff was waved about the same time, bestowing the Meteor Shower with an incomparable might and launching it toward their direction.

Right now, that ice warrior had evaded behind a pillar, disappearing from view.

Some defensive barriers were unleashed by the group, but to their astonishment, no matter how hard they tried, none of their defensive spells could take shape, all of them dissipating in the midst of those six Earth Dragons’ formation.

How big could the light beam released from the crystal ball be? It was just a little larger than an ordinary person’s fist. And how about Meteor Shower? That’s an overwhelming thing! For a moment, even Cai’er became anxious. But right now, she could only put her trust in Chen Ying’er. After all, she clearly saw that at the time Ying’er released that six-colored ray, her eyes looked full of confidence.

The six-colored ray collided against Meteor Shower, and the instant these spells with their own transcendant might came into contact, all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope had an eerie feeling, as if everything had come to a standstill at once. That fierce Meteor Shower abruptly stopped, and like a rock in the midst of a sea of fire, the six-colored ray rippled lightly.

The hundred and eight spiritual pellets on Chen Ying’er’s Saint Spiritual Robe shone brightly, as her pair of thin hands made a commanding motion. Immediately, the six-colored radiance on the crystal ball sprayed out, forming a multicolored barrier, which enveloped the whole group inside with the backing of the six Earth Dragons.

The next instant, time resumed its flow. Meteor Shower’s fall still kept going, but the most central part of the meteorite had already lost all its light. From the looks of it, it became closer to a huge ring of fire. Although it still followed the same course, it had at least lost its core right then.

Massive sounds of explosions rang out, and the terrible fire caused terrible twists to appear in the air. But having lost its core part, the meteorite could only clash with the air surrounding the group. The remnants of that red-hot fire was then melted by Chen Ying’er’s six-colored barrier like ice, losing all efficiency.

More shockingly, the six-colored ray that melted the meteorite had yet to disappear, still shooting towards the distant fire mage.

Back then, Lin Xin had suffered a great loss against this trump card of Chen Ying’er. But right now, its use was far stronger than when comparing notes with Lin Xin, obviously she had been lenient that time.

The most mystical aspect of that six-colored ray of light was the unidentifiable magic element forming it, able to annihilate anything instantly, without being affected in the slightest.

When the fire mage who had just unleashed his Meteor Shower suddenly saw the six element radiance rush toward him, he immediately suffered a loss, hastily erecting a thick fire shield in front of him. 

Right at this time, an ice-colored figure appeared instantly in front of him, crossing a pair of swords in front of the six element radiance.

Pop. When the six element radiance landed on the ice warrior, its body instantly came to a stop. Even his powerful elemental ice attack of the ninth-step grade actually had no use. His whole body was only flashing in gaudy multicolored light and was stagnant, as if turned into a magnificent sculpture.

Elemental Cage.

Chen Ying’er had a tranquil look. Right now, she didn’t have the slightest bit of her usual playful appearance. Putting the forefinger of her right hand on that ice crystal, she let her clear voice reverberate in this wide space.

“Elemental Dispersion.”

A terrifying scene came to view. From the six-colored radiance on the ice warrior, the six elements, being water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness, suddenly dispersed, the instant of their dispersion landing an indescribable attack on the ice warrior.

Clang. The ice warrior’s body suddenly smashed to pieces, turning into six parts before breaking in fragments in the midst of black holes formed by the attack formed with six split elements.

This attack alone matched the ninth step in power.

However, after launching such an attack, Chen Ying’er visibly had a pale look, and the hundred and eight spiritual pellets on her Saint Spiritual Robe shone even more dazzlingly.

As she changed her hands’ posture, she suddenly opened her mouth, letting a mouthful of blood flow onto the crystal ball in front of her.

The six Earth Dragons shook simultaneously before releasing others of their breaths, once again gathered onto the crystal ball.

“Go--” Chen Ying’er shouted delicately. Immediately, another six-colored radiance was shot out, heading towards the fire mage.

At the same time her second attack was launched, Cai’er also swept the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

The soulfire in the eyes of the opposite fire mage pulsed violently. In front of that six-colored attack, even such a powerhouse couldn’t help but have a brief absent-minded look. Despite mastering magic abilities from ancient times, he was still unable to comprehend the ability Chen Ying’er just used. It could only erect layers upon layers of fire defenses, attempting to exhaust the power from that six elemental pillar of light.

But that six-element radiance was like a matchless being, disregarding any fire-based elemental defenses. In the end, it came into direct contact with that fire mage whose body turned six-colored as well.

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