Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Brave Long’s Death (III)


However, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi didn’t show signs of dispiritedness, but instead had their fighting spirits greatly stimulated by that.

Their wounds still had yet to recover for now, but they had already made their resolve. No matter what, they had to put effort into cultivation to grow as powerhouses. As Long Haochen said, there is not only one Divine Throne. At least three more Divine Thrones were there for them to contest over.

This period of rest was rather long, taking no less than a whole hour, after which everyone successively opened their eyes. Aside from Lin Xin who was still sustaining the effects of backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix, the others were already back to their peak state. Even Lin Xin would have no problem using his full-powered magic as long as he would not activate his spiritual stove.

Carrying Haochen on her back, Cai’er stood up, still quite pale looking. Mysteriously, the incarnation of death she had previously materialized had not disappeared all this time, floating in midair from beginning to end. And after defeating the Seventh Holy Guard, this shadow seemed to become all the more clear. 

Even the others from Bright Glimmer of Hope could only make some guesses, that this should be an ability exclusive to the one chosen by the God of Death, but they had no idea about the details regarding it. This was something Cai’er had never showed use of in the past.

Cai’er declared, “In the third floor of the Tower of Eternity, we have been confronting the trials of the Twelfth to Seventh Holy Guards. It can be seen from their numbering that we have six more holy guards to face off next. From this third floor on, the holy guards will have already reached the ninth step in strength, and the next trials will only be even more challenging. The elements we have already encountered are fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, and light, all six of the great elements. The most powerful ones were darkness and light. The rarer attributes such as spatial attributes have yet to appear, but even if they are all added up, it doesn’t make a total of six. So we will very possibly face some holy guards of the same elements as the previous ones next. I will be the main attacker next, and Ying’er, prepare yourself to take part in the fourth floor. If possible, you will be our main power in passing through the fourth floor’s trials, so that we can directly enter the fifth floor.”

“Yes!” Chen Ying’er agreed with no hesitation, nodding to Cai’er. She had been wholly unable to take part in the battles of the third floor and was still in top form, as well as the most unexhausted in the group. But she’s also a god’s chosen one, and Saint Spiritual Daughter is not just a name. In some particular situations, her strength and utility surpassed even Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Their silhouettes stepped into the light, disappearing, and quietly faded away.

Fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

This was an empty space, contrasting with the tides of skeletons on the first part of the third floor. Upon entering the fourth floor, the surroundings were absolutely empty, 

Just like in the first floor, a sculpture looking like Elux was visible far away.

Chen Ying’er advanced to Cai’er’s side, and asked in low voice, “Can I get started?”

Cai’er nodded.

A summoner’s casting time is generally the longest, so getting started now while the enemy had yet to appear would give her the most plentiful time.

Chen Ying’er directly sat down at her current spot, with the little pig McDull jumping from her arms. A soft incandescent radiance was emitted from her body, while all the spiritual pellets on her Saint Spiritual Robe lit up.

Chanting a melodious incantation, Chen Ying’er crossed hands, as her crystal appeared slowly in the midst of her chant. Mystical spiritual waves came out from her. The others rapidly formed ranks, surrounding her.

As her incantation went on, Chen Ying’er gradually floated from the ground. The Saint Spiritual Robe let out a magnificent brilliance, making it appear as if all the magical beasts on it came to life. Intense waves of spiritual energy ascended above her at an astonishing speed.

Yang Wenzhao gazed dazedly at Chen Ying’er. This instant, he felt like he couldn’t recognize his own fiancé at all.

What about the little girl who used to always hide behind his back? She actually became this strong already? At this very moment, the spiritual waves spreading from Chen Ying’er visibly reached the eighth step’s threshold, and, moreover, were gaining in strength at a massive speed.

Although Yang Wenzhao was unaware of what kind of magic Ying’er was using, she had clearly already surpassed him in strength.

A feeling of loss came out relentlessly from his chest, and a bitter taste filled his mouth. From the look of it, he really had to persevere with all the more efforts.

Right at this time two radiances appeared simultaneously.

These were two immense pillars, both of which measured over five meters. On a blue and a red pillar of light, two tall skeletons appeared, intense soulfires pulsing in their eyes.

Souls of powerhouses.

Could there be two holy guards appearing at once this time?

The expressions on the group’s faces changed at once. From these two pillars, one could tell that they were fire and ice element users, just like the two holy guards who were assigned to the first floor. But the difference was that they had just appeared together! And without a doubt, they surely had cultivations above the two holy guards from the third floor.

Facing a powerhouse of the ninth step and facing two of them were completely different things. Their addition will surely not be a matter of one plus one, but something way over that. Moreover, these two were one close range warrior and one mage. And  opposite of the Eleventh and Twelfth Holy Guards, the fire elemental skeleton was a mage, clad in a scarlet gown, and the ice guard was a warrior, clad in ice-blue armor, and with a huge ice-blue sword in each of its two hands.

They were very clearly attracted by Chen Ying’er’s incantation. This floor looked empty, but the presences of the two testing them seemed to fill it up with immeasurable pressure.

As the pillars of light vanished, the ice warrior’s figure flashed out, carrying an unbearable pressure as it dashed at Cai’er’s group. The fire mage lifted its staff high, and murmured incantations.

One could clearly see two regions of red and blue in front of the group, quite distinct, and throwing a massive pressure on them.

Right at that time, everyone had the same thought, thinking, If only Captain was there

In front of such powerful enemies, what they needed the most was a leader able to fend off the enemy attacks. If Long Haochen was still alive, he would surely be stopping the ice warrior’s attacks with the use of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, enabling the others to make full use of their abilities. Even if Cai’er’s attacks were even more powerful, she didn’t have an ability to attract the enemies like the Saint Spiritual Stove. And in a frontal clash, there’s no way she could stop the offense of a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t cower in the slightest, standing in the front of the group, but Han Yu rapidly passed through his position.

This was the first time uncoordinated actions were taken by the team since the start of their climb of the Tower of Eternity. But Zhang Fangfang immediately came to an understanding, following Han Yu’s movements.

Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu were about equally matched in strength, each having their specialties. Han Yu was below Zhang Fangfang’s level in terms of defense, but as a real member of Bright Glimmer of Hope, he had the Soul Sharing Chains on him. 

A huge blue fireball was shot at the ice warrior, Lin Xin’s first move.

Being a fire mage, he was visibly the main force against an ice user. The blazing Heart of Fire distorted the air, immediately going for the ice warrior thanks to his mental locking.

The blue soulfire in the ice warrior’s eyes didn’t waver in the slightest. As if stepping on an icy soil, his feet suddenly made a sliding motion. The huge sword in his right hand struck above him, and as the temperature plummeted, a powerfully attractive sword projection was released from his heavy sword, pulling the large fireball to its direction.

Immediately, the sword in his left hand was raised, unleashing a one meter long ice blade projection, aimed at Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group. More shockingly, after completing this blow, Lin Xin’s large fireball was repelled by his right sword, thrown afar before exploding.

The look on Lin Xin’s face changed. While releasing a half-moon shaped projection, the ice warrior had just actually cut the link between his spell and him, preventing the fireball from exploding immediately.

The ice-colored half-moon projection travelling above the ground didn’t grow in size like it would normally, but as the attack came, the nearby temperature plummeted frantically.

Lin Xin swiftly stroded forward, arriving behind Han Yu. An intense blue fire surged out from him as the light in his eyes flickered. Immediately, a large canopy of blue flames attached itself to Han Yu’s body, giving him the looks of a god of fire.

Lin Xin was naturally not the only one to make a move. Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi all brandished their weapons at the same time, producing glints of gaudy holy light intercepting that ice attack.

The attack they launched was extremely clever. Blade projections came out from their weapons, and their connection was immediately cut off to avoid sustaining backlash from the pulling force on the air.

That ice-colored blade projection nevertheless had an irresistible force, showing no weakness. The bombardment of blade projections could only cause it to disperse some icy fog, but without showing any trace of weakening.

When the ice colored half-moon arc blade looked like it was about to smash Han Yu, flashes of intense light came from his left and right side. The left side was silver colored, while the right side was purple colored.

Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield launched Space Splitting Sauté, while Sima Xian used the Godly Purple Thunder Cannon.

These two heavy bombarding attacks were really powerful. In the midst of intense rumbles, that ice-colored half-moon arc strike was split, before coming to a stop.

Han Yu then used Shield Bouncing to scatter the remnants of the ice blade.

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