Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 635

Chapter 635: Brave Long’s Death (II)

This was Wang Yuanyuan’s long prepared strike, a perfect match between Bloodstorm and the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates. Extreme offensive power, but most of all, complete unexpectedness.

The power of the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates is to open a gate towards another spot within sight, and enable Wang Yuanyuan to teleport there. Unlike a rapid movement, she just has to be able to see the spot to be unhindered by any obstacles during this teleportation.

Don’t underestimate the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates just because it does not come from a fusion of other spiritual stoves. Through Wang Yuanyuan’s long period of slaughters, this spiritual stove had evolved three times, giving it a great range, number of uses, and stability of teleportation.

The light mage was visibly quite panicked. He visibly did not expect these opponents to break through his defensive spell of the ninth step in such a manner.

And just because of his absolute confidence in Divine Binding, he had dared so brazenly incantate a powerful offensive spell. As long as this spell was completed, he had the confidence that it would wipe out all the humans in front of his eyes.

But Wang Yuanyuan’s sudden arrival completely cut off his train of thoughts. That terrible Dimensional Storm engulfed with terrible bloodlust left him helpless, with no choice but to cut off his spell close to completion. With a stuffy groan, he drew back while releasing an intense bright light from his hand, hindering Dimensional Storm’s arrival.

The attack was blocked, but that staff in his hand shattered instantly, and because of that, Divine Binding was removed, letting Cai’er lead the group on another charge.

The light mage was really exceptional. While drawing back in such an unfavorable situation, he pointed his hand toward the nearest Wang Yuanyuan, causing a golden halation to rise from under her feet, releasing Holy Light Binding.

This was a light elemental control spell of the seventh step. Even while under the effects of the previous chant’s backlash, he still made this instant-cast, showing his degree of understanding toward light magic.

In the meantime, his body abruptly shifted back, and a formidable scene arose. What seemed to be the sculpture of Elux on the edge of the stage shifted backwards alongside him, trying as far as possible to increase the distance. In the meantime, he kept chanting at an increasingly fast speed.

Flapping the spiritual wings on her back, Cai’er came chasing like a grey lightning bolt, tracing a clean cut with the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

Mages undoubtedly had highly rated offenses, but their defensive power and attack were inversely proportionnal.

The suddenness of Wang Yuanyuan’s attack was a very key factor. Although her attack didn’t succeed, it managed to pierce through Divine Binding, and terminated his spell on the verge of being completed. Cai’er’s previous counting was a timer before the light mage’s incantation would complete, so that Wang Yuanyuan would interrupt it the instant before its termination.

A spell’s backlash is an extremely dangerous thing to happen. If a mage’s spell is interrupted during its preparation, it will very possibly backlash, and this backlash grows the more powerful this spell is. In particular, this backlash also becomes all the more powerful the closer to completion the spell was.

Even if this light mage was even more of a tough opponent, he had after all just sustained a backlash of highest grade, and had yet to find the time to recover his breath.

Cai’er had no plans to let him complete any spell of a high grade.

But, to her surprise, this light mage’s speed went even beyond her estimation. When her Sickle of the God of Death was about to land, another of his spells was completed.

As the holy light took shape, the Sickle of the Goddess of Death abruptly paused, and immediately, a powerful force burst out.

This formidable force was close to irresistible. Filled with the radiance of light, but also containing an unquestionable impact force, it didn’t cause any damaging effects, but even Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death was unable to disperse this soft looking holy light. 

This spell bears the name of Holy Offering, able to ignite the light mage’s own life as a fuel. And from the looks of it, his soulfire was the very one thing to be ignited. Although he was no more than the Holy Guard guarding this place, he had his own pride, and would in no way let himself be defeated so easily.       

The use of Holy Offering alone managed to push his opponents back, giving him some time for incanting, so he still felt confident in defeating these humans.

Right as Cai’er wrinkled her eyebrows and already felt unable to win any longer against this light mage, a mystifying feeling suddenly surged out from her.

A soft orange radiance revolved around her body, and dispelled the white light from Holy Offering sticking against Cai’er’s body, and caused that previously irresistible force to disappear completely.

Right as Holy Offering made its way, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope found out with astonishment that this orange radiance was coming out from Long Haochen’s left arm. Its imposing luster and the quality of its holy light was one grade above Holy Offering, suppressing it at once.

Cai’er had no idea what just happened, but with her ample combat knowledge how could she let go of such a good opportunity?

In a flash of light, countless figures of Cai’er took this opportunity and made their way forward, surrounding that light mage. And, myriad images of the Sickle of the God of Death sent the light mage in the middle away at once.

Myriad Image Strikes. After awakening as the one chosen by the God of Death, Cai’er’s original Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove got an improved attack. Although it was now part of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, Cai’er had already acquired all the knowledge in comprehending and using it through her constitution as a god’s chosen one, making its attack far more powerful than before.

Making use of Holy Offering was already the light mage’s last card. If he did not even manage to stall for any time, then even his other most powerful secret arcana from ancient times would be of no use.

Among ear piercing breaking sounds, the light mage disappeared and turned into a streak of golden light pouring into Cai’er’s Eternal Melody. In the meantime came out a resounding voice calling, “The Seventh Holy Guard pays allegiance to you.”

Nimbly landing on the ground, Cai’er’s eyes still had a hazy look. Unconsciously she looked towards her own neck, at the arms of Long Haochen being carried. 

Tears immediately moistened her eyebrows. That was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, the previous orange radiance was characteristic of it.

In an abrupt turn, Cai’er looked at her comrades, and called out loudly, “Did you all see? He’s not dead! Haochen is alive! He will surely come back to us, there’s no doubt!” Reaching this point, her arms tightly held Long Haochen’s arms, her whole body violently shaking.

No one knew why the Divine Snail Shield’s power had erupted. With Long Haochen already dead, he couldn’t be the one who activated it. But the brilliance from the Divine Snail Shield gave them extreme confidence, as if Long Haochen’s death was not a thing that had happened.

Since their entrance to the Tower of Eternity, there had passed less than half an hour from beginning to end, and they had already gone through two gates and were reaching the end of the third floor. All Bright Glimmer of Hope’s strength manifested without doubts: in fact the guardians they had to face were all powerhouses of the ninth step! Even if that’s only the beginning of the ninth step, they still reached it thoroughly.

As a matter of fact, it was with a great self-confidence that Long Haochen had brought his comrades deep into demon territory. Don’t give a hasty judgement just because all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope only reached the fifth rank of the seventh step in cultivation. They all had spiritual stoves, powerful equipment, and great talent; making them no worse than ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step.

If not for the fact that they had met an unmatchable enemy such as the Demon God Emperor, and had fallen in his trap, they would have had plenty of opportunities to escape even in the most desperate straits.

It was already too late to comment on the matter. Long Haochen was already dead, but in this last hope of resurrection, every Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope displayed their own radiance.

Maybe this Demon Hunt Squad remained extremely powerful even without Long Haochen, but without him, Bright Glimmer of Hope had lost its very soul.

With much difficulty, Cai’er repressed her surging feelings, “Everyone take a rest and retrieve some spiritual energy.”

The way to the upper floor opened, lit by the sculpture of Elux in front of it. Just by treading into this pillar, they would enter the fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

But this time, no matter how hasty Cai’er was, this could not be more pressing than letting the group recover some strength.

The group hadn’t gotten a lot of rest since the start of the mission in Modu. The trials of the third floor being this hard, what would follow in the fourth floor could only get even harder. How could they pass through the trials in the fourth floor without an ample rest? No mistake is allowed when honing your own knife. The best solution to maximize their chances in the next challenges was to be in the best condition for them.

Lin Xin and Sima Xian were also called out there. The second portion of the third floor was full of holy aura, assisting them greatly in recovering spiritual energy. Even the fire user Lin Xin had a much easier time cultivating in a world of light essence compared to a world of darkness essence.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were seated at the back, glancing at each other. They both discerned great shock in each other’s eyes. Being excellent figures of the younger generation of the Knight Temple, they had already lost all suicidal thoughts after being cursed so harshly by Long Haochen. They even originally thought that even if Long Haochen and Cai’er were far beyond them, they should still be at least a bit stronger than the others.

But now it seemed that these thoughts were clearly mistaken. From the display of strength showed by all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members, even if the two of them joined hands, they may not necessarily even prevail over any one of them.

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